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Homeschooled Teen is both a magazine and an online forum for girls 12 and
up. A place where girls can share their stories, poems, and thoughts. It's written by
homeschooled girls for homeschooled girls.

By Mandi S-K, age 14

So this month, the magazine came out late... again.
With the New Jersey Homeschoolers prom at the end of April, I was super busy. All
my friends booked motel rooms, and we stayed up all night eating junk food and
watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. It was a blast! (The cover picture is
my older sister and I at the prom)
So, there weren't that many articles submitted this issue, but I didn't want to hold
up the magazine any longer. PLEASE START THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU
WANT TO WRITE NOW for July/August and send your stuff to me early (please :-)

Well, here are the stats on the forum:
Total members: 120
Total topics: 488
Total number of posts: 21,032

Yay!! Thanks for being active, everybody :)
And thanks to the people that don't participate in the forum but still submit their
articles. Yay!

~Table of Contents~

The Interesting Corner
-Phobias – I wrote a little bit about some of the many phobias people have. It's pretty
-Astronomy – Woah! I knew there were stars a lot bigger than the sun, but this puts

A lot of you have been posting in the roleplaying game on the forum. Julia is an incredible artist and she sent in yet another awesome drawing of the members of Homeschooled Teen. -Roleplay. Alana made a picture on the computer (which is pretty amazing. and a watercolor sketch. They'll be back.).. She sent it in. so make sure to check those out! . -Alana's drawings. Rachael sent in 11 short stories. 14. Rachel sent in the recipe to this interesting sounding cake! I'm thinking of trying it :P -Cherry chocolate cake. Yum! Stories -The Twelve Hero's. Kat wrote the first chapter to this story. Pictures -Julia's drawing.. Great artwork. -Eleven short stories. along with several announcements. Rachel also sent in the recipe to a cherry chocolate cake.everything into perspective! Pretty cool. and through a great suggestion I put the roleplay in the magazine. though! And then there's the usual “submitting articles to the magazine” page. Alana! Book review and Homeschooled Teen Helpline? Both of them were missing from this issue. Recipes -Sour cake. Debate Club -Molly and Susan gave their opinions on dating at a young age (13. because I stink at drawing on the computer!).

” weird. a fear of “bums or beggars. like Algophobia. Apiphobia. then some of them are really random and Yep.Fear of being alone or of oneself. Coulrophobia. I was on afraid of spiders – did you know that's there for hours reading all these crazy called Arachnophobia? fears.. Brontophobia. And “hobophobia”? Guess what that's a fear of. did you know there's over 500 Herpetophobia. My older sister.Fear of darkness. Claustrophobia.phobialist.Fear of bacteria. I don't know if that's common.Fear of clowns. Atychiphobia. who goes to college and But did you know that that's actually called is majoring in psychology..Fear of confined spaces. Here are some common phobias: Achluophobia.Fear of bees.) . (Well. but I always thought they were creepy. like Geniophobia.Fear of pain. Did you know that there's normal. PHOBIAS By Mandi S-K age 14 I bet some of you are afraid of heights.Fear of missiles or bullets. Autophobia.Fear of thunder and lightning.Fear of failure.Fear of chins. Ballistophobia. I guess I would say that I have In fact. found this “Altophobia”? And I bet a lot of you are website: www.Fear of reptiles or creepy different phobias? Some of them are totally crawly Bacteriophobia.

Obesophobia. Xanthophobia. Alektorophobia. not so common today and checking out the full list of fears! . Dextrophobia.Fear of the great mole rat.Fear of rabies.Fear of growing old. Genuphobia. Octophobia . Cathisophobia. Ommetaphobia or Ommatophobia.Fear of toads.Fear of vegetables. It's pretty funny seeing some of the things that people are actually afraid of. Deipnophobia. Ephebiphobia.Fear of dining or dinner conversations. Lachanophobia. Bufonophobia.Fear of teenagers. Alliumphobia. Pogonophobia. Gerascophobia. Zemmiphobia.Fear of the figure 8.Fear of beards. Peladophobia.Fear of gaining weight.Fear of objects at the right side of the body. Kynophobia.Fear of bald people.Fear of knees.Fear of the sun.phobialist.Fear of chickens.Fear of eyes. Try going to www. Heliophobia. um.Fear of the color yellow or the word yellow.Fear of sitting.Fear of long words.Fear of garlic. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Here are some.

and thought it was interesting so she sent it to me. Age 14 “My mother got this in an email. Today's “Astronomy Lesson” By Laura C. It's amazing knowing that these stars are out there!” .

