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Hey guys! Louhi here to share a theoretical build I've made for my shammy.

How did came up with this build?

It started when I first wore my Ritual Suit (the purple, level 155 one). I was wearing my
A level set at that time, and I marveled at my HP. I had mastered GOL, 2 Vanish Rings
level 120, level 7 Titan Will and +61 to my vit. Add that to my A lvl suit, my HP reached
up to 1.8k (which is of course, to us shammies, very high). But when I wore my purple
set, I was disappointed to see that my HP dropped 70 points... meaning my 1.8k hp went
down to 1,730.

That realization made me wonder... is it possible to get the same amount of HP without
having to wear the A level set (which is vital in MH and RH... the added defense the
purple set gives is important)? I became obsessed with the idea of an FS-Shammy with a
2k+ HP

And so I made this build for HP-hungry shammies... mind you, it's still a theory, so I'll
get back to it, as soon as I've proven it in-game.

The Stats

*For the calculation of stats: please refer to zephyrianne and FM janies guides...
The Versatile Shaman Build:
The Shaman Skill Guide:

@ Level 155
Pow= 159 (you can use 2 Alloy rings [lvl 120] and an NPC spear to learn GOL)
Int= 401 (when you are going to take BA/ EW) [You can use 2 silver ring (lvl 120) and a
wand that gives +5 to your Int]
Vit= dump all your remaining stat points here and every stat point you receive from
leveling up

The Skill Build

*For the calculation of skills and skill points: please refer to Natrenapa's (most
awesome!) skill calculator...
The Shaman Skill Calculator:

Support Tab
Vampiric Attack - Level 3
Breath of Life - Level 4
Sacrifice Ritual - Level 3
Inspire - Level 5
Fortify - Master
Haste - Level 3
Revitalize - Level 7
Heaven's Treatment - Master
Confusion Strife - Master
Massive Haste - Master
Berserk Aura - Master (Optional [see notes])
Resurrection - Master

Attack Tab (see notes)

Incineration- Level 4
Petrify - Level 2 (optional)
Vigor Explosion- Master

Power Tab
Gift Of Life- Master

Added notes on Berserk Aura and Attack Skills:

For Berserk Aura/ Enhanced Weaken Build, you need to have at least 401 int stats. With 2
silver rings (level 120) and a decent wand that adds stats to your Int, you can easily
master BA or EW. @ 155, if you finished all the required quests, you can have up to 183
skill points to distribute. Support skills/ decent buffs (excluding BA) and a Mastered
GOL nets you 123 Skill points, which leaves you 60 Skill points free.

These are some recommended skill:

Mastered BA+ Mastered EW+ Mastered Serpent’s Venom= 59 skill points(+ attack, -30
def to your enemy, + poison… Amf, kung di ba naman masakit sa duel un)

Mastered BA+ Mastered Vigor Explosion+ Level 3 Petrify+ Level 3 Gaia Dragon Strike=
60 skill points (for mob clearing and duels)

Mastered EW+ Mastered SV+ Mastered GDS = 53 skill points

One of the things I’ve noticed is that a lot of shammies take the Int Attack Tab Skills for
granted. DON’T EVER THINK THAT WAY. Int Attack skills are one of the best
blessings that we shammies have. Coupled with our high intelligence and energy growth,
these skills make us pretty lethal. Not to mention that most of the other classes weakness
are in our skills (- evasion from BA for dex characters, - defense from EW for Int
Swordsmen/ defense characters.)

Enhanced Weaken and Vigor Explosion are two of the best int attack skills around. EW
can lessen your enemy or mobs defense to up to -30 (byebye TQ and Divine Shield!), and
VE has a quick casting, elemental effects (based on your wands element) and an
awesome pre-requisite (PETRIFY! VIGOR! PETRIFY! HA! CGE GALAW PA! ^_^V)

*For exact figures on the effects of EW/ VE/BA, refer to skyhiker’s guide:
Effects/ Status Ailments of Various Skills [All Classes]:

For Attack skills, you have a lot of choices. You have Vigor Explosion, Serpents Venom,
Gaia Dragon Strike (you might think it’s not good, but it’s an awesome skill for duels)
and even Magma Explosion. Don’t opt for Dark Souls. It may be a good skill but its too
S-L-O-W… in dueling, speed is of the essence. Slow skills means higher chances of
being cancelled (hence losing).

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