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Phase III Self Assessment (Upload to DDP in Self Assessment) DDP Video Performance (Reflection


A. After teaching the lesson, write a self-assessment in which you respond to the following prompts: 1. In assessing the challenges inherent in meeting your student’s needs and in the planning of your lesson, describe how you applied the premise that discerning the social, emotional, behavioral and academic traits of the learner is a key factor in creating a successful learning experience (Diagnosis). When planning my lesson I took the information I knew about Carlos as well as the rest of the students in the class and tried to make my lesson more enjoyable for them. Since this class is mostly lecture and workbook orientated I tried to mix it up by adding something that almost all of the students in the class enjoyed. I added music to my lesson not only because I know the students enjoy listening to it but also because I remember when I took a music class in a previous semester at Alverno the one thing the teacher made clear that students learn different ways and one of the ways that many are able to understand a lesson better is through music and lyrics. I personally have always learned better from listening to music so I not only wanted to help Carlos, but I also wanted to see how high school students in general react to a lesson that has different elements of learning in it. Over all I feel like the students really enjoyed having a video/music to listen to and use in combination with their English lesson. They responded really well to the concept of noun clauses and definitely were more attentive than I have witnessed in previous lessons. 2.A Describe the teaching instance from your video in which you saw yourself responding appropriately to a learning need, the implications of this for student learning, and the insights/perspective you gained as a future practitioner. OR 2.B. Describe a teaching opportunity from your video in which you could have been more effective in dealing with the student’s learning, the implications of this for studentlearning, and the insights/perspective you gained as a future practitioner. One thing when watching the video that I noticed that have been more addressed was possibly have the students move around the classroom and be active in the lesson. I noticed that when watching my film that the students were just sitting there watching and listening to me lecture about noun clauses and that only a few of the students were participating during that part of the lesson. However the moment I turned on the music and had something eye catching for the students to pay attention to they were all involved, even the students in the back of the classroom.

After creating the lesson plan, write rationale statements as to how different elements of the planning, implementing and/or assessing of the plan demonstrate your expertise with one of the Wisconsin Teacher Standards and one of the Education Abilities. When planning for this lesson on noun clauses I chose to include music in the lesson because it represents my demonstration of WTS #3 which states that “The teacher understands how pupils differ in their approaches to learning and the barriers that impede learning and can adapt instruction to meet the diverse needs of pupils, including those with disabilities and exceptionalities.” By using this standard the teacher understands that when planning a lesson there needs to be taken into account the multiple learning styles and levels in the class room. As teachers we need to be flexible and understandable of our students needs. Allowing them to ask questions and planning the lesson to suit their needs will help them learn the content more clearly. I feel that when planning my lesson I knew what the students in my classroom were interested in and also how they’re styles of learning were different and tried to target as many areas as possible. I combined the idea of a note sheet, oral lecture; music and group work into one lesson in order to help all the students in the classroom learn more thoroughly about noun clauses. By using a variety of learning techniques I have also demonstrated the Alverno Education ability of Diagnosis.