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In the spirit of DIY democracy, the New York SchizoAnalytic Society offers this


Published by NYSAS

I. What We Demand
You want to know what we demand, Wall Street? How’s this for a demand: Give back the @#$%^&* money you stole from the American People! That’s right, give it back, every dollar, but ok let’s just round it out to, say, One Trillion Dollars. For starters. Don’t give it to Government, put it in the hands of the American people, put it in the People’s Trust (that’s a Bank you haven’t heard of), and let it be distributed by SOMEONE WE CAN TRUST, someone we can count on not to dole it out in corporate welfare. And you know what else? You Demoblicans and Republicrats1 who dance to the corporate tune, you know what you can do to help? Get out of office, go back home, Obama, Boehner, go back to school and learn something about the world you live in and the people you were elected to work for! And guess what else? You, Media Automatons, owned and operated by Kochs and Murdochs, dangled by ToxiCorp and Shill Oil, stop asking what our demands are and hear the truth! Your job is to investigate real facts and inform the people (that’s us) of what’s happening, so start doing it! Stop mouthing your bosses’ blithering lies and start declaring what you can see with your own eyes! Look around at this broken worldsystem! Listen to what you can hear with your own ears once you leave the studio and mix with us! In fact, you know what, Media Grande? It’s too late, go home, you’re as useless as the politicians and corporations you shill for, give it up and hand over your mike to someone who’s willing to figure out the truth and tell it like it is, and stop writing that crap and hand over your pen to someone making the effort to dig into what’s really happening. The best thing you can all do for America is shut up and go home and think about it.

1 Both parties have befouled their names: res publica, guess what that means, Republicans? It means our nation is the “public thing” – this land is our Land, not your private fiefdom. And Democrats, you know what your name means? It means the “people rule” – something you forgot a long time ago.


II. Our Broken World
We are living in a world system that is breaking down, ecologically and economically. It is breaking down psychically as well: Schizoworld. Schizo is the world made, rather unmade, by Capital. We thought we could live with that – the decoding of “traditional values” and deterritorialization of populations – until it became apparent that the universe of Capital based on infinite increase (it either grows or croaks, or rather it balloons then explodes and then mushrooms again) is eating up the very earth it lives on. It multiplies proletariats hungry for land and the forests are eaten alive. But those leaves produce the oxygen we breathe and filter the air and cool the climate. What happens when the forests are all used up? The answer is quite obvious: We are going to suffocate. We know this is happening and yet we are still doing it, as though we were addicted to the process of our own self-destruction. Who is strangling us? Who is obstructing the path to restoring forests and stopping the destruction of Earth? Strange as it sounds, and offensive to our righteousness, it is not just the Kochs and Cheneys who are doing this, they are tools and automata just like the politicians, it is we ourselves who are doing this to ourselves, it is we who let ourselves be ruled by morons and cynical knaves. How do we allow this to happen? By automatically buying stuff and not realizing that the key is in our hands, the solution to our crisis. This golden key, the beginning of the world revolution, is to STOP BUYING IT. O but that would cause a world economic depression, you say? You say this because you are not thinking, or seeing, that we already are in a very depressed world, a crisis which is not merely “economic”. And guess what? OWST is giving you a hint of what is to come and unless you are clueless you will take this hint and figure out what to do with it, because it just may be the non-consumer who leads the way into a new ecopsychonomic future . What does this mean, to stop buying it? It means business and busyness as usual just do not cut it anymore. This is the end of the line for that and the beginning of Something Else. Of course people need jobs, but what kind of jobs? Jobs serving deadly junk food or building a pipeline that may vastly accelerate the climate crisis? Why not make jobs


building transportation systems designed to run without oil, or with as little carbon use as possible? Why not mobilize our entire workforce to wean our economic machine from carbon? O but that would require government planning! Socialism! Yes, like the socialist New Deal when the roads and bridges and rails were built that have held up pretty well but are finally decaying with nobody willing to put up the cash to repair them. Do you not think it odd that we have all this need of infrastructure renovation and replacement, and when the Bush Bubble burst, what did government do? It gave money to Wall Street financiers supposedly to keep credit flowing and jobs being created! Is there something terribly wrong with this picture of Free Enterprise, or am I going blind? Free to bankers to steal from ordinary people, to trick them into taking second mortgages (yes those consumers were foolish, but they were also deceived), and then go crying to government when the cash cow got sick! What happened in the Bush Balloon Boom was that Corporate America had nothing left to take away from the American worker, having sold out their jobs from under them (that’s “creative destruction” for you – destroying a middle class it took generations to create); nothing left, that is, except their land and houses. It’s the only thing Americans still had that was worth going after. The capitalist International didn’t need their labor anymore, and it was too soon to harvest their organs (just wait!), the only thing the people had left was their houses, owned free and clear. So what did they do, those clever bankers? They sold them mortgages they couldn’t afford to get them to sign over their property for credit to buy useless junk. It’s all they had left worth taking them for, the poor boobies: their property. And now the banks own that too. Mission accomplished! Of course that once-inflated property is now devalued, but hey! Wall Street got theirs, and twice over! They screwed the people twice, first for their land and houses, then their tax money! They got the government (their front men) to GIVE them this money, while the American people stood by and watched, their jaws dropped, and were told they were being saved from dire straits, a world “credit crunch” – which of course proceeded anyway to clog the system2. (“It would have been much worse.” Really? It happened so fast, with Bernanke and Paulson the Magicians
2 Why is it Wall Street moneybags are always either hoarding up with financial constipation or having the runs on something? When they go in for reeducation and reconditioning, they are going to have to start again from toilet training, learn some economic manners. They could begin by scrubbing down the subway stairs and platforms – Subways, you know, Bankers, where the people ride?