Beyond our sun. It's a big universe. .

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky. Pretty cool. It is more than 1000 light years away. huh? .

I am 13 years old and I have a boyfriend. them – I really wouldn't feel comfortable being and I'm glad I waited. I don't have a boyfriend. I'm about 16 or 17. age 14.This month's debate is “Dating. just because we are younger. I think I'm mature with a boy right now. I approve. age 13. My parents are okay with me ready to get involved with a boy right now. I decided to wait until I was a restaurant or something. I don't see why it wouldn't be Besides. He is I'm 14. They consider dating to be when you think people should start dating whenever are old enough to drive and go out to a fancy they feel ready. dating him. my parents probably wouldn't called dating. Molly C. At what age should kids start to date? Can it even be called 'dating' when you're only 13 and 14 years old?” Susan E. I'm happily single until enough to handle this. I don't think I'm very good to me. I guess I agree with teenager before I got into the whole thing. =] Next month's debate: Plastic Surgery – is it OK to change your body with surgery? Can an “improved” face or body make you more confident and/or happy? Or should women learn to accept their face and bodies as they are? Can we be happy even if our face or body isn't perfect? Please send in your opinions .

1 container of white frosting (or you can make it yourself). Make the cake mix as directed on the box. Bake as directed and let cool. 1 package of sour straws (or any other sour gummy candy). . add chopped up sour straws to the mix and bake as instructed on the box and let cool. Sour Cake Sent in by Rachel J. 1 bag of sour skittles. Enjoy! Cherry Chocolate Cake You need: 1 box of chocolate cake mix 1 can of cherry pie filling 1 container of chocolate frosting Make the cake as directed substituting cherry pie filling for water. Age unknown “This is a recipe that my family made one April fools day as a joke.” You need: 1 box of white or yellow cake mix. but it turned out very good. Frost it with the chocolate frosting and enjoy. Mix the sour skittles with the frosting and frost the cake.

and then she was flowers bloomed and gleamed in the looking up at her older sister's face.. annoyed. “YAY MY WISH . I thought something was fishy so I went to the supermarket on my bike. now!" A huge burst of air day. thinking to myself my wish came true. And… it came true. yard. myself and I One day. it sat in the center of the field flowers. A sudden wind picked up. Julia couldn't see she lived in. She felt 11 Short stories by Rachael age 14 Story 1 Me. Mountains wrapped around the valley. I couldn’t find them. She rounded the corner to anyone. The wind had stopped just as leaves next to the gray. It’s tough being in the middle. pale moonlight of an almost full moon. Then. wooden house suddenly as it started. following the wind. but could feel someone's find her many siblings playing in the presence. "Don't tell me you spent the whole A lake made of violet water was calm as night out here!" Julia's sister asked. "You are in the Valley of the Night She sighed. The reason I wished I was the only person in the world was because my older sister ate the last jelly filled donut that was MINE. it was more like a memory feel her feet leaving the ground. After I calmed down I went to the bathroom and I noticed that it was unusually quiet. I yelled. She had slept on a pile of nothing. I wished that I was the only person in the world. Her brown hair whipped breakfast.. yesterday in fact I wished I was the only person in the world. It was going to be a long Flowers. knocked Julia off her feet. Ivory-colored herself falling. than a dream. The bright aqua-colored sky air. She could been so vivid. It spun showed her she had slept through around Julia. Anyway after going to my room after all that. When I got there I went inside it was totally deserted. Also my parents made me take a take violin lessons.. my sister and my parents.. "And if I did?" Julia answered "Where am I?" she asked the empty groggily. she was not home.The Twelve Hero's By Kat. I went back home. Also my younger brother was annoying me when I was trying to do my homework. She sat-up. So I went to look for my brother. age 14 (?) Chapter one Julia looked around. Leave. Big Mistake. Then I decided to go my grandmothers house next door. Then I went to my friends house. she was not home. The dream had around. evidently done with their chores.

