Med 565 Script Draft

INT. THE SECURE VIEW HQ -- L.O.R.(THE LIVE OBSERVATION ROOM) A team of three men sit around a wall of monitors. They drink coffee and smoke, while they talk about nothing but make a big to do about it. One of the monitors has a news report, another has a view of a parking lot. ZACH thats my point you can’t think that these companies can just make these things knowing that people are going to have direct eye contact for hours and hours every day and not think to research the possible health side effects. ED I just don’t think that any company no matter how ’good intentioned’ their policy statement makes them out to be, is going to spend money on making a safe product unless made to by the government. NEWS REPORTER A new wave of protest is scheduled to be underway this week against last years Secure View act. The act requiring the central storage of all security tape footage of all private companies in the city. Spooksman Kyle Nilson said that the wave of protest are going to follow up last years demonstrations. WILLIAM Ed did you get those branches moved this weekend? ED Yeah, thanks for letting me use your chainsaw, I have a few more branches to get... WILLIAM Keep it for as long as you need, just make sure I get it back before the NEXT wind storm. ZACH Regardless, there or government regulations in place - I’m sure of it.


ED Will until I am sure I’m going to wear my sunglasses, I’m not forcing you to wear any - and since it doesn’t hurt anything... ZACH not true, not true. it hurts your peripheral vision. You can’t be doing your job if you can only see 30% of the work space in front of you. NEWS REPORTER Last year armed with signs with slogans such as ’Big brother is watching us’ ’Privacy is Dead" demonstrators stood obscure many security camera’s view through out the city last august. This year there are expected to be even more... WILLIAM I’m not sure sunglasses are going to stop you from getting eye cancer. Looks like Greg is late as usual. ON MONITOR during conversation Greg arrives in a car and can be seen walking from monitor to monitor making his way into the building. ED Any little bit will help, thats my view. I mean, Knowing there’s a risk, that alone is enough to warrant taking precautions, right? WILLIAM yeah but that might be a little extreme, don’t you think Ed? GREG Hey guys - I’m here ED Hey Greg.


GREG whats up WILLIAM I think you have a cassette request waiting for you up front. INT. SECURE VIEW HQ -FRONT ROOM The front room of the secure view HQ has a more traditional office decor unlike the otherwise factory warehouse interior common to the rest of the building. Greg is busy with task behind the large counter that separates the public main part of the front room from the employee only section. ON FAX A print out of a cassette request form is lying on top of the fax machine with technical information on it. Greg Grabs sheet and looks at in. INT. SECURE VIEW HQ - MAIN STORAGE ARIA DAY Series of shots Tapes come in through a slot in the wall into a box. Greg pushes a cart load of tapes through a hallway Greg navigates around through a maze of shelfs full of boxes. Greg lables a tape Greg places tap into a box Greg pushing an empty cart back down hallway Tapes come in through a slot in the wall into a box. INT. SECURE VIEW HQ -MAIN STORAGE ARIA With the request form in hand Greg makes his way with his little rolling cart through the labyrinth of shelfs of boxes of video tapes. ON GREG Greg looks at the request form


POV REQUEST FORM POV BOX WITH MATCHING INFORMATION ON GREG Greg pulls box down and takes out the appropriate tapes. INT. SECURE VIEW HQ - L.O.R (CONTENTIOUS) ON MONITORS Two monitors side by side. One Shows a black and white image of a woman waiting in the front room. The other shows Greg in storage room. WILLIAM (into radio)hey Greg it looks like theres a person to see you out front. GREG I’m on my way. INT SECURE VIEW HQ FRONT ROOM Greg enters with a handful of tapes. GREG Can I help you? WOMAN Yeah, um My car was broken into yesterday. I filed a report with the police and they sent me down here to review some surveillance video. Greg continues to make his way into the front room and sets tapes on the counter top. GREG Security video WOMAN I’m sorry? GREG Sorry, its this thing they’re really big on here, we’re not suppose to call it surveillance (MORE)


