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Developed and owned by EL SERY

PURE Wellbeing Resort

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Developed and owned by EL SERY

PURE Wellbeing Resort


Every now and again you find an exquisite corner of the world which is everything you want and more. A place of peace, relaxation and happiness. An unspoilt place, located on the west coast of the Red Sea in a region famous for one of the most impressive diving locations in the world A place called Marsa Alam in Egypt. Dutch-owned El Sery for Tourism Development is developing a resort with the aim of creating an upmarket paradise in which you can achieve the best of both worlds: an investment in your lifestyle with a healthy return, all in beautiful upmarket surroundings appealing to perceptive owners/investors. They are succeeding by giving attention to every little detail and involving only the best partners in the development, construction and operation of the resort. Creating a truly unique experience which will ensure the long-term success of the resort. The PURE Wellbeing Resort wants its guests to forget the stresses and strains of modern-day living and feel fully pampered, cared for and totally supported by the three complementary pillars of their unique resort...


Every now and again you find a developer who cares a little bit more than the rest

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These three pillars are supported by high-end culinary delights. The PURE Wellbeing Resort offers a healthy lifestyle, high quality food and drink from all corners of the world and a full and safe entertainment program for your children while you relax with meditation or massage or play a wide range of sports with professional instruction. So if you’re looking for somewhere that offers all this for a fraction of the price you would expect, and you want to make a healthy return on your investment, then congratulations, you have found it! PURE Hotels & Resorts are synonymous with luxury, peace and harmony in exceptional locations at very competitive prices … beautifully packaged and ready for you.

Unique World of Wellness concept

4 2 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Prices quoted are fully inclusive of furniture and purchase costs 7% rental contract issued for lifetime of ownership .

30 minutes drive-time from Marsa Alam International Airport. be entitled to obtain additional wellness-services with a 50% discount on the normal desk rate. The share owner receives 100 free Wellness credits every year to use for any Wellness service within the resort. The scheme means that buyers actually OWN their share of a fully registered property and. The rental price that share owners will pay is. Every year eight days free stay at the resort in a two bedroom apartment. they have a real and tangible stake in the property purchased. Two bedroom apartments furnished and decorated to a high standard. A rental contract for lifetime of ownership (99 years) at 7% of the share purchase price. The wellness credits can be used by the owners themselves or by any other person occupying the apartment on their behalf. as a share owner. after the fifth year. Egypt. once again. Also. set at a discount of 50% off the desk rates for the reserved period in that year. as an owner you will get a refund for not using your week’s stay. Five hours flight from most European Airports. • If you are unable to stay at the resort in a particular year. all Wellness treatments and programs will still be available for share owners with a 50% discount on the normal desk rate. Front-line luxury 5-star resort with sports and leisure facilities Features and Benefits A Lifestyle ownership entitles the owner to many benefits.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 5 What? Who? Why? What is the PURE Wellbeing Resort . However. This includes a bank guarantee which covers the rental income for the first five years. Additional/secondary benefits • • • • Bank guarantee will be issued by a leading European bank. Your property will be available for eight days of free own use. as an owner. 2 What is Lifestyle ownership? At the PURE Wellbeing Resort. The half-price deal carries on. The owners can stay themselves. There are no restrictions on who can stay. a longer stay is possible at half-price. 2. they are named on the title deed.Marsa Alam? • • • • • • Unique Wellness and Lifestyle concept in Marsa Alam. The three key benefits are: 1. the occupants do not have to be the owner. How does it work? The PURE Wellbeing Resort divides the apartments into ten equal parts and the price you pay includes everything: furniture and decoration. If you use up your free Wellness Credits in any of the first five years you will. rent out their allocation or let it be used by their friends or family. Lifestyle ownership available for an introductory price of €19. Front-line luxury sports and leisure facilities in a 5-star resort. there is a system that enables ten individuals to take ownership of a single property. This nett refund is based on the occupancy rate and on rental prices in the year in which this non-usage occurs. 3. In other words. These 100 credits are worth €750 per annum and will be given to each investor every year for their first five years of ownership. Bank guarantee issued by a leading European bank . In other words.995 for the first 200 shares. legal fees and property registration fee.

6 2 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Rental contract not dependent on construction rate Only €150 annual maintenance fee required .