I closed the door.” Then he hugged me. Once I saw my brother. A horse darted in front of me when I was going home from the grocery store one night. I was born on June. THE END Story 9 I only wake up on my birthday I only woke up on my birthdays and I could only remember what was on my birthday. that is where he kept his secret files and stuff he doesn’t want any on else to know about. Maybe if you die in a car crash than you turn into a fish and if you die of old age then you turn into a dog and so on. So I stole the cookies to get a little piece of Christmas. We went out to the auditorium and we announced what happened and the guy said he was sorry. I exited my room and went down to the living room very slowly. 5. 2 of my siblings and my dad were sold already. I said “what container was the cookies in?” “A big red container with green sparkles. No one was supposed to go in the back room but the mayor. My parents asked the mayor “what was going on?” He explained that all the cookies had been stolen the container and all. “Why did you steal the cookies?” “Because no one ever comes to my house to sing carols or invite me to the annual Christmas party.” the mayor whimpered.” he said. “Oh. friends and even the little terror I used to baby sit. I crept over to the couch. My name was Sally Freidenhimer and I lived a happy life until I died from a car crash on June. He went into a door at the end of the hall. Once the mayor told everyone to investigate for the stolen cookies everyone scurried around to look for any clues. “thank you. glad that I was not the only person in the world. When we got there everyone was pacing around muttering to themselves. I soon heard the TV turn on. “Ah ha!. THE END Story 3 The Cookie Thief Everyone was setting up for the annual Christmas party. Anyway I am now 3 weeks old and I am a orange molly fish. The next thing I knew I was in my room all alone.” I said out loud not realizing that I said that out loud at first. So now I am a fish. And everything was right from then on. . I got 1 doll. THE END Story 6 Fish I am a fish. now I understand. yes he did not hear me enter. it was labeled The entertainment room. And he went down in history as the hero of Christmas. My parents volunteered for us to help get ready for the party. From now on we will include you in everything. but he went to the back room. I followed him with out him knowing. “you are the cookie thief . I hugged everyone.” I said. I noticed that one man was not looking around. Bye.CAME TRUE!” The rest of the night I made dinner (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk) and watched TV. I have to be sold now and I will leave this diary with my mom so that she knows what I was like and stuff. Ugh! I hate when they do that. After I died I turned into a fish. I swerved and hit into a tree. I think that is what happens after death. then I realized that he was eating the stolen cookies. One day I woke up and it was my first birthday. The next morning I started to miss my family. dead on. I am in a fish store. The guy stood up startled that anyone was there but him. He started to cry and say. I had my 3 week birthday today.” Then I added. sister and parents I realized my wish came true. 2006 when I was 46 years old. I quietly entered the room. I think and I hope I don’t get separated from my 5 siblings and parents. 2006. 4. So I wished that I was not alone in the world. I was one of the six that were born. I’m just so lonely. I yelled. Then I said that I would help find out who stole them.

7 books. 2 hammer toys and 1 doll. but I thought it would be a nice idea to put the roleplay in the magazine since just about all of the active posters of the forum are participating in it.hsteen. One day I woke up and it was my third birthday. I got 5 kites. I got 10 outfits. each person has their own little scene going on and some people are writing in different tenses. 2 hammer toys and 1 doll. I got 9 fish.cgi?board=generalchat&action=display&thread=1177027310 First are the list of characters. 3 Barbie’s. 4 toy horses. 3 Barbie’s. 3 Barbie’s. 4 toy horses. 5 kites. 6 puzzles. It's a tad bit confusing to read here. 4 toy horses. Each paragraph is a new part that somebody wrote. 7 books. 8 science kits. 5 kites. 3 Barbie’s. THE END There is currently a roleplay on the forum. As you can tell. Here is my story. 5 kites. 3 Barbie’s. 8 science kits. One day I woke up and it was my ninth birthday. 4 toy horses. THE END Story 11 Snake Hi my name is Kea and I have an assignment and I am writing a story about nothing. 2 hammer toys and 1 doll. and they know what's going I got 3 Barbie’s. but check out the actual roleplay on the boards - http://www. 2 hammer toys and 1 doll.proboards80. 7 books. I got 4 toy horses. Kat typed up a short piece summing up what's happening. One day I woke up and it was my forth birthday. 6 puzzles. 2 hammer toys and 1 doll. 9 fish. 6 puzzles. and then there's the actual story. Most of the members are taking part in it. One day I woke up and it was my seventh birthday. One day I woke up and it was my fifth birthday. 2 hammer toys and 1 doll. I got 6 puzzles. I don’t know anything about snakes but if I knew some thing about them I would know that they eat gum and they don’t know anything about relish about balloons which look like a ball that is blown up with air and frogs are slimy like red fish which turn into a hat when dry and it is made out of straw that grows in a field not like the word weird because the I and E is switched and the diplomatic decathlon is very much like a xylophone and queens are always pink when playing cards in January and on Fridays and on the 4th of every month which has 12 month in a year which my birthday is in July and it comes once a year and when it comes I eat gum and snakes eat gum. One day I woke up and it was my second birthday. One day I woke up and it was my tenth birthday. I got 8 science kits. 5 kites. 6 puzzles. 5 kites. 4 toy horses. 2 hammer toys and 1 doll. 3 Barbie’s. Enjoy! Name: Tawainai Age: 14 Gender: Girl . which you will see halfway through the story. That is the story of my 10 birthdays and the first 10 days of my life. I got 7 books. 2 hammer toys and 1 doll. 4 toy horses. One day I woke up and it was my sixth birthday. One day I woke up and it was my eighth birthday. 3 Barbie’s. I got 2 hammer toys and 1 doll.

