Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countr ies.

Why do some students study abroad? Use specific reasons and details to expl ain your answer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Most will now say that studying abroad isn’t a luxury; it’s an opportunity one can’t a fford to miss. As a unique life changing experience, one will grow personally, e ducationally and professionally. Many other benefits of studying abroad are elab orated in the following paragraphs. By studying abroad, students develop increased self-confidence. Secondly they de velop increased maturity, both personally and intellectually. Furthermore studen ts gain better understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses and develop de sire to learn more about the new culture. Studying abroad is a challenge. Becaus e learner will be removed from his or her comfort zone and placed in a foreign e nvironment. Secondly one will be exposed to new traditions and social and academ ic customs. Furthermore one learns new language and makes new friends. Studying abroad is full of ups and downs. If it’s not learning a new culture and language, then it’s making new friends from diverse ethnic and national backgrounds. Learnin g from these challenging experiences gives greater self awareness and help to gr ow. Finally students will return with a new sense of independence and more confidenc e. That will equip them to face challenges presented by the real world during co llege and in their professional career. Today’s job market for graduating students is extremely competitive. A study abroad and experience on one’s resume will dist inguish him or her from the peers. Studying abroad also highlights student’s abili ty to work with people from diverse backgrounds In nutshell some students will become corporate chief executive officers, or gov ernment officials, or educators one day, while others will choose different lead ership roles and lives. Regardless of the path they take, students will benefit from exposure to international education.” (274 Words)

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