Rest assured that giving our guests a high quality investment and first class experience will always be first and foremost in our team’s mind. This includes a hosted VIP section at the beach. This is available for purchase with Wellness Credits. adventure. Dedicated to the highest quality and service levels . 2 VIP membership available In addition to all this. There is a full Wellness wellbeing program available for share owners during their stay.). The apartments allow up to four persons to stay at any one time. The only annual fee the share owner needs to pay is the maintenance fee of € 150 apportioned to every property share. This program is available for purchase with Wellness Credits. Gym. We are focused on giving our guests the very best service levels. etc. Share owners get access to a special VIP member section within the resort.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 7 • • • • • • • • The rental contract starts at the fixed date of 1 January 2012. Access to all basic facilities (Swimming Pool. the maintenance company of El Sery will be responsible for the upkeep of the resort and the properties and also for maintaining everything at a standard appropriate for its purpose. Access to professional coaches for a personal consultation. Bookings can be made one year in advance up to last minute according to availability. fun and relaxation experience is delivered to the highest possible quality standards. This means it is not dependent on the construction schedule. Who? Everyone involved with this project is dedicated to ensuring that the concept of the PURE wellbeing. Snorkelling. We can provide extra child beds on request. Free booking system. which means that there is high chance of availability whenever the share owner wants to go. health. Spa.

8 2 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort El Sery takes corporate responsibilities very seriously A first class finish in beautiful surroundings .

Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 9 History El Sery for Tourism Development S. (Société Anonyme Egyptienne) is an Egyptian joint stock company established on 4 August 2004 to develop a tourism project in the centre of the Marsa Shagra region … better known as Marsa Alam. All of the key risks and issues were identified right from the start. their culture of hospitality and their traditional business practices with a European way of handling things. By combining the best of its Egyptian and European management background. together with European management. El Sery has also thought about its impact on the local population. because water is such a precious resource in Marsa Alam. Our investors are looking to the future of the region with confidence. Work started at the site on 15 September 2008 and a tremendous amount of construction progress has been made to date. they have constructed a water purification plant to provide clean water and waste water treatment for irrigation. Professional The PURE Wellbeing Resort is determined to exceed all expectations with high quality construction standards and a first-class finish in beautiful surroundings with many facilities catering for every possible need. Relentless commitment to quality . It is using local workers on the construction site and will use local staff. to operate the hotel and facilities as well.A. especially when it comes to environmental impact. For instance. El Sery is already considered as a serious partner by other developers in the region. 2 Hospitality Culture Tradition Environmentally friendly El Sery takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously indeed. To ensure that everything is done properly. Developing a big project like the PURE Wellbeing Resort brings challenges but also great opportunities. a full environmental impact report was undertaken at the site before any activity started. The mission of the management team is to mix their extensive local knowledge. From December 2007 El Sery became a Dutch owned and managed company.E. as well as by the local authorities. The scheme wants to be a good neighbour.

The building blocks of their program are: the Wellness Test®. The focus of World of Wellness is on three main topics: Nutrition. Health is a state of optimal wellbeing. World of Wellness delivers it’s services to medium sized and big companies and organisations assisting them to guide their staff to a healthier lifestyle. El Sery builds for tourists. El Sery’s aim is to work alongside its investors with the same goal of generating long-term profits for all. World of Wellness (WoW) Preventive Health Care World of Wellness is a service provider in the area of preventive health care. They have a clear view on health: Health is more than the absence of disease. • • El Sery focuses on the enormous potential that the location on the Red Sea Coast in Egypt offers. sells to investors and then manages and operates the resorts. Their aim is to provide tools to their Members to help them avoid becoming ill. In summary. El Sery is committed to transparent and open communication with all of its stakeholders. the Wellness Index®. El Sery was founded with the aim of providing a new set of true investment opportunities with a relentless commitment to quality. More importantly.10 2 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort El Sery (for Tourism Development) Our Managing Directors have worked in the international property development business for decades and were responsible for selling and marketing various real estate in European countries. Their core concept is that they offer their services in a fully integrated manner. . the Personal Health Maintenance Program. Although the requirements of the buyers and the visitors can often be different. World of Wellness is therefore not a medical institution. They use the knowledge gained within the medical profession in rendering their services to their Members. El Sery feels that the ethos that it has developed offers a solid basis for future success. Exercise and Relaxation. on the relationship which exists between these three topics. Digital Coaching and Monitoring.