Name . Description: Tally has black hair and blue-green eyes. eyes change color depending on what mood shes in. very often she has ben in a sad mood lately. the older. She hardly .. Age: 17. Tally's parents abandoned her at birth. A Bit of Background Info: She's a wanderer. Name~Sandy Age~14 Gender~Girl Species~One who adapts to the souroundings Occupation~Thief Backround Info~She had her family die in a town fire. Occupation: n/a A Bit of Background Info: Ditto. She lives off of other peoples belongings. in business matters and that she likes Cats.Shyren Age .She doesn't remember much of her life before she began to wander.Kitsune (Kitsunes are foxes that can turn into humans) Occupation . (The more tails a Kitsune has. Name: Chris (I'm sorry. Nashidan's [most of them] are bloodthirsty part-animal people. while she was out of town. knows. Species: Nashidan Occupation: Doesn't have one. Name: Angel Age: 25 Gender: Girl Species: Invisible vampire that can change her visible form to suite her needs Occupation: Vampire Name: Lynx Age: 14 Gender: Female Species: Nekomusume {Meaning 'Cat-Girl'} Occupation: Queen's ''right-hand man/assistant''.. too lazy to think of something more creative hehe).None A Bit of Background Info . but she has only two tails. wiser and more powerful it is.Female Species . Description~Brown hair. that includes you. She's also a Nashidan. Mother Earth. Nine is the most one can have) Gender . A Bit of Background Info: Little else is known other than assisting the Queen. Gender: Male (Come on. we've gotta have at least one ^__^) Species: Vampire. Teehee. Name: Tallisha (Tally) Age: 15 Gender: Girl Species: water fairy Occupation: Doesn't have one.Her exact age is unknown. Background Info: as a water fairy Tally can turn into a dolphin at will. No one.

