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Circle the best answer.

1. Ann: I’ve heard that you have not been well. How are you feeling
Jane: ………… I’m ready to leave the hospital right now.
A. Not so good B. My leg still hurts
C. Better, thank you D. Thank you for the flowers
2. In a coffee shop
A: “Hi. How have you been lately?”
B: “………..”
A: “Just fine. Oh, here comes a friend of mine. I want you to
meet him.
A. Find. Is this your friend?
B. And how’s the weather been?
C. Not very well. Have you bee ill too?
D. Fine, thank you. And you?
3. A: “Is your uncle sick?”
B: “…………”
A. I fear that is. B. It likely is.
C. I don’t think so. D. I’m afraid so.
4. A: “…………”
B: “I had a flu for a couple of days. But I’m all right now”
A. What did you do? B. I heard you’ve been ill.
C. What do you think of your health? D. You have to go to a doctor.
5. Situation: Your friend gets all dressed up to day. You like the way she
dresses and want to give her a compliment.
A. Gee! What are you getting yourself all dressed up for?
B. Gee! You look like a million dollars today.
C. Gee! You look kind of smart today.
D. Gee! You don’t look like your usual self today.
6. Situation: The dinner was delicious. After the dessert, the guests got up
and soon they were leaving. The hostess was at the door. If you were one
of the guests, what would you say to show you appreciation?
A. I’m glad to come here. Could you teach me to make that dinner?
B. We’ll have to get together again son for the dinner.
C. Thank you for everything besides the delicious dinner.
D. That was an excellent dinner. My compliments are to the chef.
Situation: A Thai student studying in Australia was invited to a dinner
party at the home of one of her teachers. This is the conversation when
she says goodbye to her host.
Student: I’m afraid I have to leave now. Many thanks ……7….. a
wonderful evening.
Host: I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Do you have to go so ……
8……? It’s only ten o’clock.
Student: Yes, I really ……9…… be going. I have a class at nine
tomorrow and I ……10…… have some preparation to do.
Host: How did you come? Would you like someone ……11……
you home?
Student: No, that’s quite all right, thanks. I came by bike. Many
thanks ……12…… again.
7. A. of B. to C. for D. about
8. A. soon B. long C. late D. for
9. A. can B. may C. should D. would
10. A. yet B. still C. always D.
11. A. to walk B. walking C. walked D. walk
12. A. over B. ever C. once D. all
A telephone call
James: Hello.
John: Could I speak to Erica, please?
James: …..13…… Erica, it’s for you.
Erica: Hello.
John: Hi, it’s John. Listen, would you like to go and see “Tootsie”
this afternoon?
Erica: Yes, ……14…… I haven’t seen a movie in ages.
John: O.K. I’ll pick you up around two then.
Erica: ……15…… I’ll see you.
John: Bye.
13. A. Right now B. Alright
C. Just a minute D. O.K.
14. A. that’d be nice. B. I’d like to.
C. do you like to? D. you’re right.
15. A. Alright then B. That’s O.K.
C. I think so D. Just fine
Situation: Tom Richardson called a friend at home on a Saturday
afternoon. A small child answered the phone.
“Is your father ……16……?” Tom asked. “No.” was the reply.
“He’s out playing golf.” “Well,” said the caller, “……17……?” “She’s
gone shopping.” “Well, listen, can you give your father a ……18……
when he comes home?” “Sure.” “Can you write?” “……19…… But I can
print.” “All right. Have you got a pencil?” “Wait.” A few moments
passed. Then, “Okay.” “……20……? Now write down my name. It’s
Richardson. That’s spelled R-I-C-H-A-R-D-S-O-N. tell your daddy that
Mr. Richardson called and wants him to call back. Now let me give you
the phone number. Write this down, Okay?” Long silence passed, then a
little voice asked. “How do you make an R?”
16. A. here B. there C. off D. up
17. A. What about your mother
B. How is your mother
C. Do you call your mother
D. Is your mother all right
18. A. call B. letter C. message D. notice
19. A. No B. Yes C. I think so D. I don’t care
20. A. Do you see B. Are you ready
C. Can you read D. Are you well