GREG (cont’d) we’re only suppose to call it security video. They don’t want it sounding like we’re watching people or taking away their liberties... I mean you can call them what every you want, its just habit is all you know. (beat) Greg scratches the back of his neck. GREG Are you Mary? Mary Adkins? WOMAN Thats me. GREG Than I think I have the tapes you want rite here. WOMAN ok. so?-INT SECURE VIEW HQ PUBLIC VIEWING ROOM DAY GREG Now, due to company policy I can’t let you take these off the premises, but you can take them right over there to one of our viewing rooms. And take one of these forms. Your notice at the bottom right hand corner there will be a time code with the date and time. You can fast-froward to around the time the time occurred. If you see anything that relates to the crime write down the cassette code, which is on the case, right here. And write the full time code here. Greg points to the relevant places. WOMAN and when I’m done? GREG We’re make a copy of the relevant footage and send it back to the police for processing.


The woman puts the tap into the tap deck and pushed a button on the consul which CUT TO INT. SECURE VIEW HQ - L.O.R Greg and William sit in the L.O.R. Greg eats a bag of chips and William visits with him as he pays attention to the monitors and periodically pushes some buttons. GREG Honestly how do you stand those guys? WILLIAM There not so bad, you have to work with someone. They could be worse. Are you going with us to tonight? GREG Yeah, I’ll go, I can stand them for a few hours - but you practically live with them. WILLIAM There not that bad really. Now this guy here--William points to one of the many monitors that shows a man walking. WILLIAM (O.S.) this guys been walking around this place for almost 20 minutes now. Maybe he just happens to be lost in front of the largest bank in the city or may be his what we call a suspicious character. (beat) 9:05pm...location 54678-A2 Suspetious character spotted. William makes note in a log book ON MONITOR WILLIAM (O.S.) See this, how you can change between cameras?

7. The monitor changes to a slightly different view of the same place. There is a better view of the man and he looks like he is sneaking around. The view changes again to show a woman at an atm, and the guy is obviously paying attention to her, but then walks off the shot. Back to scene WILLIAM Yeah, somethings up with this guy, I’m making the call. William pushes a button and a speaker phone speed dials the police department. POLICE Police -Go ahead WILLIAM Yeah, Rick this is Will from Secure View, I need you guys to send an officer to the ATM at the National Bank Branch on Madison, we have a possible mugging in progress. POLICE ight, thank you, I’ll send someone right over. ON MONITOR The man walks out of the frame. William switches the view but the next shot only shows an out of focused, of centered shot of a bench. WILLIAM Damn it! They still haven’t realigned those cameras from the storm On GREG Greg looks at the monitor with obvious interests GREG Where is that? WILLIAM Same place right by National bank There on Madison, cameras all over the city were blown out of alignment during the storm. ON MONITOR


The view switches back to the man who is hiding behind a tree near the ATM in what looks like the classic thief scenario. ON GREG AND WILLIAM WILLIAM There he is GREG Think they’ll make it in time? WILLIAM I don’t know. ON MONITOR The woman finishes her transaction and turns to walk away. the man steps out from behind the tree and the woman stands still in her tracks. There is a brife moment when they appear to be talking and then the man drops to one knee and pulls out a small black object. ON GREG GREG Is he purposing? ON MONITOR Suddenly a police officer tackles the man and more officers come into the shot with guns drown. WILLIAM Oh Shit! William and Greg both burst out laughing. INT. BAR NIGHT C.U finger on button of a juckbox. Greg stands by a juckbox which he has just picked a song on. His coworkers sit at a table behind him in front of a wall of screens at a sports bar to enjoy a drink after work. ZACH Ed would you take those damn things off we’re in public


ED You think I’m going to go through all the effort to protect my eyes at work and then just throw that away just because there are other people around - these are the only eyes I’ve got. Greg joins the group at the table GREG (motions to the tv) Are they still making a big to do about all this? ON TV The TV shows a crowd holding up sheets which obscure the security camera outside a library. Well more them in a good WILLIAM you know, England does it even than we do and you don’t see complaining about it. You know few years we won’t even need old Greg here.

ED (taking off his glasses) What do you mean? WILLIAM It will all be live, like in England, they call it closed circuit, all the cameras are connected together where they can be monitored live - its primarily observation and storage secondarily not like us. GREG Yeah but its going to take them at least 5 to 10 years to update all the equipment WILLIAM Sure- I didn’t mean that you were going to lose your job today or tomorrow or anything. Do you really even think you’ll still be at Secure View five years from now?