Two years ago. LHRE consults on topics such as organising the building management.Marsa Alam Lindner Hotels Real Estate GmbH (LHRE) was appointed by El Sery to develop the concept and design of the public areas and facilities in the PURE Wellbeing Resort - Marsa Alam development. LHRE also advises on staff facilities and utility buildings. On the technical and building front. hotels. on preparing tender and contract documents and on energy management within the resort. finishes. Servomed Servomed has been a leading supplier of medical and wellness equipment for more than 30 years. project development. facilities. furnishes and equips high standard health spas and its clients include the Intercontinental Hotels in Hurghada and Cairo and the New Movenpick SPA in El Gouna. the services of LHRE include consultancy during hotel planning and realization and. Servomed designs. Ten years ago. the company began focusing on Spas and all their requirements. dermatologists. players and competitors. moreover. who benefits from a thorough working experience in Egypt of more than ten years.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 11 The resort operations are carried out by PURE Hotels & Resorts. beauty salons. plastic surgeons. Furthermore. and landscaping. Among others. starting from design. LHRE will consult in regards to the organisation of the back of house departments. This includes conceiving and recommending of lay-outs of food and beverage outlets. staff housing and training. . Germany. logistics. Furthermore. LHRE’s involvement stretches from the concept and design of the project to technical consultancy during the construction phase. Founded in 2005. Servomed will supply the PURE Wellbeing Resort in Marsa Alam with equipment and furniture as well as consultancy services and subsequent implementation as regards to the layout and architectural design of the Wellness areas. they introduced to the market a full range of aesthetic and beauty equipment suitable for medical doctors. the sports and leisure options. LHRE offers a holistic expertise in the hotel and tourism industry and uses its know-how of different products and concepts. markets and locations. the fitness and wellness areas and the retail stores. LHRE advises hotel owners and operators in their respective operative needs and conducts and accompanies during transactions of the hotel. health clubs and high standard health Spas. entertainment. The Managing Director of LHRE is Johann Kerkhofs. 2 About Lindner Hotels Real Estate GmbH Lindner Hotels Real Estate GmbH has its head office located in Düsseldorf. LHRE delivers a wide range of services in regards to hotel real estate and hotel engineering. These operations are supported by: Lindner Hotels Real Estate GmbH Involvement in the PURE Wellbeing Resort .

In designing the resort. luxury and diversity at its absolute best. PURE Wellbeing Resort offers a range of gastronomic delights in its restaurants and bars. on the PURE Wellbeing Resort this is always possible! We focus purely on the guest who wants a unique experience combining adventure. • • • • • • • • Wide range of wellness services Many facilities for families and children Wide range of sport facilities Culinary delights Peace and quiet Activity and adventure Entertainment and fun Luxury and quality The PURE Wellbeing Resort is a spacious resort. if you are on holiday with your children. They combine everything anyone could possibly want to experience in a holiday. a crystal clear sea and a fascinating coral reef. PURE Wellbeing Resort offers a range of activities from high impact to low impact. . We focus on the guest looking for luxury and high-end service levels. For those who love sports. Location is vital too of course and at the PURE Wellbeing Resort you will find beautiful surroundings. Vast range of gastronomic delights For those of our guests who like to work on their mental or physical health or just to relax. designed to allow everyone to experience their own environment in their own space without disturbing each other. The experience of staying at the PURE A totally unique concept Wellbeing Resort is quality. Furthermore. health and relaxation in a quality environment. In the resort you will find many professional instructors for private classes and training in case you wish to follow a personal approach. You can simply lounge in the sun or you can take advantage of the many facilities and services the resort has to offer. PURE Wellbeing Resort presents World of Wellness (WoW) with all you could ever want within reach for the care of your mind and body. special attention was given to catering for all needs.12 2 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Why the PURE Wellbeing Resort in Marsa Alam? The PURE Wellbeing Resort is a totally unique concept. For those who love high quality food and drinks from the different corners of the world. If you want to read a book without being disturbed while your children are playing and having fun with their friends in the pool. they can be entertained whilst you smoke a Cuban cigar in the special VIP cognac lounge or you have a stroll through the many luxury boutiques inside the resort.

The building blocks of the WoW program are: the Wellness Test®. Your World of Wellness is a service provider in the area of preventative health care. use of the health club facilities and programs at the PURE Wellbeing Resort in Marsa Alam. 3 The Concept “Your World of Wellness” (WoW) is an established and recognized brand name. The WoW concept includes shared ownership sales of luxury hotel apartments including membership of the WoW. Exercise and Relaxation and the relationship which exists between them. The focus of World of Wellness is on three main topics: Nutrition. the Wellness Index®. the Personal Health Maintenance Program. An owner of a shared ownership apartment becomes a member of the World of Wellness. Digital Coaching and Monitoring. Pleasure and relaxation . Personal Health Maintenance Program How it works Within the Wellness concept of the PURE Wellbeing Resort in Marsa Alam.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 13 PURE Wellness The first of the three resort pillars is dedicated to Wellness. you have the choice between using the Wellness services purely for pleasure and relaxation or to use the Wellness facilities for prevention purposes (or a combination of the two). Their core concept is to offer services in a fully integrated manner.

