Name of AppHcant

Del. SO Sarvis il616
Name of additional affiant
Name of additional affiant
the items listed on the attached
] I did not seize any items.
] This warrant was not executed within 48
hours of the date of issuance and I hereby
return It not executed.
STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA In the general court of Justice
j Mecklenburg County District Court DivisIon
! ;
I :
To any with authority and jurisdiction to conduct the search authorized by this SEARCH
: I
I, the find that there is probable cause to believe that the property and person
described 1"lthe application on page two attached hereto and related to the commission of a
crime is looated as described in the application.
You are to search the premises, vehicle, person and other place or item
described i.nlthe application for the property and person in question. If the property and I or
person are; fi:>und, make the seizure and keep the property subject to Court Order and process
the personia'ccording to law.
You are to execute this SEARCH WARRANT within forty-eight (48) hours from the
time on this Warrant and make due return to the clerk of the Issuing Court.
i ;
This SEAR;.qH WARRANT is issued upon information furnished under oath by the person or
persons ,
Continuation page attached to the SEARCH WARRANT application, dated Thursday, October 13, 2011
Any knives, any firearms, ammunition, bullets, shell casings, spent projectiles, any other objects that can be used as a
weapon, clothing, cellular telephones, blood stains, latent prints, hairs, fiber and fluids, televiSion, X60X video game
and games, documents of occupancy of room 375, maps, credit cards, glasses, towels, luggage, photographs of Jane
McQuain andlor son William McQuain and any other evidence related to the commission of murder.
A single story hotel doing business as the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, 3000 E. Independence Boulevard, Charlotte,
North Carolina. Room 375 is located on the first floor of the hotel with a single, green, independent door.
2011 Honda CRV-black in color, bearing Maryland license plate 5AG9405, VIN: 5J6RE4H538L007617, registered to
Jane Ann McQuain, 13100 Briarcliff Terrace Apt. 806, Germantown, Maryland, 20874,
I Detective S. D. SaNis #616, of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, have been a sworn law enforcement
officer for more than twenty-six (26) years. Currently, I am assigned as a Homicide Detective in the investigation of
this case under complarnt number 20111013-081800,
On October 12, 2011, officers of the Montgomery County Police received a missing person report for Jane Ann
McQuain. Officers responded to McQuain's and located McQuain deceased inside, McQuain suffered from
apparent stab wounds to her back. It was determined. McQuain's eleven year old son (William McQuain) was missing
along with her vehicle (2011 black Honda CRV), Also missing were McQuain's and her son's cell phones,
.',.- An acquaTritanceorMcQualnreported to police thst Within th-e-Iast two weeks"s'black male"known'to ·frequ-eiiti
associate with McQuain had been seen loitering outside the apartment building and entered apartment 80S using a
key. The black male had been known to frequent the apartment building off and on for the past three years. The
acquaintance believed the black male was to be the boyfriend of McQuain. A photograph of Curtis Maurice Lopez
(B/M, DOB: 6/4/1966) was shown to the acquaintance, which positively identified Lopez as the black male known to
frequent McQuain's !,esidence.
A resident of the 103100 Briarcliff Terrace observed a black male back McQuain's 2Q11 black Honda CRV, Maryland
license plate 5AG9405, into a space directly in front of 13100 BriarCliff Terrace on October 5, 2011. A short time later,
the resident observed the black male loading a televiSion box into McQuain's vehicle. The resident was shown a
photograph of Curtis Maurice Lopez. The resident positively identified Lopel as the individual who had been loading
the television box into McQuain's vehicle.
On October 12, 20'1, officers with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) responded to a traffic accident
involving McQuain's.2011 Honda CRY. The vehicle was being operated by Pleshette Marie Caldwell (S/F, OOB:
4/6/1987). Caldwell reported she was driving her boyfriend's mother's vehicle and stated that the mother's name is
Jane. Caldwell also provided a cellular telephone number of 704915-6653. This number is reported to be
administered by Crickett Wireless, Crickett's records indicate this account is listed to Curtis Maurice Lopez of 4909
Rosene Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina.
On October 13, 2011, Montgomery County Detectives obtained a murder warrant on Lopez: for the murder of Jane Ann

Continuation page attached to the SEARCH WARRANT application. dated Thursday, October 13. 2011
On October 13. 2011. Lopez and Caldwell were located at the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, 3000 E. Independence
Boulevard. Charlotte, North Carolina, room 375. McQuain's vehicle (Black Honda CRV) was located in the parking lot
of Econo Lodge Inn & Suites. Caldwell advised Lopez took a train (Amtrak) \0 Philadelphia in mid September to visit
family. Caldwell advised Lopez returned Oct 1
or 2
driving a blacK Honda CRV. Caldwell advised Lopez was in
possession of a large television (in box) and an x ~ O X video game when he returned.
Therefore it is believed thai the application for this search warrant is necessary for tne processing of this location and
vehicle. This location and vehicle may contain evidence related to the crime of murder and should be search for any
and all evidence related to this crime.
"')' ,
.ov,.rn room 375
was pursuant to
r2l A search warrant issued by: Maglstnlte
Court ustice
[2J District OSuperlor Coun Division

leaving a copy or this inventory with the person named below, who is:
o The owner of the p-Iacl! ... ___., _ .. ,, _____• .C!].bs.owner-of . .tI:le.v!lhic;:Ie-seize-s,------· ...-----..•...
--_ .. -.. -. "l!f'11iepersonTn apparenfoontrol of the piece searehed. Q..:ftr9 person in apparEC'nt conlrol of the vehicle searched.
o The person from whom the were taken.
o As no was present, , am leaving a copy 0' this invento :
..anArHI Court
181 District OSuperior Court Division
o A consent to search given by: ______________________~ _______
o Other legal justification for the search: ______________--,-________________
Assistant esc M81::JIStrate NAME AND ADDReSS OF AGENCY
Charlotte - Mecklenburg Police Departm(mt
601 E. Trade St•
. ',,'.
Signature Of Person ReC4!ivlng Inventory

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