Calling Your 12 Disciples Here are some of Jesus' discipleship principles upon calling his first disciples which

could be some practical points in calling your disciples...Taken from Matthew 4:18-22... 1. WALK to where prospected disciples are (v. 18) - Jesus walked towards the persons whom he was led to call as his initial disciples. They were fisherman performing their daily tasks. For the record the first disciples were Simon and Andrew. Jesus deliberately went (walked) towards them (establishing connection) while they were working (knowing their context). In simple terms, know who and where your disciples are. 2. WAVE the call to discipleship (v. 19) - Jesus waved his very simple, specific and striking call statement: "―Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.‖ The call must focus on two things: discipleship and destiny. We must call our prospected disciples to a life of discipleship by being both learners of the Word and followers of God. Then we must call them also to their destiny by fulfilling their life's mission to be leaders--the mission to evangelize, educate and empower others. 3. WAIT for commitments (v. 20-22) - Jesus waited for them to accept the call and follow him where ever he goes. This means leaving your old life. In the case of Simon, Andrew, James and John they left their work and family just to be the Lord's disciple. In application, the commitment a disciple must give is more on giving primary focus to God and his mission. The discipler must be ready and willing to wait for the prospect disciple's commitment. Now the questions is where will I start? Start by praying and fasting just like Jesus did for both his mission and disciples (Matthew 4:2). If you do this you will have 100% result. On Taking Care of Your G12 What to Do in G12 & 144 Meetings  Report  Inspire  Pray  Encourage What to Check in G12 & 144 Meetings  Process  Cell Groups  Vision  Quiet Time What to Balance in G12 & 144 Meetings  Physical  Spiritual  Emotional  Financial For Financial Check If Giving...  Tithes - Maturity  Offerings - Generosity  First Fruits - Sacrifice Kinds of Leaders 1. Buzzard - cannot move if not provided with stuff

 RESPECT/RESPONSIBILITY . If it seems slow in coming.  Jesus left the crowd and to minister to Peter  If the Pastor changes. This vision is for a future time. Submissive Mentoring Relationship 7. It describes the end.nangmamaliit at always victimizing others  Humming Bird . and it will be fulfilled. “Write my answer plainly on tablets.  My Self  MY Family  MY Church . for it will surely take place. Biblical Perspective on Life 4.once-a-week. wait patiently. Passionate Ministry Service The Vision will Never Die! HABAKKUK 2:2-3 (New Living Translation) Then the Lord said to me.. 3. Humble & Teachable Spirit 5.use talents/gifts & awareness of limitations  UNDERCOVER . Bat . Write One-Goal for. Tips on Building Trust  TIME .in almost every life area.  SUPPORT ..  Only in trusting relationships can we honestly deal with barriers to obedience and overwhelming sins that hold us back from spiritual growth. make it a great moment.always feeling limited Kinds of People Serving God  Vulture .  Relationships of trust provide the foundation for ―transformational‖ discipleship. Clear Purpose and Calling 6. Intimacy with God 2. It will not be delayed. so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.  TRUTH . be on time.likes good trees and is always positive We must be Eagles ready to take off! Important Notes. Seven Basic Skills 3. You can easily trust a mentor who is reliable and honest. 7 Pointers on FINISHING What You Have STARTED both walk and talk (modeling). Trust Builders “Trust” (pagtitiwala) is a necessary ingredient for creating a healthy mentoring environment. everything changes...  The church is must live the military life thus the church must be ready to occupy.  Discipleship is all about loving people and conquering our enemies.keep everything confidential.  Trust us based on integrity.cannot move because always thinking that he needs to be deep before anything Bumble Bee .2.

Idealistic but realistic . Philippines: Church Strengthening Ministry.Action Plan: Daily Principle of Three WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT Dale Galloway: [Leading with Vision (Makati City. Church Service 3. Revolution) 2. Close everything . Sustaining fire .Quiet Time Priority (Reflection . In the Bible the word heart means the center of your affections.. Family focus . To fulfill the vision. Teamwork=Dreamwork .Cell Group & G12 Launch | ―SOT‖ (School of Teachers) OUR is the best reset button we can press when things get confusing.reach out to people  Forward . Giving 4.listen to people.our family leadership is the foundation of our ministry success.  Reflection (Read and Meditate)  Revelation (God‘s Insight)  Revolution (Disciples Action) .minister to others  Outward . study diligently and process learnings. there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21).intentionally positive. Invest on people . 31] Fulfilling the great dream God has given you takes a lot of DEDICATION. The vision is not going to happen until you get your heart in it.focus on leadership development 7 BASIC MINISTRY SKILLS. God first! . Cell 7.‖ 5. Vision in Action OUR MISSION..Inc. TEN 2009 CARRY-OVER LESSONS 1.devote to God  Inward .  Upward .. What you place value on is going to have your heart. 7....―SOL1-3‖ (School of Leaders)  Empower . 4.a ―big vision‖ keeps us holy. Revelation . 6. Be teachable . Quiet Time 2. 1999).  Encounter . Love is Greatest .work God‘s dream with special and talented people 9. Consolidation 6. ―Everything rises and fall with family leadership.finish tasks.experience daily revival! 8.. 1. Where your treasure is.―PEP‖ (School of Consolidation)  Educate . but without wholehearted commitment your dreams are only empty wishes os passing fantasies. happy and healthy.if you want their hands invest on their hearts. & share the good news 3. Be an Evangelist .. 10. close bad relational issues. Jesus said. Evangelism 5. you have to want it with all your heart.. Leadership Development ONE-WAY QUIET TIME. on-look for the best.

