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VOL. XXXVI. NO. 145.


| Snowden, Head of Treasury, What Britain Is Doing


Hope Fast Wanes for Moyle and Allen, Long Overdue on Japan-U. S. Hop

LONDON, Sept 10(JP) Here are the main budget pro- SOME CHANGES LIKELY SHIPS SEARCH SEA * INCOMES f 0 ~ B E BLED posals submitted to the House of Commons today: Craft Found Floating Off Long Island With Only Couple's OFFICE IS INVADED Addition to Governor's Plan Naval and Private Craft Taxes: Quarter of Pay Must Go to IncomeStandard rate raised Five Year Old Daughter AboardWoman Later Man Killed in Building; r, Aiding 'White Collar' Keep on Lookout; Girl Government; Levy on Gas six pence, bringing it to five Discovered Prisoner on Another BoatPolice Union Hand Shot; Employe shillings in the pound (about Jobless Proposed Waits for Moyle and Beer Skyrockets $1.25 in $5), or* 26 per cent. Hunt Modern Pirates of City Saved From Fire BeerIncreased one penny ALBANY, N. Y.. Sept. 10(JP) SEATTLE, Sept 10{IP)Forty (two American cents) a pint BY PRANK H. KINO New York State's Republican Legisfour hundred miles of ocean and NEW YORK. Sept 10 (JP) SYOS8ET, N. Y., Sept. 10(Jp) went into the cabin. A few minLeaf tobaccoIncreased eight- lature and Democratic governor, V (Associated Press Staff Walter) land between here and Japan still A tale of midnight piracy on Long utes later she heard voices on the Gunmen sprayed bullets along pence (16 cents) a pound; other LONDON. Sept, 10Philip Snowcame to an accord on an unemployholds the secret of the whereabouts Island Sound, in which Benjamin deck and was able to ascertain that three fronts in New York City toden, chancellor of the exchequer, forms of tobacco proportionately. ment relief program today, and of Don Moyle and C. A. Allen, miss- P. Collings, 38, wealthy yachtsman, two men were offering her husband day, each time taking the life of *i searched the pockets of his counGasolineIncreased twopence placed assistance almost within the] ing transpacific fliers. was either thrown overboard with $100 to take them and a wounded the man they sought. ? tryjnen today, taxing rich and poor (4 cents) a gallon. grasp of the man out of a Job. Reports that an unidentified his hands and feet bound or set companion to Norwalk, Conn., James Lepor, alias James Maralike with $202,600,-900 in Dew levEntertainment Movies and plane had been sighted or heard in helplessly adrift in a skiff, was re- where they intended to place the ino, slain in a barber shop in the The relief program, after weeks f m to balance the 1931-1932 budget legitimate theatres, increased widely separated parts of the North lated to police today by his wife. Bronx, was felled by a stream of of conflicting opinions and party wounded man in a hospital. d restore world confidence in 16 2-3 per cent Pacific region mystified searchers, bullets which whizzed in from the differences over the best emergency The couple's yacht, the Penguin, She heard her husband refuse street as he was standing in the British finance. Total new taxes this year methods to combat unemployment Seventy-seven other "unmarried la- who were at a loss to know where was found drifting early today His emergency budget, presented $202,500,000; next year, $400,- during the coming Winter, moved dles under five" lost when Jan to begin to look' for the lost Cali- without lights a mile off Lloyd's the offer because the yacht was doorway watching his daughters, _t . . _,.. , to the House of Commons, bristled 000,000. swiftly but unostentatiously toward Lewis, two years old and blue-eyed, fornia aviators. Point, with their 5-year-old daugh- not equipped, with running lights. . R la 6- and Gloria, 4 have their J. ., u. ii T Savings: with drastic assessments. The inthe children final adoption today: The financial was selected as "Baby Ponca" at a The latest repoit came from ter Barbara the only occupant. Loud taking and a fight follow- h a l r t Neltner of DoleCut 10 per cent, come tax standing rate, for incommittees of the Legislature re- bathing beauty contest at Ponca Wbitehorse, Yukon territory, where Later, at dawn, another party ed, she said, in which her husband was hurt. Police wagescut to a sliding stance, was boosted by six pence ported out a part of Governor City, Okla. She is shown here with It was reported a plane unknown In heard screams from a yacht lying apparently was subdued In the Some neighbors said he was shot (12 cents) which means that scale upward from five shillings Franklin D. Roosevelt's relief pro- Lew Wentz, millionaire oil ass the region had been sighted flying at anchor in