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Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to that given.

1. Neither Cindy nor Tommy can use the computer.
A. Cindy can’t use the computer but Tommy can.
B. Cindy can’t use the computer and Tommy can’t either.
C. Both Cindy and Tommy can use the computer.
D. Either Cindy or Tommy can use the computer.
2. Mr. Sprang said, “Aim has a lot on her mind.”
A. Aim is worried about several things.
B. Aim has a heart of gold.
C. Aim can’t make up her mind what to do.
D. Aim has something wrong with her mind.
3. I would tell you the truth if I knew.
A. Unless I knew the truth, I would tell you.
B. I don’t know the truth so I can’t tell you.
C. Though I know the truth, I won’t tell you.
D. I would have told you the truth if I had known it.
4. Would you be so kind as to turn on the air-conditioner?
A. Would you mind turning on the air-conditioner?
B. May I switch on the air-conditioner?
C. Could you switch on the air-conditioner and be kind to me?
D. Please be kind to me and I will turn on the air-conditioner.
5. It was not as far to the town as we thought.
A. As we thought, the town wasn’t far away.
B. We thought the town was far, and it was.
C. The town was nearer than we thought.
D. We thought the town was nearer than it was.
6. Jane says she oughtn’t to eat so many sweet things.
A. Jane says she mustn’t eat any sweet things.
B. Jane says she should eat fewer sweet things.
C. Jane says she has never eaten sweet things.
D. Jane says she doesn’t have to eat sweet things.
7. He gave us some news which seemed too good to be true.
A. We heard some good news which is true.
B. We couldn’t easily believe the news because it was very good.
C. The news he gave us was good, but it wasn’t true.
D. He told us that true news is always good news.
8. It’s time to ask for her help.
A. She was asked for help in time.
B. She is now being asked to help.
C. She has been asked for help.
D. She ought to be asked to help.
9. I can’t help feeling worried about my sister.
A. I hardly feel worried about my sister.
B. I am worried about my sister and no one can help me.
C. I find it impossible not to worry about my sister.
D. I can’t help my sister to feel better.
10. Anne used to write home once a month.
A. She never fails to write a monthly letter.
B. She enjoys writing home every month.
C. She doesn’t now write home once a month.
D. She was accustomed to writing home once a month.

In this series of questions, three words have the same sound but one does
not. Choose the one that does not.
1. A. Cleared B. Feared C. Beard D. Heard
2. A. Shoes B. Goes C. Blows D. Knows
3. A. Wait B. State C. Great D. Heat
4. A. AmongB. Wrong C. Rung D. Sung
5. A. Broad B. Load C. Showed D. Road

Choose the best word for each given sentence.

1. That ………… is wealthy and kind.
A. employer B. employed C. employment D. employ
2. ………… is very important for life.
A. Educate B. Education C. Educator D. Educated
3. A receptionist tries hard to ………… her guests.
A. impressed B. impress C. impressive D. impression
4. I noticed the clouds float higher and …………
A. high B. very high C. highest D. higher
5. His ideas are always very …………
A. practice B. practise C. practical D. practising
6. We are taught to keep everything in their ………… places.
A. proper B. properly C. property D. properous
7. These houses may be ………… very soon.
A. buy B. purchased C. purchased D. buying
8. Children like to listen to ………… rhymes.
A. nurse B. nursery C. nursing D. nurses
9. Vitamins encourage the ………… of muscles and hair.
A. grows B. grow C. grew D. growth
10.Onions should be tied in traces, and ………… up in a cold dry place.
A. hung B. hanged C. hang D. hanging
11.Margaret as well as Jane ……….. here since last week.
A. has been B. was C. were D. have been
12.Physics ………… my favorite subject when I was at school.
A. is B. will be C. was D. were
13.Either of the men ………… on duty.
A. are B. were C. have been D. is
14.The children were kept in all day. None of them ………… allowed
A. is B. was C. are D. were
15.Mathematics ………… not an easy subject for everybody.
A. will be B. are C. is D. aren’t
16.All the furniture in the house ………… old fashioned.
A. is B. are C. have D. have been
17.The news ………… bad last night.
A. were B. was C. has D. have been
18.His choice of words ………… very good.
A. is B. are C. be D. being
19.The number of students in the evening class …………. limited.
A. has B. have C. are D. is
20.The news about the reformation ………… this morning.
A. was broadcasting B. is broadcasted
C. was broadcast D. is abroadcast