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In The Name of ALLAH the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Department of Health and Medical Sciences

Centre for Foundation Studies
International Islamic University Malaysia

Programme Medical/Pharmacy/Allied Health Sciences/Nursing/Dentistry

Course Title Biology I

Course Code HMM 1414

Status Core course

Level One

Credit Hours 4 hours

Contact Hours 5 hours

Pre-requisites NIL

Co-requisites NIL

Teaching Methodology Lecture and tutorial

Method of Evaluation Tutorials: 10%

Quizzes: 10%
Mid-Semester Examination: 30%
Final Examination: 50%


Semester offered As in the module

Course Objectives To enable students:

1. The syllabus aims to develop an understanding of biological
facts and principles with an appreciation of their significance.
2. To expose the biological systems as a manifestation of divine
wisdom with a purpose in creation, as opposed to the unifying
approach of blind forces of nature in the epistemology of
3. To encourage respect for all forms of life
4. To provide a suitable foundation for the study of Biology or
related courses in further higher education, and for
professional courses which require students to have
knowledge of Biology when admitted.

Course Learning Outcomes After studying this course, students would be able to :
1. demonstrate the use of biological facts, concepts and
principles at the higher level of education;
2. interpret, analyze, evaluate and apply Biological information
and ideas to enable students to carry out theoretical and
experimental activities.
3. develop a proper Islamic attitude and values relating to social
technological, and environmental issues relating to current
4. analyze, evaluate and to deal with biological information and
ideas logically and critically.
5. demonstrate the use and management of biological materials
according to proper and safe procedures

Course Synopsis The origin of life, a discussion of theories. The chemistry of life,
introducing the important organic compounds; their structures
and roles in the living organism. The ultra structure and functions
of cell components. Activities across the cell membrane. Concepts
of cell division and heredity The variety of tissues within the
animal and body. Photosynthesis. Respiration. Gaseous exchange.

Course outlines/contents Topics No of Hours

1. Origin of Life 4
2. Chemical Foundation of Life 14
3. Ultrastructure and Function of the 8
Cell 4
4. Cell Division 4
5. Tissue Organization. 10
6. Photosynthesis 7
7. Respiration 7
8. 8. Gaseous exchange 6
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