Oyster Bay and found face of drawn revolvers. Then by several men who drove past (about $1.25) a week. every payer of the tax must turn gram and indicated bills designed who sponsored the unusual contest southward over Carmacks, 200 Mrs. Collings where she said she she heard him plead: "Don't tie the barber shop in an auto while one-fourth of his income oyer to School teacherswagescut to carry out the remainder of the and offered the $1,000 prise. miles north of Whltehorse at 9:30 had been thrown by her husband's it too tight." A moment later there others said an auto stopped a few the government, 15 per cent. program would appear on the floor A. M. (12:30 P. M. EST). If it was assailants. yards away and that one man was a loud splash. . The exemption limit for mar- Civil servants of all kinds, of the legislature shortly. the missing monoplane, Clasina Mrs. Collings expressed the b e The men then ordered her out of walked up to Lepor and shot him. I ried men will be reduced from SI,- from cabinet ministers down, Madge, it was far afield from Its lief that her husband was thrown the cabin, she said, and as she The man, they said, then jumped The relief program, embracing , 125 to $750, and for single men pay cuts ranging as high as 20 the governor's proposal for a 50 charted course from Japan to Seat- overboard. The little girl was not emerged she pushed a mattress back into the car and was driven /J- from $676 to $600. Allowances for per cent. Heavy reductions in tle. per cent Increase in the personal sure, but said she thought her overboard in the hope her husband away. Police were Inclined to the children will be cut from $300 to outlay tor defense services, eduSteamer Heard Plane income tax to raise a $30,000,000 father had been set adrift in a could grasp it. She said they took latter version. $260 for the first child and from cation and road fund. Was Boss of Grape Dealer. Several hours earlier the naval small boat. fund anad creation of a commission her to the anchored yacht in Oys$250 to $200 for others. Police said Lepor was "boss oi radio station at Dutch Harbor forto administer the fund, was confidBrought to Nassau county police ter Bay in a motorboat. warded a report from the steamer here, Mrs. Collings said she and A party of New Rochelle yachts- the grape dealers" in his section Those who pay a supertax on ently expected to be ready for tile Arthur J. Baldwin that four passen- her husband had cruised around men who discovered the abandoned of the Bronx. They expressed a vote of both the Senate and AssemIncome will be assessed 10 per gers had heard a plane in the fog the sound all day yesterday and Penguin said they heard splashing belief he was shot by rival grape bly when the two houses return to cent more than at present. headed northeast yesterday morn- finally anchored oft Price's Bluff, as they approached the- boat as if dealers. He had a long criminal business next week. All' Other Taxes Jacked Up ing. This was 45 hours after the Northport. The beer tax is increased 2 Republican Praises Plan a drowning man were going down record, they added. His killing was the third of the take off frost Japan at 3:30 P. M. Following dinner, she said, the for the last time. They sent out Hard on the heels of word from \ cents a pint. The gasoline tax is (EST) Monday. Kingsland Macy,. Republican State increased 4 cents a gallon. The little girl was put to bed and she a small boat in the direction 'wmi day, one of the earlier deaths being Both reports could have been and Collings sat on the deck and which the sound of splashing came, charged by police to bootleggers' chairman, that he desired his party ^ tobacco duty is boosted 16 cents activities while the other was said in the Legislature to withdraw any Arkansas Town Patrolled in authentic, but aviation circles here talked. At about midnight she but were nable to find anyone. , a pound and the entertainment to have resulted from a clothing were frankly pessimistic, partly beopposition to the governor's plan tax, covering movie and legitimate cutters' labor union row. came the statement of the only Row Between Evangelist cause of the flood of spurious r e theatres, is raised 16 2-3 per cent. Salvatore Maranzano, 47, died in ports which always follow airplane New York City Republican assemThe increased taxation will and Baptist Pastor what police said was a bootleggers' disappearances. amount to $4*5,000,000 for 1932 and Congressmen Would Put blyman today that "in toy opinion. rendezvous In the New York CenGovernor Roosevelt's program is Ships Make Search 1933. tral building. Levy on Everything