saying Watch this, this will save us! and Bush the hapless dummy nodding in agreement.) So now we owe lots of money . . . to the same people who stole it from us in the first place! What a coup de grâce! But hey, that’s capitalism at work! You think this is a conspiracy theory? When are people going to get wise that capitalism is grounded in conspiracy (what it calls Trust! Not to mention Confidence), that finance capital is set up to steal, just as the system as a whole is designed to extort unpaid work from employees under threat of shipping out their jobs (which it eventually does anyway). When will people begin to realize that if capitalism has any future, it must be under close monitoring and regulation, to say the least. As for planning, do you think the economy is not planned now? It’s planned all right, but not by the people or for the people, it is planned and run by bosses who have not the slightest concern for the people’s welfare but have total concern for their own corporate welfare. They have little or no thought for the future and their eyes and minds are always on the bottom line. They see ahead alright – to the next quarterly earnings statement and bonuses. So who is looking out for Earth in all this, and who is taking care for the future Children of Earth? How can a father, a mother, a grandfather and grandmother today look at what is happening to our Earth and not be horrified? We are “creating” something for sure, with our capitalist “creative destruction” – we are creating destruction! And it is our own grandchildren who will pay the price with their futures, with their very lives.

III. Children of Earth
Sons and daughters of woman and man, is it not time now to WAKE UP OUT OF THIS NIGHTMARE and STAND UP FOR SOMETHING besides the bottom line? When are we going to begin to fix this broken world? But where do we begin? Could we begin by getting rid of the liars and fools running our world


amuck? Or if they are willing to metamorphose, then let them show it now, while WE OURSELVES CREATE THE NEW WORLD-SYSTEM. Does this mean letting ourselves be taken over by the United Nations as the paranoid Right believes? Of course not, there is no reason to give up the autonomy of the United States – rather, it is time for the American people to establish their autonomy, by taking control away from the Capitalist International that ran our economy into the ground and is driving the planetary ecology over the edge. It is time for America to become a leader in something besides expansion of the capitalist world-sewer system. Isn’t it funny how the libertarian paranoiacs managed to convince people that the sovereignty of the United States was threatened by communist takeover, meanwhile the financiers were taking our nation apart and selling it off to the real International! What a joke, yet no one’s laughing. What we need now, what we desire, is a CAUSE. But the brute fact is that our cause is right here in front of our nose, it is all around and under our feet. Our cause, our Thing, is Earth itself, our support system, with its plants and animals, its birds and trees and the air we breathe, the Life of Earth, not the corporate “persons” anointed by twisting the Constitution. Remember, all we have to do, Girls and Boys, is to STOP BUYING WHAT THE INTERNATIONAL WORLDCORPSE IS SELLING and START BRINGING EARTH BACK TO LIFE. Look, it’s not so hard to figure out: this planetary destruction is not the work of evil men, just ordinary egoistic greedy thoughtless men (and women too!). Agricultural techniques and machines were invented that vastly multiplied populations and the industrial revolution began to pollute the soil, water, and atmosphere and alter the climate. Now that carbon waste has brought the Earth to the brink of a change so drastic it will wipe us out. And our response is being held up, held back by those who are still profiting from that machine. We just need to get those political and business “leaders” out of the way so we can respond with a clear mind and open eyes. There’s no time to cast blame, it’s time to fix this thing. Blame it on greed and stupidity, blame it on our selfish genes, but for God’s sake WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