While they talk Greg notices a group of people on the other side of the bar, one of them seems to notice Greg. Greg looks away and for the rest of the conversation tries to discretely cover his face. ED (putting glasses back on) I might be the only one with my eye sight still intact in 5 ta 10 years. ZACH Give it up Ed, you look ridiculous GREG Well guys, its been fun but I’m going to head on out of here. WILLIAM Are you sure Greg? We have another pitcher coming GREG Yeah, I think I’m going to head in Early. Greg moves off from the group, while they tease him he tries to make it to the door with out being notice by the other group but gets stopped. MARK Greg? Greg! I thought that was you how have you been. GREG Hey! what are you doing here - I didn’t even notice, you know me, odd in my own little world. MARK So we’re out in the real world now? GREG Yeah (beat) MARK Yeah (beat) So how are things working on any more of your projects these days? GREG yeah, yeah, kind of going through a creative dry spell. But a few (MORE)


GREG (cont’d) months ago I had this part time job at that secure view warehouse place. MARK The one getting all the protesting? GREG Yeah, really messed up government thing going on there, so glade I don’t work there any more, but I mad a video collage of all the protest that were caught on video MARK Sweet man, really sweet, Maybe I can come by and check it out some time. GREG sure, yeah. (beat) Yeah If I had worked their longer I had this idea of just picking a person - you know some random person and just compile on the video footage of them for a day - its crazy but they can see almost everything you do. Greg looks up in the corner on the ceiling there is a camera aimed right at them. MARK Sick, you must have hated working there - working for the man like that. GREG Yeah it was horrible.(beat) Well, just give me a call some time. MARK You wanna stay and chill for a bit? The whole gang is here. Julie is even down for the weekend. GREG No, no I really can’t. Sorry.


EXT. BAR NIGHT Greg leaves the bar by himself and wonders around the city streets. he rounds a conner and finds him self standing right by a Bank. He sees a view but can’t quite place how he knows it until he notices a video camera across the street. While he is looking at it a girl calls out to him. SUSAN Hey (beat) Hey. Check this out The Girl stands by the side of the building. She looks over the conner. Mark comes up to her and looks around the corner to see what she is looking at. SUSAN (whispers) I like to watch sometimes. Down the street there is an elderly man and woman walking up a slight hill. The woman is walking in front with a can which she is using as rope to pull the man along who is holding on to the other end. SUSAN I’ve been following them since the VFW hall, I think it was Bingo night, aren’t they cute EXT. BANK NIGHT Greg and Susan sit at a bus bench by the bank. GREG So, do you do anything else besides stalk old people? SUSAN not too much. I am a people watcher though, not just old people, but just people. I’m trying to ween myself off reality tv by going out and watching real reality. But to tell you the truth I’m not sure its any better. GREG Yeah? SUSAN Sometimes I think people like being watched as much as they like (MORE)


SUSAN (cont’d) watching. We almost expect it don’t we? We’re all just playing our own part hoping someone will watch. Anyway I sell gold fish. All kinds of animals really - At Paul’s Pet shop. What do you do? GREG I watch people actually....sortof. SUSAN What do you mean? GREG I work at the Secure View warehouse . I’m one of the video filers. SUSAN Shit, really? So you work for the ministry of truth. Your a real tool no doubt. Big brother’s own little henchman. And you seemed so nice too. GREG its not as evil as everyone makes it out to be. SUSAN so are we being watched right now? GREG yeah. SUSAN No. Really? Where? Greg points to the camera across the street. INT. SECURE VIEW HQ CONTINUOUS. ON MONITOR Susan walks away. She looks back at Greg and waves. Greg is standing in a frame by a bench in black and white by himself.