Sold, essentially sound and adequate and JONESBORO, Ark, Sept. 10 (JP) Meanwhile Coast Guard vessels \ Economy cuts of $110,000,000 He was stabbed and fatally shot I intend to support it." The New private companies kept were announced for the present Jump Rates on Incomes York City Republican was Abbot Seventy-five members of the Ar- and ships ofthe plane. In Alaska, by three or four men who entered .. year and $350,000,003 for next year. kansas National Guard patrolled watch for the offices known as the Esgle Low Moffat. cable and radio stations, governWith a saving of $68,500,000 on WASHINGTON, Sept. 10(JP) Building corporation on the ninth The "white collar man," the of- the streets of Jonesboro tonight to ment and private, were alert to national debt amortization, the new Two administration Republicans tofloor of the railroad terminal with taxes, and other economies, Mr. day called for tax revision at the ficeworker whose job has crumpled assist civil authorities, if necessary flasah the news, should the Clasinal ' the announcement "we are the pounder the general depression but in maintaining order in a faction- Madge or her pilots, be discovered, r Snowden declared that Great Brit- next Congress. The Coast Guard cotter Halda, Grand Jury Fails to Find Public Money Most Be Used lice." Frances Samuel, a telephone whose hand, trained to a pen, can- al fght among members of the * tin's threatened budget deficit of Senator Reed of Pennsylvania, operator and a clerk witnessed the about 100 miles off the south end $373,395,000 for this year had been high ranking Republican on the Fi- not easily be turned to the manual First Baptist church. More Carefully, He Tells slaying. . of Vancouver islspd and the cutter r Enough Evidence to CHe labor of unemployment relief work, eliminated. \ nance committee advocated a genShot In Restaurant Martial law tor the city wag ask C.anmtmr Chiei An ovation unparalleled fee A eral sales tax ef'Qfiebalf, of one per aroused the interest of ties Demo- ed by Ctty and county officials, but McLane, ajwut haK way across thaJ Thousands at Fair Jacob Klviat, who, police learned, chancellor of the exchequer was cent upon all commodities sold to cratic minority party in the Legis- was not authorised by Governor Pacific between Unalaska and San I UsUlgUer i - i n n recently was ousted from the Francisco, were assisting in the lature today. The minority leaders. given Mr. Snowden as his crip- I the public Senator John J. Dunnlgan and Parnell, following a clash between search. Canadian authorities had CHICAGO, Sept. 10 (JP)The SYRACUSE, Sept 10 (JP) Gov- Clothing Cutters Union, Local no. pled body sank into his seat after ernor Franklin D. Roosevelt today 4, Amalgamated Clothing Workers Representative Bacharach of a budget speech lasting more than New Jersey,- second ranking Re- Assemblyman Irwin Stelngut, said followers of the Rev. Joe Jeffers, instructed all points to be on the government's effort to reindict the carried Ms repeated plea for of America, was the man killed in they intended to ask for a provision an evangelist, and city officials at lookout millionaire public eneniy, "Scaran hour and severely taxing his publican on the House Ways and In the pending legislation which the city hall today. Miss Frances Bresson, Riverside, face AT* Capons, on some of the economies in local government di- what was believed to be a workers' strength. Means committee which originates would give 15 out of every 100 Jobs California, Moyle's fiancee, who yes- 5,000 prohibition law offenses rectly to the people through the quarrel. Mr. Jeffers and his followers His Farewell To Finance all revenue legislation, proposed a under the unemployment program He was shot in a lower East Side terday waited at for charged against him went by the traditional governor's day address ijf It was his fourth budget and sales tax on ."luxuries and non-es- to the "white collar unemployed." went to the city hall to protest the the fliers, refused Boeing fieldhope boards today. A grand Jury report, at the New York state fair. restaurant early in the day by two to give up arrest on assault and battery charghis last. As soon as the national sentials"; an increase in rates on "We have spent too much In men who fired four slugs into his Five Day Week Urged containing no indictment, was dees of three of their number, af- of their safety. government's task has been com- Incomes of more than $100,000; some communities," he said. "We body and escaped with a third man stroyed. The possibility existed that the ter a fight at the First Baptist . *pleted he will retire