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Lesson Plan Two (Video Taped Lesson) Rationale for the Lesson: This lesson will revisit the

concept of text to self connection. The student will recall events that have happened in his or her own life and relate it to what has happened in the story. This relates to previous lessons because they have been learning how to feel the emotions the authors are portraying. One way to feel that emotion is by having the same situation occur in ones own life. Outcomes: Students in Wisconsin will read and respond to a wide range of writing to build an understanding of written materials, themselves and, or others. WI Model Academic Standard: English Language Arts 4.2: Summarize ideas drawn from stories, identifying cause-effect relationships, interpreting events and ideas, and connecting different works to each other and to real-life experiences. English Language Arts 4.3: Demonstrate the ability to integrate general knowledge about the world and familiarity with literary and nonliterary texts when reflecting upon life’s experiences. The teacher understands how children with broad ranges of ability learn and provides instruction that supports their intellectual, social, and personal development. Learning Objective: The student will be able to relate portions of the read aloud to their own life. By doing so they are demonstrating text to self connections. Assessment: The teacher will ask instruct the students prior to the read aloud that they should play close attention to what is happening in the story. They should look at the events and see if there is any relation to what has happened in their life, there for drawing a self to text connection. The student will be assessed by the completion of worksheet. They will be writing a sentence and draw an image that relates to the standard of linking prior knowledge and experience when listening or reading. Materials Needed: Winter Days in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder Worksheet Pencil Crayons Total Time Needed: Read Aloud: 10 Minutes Worksheet Time: 10-15 Minutes Procedures: Introduction: The student will be introduced to the book entitled Winter Days in the Big Woods. Student will be reminded that many time authors base stories on experiences in their lives. Then they will be asked to pay close attention to what happens in the story so that they can make the connection between the story and something that has happened in their life. Demonstration: Once the read aloud is over I will go through the worksheet as a class. Therefore demonstrating how if I were I student I would complete the worksheet. This will give them an idea of what the worksheet will be assessing them on. Participation: While reading the story I will ask the question if “anyone has ever ______?” Filling in the blank with what is happening during that part of the story. This will help the students when they have to complete their worksheet. They will distinctively remember that part of the story and how it related to a life experience. Practice: The students will receive a worksheet. On the worksheet there will be two boxes, one entitled

“What happened in the book” and the other “What happened in my life.” In these boxes they will have to draw images relating the story to a life experience. Then under the boxes are two lines. On these line the students will write sentences comparing their experience to the story. Performance: The students will be assessed by how well they are able to complete the worksheet, either by drawing the image, writing the sentence or both. When they are completing the worksheet I will be walking around the classroom asking them what they are drawing and writing about, this will allow me to assess if they truly understood the concept of text to self connection. Closure: The students will have had more practice with the concept of relating life experience to what has happened it the story. They can then use this in the future when they will learn how to relate a text to what is happening in the world as well as relating one story to another.