you can choose to have an online/digital wellness test followed by a physical test (during your stay in the resort). If you opt for these services and you decide to follow the recommended wellness program. a “Personal Health Maintenance Program” (PHMP®) will be recommended. setting out in detail the do’s and the don’ts to achieve optimal health and a state of wellbeing. the following applies: Wellness test: To assess your level of wellbeing. Based on the results from your personalized Wellness Test® your PHMP® is designed to fit your needs. Each of your individual results are presented and explained in detail and a program for improvement is outlined for the coming year.1). you will receive many suggestions and options within one (or all) of the three focus areas you have chosen which are easy to implement once you are back at home. This Your own personal prevention program would be conducted in the resorts dedicated clinic. Personal program: Following these tests. The PHMP® highlights the strengths and weaknesses within your World of Wellness. You could choose to use some of these credits to follow the special prevention programs that are available during your stay within the resort. Online and physical Wellness test Your personalized Health Maintenance Program will offer suggestions for improvement in Nutrition. The physical Wellness test you should ideally have on the first day of your stay at the resort. The digital/online Wellness test can be completed at home before your stay in the resort.14 3 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Personal Prevention program Where you are mainly interested in using the facilities and services for prevention purposes. .- worth of Wellness credits every year for the first five years of your ownership (as mentioned in section 2. Exercise and/or Relaxation. You are entitled to €750.

Exercise: If your PHMP® requires you to increase your physical activity. or you can enjoy the relaxing power of yoga. during your stay you can have a range of exercises or special training given by qualified instructors that are suitable for you. During your stay in the resort. a yoga master will guide you in the world of relaxation to a stress free body. you also have the possibility to use the Wellness services and facilities according to your own preferences thereby not following any kind of program just using the services and facilities to relax. Relaxation: A relaxation program is also available.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 15 Based on this PHMP®. for example. If your PHMP® requires you to lose weight. Three focus areas: Nutrition Exercise Relaxation . you will receive a full Health Program with services and treatment according to one of the three focus areas: 3 Nutrition: services ranging from nutritional guidance or cooking lessons to personal coaches will help you to focus on the Nutrition area. for example. Private trainers will help you to achieve a higher fitness level. As mentioned before. to manage daily stress. for example. you can choose from a range of diet programs that are suitable for you and you can learn how to prepare healthy low calorie meals during the cooking classes that are given in the resort during your stay.

16 4 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort PURE Families Facilities and Entertainment The second of the three resort pillars is dedicated to families. all you could ever want for every member of the family. Family Activities All sports for all ages • • • • • Weekly Welcome Party Mini Football Basketball Badminton Swimming . The family resort offers nanny services. Exclusive children’s club For families with children. at the beach and for dining. no matter what age. swimming classes and all kinds of Sports classes for different age groups. the PURE Wellbeing Resort provides. providing exclusive child care centres and giving the parents extra security. with special facilities and programs at the pools. within easy reach. Creating a resort within the resort offers families all they need for an unforgettable holiday filled with pure entertainment and enjoyment for the children and a stress-free time for parents knowing that their children are happy and well cared for by trained staff.

Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 17 4 Well cared for by trained staff • • • • • • • • • • • • Table Tennis Beach Volleyball Grill Evenings at the Club House Fire Place With Music DJ and Karaoke Baby Dance and children’s Shows Beach Games Dinner Parties Movies Themed Nights Gym BMX Biking Parents facilities and entertainment • • • • • • • • • • • • Exclusive buffet restaurant and lounge bar Billiard and darts room Library Beauty centre Hair stylist Cigar and cognac lounge Music and relax zone Games room Bar lounge Open Air Health club and massage tents Internet Cafe Disco / Night Club Privacy for couples .

television and games area Indoor children’s playground Child care.18 4 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Children’s facilities An exclusive children’s club and children’s pool supervised by a professional caretaker will give Tailored activities and programs parents extra security. BMX bicycles and skateboards Special children’s’ restaurant with a small playground. The groups are: A: Ages 4 to 9 (Kids) B: Ages 10 to 16 (Teens) Facilities include • • • • • • • • • • • • Children’s reception desk Creative room Small cinema Sleeper room Games room Shaded outdoor children’s playground Shaded children’s pool with toys Water slide Half pipe for inline skating. The family resort offers full nanny services Pure fun and wellbeing . The family resort will offer facilities and entertainment for two age groups so that children of all ages are well cared for and catered for and can enjoy interacting and making friends with similar aged children.