IV. Bankers of the World
So Wall Street, and Congress, and President Obama, and Corporate Media, you can stop asking what our demands are, because it’s very simple: Stop obstructing our progress and GET OUT OF THE WAY. But first pay back the money you took, Wall Street, how about just one cool trillion of your lucre, put it in the Live Earth Fund, a private-public cooperative enterprise to be run by persons of proven ethical integrity and vision (on the model of Ralph Nader, for example, or James Lovelock, a lawyer and a scientist of true ethical intelligence, or Paul Krugman, an honest intelligent economist who knows how to teach people and talk common sense). This money can be used to seed a new kind of economic growth, one that sustains itself instead of ripping people off and consuming the Earth to extinction. And you, people, children of Earth, it’s time you stopped asking what Earth can do for you and ask what you can do for this living breathing planet that supports you and supported your parents and grandparents. Otherwise your children and grandchildren have no future. Is it not time for us to wake up and smell the air, taste the water, feel the plants and soil with our hands, and to love and care for the animals that depend on us – including ourselves, the human animals. Is it not time to stop laboring for the machine that’s exhausting our homeland, our Earth, by its ceaseless grind of mindless industry designed not to sustain a planetary life cycle, nor even (as time runs out) the corporate system itself, but to enrich a few Masters who are now building fortresses and hiring private armies (“security”) to ensure their own survival when the world they are destroying finally turns against them? Is it not time to start working to build a new world of cities and gardens and regions left wild? Is it not time to stop breeding proletariats in slums and sub-proletariats on garbage heaps and begin planning for a real future planetary civilization? (This does not mean herding anyone into camps, it means liberating them from the camps they are in now.) Doesn’t the example of


China, which managed to bring its population under control, tell us that this can be done? That we do not have to overrun every inch of ground with people and eradicate every forest habitat to clear land for human consumption? It is still possible to create a new civilization, but it cannot happen as long as we continue in resignation and apathy – or despair – to “let the market decide.” The market decided to go ahead and pollute and destroy the atmosphere, to let rivers and oceans and soil be poisoned – even when it was widely known this was happening. It isn’t the market that decides to do the right thing, and the corporate culture is the very last to wake up and see the light. It wasn’t the market that decided once to try to clean up air and soil and rivers, it was the people (back when the people had a VOICE) who forced the corporations (kicking and screaming) to clean up their act. That seemed to work for a while. But then the corporations figured out a way to get around the people and their regulations. They took their business elsewhere! They found cheap labor overseas. They abandoned the people to unemployment, or extorted concessions from them while scheming to undo regulations and disclaim responsibility for poisoning the planet, trumpeting that they were “responsible only to shareholders.” They let others clean up their mess and pay for it. The market decides all right! It decides to clear the Amazon rain forest (at the rate of one New Jersey per year from 2000-2005) for farms and industries, destroying a major source of the world’s oxygen and exterminating cultures and species. The market has decided it wants Alaska for a pipeline, too bad for the climate, not to mention the native species. Market wants the gas in West Virginia and Pennsylvania and it’s just too bad if it has to poison the water there, that’s the cost of doing business (others’ cost, the polluters sure as hell won’t pay a penny if they can get away with it), it’s the Market deciding! Well are we the people the slaves of Market or are we the buyers who can refuse to take orders from what WorldCorpse International is selling? Can’t we figure out how to produce and market and consume a sustainable economic product? One that can be shared with everyone instead of enriching a few and letting others go hungry and without shelter?


Some people say it’s written in our genes, this obscene brutality and selfishness. The supreme Market is the apotheosis of our DNA. But living intelligence is not ruled by any program, it writes and rewrites its own programs. We are challenged by our crisis to invent a new economy and a new way of life – so let’s get going!

V. The People Party
So Wall Street and Corporate International, you want to know what’s going on here? What’s happening is that we’re having a Party. And you’re not invited, as long as you and your media and government mouthpieces continue with business as usual and expect us to buy what you’re selling. Because we’re not buying that crap anymore and next thing you know we’re going to start occupying other places – corporate and government sites (who is the government if not we the people?) – then maybe you’ll start to listen, but it’ll be too late for you. The basic definition of sanity (or mental health) is being ready and willing to perceive the reality around you and respond to it effectively. Conversely, insanity starts with refusing to recognize what is going on. (This is what used to be called “overweening pride.”) Today this psychotic pride, this refusal of reality and denial of truth, is centered in the Capitalist International located in Wall Street and other hubs of the world finance conglomerate. The first truth Wallet Street does not want to see or hear, is that capitalism as we know it is a phase of modern world history that is now nearing its completion. This does not mean the spirit of enterprise has nothing to contribute to a solution of the planetary crisis, but it does mean that it will have to wake up out of its dogmatic slumber and realize that the mutation now occurring spells the end of old moneybag ways. The second truth the International is trying to ignore is that the globalization of consumerism is drastically accelerating the climate crisis and destruction not only of plant and animal habitat, but of our human homeland, the Earth itself. So far the reaction from Wallet Street has been to smear and vilify those who are sounding the alarm (as it has always done, as it did to Rachel Carson in 1962 – denouncing her as a “hysterical female” – and has