. deciding whether to turn around or continue. She paused for a moment. she stepped quietly towards the girl. And now the net was being puled up and her with it. In the distance. Wears a long green skirt (loose enough to run in). So she had decided it was time to move on. she could tell from the feel.. swimming away from the net. the kind used by fishermen. He's never been here before. with good reason. yet still recognizable scent of humans long before she came to the road. The officials eyed her suspiciously looks as she passed. She had been walking in silence for hours. and simply needs somewhere to stay for the time being. As it did. But then. Shyren padded silently through the heavily canopied forest. dark brown with streaks of red. But she couldn’t resist watching the sunrise over the water. Humans tended to be more wary of her in the winter. always goes barefoot.? She has been alone for most of her life. A sudden movement ahead caused her to stumble slightly. then the next. She noticed a golden gleam on the road. Tally told herself angrily. and sometimes buying stuff. but. muzzle. underbelly. It cut through the dark forest. She slowly closed her eyes as the gust gently brushed her small form.. especially at dawn. and tips of her two tails. And here she was caught in a fisherman’s net.A red fox with dark brown on her feet. Winter was coming. This forest had been home to the Kitsune for the past few seasons. The figure of a girl was bent over farther up the road. before she began to notice signs of the town. She knew better then to swim near the town.. stopping exactly twenty-five feet away from her. listening for any sound that didn't belong to the forest. as usual. has random leaves and flowers in it. something hit her. her body shimmered and grew silently. She bent to pick it up. twisting this way and that around thick tree trunks and large boulders.. Tawainai picked up the necklace. Description (Fox form) . trusts anyone. It was in the shape of a star and had a small red gem in the center. She was. fresh horse droppings appeared on the road. She opened her eyes and breathed deeply. But she felt this place was not the best for the cold Winter nights ahead. providing both food and protection from the outside world.. reasoning that the road was the best way to travel as it went in only one direction. Her ears pointed forward. Can't stand shoes. trapped in the net. she smiled and with two strokes she freed herself. It was gold. Houses flickered in between trees. and a few signs popping up along the sides. given hard looks as she walked though. She passed by stalls. Why hadn’t she brought along a knife? There where sharp stones at the bottom but she was caught. Description (Human form) . and continues on in. He pulls his hood up more towards his head. so she doesn't know how to act around people. until she stood as a human.Hair is very long. Most Nashidans wanderers retreated to the Nashidan cities for the winter. Her nose picked up the stale. Name: Dusk Species: Darkwing Gender: Female Age: 14 Occupation : Mercenary and Mage A Bit of Background Info : It is rumored that Dusk killed off all people who treated her like an outcast or a freak. probably because of some kind of betrayal. and she knew she should stock up on supplies. she instinctively grabbed at it. looking at the produce. as she had no visible weapons. She stood there for a moment more. looks one way. ----------- Tawainai kept her head down as she walked into town. unable to free her self and running out of air. they could not arrest her. he sees peaceful water. a little confused from the scene. Shyren hesitated for a moment. Deciding on the latter. before stepping up onto the road. hearing the wind make it's way towards her. and found that it was a necklace. and a green shirt with long wide sleeves. it was a knife. She went to see what it was. Chris walks into the town. She should have known. cutting her arm. Who would leave a gold necklace lying on the road? She stood up and looked .

. She looked down at the necklace again. Tally swam up the river to the lake. She paced back and forth in front of the water. As soon as she had gone a few feet beyond the girl. but was still unwilling to get any closer. quickly jumping out of arms reach. but.. for fear she would be pushed in too. Sandy tried to struggle out of shyren's grip.. Tawainai struggled to swim to the surface. She closed her eyes. Suddenly thirsty. Sandy jumped out from behind a tree and caught that rabbit. she broke out in a run. Her lungs were starting to burn for need of oxygen. and not half a second later she had changed to a fox. As she jumped again she heard a splash and a scream. As she reached the lake she leaped out of the water. A small growl formed in her throat. I quickly jumped up surprised to see her.. looked around then fell back into the water. waiting to be torn apart. Seeing that the girl rightly ran from her making getting a meal that much more difficult but she could tell that she had quite delicious blood became invisible and flew after her gladdened too see that she had stopped at a lake not a river or stream then promptly changed form too a different girl as not too frighten her dinner. as she reached them she changed back into human form. she noticed no movement in the water. she didn't go anywhere but down. She topped in the middle of a human-filled street to catch her breath. She growled in the girl's face. This girl (Shyren) pushed a girl in the water (Tawainai) and tackled me so I couldn't save the girl she pushed in the water.. She narrowed her eyes and got off Sandy. Dolphins jumped playfully over the surface. surprised at her lies. Her eyes quickly took in the girl (Sandy) standing at the waters edge. she made her way through the crowd towards the lake." Sandy said to the girl (trinnias character). Sandy pushed Tawainia in. Shyren stared at the girl.. Glancing up. changing into a dolphin as she did. They weren’t moving. Shyren glanced up sharply when she heard a splash. Grabbing the limp form she swam for the surface. Kat typed up what was happening ... Ahead of her Tally saw someone in the water. SO HELP ME NOW. and the churning water a little ways away... But she dared not get off Sandy. She ran over to the lake a placed her hand in. worried about the creature in the water. staying as far away as possible. and swam as fast as she could towards the opposite bank to see what was going on."Hey.. catching a small glimpse of a dorsal fin before is disappeared. Shyren whimpered softly. She wanted to continue on her wander.. Tawainai felt something touch her.. She didn't look at it.Tawainai[Kat's Character] has . dropping the rabbit. knocking them both over. Then. hoping to distract her while the creature in the water could escape. The gold flashed in the sunlight. Leaping into the air she rammed into the girl's chest.. she brought a handful of water to her lips. Her bare feet making hardly a sound as she dashed the last hundred yards into town. Her paws hardly touched the earth as she charged the standing girl. She slowly walked past.. She sped towards them. It immediately felt better. Her cousins.. has she had never been taught to swim. Since the roleplay was a bit confusing. I need some help here. who were aquit nashidans. sending her headfirst into the deep water. Suddenly something pushed against her back. but it was no use. as I looked up I met with Angels eyes. Tawainai's hand burned. Then she fainted. taking a deep breath she dived. but the girl was in her way.. PLEASE!!!. out over the lake. keeping one eye on the other two girls. and she dropped it.. Crouching down.... We stared at each other long and hard.. It suddenly became too hot to hold. had always told her stories about what lies at the bottom of the ocean. save for the dolphins farther away. Then I got an Idea. Shyren nodded politely at the girl. Her eyes stayed fixed on the still water.