The third resort pillar is dedicated to Sports with specially tailored activities and programs.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 19 PURE Sports Continuing our resort’s theme of purity. Sports lessons with private teachers will be available to all guests. Fully qualified professional instructors . 5 From exercises to extreme sports Sporting facilities in the resort • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tennis courts Basketball courts Volleyball courts Beach Volleyball Mini Soccer court Boccia Swimming Pools Table Tennis Diving Squash BMX Water Slide Gymnastic outdoor tent Archery Vita Parcours Mini Golf Half Pipe Changing rooms with toilets and showers The sport section of the resort will offer a wide range of daily activities guided by fully qualified professional instructors. we offer PURE Sports. The sport resort has a separate reception desk within the main reception building. which is shared with the family resort. based on the “World of Wellness” concept. The sports facilities will cater for all abilities of sports from gentle exercise to extreme sporting activities. A program will be launched to include a “health check-up” at the clinic.

including a health club. training and eventual maintenance for the “day-to-day” operation. Daily swimming pool games.20 5 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Quality and safety standards are met Sports facilities will be connected to the “World of Wellness”. (sport) massages and Olympic sized pools. The team will employ English speaking local people to support local involvement and employment and to avoid language barriers with guests from the local market. This company will be responsible for providing supervision. A professional European sports company will be contracted to make sure the highest possible quality and safety standards are met. Entertainment facilities and sport activities will include: • • • • • • • • • • • Children’s Club Sports Body Boarding Pool Jet Racers Raft Racing at the pools Quads runners Camel and Horseback Riding Dance Classes BMX Half Pipe Table Tennis Mini Golf . Children’s Sports and Entertainment The sports team will also oversee the children’s clubs and be responsible for the supervision of this area. Children will have a wide range of sports and entertainment programs available throughout the day and evening. basketball tournaments and more are further activities of pure fun and wellbeing. The team is supervised by a dedicated team of European Managers.

there is no such thing as a high quality culinary offer. shop and relax. food and drink plays a vital role. high quality food and drinks from all corners of the world is very important. in the PURE concept. The PURE Wellbeing Resort will present a culinary and lifestyle concept called Culinary Avenue. High quality food and drinks from all corners of the world . However. It will be the central meeting point at the resort to dine. All available resorts focus entirely on the mass market and the lower to middle class segment and the food and drink policy is set accordingly. 6 Food and beverage PURE Wellbeing Resort will create a place which lets the guests relax. It is a main contributor to the optimal state of wellbeing which PURE Wellbeing Resort aims to provide to it’s guests.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 21 Culinary Delights For the guests of the PURE Wellbeing Resort. Especially in Egypt and on the hotel resorts in the Red Sea area.

beers and entertainment Shrimps. exquisite food. a global. The resort provides food and beverage services at the pools. The PURE Wellbeing Resort will also provide a cooking studio to create a “do it yourself” food concept. Spanish traditional tapas bar with wine display Mongolian BBQ Restaurant Lebanese Restaurant Asian Restaurant. Bavarian food. Modern eating Bar Beach Restaurant. modern. This way you can choose to have a quick pizza in one of the free restaurants during the day and have a special dinner by candlelight in one of the up-market à la carte restaurants within the resort. The resort will be marketed as a “Soft All-inclusive resort” which will serve meals and drinks during lunch and dinner. Modern Italian lifestyle and decor Italian Vinotheque with mozzarella bar Italian Gelateria. Buffet restaurants and bars • • • • • • • Urban Living Lounge/Lobby Bar Italian Pasta and pizza restaurant. This will work in combination with the separate restaurants. . A casino (pending planning approval) located at the resort will add value too. bars. seafood and pasta. while your children are being entertained in the special children’s restaurant. PURE Wellbeing Resort wants to gain a reputation for gastronomic distinction. PURE Wellbeing Resort aims to always provide added value to the resort and to guests who are not just there to enjoy the sun.22 6 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Gastronomic distinction The PURE Wellbeing Resort offers its guests a wide range of quality restaurants where you may enjoy well-presented. modern and healthy food. children’s club and several à la carte outlets. easy going. crepes and espresso. The disco/ Night Club will offer live music and DJ nights. beach. self service fast food Mexican Beach Restaurant. Lobster and Mussels bar. Salsa and Merengue music Arabian Pan Mediterranean Restaurant Indian curry Restaurant American cocktail bar German Bierkeller. casual restaurant Clubhouse buffet restaurant Food and beverage services spread throughout the resort • • • • • • • • • • • The PURE Wellbeing Resort will also provide an exclusive disco and night club at the Resort. modern Italian lifestyle Spanish Tapas bar. outdoor restaurant Pool restaurants and bars World Cuisine Buffet Restaurant. casual. The image of the “do it yourself” concept is to support the World of Wellness idea of preparing guided.