from Com- restoration of the gift tax and a must personal interest who Swatted In an auto. He died Roosevelt program might be amend- church last night. Mr, Jeffers ask- FRENCH PLANES WILL The federal Grand Jury instruct- in thistake more government and if this afternoon after telling police " mong. boost in estate tax levies. phase of ed to some extent before final adop- ed Mayor H. J. Bosler for permisby U. S. James i In a peroration which was his These simultaneous declarations, economic situation acTRY TODAY TO BREAK ed Wllkerson District Judgethe evi- the present nothing else, I believe of the clothlnc cutters' labor union H. to look over farewell to finance he proclaimed coming from administration lead- tion, but such change was foreseen sion to hold a prayer meeting at row. minor amendments. dence and see If it might specify complishes .about that Interest. the city hall. with great emotion that his dally ers in fiscal affairs, assumed added Saul Price, assistant district atRECORD OF AMERICANS more serious' charges against ' the it will bring Late in the day the Senate Prays For Bolt To Kill Mayor ;, post-bag la filled with voluntary significance in view of the recent "Not only at Washington and Al- torney, questioned several witFinance committee reported out the gangster was discharged without contributions from rich* and poor, word from the White House that Mayor Bosler refused permission LB BOURGET, France, Sept 10 bany but in the counties and towns nesses in the Klviat slaying. From all wanting to share in the nation's President H o o v e r is studying Wicks bill, amended so that It vir- for the service but granted Jef- (JP)Two planes, each out to set returning the Indictment. there must be saving In the future. Lillian Louis, 19, and Tillie Yatkowtually conforms with the governor's fers' request for a "moment of financial burdens. The Jurors offered to report pro- Remember this, that not one cent sky, also 19, he learned of Klviat'.? means of balancing the budget plan for a commission of three, a new world's non-stop flight recShaking his gaunt hands at the with another billion dollar deficit named by him, to handle relief. As prayer." Police said the evangelist ord, will take off from Le Bourget gress of their Investigation, but of the taxes on real estate, your duster from the union. then launched into a On* Arrest Mads Labor opposition, Mr Snowden j Impending. amended, the bill would authorise plication in which he lengthy sup- airdrome for Tokyo at dawn tomor- Judge Wilkerson refused to hear it. farms and your homes, goes to Alprayed that row, It was announced tonight. Price lster ordered the arrest on flung his last words across the Is Close To Mellon "I am not interested in reports, bany. It alt goes to your local the governor's commission, but it House: "All our past proclaims Senator Reed a close personal would be part of the state board of a bolt of lightning strike the mayBoth will aim at wresting the only In indictments," said the Judge government. If taxes are high, a disorderly conduct charge of Philour future; Shakespeare's voice and political associate of Secretary social welfare. The Republicans or dead for interfering with the nonstop title from Russell Board- explaining later that federal courts appreciate this fact. Don't blame ip Orefsky, 40, the complaint was Mellon, has been in agreement first demanded that the State Wel- services. man and John Polando, American may receive no written reports your State government; put the sworn to by Kivlat's brother, The I, and Nelson's hand. Bosler then interrupted him and fliers who established a new record from grand juries. V "Milton's faith and Wordsworth's with the cabinet member on reve- fare department have charge of the blame where it belongs and be led odore, who alleged that Orlefsky truth in this our chosen and chain- nue legislation for years. The relief program but the governor ordered that he lead his followers with their non-stop flight to Istanquickly out of our present troubles." had threatened him. Price ordered Report's Contents Unknown him arraigned in night court and from the city hall lawn. A Jeffers bul In July. They will take off Treasury head is known to favor insisted on his commission. less land. What was in the report was not Escorted by police and political said he would ask that he be held follower sprang at the mayor and within a few minutes of each other. discussed. The jury foreman in"Bear us witness. Come the tax revision. (Continued on Page IS) Jacques Codos, long-time friend formed Judge John P. Barnes there leaders, the executive was