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Good Writing From Australia MORGAN, S., MIA, T., KWAYMULLINA, B. (eds.): Speaking From The Heart.

Heart. Fremantle Press: Fremantle, 2007. ISBN 9 78192106 4838. Memoirs by Aboriginal people from WA (Western Australia). SILVEY, C.: Jasper Jones. Allen and Unwin: Crows Nest, 2009. 978 1 74175 774 3 Good thriller-type novel for teenagers (themes: outsiders, prejudice, etc.). DREWE, Robert: The Bodysurfers. Penguin, 1983. 9 780143 180241. Famous short story collection of life in contemporary Australia. MILLER, Alex: Journey To The Stone Country. Allen and Unwin: Crows Nest, 2002. 1-74114-146-X. Entertaining story of life in the outback. Winner of the Miles Franklin Award 2003. JOSE, Nicholas: Original Face. Giramondo Publ.:Sidney, 2005. 1-920882-13-8. A thriller set in contemporary urban Australia which deals with the ancient riddle of appearance and identity. LAZAROO, Simone: The Travel Writer. Picador: Sidney, 2006. 0-330-42256-1. Set in present-day Malaysia the story looks at four generations of the de Sequeira family from the time of the British empire to the present day. GRENVILLE, Kate: The Secret River. Text Publishing: Melbourne, 2005. 1-92114525-0. The story of William Thornhill, who is transported from the slums of London to New South Wales for the term of his natural life. Shortlisted for the Booker and Winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize 2006. GARNER, Helen: Postcards From Surfers. Penguin, 1985. 978-0-14-318006-7. Collection of short stories by one of Australias most celebrated authors. JOLLEY, Elizabeth: The Well. Penguin, 1986. 9 780143 180012. A Miles Franklin Award winner, this is a twentieth century Australian classic, a haunting and wryly humorous tale of memory, desire and loneliness. NAM, LE: The Boat. Penguin, 2008. 9 780143 009610. This years winner of the Prime Ministers Literary Award. A collection of short stories, the first and last of which centre on Vietnamese immigrants. KOCH, Christopher: The Memory Room. Vintage: Sidney, 2008. 9 781741 667394, What is a spy? Are they born, or are they made? Set against beautifully drawn landscapes (Tasmania, China and Canberra) this is an exploration of obsession and of the nature of secrecy itself. MALOUF, David: Johnno. Penguin, 1976. 9 780143 180142. Two young boys growing up in wartime Brisbane who take the great pilgrimage to Europe as adults only to return looking for the elusive Australian dream. BOYD, Martin: The Cardboard Crown. Text Publishing Company: Melbourne, 2004 (first published 1952). ISBN 1-920885-06-4. A classic of modern Australian writing, this novel deals with various generations of a well-off Australian family who immigrated from England but continued living in both worlds. WINTON, Tim: The Turning. Picador: Sidney, 2004. Collection of short stories. BOBIS, Merlinda: Summer Was A Fast Train Without Terminals. Spinifex: North Melbourne, 1990. 9 781875 559763. Poems by a Filipino immigrant. SEYMOUR, Alan: The One Day Of The Year. Angus and Robertson/ Harper Collins: Sydney, 1993 (first published 1962). 9 780207 133305. A play about the significance of Anzac Day. THOMSON, Katherine (et al.): Mavis Goes To Timor. Currency Press: Sydney, 2003. 086819 702 5. A play about the crisis in East Timor and Australias role in it. ROMERIL, John: Miss Tanaka. Currency Press: Sydney, 2001. 0-86819 639 8. A play set in the pearl diving community of Broome, WA around 1900. CADDY, Caroline: Working Temple. Fremantle Press: Fremantle, 1997. 1-86368190-6