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Pranay B.

College of Computing 411, Luckie St NW,
Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta. GA 30313.
Atlanta. GA 30332. Email: Phone: (404) 418-8083

To secure a challenging internship opportunity in the summer of 2008, in the areas of Systems and Networks to apply my
technical knowledge and skill sets.

• M. S. in Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
Expected date of graduation: December 2008
GPA 3.5 /4
• Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, Nirma University of Science & Technology, India,June 2007
CGPA 8.09/10

MS Project Student, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. Jan 2008 – Present
Resource monitoring over the virtual many core platforms. Devise and implement in-VM monitoring functionality that
can assess a VM's resource usage to use information to affect the way in which a hypervisor assigns and multiplexes
resources across multiple VMs under the guidance of Prof. Karsten Schwan (

Special Research Problem Student, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. Aug 2007-Dec 2007
Detecting kernel level compromise due to root kits using the system call table and the vmlinux image for Linux OS.
Manipulated the Interrupt Descriptor Table and Task Manager entries for the Windows XP OS, under the guidance of
Prof. J. Giffin.

Research Intern, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India. Jan 2007–May 2007
Thesis: “Design of Embedded Systems: From implementation to specification”
Used Prof. David Harel’s tool Play Engine and Telelogic Rhapsody. Programmed a wrist watch prototype using both the
tools, which uses different notations for behavioral specification, the Live Sequence Charts and Statecharts respectively,
under the guidance of Prof. Paritosh K. Pandya ( /~pandya ).

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Nirma Institute of Technology, India. June 2005–Nov 2006
Created a fire disaster Management System using JAVA. System was expanded to manage any kind disaster prone relief
work. Presented it at NUCONE, a national level conference.

Research Trainee, Jain Institute of Vocational Advanced Studies, India. May 2005–May 2005
Gained experience in using many Bioinformatics tools and also their needs. I carried out an analysis of then available
computational methods to design anti HIV-1 drugs, under the guidance of Dr. D. P. Chayya.

Research Intern, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India Dec 2004–Feb 2005
I created a non AUG initiator nucleotide sequence database from the RefSeq Database of NCBI (National Center for
Biotechnology Information) under Prof. Sankar Ramakrishnan using C and UNIX Shell script.

• D. Gajjar, P. Kolakkar and A. Singh, “Disaster Management System, handling disaster prone relief”, 4th
Conference on Current Trends in Technology, NUCONE, 2006, India.


Programming Languages JAVA, C, C++, PROLOG, PL/SQL, UML, assembly languages.
Technologies & Scripting HTML, JSP, Java Script, Shell scripting, Perl, Multithreaded
programming, UNIX Network programming.
Embedded Systems programming tools Telelogic Rhapsody 7.0 MR2 and Play Engine.
Platforms: Windows, UNIX and Linux.
Programming Languages JAVA, C, C++, PROLOG, PL/SQL, UML, assembly languages.
BLAST, Phylogenetic Analysis (NJPlot, Phylip), DotPlot, Linear Sequence Alignment (Clustal W, Clulstal X and
TCoffee), Web Logo, Protein Simulation Servers and Protein Structure Prediction servers, EMBOSS, Protein
Visualizing tools (Rasmol, Pymol).

• Graduate Student Assistant, Student Success Center, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Sept 2007-Dec 2007

• Advanced Operating Systems
• Real Time Systems
• Network Security
• Computability and Algorithms
• Software Architecture and Design
• Wireless and Mobile Networks


• Special problem under Prof. J. Giffin, at Georgia Institute of Technology, “Detection of kernel compromise by Root
kits on Linux”. Also manipulated successfully the Task Manager and the Interrupt Descriptor Table entries in
Windows XP OS.
• Co scheduler for Linux kernel 2.6.18.
• Token management system for a FTP server using the Spread library for a distributed system.
• Publisher Subscriber system as a part of Advanced Operating Systems class of Prof. Karsten Schwan.
• Implemented the Earliest Deadline First, scheduler for RT Linux.
• Keyboard device driver for Linux OS.
• Made a software crack proof by masking the string references so that a patched executable cannot be made using
hex editor HIEW and disassemblers like WIN32Dasm.
• Developed a Shortest Path Routing system for Disaster Management System using JAVA using applets and
Swing and implementing Dijkstra’s Algorithm under the guidance of Dr. A. K. Singh at Nirma University
eventually evolving into a Disaster Management System.
• Created a Character Recognition System using C and the principles of Finite State Machines.
• Underwent training at MJ Corporation, Daman under the guidance of Mr. Pradish Nair for network administration
and hardware maintenance.


• Scored 80 percentile in Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering for Computer Science for admissions to Post
Graduate Programs in Computer Science in India, March 2007.
• Selected by Infosys Technologies, India as a Software Engineer, May 2006.
• 47th in a nationwide Mathematics Olympiad.
• 2nd in TechnoHunt by Robotech Club of Nirma University of Science and Technology, India.


Available upon request.