. Tourists are drawn by the increase in resort accommodation. direct flights from Europe. the world’s best diving sites. not to mention the 365 days of sunshine and the abundance of culturally significant attractions.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 23 Location and the General Area 7 Marsa Alam has an International Airport Accessibility Marsa Alam International Airport was established in 2003 and is located just 30 minutes drive from the PURE Wellbeing Resort in Marsa Alam. At present it serves 35 destinations in 13 countries with 110 aircraft arrivals per week. Tourism Egypt has witnessed strong tourism growth in recent years as the country has embarked on a targeted marketing campaign. As a result Egypt is now the number one medium haul destination from the UK and many other European countries.

wakeboarding. The coral reefs in this area are larger.24 7 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Culture Egypt is steeped in some of the oldest cultures known to man and. Aswan and Cairo are widely available. camel and horseback riding and watersports such as water-skiing. easy access to some of the magnificent treasures of Ancient Egypt is within reach of the resort. This increase in tourist numbers further leads to an increase in demand for holiday apartments and accommodation. needless to say. dugongs and other large fish are highlights. Spinner dolphins. Day and multi-day trips to cultural sites such as Luxor. Abu Simbel. Desert safaris. Leisure and Diving The many prime diving spots in the Marsa Alam region represent one of the region’s main demand generators. “Elphinstone” and “Dolphin House / Shaab Samadi” present the most sought-after locations. The result is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations throughout the world. Uncrowded spectacular diving sailing and surfing are popular. more natural and less crowded than other ones in the northern Red Sea. Of the six official diving spots. sharks. . Ancient Egyptian treasures within easy reach Climate The amazing climate boasts virtually 365 days of PURE sunshine and can be reached in approximately five hours or less from most European airports.

For the investors. . Many resorts don’t have any unique selling points that clearly differentiate them from the rest. As a result of providing and operating a resort based on a concept with more than one “pillar” a market niche in Egypt can be filled. A secondary market is Egypt. a much wider demand potential can be attracted. The low-priced “All-Inclusive” formula has created a difficult business environment. low-quality “All-Inclusive” concept. Furthermore. This is why we have based the resort on the three pillars concept: 8 Extensive market studies carried out to establish needs • • • Wellness Family Sports High volume occupancy predicted These three pillars are supported by high-end culinary delights. The main source markets are Western and Eastern Europe. Adding value to the existing product dimensions will strengthen the overall positioning of the resort. High volume occupancy with low revenue generation makes it difficult for the operator to maintain the product on an acceptable quality level. They all offer more or less the same and their main attractions are based on beaches. many Red Sea-based resorts will therefore face difficulties in the years ahead if they want to maintain their market share at the same time as expanding and increasing revenues. Any new resort has to compete with a high number of existing resorts on the Red Sea. Through the existing partnership with an established brand name. By targeting families. based on similar unique selling propositions throughout most resorts. demand can also be generated outside the main holiday season. the return on investment takes longer and is not sustainable with the tendency of not re-investing and maintaining the product. sea. That clientele will expect more than is presently offered in the many “AllInclusive Resorts” located on the Red Sea.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 25 Positioning of the Resort Evaluation To position the PURE Wellbeing Resort. diving and the nice weather. Egypt and the GCC. In the long term. The present trend at the Red Sea is for a mono-cultured. indemnity is available and it can be tapped to position the resort in a favourable way. “World of Wellness”. the demand market in which it competes needed to be defined. After that the dimensions of the product and current market trends in Egypt were evaluated. To generate the required rental rates. low-priced. the product should attract a different guest segment with demanding guests. Therefore it has been decided to position the PURE Wellbeing Resort in Marsa Alam in a “functional” upper-middle and high class market segment in Europe. This led to a functional positioning and definition of the market share for the development. Many resorts are competing on the “low end” market resulting in low average room rate with high overhead costs.

Divers and watersports enthusiasts. The resort’s identity will be defined around the World of Wellness. special attention will also be given to the culinary aspect of the resort. the GCC and the local market. with a general interest in feeling and looking good and a hunger to enjoy life to the maximum and appreciate the finer things in life. the parents can use the offerings of the wellness or the sports areas of the resort. For the children and for the parents. the GCC and the local market. Only if the needs of the target groups (families. i. there are many different kinds of high quality services Appreciate the finer things in life and facilities available. Pensioners searching for a mild winter climate but looking for more than just the sea and the sun. Target Groups The PURE Wellbeing Resort will target the following segments as the primary group of consumers: • • Guests interested in a healthy lifestyle. to attract a wide spectrum of potential guests from Europe. wellbeing and lifestyle. The socio-economic segmentation will be widespread and offer a quality product at the resort for upper-middle and higher income levels.e. • Sporty. In this respect. Due to the many sporting options that the resort location has to offer. the traditional Red Sea guest. Feeling good is looking great. integrating the sports positioning as a third pillar seems logical. • • • • • Consumers of all ages searching for Wellness and wellbeing activities. dynamic people from all age groups that will be catered for with an almost endless range of sports facilities supported by a team of fully qualified instructors and private trainers. and offer the discerning international lifestyle guest all they expect and much more. the family positioning works well with the two other resort pillars: Sports and Wellness. can the positioning be brought to market in a thorough way. While children are accommodated during the day. The resort will have an image of a world class wellness resort. sporting tourists and wellness seekers) are wholly met. quality wellness and wellbeing resort in Egypt. .26 8 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort If the needs of the family are met well. Also. The geographical segmentation will include Western and Eastern Europe. supported by the synergies of the other pillars for families and sports enthusiasts. their loyalty can be reached and future bookings are possible. Demand can be generated outside the main holiday season Image and Identity The PURE Wellbeing Resort will be defined and recognized by the local and International travel market as the leading high class. General holiday makers. due to the wide scope of facilities within the resort and the support facilities available. Sports clubs and national teams. diving and water sports. Families (with or without children) where parents can enjoy their time with or without their children thanks to the many nanny and child care support services available in the resort.

Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 27 8 Defined and recognized by local and international travel market Discerning international lifestyle guests .

28 9 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Internet Travel Agents DEMAND SALES CHANNELS TOUR OPERATORS .

They will book their flight tickets by themselves and will arrive at Marsa Alam International Airport We list the most important distribution methods below. Incentives. Qatar. A program is being developed to help market the resort with a specialist company to cover: Generate cash-flow • Social networking • Social Media • Digital Marketing MICE-Business (Meetings. Internet International internet wholesalers provide worldwide exposure through internet-based distributors such as www. This provides high potential for up-selling meal-package-products and other products and services on site. and local public holidays during domestic school holidays are popular. Bahrain. Successful promotion .Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 29 Demand Generators for Occupation Sales Channels In today’s hospitality field. UAE and KSA. Weekend packages. But also domestic travel agents attending to potential markets in Cairo. www. honeymooners. Further sales and revenue potential in terms of on-site sales derives from the owners and WoWclients. Travel Agents The GCC has a large potential to generate business from International travel agents.expedia. Conventions and Exhibitions) from the nearby GCC is an excellent opportunity. The flight distance is less than two hours and there are many potential corporate companies looking for meetings. workshops and product introductions within this travel zone. many different sales channels and tools are available to successfully promote a large property such as PURE Wellbeing and many more. Alexandria and the mid sized cities and towns located in the Nile Delta with direct flights from Cairo and Alexandria to Marsa Alam International Airport are of It helps the resort to generate additional cash flow. The GCC is home to many ex-pats living in countries like Kuwait. 9 Important distribution methods Tour Operators International Tour Operators are contracted suppliers or brokers with direct access to travel agents networks based in all major European cities.

Everyone will have a range of activities within easy reach. .30 10 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort The Properties All the properties on this luxury beach front resort have been positioned so as to maximise use of all the facilities.

Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 31 10 .

fixtures and fittings are top quality and all included within the price of the property share.32 10 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort The properties in this resort are all finished to the highest standard. . The furnishing.

The remaining of 50% of purchase price is due on the physical delivery. The only other relevant tax is a Although many don’t register the property. This is one of the strong driving forces behind the high level of foreign investment in the country. A bank guarantee for the first five years of the rental agreement is included with your purchase. inheritance tax or stamp duty.5% sales tax on the total sale price which is payable if your share will be re-sold after completion. followed by 50% (less 50% of reservation fee) of purchase price within three weeks (21 days) of the date of reservation fee payment. El Sery will provide all Lifestyle ownership purchasers with a title deed on which their name and the share they own will be specified. The taxable income is subject to a flat 10% tax on 70% of the yearly rental income. Taxes Egypt has very few taxes. Egypt does not have capital gains tax. followed by 100% (less reservation fee) payment of the purchase price within three weeks (21 days) of the date of reservation fee No capital gains tax in Egypt Purchase Transparency Availability: All qualified partners and selected agencies that are entitled to sell the Lifestyle ownership apartments in the PURE Wellbeing Resort work from the same availability and the same prices. to provide the fairest market place possible. (Source: www. Payment schedule B: € 1500.- upon reservation. Therefore. Egypt works on a self-declaration taxation system where rental income derived from furnished property is classed in the same bracket as general income tax.Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 33 Purchase Procedure and Bank Guarantee Purchase Procedure Payment schedule A: € 1500. 11 Security Transparency Trust Registration Property registration differs greatly in Egypt from much of Europe. The property registration system is still in its infancy and currently only about 10% of property in Egypt is registered. This guarantee will be handed over at completion and upon payment of 100% of the purchase price (payment schedule B) or when payment of 100% of the purchase price is received (payment schedule A). any agent will be able to provide you with access to exactly the same properties at the same price as the next. .- upon reservation.

