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Assessment Rubric for Thematic Instructional Unit
Not Proficient 0 points Content _____ x 5 = _____ points 3 facts stated _____ x 5 = _____ points 1 detail for each fact _____ x 5 = _____ points Topic Sentence _____ x 3 = _____ points Conclusion _____ x 3 = _____ points Mechanics (punctuation, capitalization, grammar) _____ x 5 = _____ points Printed neatly Total Grade Points ____ / 75 Grade: ______ No evidence of research Developing 1 point Shows some evidence of research 1-2 facts Emergent 2 points Shows acceptable evidence of research 3 acceptable facts 3 acceptable details Has topic sentence that somewhat states main idea Has conclusion that does not restate the topic sentence Few errors, appropriate for grade level. Does not take away from meaning Acceptable Proficient 3 points Well-researched

No facts

3 clearly stated facts 3 clearly stated details Has topic sentence that clearly states main idea Has conclusion that clearly restates topic sentence

No details

1-2 details

No topic sentence

Topic sentence is unclear

No conclusion

Conclusion unclear

Errors make the report difficult to understand

Frequent errors, but still readable. May take away from meaning Shows some effort toward neatness

No errors

Sloppy Comments:

Very neat

third grade students will create a hand-written report on the explorer of their choice with 85 percent accuracy. according to the rubric. and make use of relevant information for writing with 75 percent accuracy. Many students chose the wrong group members. The students’ scores are also in the following graphs. select. In Class 2. third grade students will organize the information in order to create a coherent report with 85 percent accuracy. third grade students must read to locate. . to an extent. which also hindered their abilities to complete their assignment efficiently which produced a poor reflection on their grades. and there were seven students in Class 3 that did not meet the proficiency level. Also. there were events taking place on the school campus at this time that placed strict time restraints on all three classes.Report of Results This rubric was used to determine the student’s score on the Thematic Instructional Unit. limiting their full creativity. The students were placed in groups and sometimes there would be someone missing the next day. The objectives for the lesson were:  Given information on 6 different explorers. In Class 1. which hindered the group. there were three students who did not meet the proficiency level.  Given the format for the planning page. there were four students who did not meet the proficiency level.  Given information on 6 different explorers.