swimming to the bank pulling the person up with her... been pushed into a lake by Sandy[Racheal_8_U's Character]. "Thanks. It hurt.. . She moaned and sat up.. the nashidan would be alright.. Sandy jumped into the water and turned into a koi fish. Tally turned her over and pounded the nashidan in the back she started coughing up water.. Tally[Dobbyknits's Character] is saving Tawainai. She moved slightly.. A slight shimmer of light and she turned human again. she turned around and slowly headed towards the town... She watched in amazement as the fox changed into a human.. she thought... When she knew they were alright. Shyren[Raizamin's Character] actacked Sandy after watching her push Tawainai in.." She said. she wasn't moving. Tally sighed.. Then She turned to the girl who had saved her.. then swam away down the stream. Tally broke the surface. Shyren watched the Water Fairy and the Nashidan for a few moments. and Angel can't swim... She stared at the fox in front of her. A kitsune. and Sandy is telling lies to try and get Angel's[Trinna's Character's] help to get Shyren off of her[Sandy] Oh.To be continued. The fox turned and walked off... . Everything hurt. She saw that it was a nashidan female. Tawainai opened her eyes to see a girl with blue-green eyes and black hair standing over her.. She blinked.

Sarah (Horsegirl) 1. Alexa (Konnichiwaareka) 2. I will hopefully be doing another next issue with the remaining members.Got a photo? Got a drawing? The Homeschooled Teen Community! Julia C. as I don't know their personalities. Enjoy!" Key . Alex (Trinnia) 7. But I am not sure how to draw people who haven't posted very much. I apologize. Again. Shelisa (Christianchic1991) 6. Bailey (Mimane) . Age 14 "This is the second drawing I have done of our other forum posters. (Blue_Haired_Wolf_Girl) 3. (HalfBloodPrincess) 5. if you are not on here. Anyways. 4.

8. (HyperHanyoGal780) 9. Liz (Fang The Strange) 14. age 13 . (Absinthe) 10. Julia (Starfyre) 11. Hannah (Colliersaunt24) 13. (Soliloquy) A Computer drawn picture and a watercolor sketch By Alana. Rachael (R14Kitty00x) 12.


As of now. No book review was submitted to this issue. but I know a lot of you love to read. Unfortunately. her schedule is very tight and she doesn't get on the forum much anymore – she even requested that her position as moderator and graphics designer be removed. there is no Homeschooled Teen Helpline.Keavy was the one who ran the Homeschooled Teen helpline. but she is thinking of using the questions submitted to write a new one for the July/August issue. so if there's a good book that you like. send in a review! .

PLEASE BE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR FIRST NAME AND YOUR AGE WHEN YOU SEND IT!!! Here are things you can submit to the magazine: • Fiction stories (Make sure all stories are under 15 pages) • Real life stories (things that happened to you) • Articles • Drawings • Jokes • Riddles • Debate club: whatever your view on the month’s subject is • Recipes • Movie reviews • Book reviews • Crafts • Any problems you have to Keavy's Homeschooled Teen Helpline. the website for HST is ANNOUNCEMENT: July/August 2007 will be our ANNIVERSARY ISSUE!!! Yes.To submit articles to Homeschooled Teen. girl stuff. • Photographs • Anything to do with being homeschooled • Beauty advice. send your work to homeschooledteen@gmail. so please get all of your articles in before JULY 1st! And remember. because we want this to be our biggest and best issue ever! . one whole year of Homeschooled Teen! Please be sure to send any subbmission you might have. etc • Most embarrassing moments • And anything else you'd like to share! The next issue will be coming out in the first week of July.freewebs. that's right.

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