done to every ecologic-economic truth-teller since). This means that the corporate International, by spreading lies through its media, and selling delusions to the people, is attempting to render its consumers effectively insane – that is, incapable of perceiving and responding to the situation developing around them. By substituting dreams and fantasies for perception of the actuality, it is insulating its subjects and disconnecting them from their real conditions of existence while it reconnects them to beer, drugs, and “reality t.v.” The pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries collaborate by pushing drugs to quell our anxieties instead of acknowledging that anxiety and depression today are realistic responses to a world system that is breaking down and going insane while it destroys the Earth. In order to focus the true world-picture and see beyond our neighborhood, we have to be shown and told the truth by our media eyes and ears. Yet our media senses are controlled by the very “persons” who are selling us out, selling Earth out, and the mediated “masses” are being systematically misinformed about this process of global ruination and betrayal of trust. The bottom line is that the global capitalist strategy is (and always has been) to deceive and confuse and render the people mentally ill – unable to perceive or respond to reality – and then to sell them distractions and prescriptions which further disorient them and dull their minds and feelings. For decades, centuries even, this process of systematic schizophrenization was able to go largely unchallenged as capitalist ideology ruled the media. That situation has now changed for good and forever. Big business still controls the mainstream news, but is unable to prevent its circumvention by the rapid dissemination of alternative versions and views from sources that are willing and able to find out and tell the real story, as muckrakers did in the past but now with the power of super-rapid viralization. The people have access to sites that encourage popular resistance to corporate control, and our movements can no longer be shunted and coopted by established institutions and parties (we learned our lesson with Obama!). Today the Internet is the people’s media, for better or worse – worse when the corporate International uses it to spread disinformation; better when the people themselves use it to take charge of our own “electronic encyclopedia.”


Poor Wallet Street, you really don’t see what’s going on here do you? You whine and wail about “freedom” and you mean you want to be at liberty to trick people out of their money and possessions, to poison our wells and mow down our forests and acidify our oceans – all in the name of private property and market. You’re dazed and confused by the emerging situation, stuck in your capitalist dreamworld, and just want to get back to doing your business (like mama trained you!). But now you know, you don’t own this Land, no one can own the Earth, you are its caretaker, or ought to be. Did you ever hear of usufruct? It means you can use the land’s resources if (and only if) you do not use them up. You own the land only as long as you take care of it, because it also belongs to future generations. A fundamental ethological imperative of earthlings. This Earth is our common ground, it is not for you to turn a profit on and abuse as you see fit under the banner of free enterprise and privatization. The Earth is our public place, our common habitat (we are also animals and plants!), and your ideology of Enterprise is a straw in the wind, one day it will blow over and blow out – sooner than you think! This is no idle threat, Wall Street, it is happening now. We are already doing it, making you obsolete right here and now and plowing you under. You have made yourselves obsolete by failing to acknowledge the truth and respond in time. This is the beginning of a post-capitalist worldcreation, and you had better get used to it! Gotta learn to adapt! And you, Government, what are you going to do, make some more pretty speeches like Obama? Barack Obama the do-nothing President, all talk and no action. Have you no spine, Sir, at long last? Just another marionette dangled and ventriloquated by Wall Street and company. The Republicans are beneath contempt (at least they are ludicrous and give us something to laugh at, what with Perry going out to play in his N-word camp and him and Bachman declaring it must be a huge conspiracy of scientists in it for the money to trump up this global warming deal!)3 – but the Democrats are just plain contemptible. RepublicRats and DeMoblicans. Isn’t it time for a Party of the People?
3 If only these Republicans really were funny – alas, they are nothing to laugh at. They screech about big government while prostituting their own government to big business. Business is one thing, the people, democracy, is another. When Corporate controls government and media and the culture industry fills our minds with fantasy and delusion, the people dream with open eyes, and their nation becomes de facto a totalitarian state.


Is it not time to form a government that is of the people, not of plutocrats? That is by the people, not by puppets? That is for the people, that is, for the Earth itself? For let’s face it folks, when the Earth’s forests and oceans and rivers go belly up like dead fish, we are all going to die and stink. And yet, here we are, still living and breathing, and apparently (pace Lovelock) some say there may still be time. We may still have a chance to turn this thing around. But not if we listen to Wallets Teat and Pennslobonya Yabadoo and Crapitall Hell and NooseCorp – and let Mr. Market decide. We’re done with that. Your words have proven false and ceased to be meaningful, and the people know it and we’re not buying your words anymore. We are speaking with our own voices and our bodies. Remember, People, we are the market, but we are also democracy in action.