14. INT SECURE VIEW HQ FRONT ROOM DAY Greg stands infront of a tv monitor. He looks down at the video of him and the girl. Greg stops the tape and ejects it from the player and puts it into his back pack. INT SECURE VIEW HQ - L.O.R. DAY William and Greg sit in the L.O.R. working. GREG have you ever met someone, and just known they were the one WILLIAM are you talking about love at first sight, because thats nothing but trouble. Something you would see in some chick flick. GREG yeah well I met this girl. shes something else WILLIAM whats so special about her. GREG I’m not sure yet. I’m still trying to watch and see. WILLIAM what now? GREG Just trying to wait and see. WILLIAM So you think you’ve watched me do this enough to do it yourself tonight? GREG Should be able to. William looks at his watch. WILLIAM awesome, than I’m off! William stands up and checks his hair in one of the monitors.


GREG Where are you and April tonight? WILLIAM Its a nice joint, thats all I’m saying. I don’t want you watching me while we eat thats for sure. GREG well you better behave your self just in case. William leaves. Greg pulls out his bag full of taps which he begins to go through on the monitor. On monitor we see numerous shots of a girls who looks like the girl Greg meet before. DREAM SEQUENCE: Greg is standing back at the corner of the bank by the bench with Susan. The quality of the shot is graining like its from a security camera but the angle is normal. SUSAN So you’ve been watching over me? GREG Been trying to. I like watching you. SUSAN I bet you do. I was hoping you’d be watching GREG yeah? SUSAN Makes me feel safe. I miss you. While they talk Susan becomes blury and flikers as if something is wrong with the video feed. END OF DREAM SEQUENCE.


INT. GREG’S HOME DAY There is a knock at the door. Greg opens it. Its Mark MARK Hey GREG Hey? what are you doing? MARK Just wanted to come by and check out that video collage you were talking about the other night. GREG Sure, let me see if I can find a copy for you. INT. GREG’S HOME DAY Mark is standing around looking at the contents of Greg’s place. Its a mess. Mark notices a map of the city on the wall with push pins and stick it notes with place names and times on them. There are multiple sketches of a girl and piles of video tapes all around. Greg re-enters the room and hands mark a tape. GREG Here you go. Its about 15 minutes long or so. Its just the best clips , you know the groups with the best signs and all. MARK Sweet GREG Hey man, don’t let that get around too much, I could lose my job - I mean it pretty much break every rule they have. MARK You still work there (beat)? GREG yeah, only part time, but sill I need to eat you know.

17. MARK So you have any other projects going on. GREG yeah, well your looking at it. Greg points at the map and sketches. GREG I’m compiling a video of one’s persons daily activities through out the city. It can be a real challenge. There are holes in the surveillance blanket covering the city. There are some arias down town when you are on tape pretty much the whole time. But in other places it can be pretty hit or miss. I’ve just been taking it one video at a time and tracking her down. MARK Thats so creepy man! who are you getting to do it for you. GREG What do you mean? Its just some girl, I’m not sure what her name is come to think of it. MARK Wait, she doesn’t know your doing it man? Thats not cool. Thats really creepy. INT. SECURE VIEW HQ - L.O.R Greg and William are standing in front of a blurry monitor. GREG I’m sorry. I fell asleep WILLIAM This isn’t good man. dozing off is one thing man, but you were out for four solid hours. I’m not sure what you were doing, but from the viewing log - it doesn’t look like the feed was even activated at that time.


GREG How was I to know that the water main was going to break? WILLIAM Thats what we’re here for. To watch in case something happens. There are only a hand full of businesses in this city who pay for 24 hour maned surveillance. When a water main bust in plain view of a camera you notify someone of that Greg! Phone rings. WILLIAM (continues) I’ll cover for you this time William answers the phone. WILLIAM Hello. No, No we know about it now but the feed was to dark to tell, talk to management to get better lighting in some of these places, were working with some older cameras here. While William is talking he pushes a few buttons and the picture of the broken gushing water main in the lobby of a bank on the monitor goes dark. William gives Greg an accusing glance. GREG well, its just to make a point. Besides I’m not seeing anything that someone waiting on a bus bench couldn’t see. MARK Except your sitting on all the bus benches as the same time. EXT. PET SHOP DAY Greg is on the street corner waiting for Susan to come out. He has a tap in his hand. Susan comes out of the shop and walks twards Greg. insert monitor Security camera POV


Greg standing and Susan walking right by him GREG (O.S.) I’ve been watching you back to scene On Greg Susan is walking away, having not noticed Greg at all. Fade out.

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