greeted In $5,000 hall, an unusually high The pronouncements of Reed . world against her, England yet of Dieudonne Coste, expected to was no report to make. Between at the fair ground entrance by the sum for such a charge. and Bacharach followed closely a ALL-TIME HEAT MARKS shall stand." blare of bands playing "Hall to The 'PHONE FIRM~8AVE8 $50,000 In the "Eagle Building corporatake Coste's transAtlantlc veteran As Mr, Snowden almost collaps- declaration by Senator Watson of NEW YORK. Sept 10 (JP)By plane, the "Question Mark," In the courtrooms he had torn up the pro- Chief." With the Roosevelt smile tion," police found printed forms Indiana, the party leader, against FOR MONTH SHATTERED ed into his seat, Conservatives and efrred statement, later indicating he acknowledge the salute of the standarising its equipment, the Bell direction of Berlin, Koentgsberg, of the United States Department of Liberals sprang to their feet. They tax revision at this time. DemoTelephone System has saved $50,- Moscow and Vladivostok at mid- he might release It to the newspap- gray clad state troopers, mounted Immigration which * tdleated, they ALBANY, N. Y., Sept 10 cheered and waved ^handkerchiefs, cratic leaders, too, have declared ers aod still later departing instead and in military formation, at the 000 a year on lead pencils alone, night, with Tokyo as his goal. said, that Maranzano might have against tax increases and in favor (JP)Few midsummer d a y s silk hats and papers. for a vacation. gate. one of its representatives told the been connected with the alien The "Hyphen II," with Joseph of retarding the debt retirement were hotter than this Sept 10 . Smiles at His Wife The original indictment alleging American Standards association to- LeBrtx and Rene Mesmin aboard, Thousands, many of whom had smuggling ring recently uncovered in parts of upstate New York. Flanked by Stanley Baldwin, Sir program. day. expected to follow the same route. Capone conspired to violate the awaited his arrival for an hour by Department of Justice Agents. Temperatures t o 96 broke all Would Net Half Expenses Herbert Samuel and Prime Mlnisprohibition act with 5,000 offenses under a hot glowing sky, heard the A man was arrested as he ran time records for September. In Senator Reed estimated that his " ter Ramsay MacDonald, who bowover a decade still stands, subject address. Afterward the executive from the office but police denied universal sales tax, applying to , many places high humidity ed low In tribute, the chancellor to call on five days' notice. Judge toured the grounds. Included In they held him as a prisoner. The helped to make the day very hunched in relaxation. Then he everything sold In the retail marWilkerson allowed Capone to his visit was the manufacturers' telephone operator, who was quesuncomfortable. turned toward the ladies' gallery kets, would net the government alchange his plea to not guilty last building, now housing horticulture tioned at length, described the men Albany and Binghamton, with high above the speaker's seat most two billions, or one-half of its Tuesday and placed on the docket exhibits. A proposal for a new (Continued on Page 18) the, 96 reading, were the hotwhere his wife sat. His face was total expenses. for future consideration the de- horticulture building, thus freeing test spots, with Poughkeepsie He would retain present income \ wreathed in smiles. fense motion to quash the indict- the manufacturers' structure for Its and Oneont* next with 95 each ' f\ Men who a few weeks ago were tax rats but would plug up some ment. Intended use. was brought to his MURIEL M'CORMICK and Yonkers following with 94. of the "leaks" which he says are RURAL GLOVERSVILLE (Continued on Page 18) Had Judge Wilkerson not inform- attention. permitting the- wealthy to evade WEDS 'FARMER/ 5 3 Dolgevlll* D. A. R. chapter North Arlington girl Is struck ed the gang lord in July that he PAIR PLAHiDCEAN FtlQHT their share of the burden at the exelects delegates to convention by autoPag* 3. must take the witness stand him- SCHENECTADY PROBE URGED AT QUIET CEREMONY VANDERBILT HEIRESS pense of those earning incomes. LISBON, Portugal, Sept 19(JP) Miss Edna Isols given verdict Pags 12. self if he expected leniency, CaSCHENECTADY, N. Y.. Sept. 10 He proposed, in this respect, abol- Willy Rody and Christian JohanRsv. Hotchklss accepts esll to of $150Pg 9. pone might now be serving time (JP) Supreme Court Justice TO BECOME BRIDE OFishment of the capltol antamnel ssen, Oerman airmen, said today Baby show to be fssture of 8 t Johnsvlll* churchPags 12. with some of his henchmen in