995 which is fully inclusive of high quality furniture. decoration. Each apartment has ten owners 3 What is the local infrastructure like? • • • There is a highway connection from the airport to the resort and a new direct access road into the resort site is being built. It is focused on quality and luxury and offers many facilities targeted at Wellness.34 12 FAQs 1 • Marsa Alam. is located in the south-east of Egypt. 10 • The only fee all owners need to pay is an annual maintenance fee of €150 (indexed by inflation) per Lifestyle ownership share. It is a low-density. very modern and luxurious lifestyle resort. on the west coast of the Red Sea The PURE Wellbeing Resort is located 30 minutes drive from Marsa Alam International Airport Five hours flight from the UK and many other European cities Five star beachfront luxury resort Unique World of Wellness concept in Egypt with many facilities for Wellness. 8 Who is the owner of the land? • The Land is owned by the Egyptian company EL Sery for Tourism Development 9 What about the other partners? Are there any yearly fees or charges I need to pay. Families and Sports Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort Where is PURE Wellbeing Resort Marsa Alam? What is it like? • • • • 2 How many units are there and how much do they cost? • • • • 790 shares are now available (79 apartments) The shares in the two bedroom apartments are situated on the ground floor or on the second floor (penthouse). The PURE Wellbeing Resort is a totally unique concept. Families and quality food /drinks. Is the rental guarantee amount net of service charges? • They have all been chosen on the basis of their extensive experience in the sector and their ability to give the best advice to ensure the project is well-managed. Introduction price of €19. purchase and registration costs. Egypt. There will be 24-hour security and parking The resort will have a wide range of amenities on offer 4 How many phases are there? • • There will be two development phases Phase 1 will offer 790 Lifestyle ownership units and will be completed by 2012 5 Can I visit the site? • Yes there is a sales office on the site where a sales consultant will accommodate viewing trips 6 How long will it take to travel there? Why is this resort unique? • • Travel times from the UK and most European cities is around five hours Travel time from the Marsa Alam International Airport to the resort is just 30 minutes 7 • • There are no resorts like this with a World of Wellness concept. . Sports.

There is no capital gain. reception and room services Internet connection for all apartments Climate control in all apartments Travel and excursion services 12 What purchasing restrictions • There are no longer any restrictions on direct foreign investment into Egypt. since the government adopted their policies to encourage foreign investment into the country. . backed by and how long is it for? 16 When are the apartments ready? • Phase 1 will be complete and operational in 2012. you can organise this with the local authorities for up to one year. Owning a property in Egypt does not automatically grant residency. The rental agreement is issued for lifetime of ownership (99 years).FAQs 12 11 Developed and owned by EL SERY PURE Wellbeing Resort 35 What are the main facilities? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Spa. Therefore an individual or company may hold title to as many separate properties as they wish. are there for those foreign investors in Egypt? 13 What are the visa requirements for those purchasing? • You are not required to hold a visa in order to purchase property in Egypt.5% sales tax upon resale. 14 Is the rental paid yearly and • The rental income is paid to the share owners bank account at the end of each calendar year. stamp duty or inheritance tax in Egypt. in arrears? 15 Who is the rental guarantee • • For the first five years there is a bank guarantee offered by a leading European bank. Should you wish to stay longer than this. Should you wish to visit Egypt. As with all property within Egypt they would be subject to a 2. wellness. you can get a visitor’s visa for a three month period when you land in Egypt at a cost of USD 20. thalasso and beauty centre Many sport facilities Over 20 restaurants Bars and a night club Shopping mall Cinema Supermarket Amphitheatre Children’s playground Tennis courts Nine swimming pools and two Olympic sized pools Private beach with coral reef Dive centre and watersports shop Medical and dental services Botanical landscaped gardens Limo service and car rental Shuttle service from and to the airport 24 hour concierge.

Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 1/3 Third Floor. believes. Members. Egypt This document contains confidential information for exclusive use of the intended recipient. please contact El Sery immediately at info@elsery. 1934BA Egmond aan den Hoef. Abdel Moneim Ryad.elsery. Egypt Chamber of Commerce no: CoC 16991. This document may contain forward-looking statements. Whilst all care has been taken to ensure the information contained within this document is true and accurate. potential investors and other readers are cautioned that these forward-looking statements are predictions based only on current information and expectations that are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause future events or results to differ materially from those set forth or implied by the forward-looking Website: www. expects. If you are not an intended recipient. This document and information contained herein may not be duplicated or disseminated without the express written consent of El Sery. Giza. The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0) 85 8500 199 El Sery for Tourism Development Address: El Sery The Netherlands Address: Herenweg 181. . this document holds no contractual value.Contact details Email: info@elsery. should. Flat 31. anticipates or words of similar import. These forward-looking statements are only made as of the date of this executive summary and El Sery does not undertake any obligation to publicly update such forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances. Cairo. These forward-looking statements can generally be identified as such because the context of the statement will include words such as plans. All rights reserved.