Christopher J. Heffernan recom-1 BAR HARBOR. Maine, Sept 10 Ishment of the capital gains and that they intended to start on a Work progressing on nsw Fort county fair herePsgs 10. BOND SALESMEN TODAY loss levy. Leavenworth prison. But Capone, mended Investigation of malfeas- (JP)Muriel McCormlck, daughter tran Atlantic night to New York Around the Radio Clock by C. Plain pestofflcsPsgs 12. manifestly disturbed at the pros- ance In public office as he Impanel- of Harold H. McCormlck and Mrs. Northvlll* W. C. T. U. plans E. uttsrflsldPage 9. pect of public questioning, an un- led the .grand jury today. Court Edith Rockefeller McCormlck of ,$ NEW YORK, Sept. 10(yp)Mrs. "Guilty Lips" by Laurs Lou member drivePsgs 12. heard of proceeding for him, pro- attaches would not venture an Chicago, today became the bride of 1 Muriel Vandsrbilt Church, whose EDITORIALS BrookmsnPage 2. tested throtyrh his attorneys that opinion as to what the justice had friendship with Henry Delafleld I Eliaha Dyer Hubbard, 63-year-old EditorialsPage 6. Fashion Feature for Woman (Continued on Page 18) Phelps first came to public notice in mind. Features by Helen Wslshslm"farmer" of Middletown, Conn. Page 1B. at the fashionable horse shows of er, Olive Roberta Barton, Dr. NATIONAL, WORLD-WIDE The ceremony which followed the spring season, will be married Three murdered in Nsw York Frank McCoy, Rodney Dutcher less than 24 hours after news of ' to the Providence, R I. bond sales- NEW YORK,, Sept. 10(JP)A F. Doyle, who was thrown Into Jail In flew outburst of gsng violence and Gilbert Swan; also Answers man tomorrow In a quiet, civil ceretheir engagement was made public to Questions Page t . Psgs 1. \ mony at her mother's Long Island Republican - controlled legislative for contempt when he refused to \ by Mrs. McCormlck in Chicago, was AMSTERDAM committee turned today to an in- answer committee questions reBritish Issdsrs snnounee drasI performed in the gardens of "Deep 1 estate. Barg* Canal best esptsln Is tic boost In tax**, Ineomss taxed Mrs. Church, daughter of Mrs.quiry of the relations of one of its garding his lucrative practice be" i Cove," summer home of the bride's killed by trainPage 11. Democratic members with a branch fore the Standards board. 28 per centPsgs 1. Graham Fair Vanderbilt and W. K. Those present, it said, were, god-parents, Mr. and Mrs. George WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 (JP) of the municipal government. Nstionsl guard csllsd out In William H. Cooper grsnted Senator Dunnlgan, In reply, chalVanderbllt, will be unattended In Plans for expending at least $431.- Richard H. Scott, president of the' Alexander McKlnlock of Chicago Senator John J. Dunnlgan, of the lenged Macy "or any duly authorbattle between evangelist and pstsnt by governments-Page 11. the ceremony at Falrmount which 563 In a nation-wide drive for dry Rio Motor compan , E. C. Sams The marriage license w a s issued Grand jury opens probe Into Baptist church factionsPage 1. will be witnessed only by relatives Bronx, who holds ex-offloio mem- ised body" to investigate his pracpresidential candidates and plat- president of the J. C. Penney com- sn hour and a half before the wedbership on the committee by vir- tice. Macy referred' the challenge Rich ownsr thrown off yacht, Amsterdam chargesPags 11, . and close friends. forms in both political parties in ney company; Orrln R. Judd. vlce- ding under a waiver of the five day beet set adrift with only his five volumePag* 17. I Her brother. William K. Vender tue of his position as Democratic to Samuel Seabury, chief counsel 1932 were announced today by the p'resldent of the Irving Trust com- law. It listed the bridegroom's ocSPORTS year old daughter aboardPsgs bllt, Jr.. will give her In marriage. Senate leader, came under the of the committee, with the request newly created Allied Forces for pany: Robert E. Farley, president cupation s "farmer.* Bridges, Detroit hurlsr, shuts t. that such an investigation be made. Edgar Morris Phelps, gentleman scrutiny of the Investigators. Hubbsrd, a bachelor, is the son Prohibition. of Robert E. Farley, Inc.; and Harout Boston SoxPags 4. FINANCIAL of Ellsha Kent Hubbsrd, Connectifarmer of Middletown, R. I., and The committee, headed by SenSeabury obtained a list of the In addition, a statement by the ry N. Holes, field secretary for the cut farmer and Industrialist Hubbsll halts Pittsburgh's winator Samuel H. Hofstadter, New cases in which Dunnlgan, an archiStoeks ssttls nssrer to June father of the bridegroom, will be organisation said, a contingent World Alliance for International York Republican, revealed it was tect by profession, represented aplows, ss omission of rsll dlvl- ning streakPsgs 4. But few persons witnessed the his best man. budget of $210,000 has beer adopt- FriSndship'Through the Churches. ceremony. It was not believed Mr. Cincinnati rallies to defeat dsnd gives signal for hssvy ssllFor Mrs. Church it Will be a sec- uelving into Dunnigan'a career as plicants for soning law modificaed for ths nlnemonths sweep BrooklynPsgs 4. logPsgs 17. The contingent budget, depend- McCormlck Wss present as a few ond venture into matrimony. Hsr an advocate before the Board of tions, and today William D. Guththrough the nation's major cities, ing upon contributions to the cam- minutes before the ceremony Mrs. Earnshsw hangs up 1tth vicBonds suffer, prices decline marriage in 19J6, to Frederick Standards and Appeals. rie, an assistant to Seabury, began which began In Columbus, Ohio, paign, the statement -said, would McKlnlock handed a statement to The Board of Standards and Ap- a study o fabout 40 of the cases. despite litorssse In trading tory for seasonPeg* 4. Cameron Church of Boston, memlast, Tuesday. Chicago Cub* br**k nine game JOHNSTOWN provide.for a possible nationwide the prs* In which McCormlck anber of an old Nsw England family, peals had authority to review bids, At Albany, Senator Dunnlgaa Nationally known figures to losing streakPag* 4. Under present plans* the organ- broadcasting program through the | nounced the marriage was dissolved four years later by examine Into the suitability of maBoston Braves turned back by terials and investigate the relahil said It was "no news" to him that ddraas high school students ization's contingr-1 of speakers and spring of 1932, as well as a camThe 29-year-old grand daughter divorce. Bill HallahanPag* 4. r%S-ts\ organisers has been divided into paign of advertising. of John D. Rockefeller, k e p t ths With her sister Consuelo, she ity of firms bidding for municipal he had come within the scope of inquiry. Washington Senator* no** out three parts. It is planned for ths It was announced also that ths secret of her -engagement well, Rotary sneaker flsys trims In ranks among the wealthiest young contracts. It Is empowered to deClevelandPau* 5, breaking the news to her mother three to follow one another in America Psgs 19. women In America, being potential termine when exceptions may be "I am not a horse doctor," he rapid-fire order into Oka cities to organisation would support and in much the same fashion as did Billy Burks wins Glsns Fslls halress to a share in both her made in sontng laws and other said, referring to the veterinary. Two Kptirstab school employs* p r o m o t e * state committees or her brother. Fowler, and her sister, be visited, with each making a one openPsgs 4. other's and father's vast estates. property and building restrictions. Dr. Doyle, "I am an architect. No appeal to oommlsslensrPage "boards of strategy" made up or Mathilda. day st-nd before moving on. Csnsonsrl retslns title In batPhelps Is sa Episcopalian. Mrs. W. Kingsland Macy, chairman of on can question my right to prac1*. Mathilda married Max Oser, a tle with BergP*g* 4. T h e possible expenditure of representatives of all the temperJhurcb's first husband was also of the Republican State committee, tice before that board, and nothQlov*r*vl||* Eagles rally t * dearound $600,000 In this drive, the ancs and prohibition agencies with- Swiss riding msster, while Fowler that faith. After an Episcopalian recently wrote Dunnlgan a letter ing will be found that is not enCity championship tannls tourstatement said, was approved h/ in the state, and also of citizens recently wed Mr*. Anns U. "Flfl" Bssrrlags they were remarried by a asking whether he might have a tirely ethical and proper in the ney enters sewiMmalsPage I t . feat Cretcent*Pag* 4. four outstanding business men at not previously connected with any Stlllmsn. after both kept their roCatholic priest Mrs, Church having personal interest at stake la his practice of my profession as a Umance hidden. / f#cy. M , -.*KM * - * _ n . w i t i u ^ a r*cent meeting In Nsw York.

Says England Must Stand Regardless of Cost

to Dodge Bankruptcy

Republicans and Roosevelt Agree on Heels of Macy Endorsement

Rich Owner Thrown Off Yacht, Wife Kidnaped, Boat Set Adrift

'Boss' of Grape Racket It

Slain as He Watches His Children Get Hair Cut



News Summary

Prober Is Being Probed As Committee Goes Into Records of Democrat Leader

Prohibitionists to Spend Half Million In Drive for Dry Presidential Nominees

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