I just haven‘t attained the desired results. should be molded by the Lord and guided by biblical principles. CARE .  Mediocre thoughts = mediocre results.How can I help you? 2. G12 Notes and Sunday Messages 3. pp. Bible .‖ (knowledge of scriptures) Page 81-83 Lesson 1: Leaders are not born as such.  Need to wear: ―helmet of salvation.commitment shows dedication and consecration to the cause that drives us to leadership.  A person chosen to carry out a leadership role regardless of his personality.  Strength and vigor are qualities that distinguish a wise leader (Proverbs 24:5). the vile and despicable into something pure. and the weak into something strong. . Page 80  David knew the secret of persistence. COUNSEL .What are the problems/issues you are currently facing? 3.all good and bad experiences serve a purpose in strengthening our character.‖ 3.G12 Group Basic Mentoring System G12 Leaders’ and Disciples’ Tools 1. 79-85) Chapter 9: EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP Page 79  Intro: ―A visionary possesses the ability to transform the absurd into something beautiful. Absolute commitment .Need .great leaders of human history were forged in times of crisis.the ability to assume responsibility is what gives internal strength to a person. There are no losers .Where are you now in the vision? Successful Leadership by Cesar Castellanos (Part 1: Chapter 9 .  Faithful attitude = victorious results. 4. ―Aren‘t you tired of failing?‖ He replied: ―I haven‘t failed yet. (From molding to modeling)  What made David great was the way he responded to each situation with an obedient heart and was faithful to what his father had entrusted him. Journal . and our cause is Christ. 2. These are acquired though a process of character development where one is ultimately able to influence others. Pen and Marker FJC Vision: Biblical Basis "Everyone a LEADER who LOVES GOD and LEADS CELLS (to All Nations)‖  Matthew 22:37-39 (Great Commandment)  Matthew 28:18-20 (Great Commission) G12 Meeting System 1.where you can write your QT Notes.Vision . Abraham Lincoln asked by a journalist. It is necessary to assume responsibility . The fruit of abundance waits for the one who fully devotes himself to the mission.Challenges . Cell Notes. Five Important principles you must consider when you become a leader: 1. they are made.preferably New International Version or Mabuting Balita Biblia 2. Success must be result of a positive mental attitude. All things work together for good .‖  God needs leaders with character comparable to His own. COACH .

it will have the ability to shape others so that they reproduce what God has placed inside them.. with that assistance I cannot a battery both to the positive and negative. ―go‖ says ―let‘s go. 83-84)  We must be conscious of the need to forge successors..” We are disconnected from self. and from God...  I overcame! (1 Corinthians 10:13)  Tumigil sa pagngawa. magsimula sa paggawa.  To achieve life we need to be connected.. where the leader becomes the example worthy of imitation.  John Maxwell: ―The most important asset is people.  Moving forward.  Let excellence be your lifestyle.  People are searching.” ―Importance of Connection‖ Larry Crab: “The problem beneath our struggles is a “disconnected soul.. others & self 3. do not go back to the past. One Head (2 Corinthians 13:11 & Philippians 2:2) . One Hand (1 Corinthians 10:31).  Matthew 24:13  Trusting the Lord. 84-85)  An effective leader endures along with his followers who have been formed to perpetuate the word that God has assigned. One Heart (Luke 10:27) .  1Corinthians 11:1. Defining short and long-term goals . 1.  Hunger and thirst for God. Mentoring Insights (12-16 January 2011) These are the insights extracted from disciples in an actual mentoring session.  When leadership reaches the level of required commitment. without the assistance of that Divine in action Great Lessons & BIG realizations of 2010  The greatest miracle is to be saved and forgiven.‖  The measure of success of a pastor is determined by the number of disciples he is training for leadership.  Pagsinunod natin ang timing ng Diyos.  Patience.  Total ―YES‖  Importance of perfect timing.goals are the bricks with which purposes are built.  Maging aware kay Lord at laging tumingin sa Bullettin Board.  The true leader worthy of being imitated is the one who instead of saying. trust and self-control.” Connection Points. .one in mind 2. without Him all human reliance is vain.    What is that one desire/dream you need to let go of to better follow the Lord Jesus Christ? Abraham Lincoln: “I believe the will of God prevails. walang imposssible sa kanya.5. This means that an important step required to have a committed team is to give paradigms of conduct. and that defines the fulfillment of man. Lesson 2: Reproducing in Others (Pp.‖ Lesson 3: A Lasting Leadership (pp. others..  Needs creates a team committed to the vision and a reason that drives us to work.

2. Ministry must first start with God – dahil may bigat kang kailangang i-download.  Use the language of faith and confess victory continually. We must first die to ourselves!  More cells = more OPEN DOORS  The 12 is the KEY. Jesus said. reward performance.value people.  Always be saturated by the Word of God.."  To change an attitude you must start with behavior. 3.  Leaders should sometimes experience brokenness. you have to want it with all your heart. "We are God's workmanship" (Ephesians 2:10)  Our ministry is about forming people who are nobody to somebody. Fulfilling the great dream God has given you takes a lot ofDEDICATION.  A leader must be a spearhead of an attitude of being positive. The vision is not going to happen until you get your heart in it. there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21). Always siyang nagsasabi ng "Kaya natin itong gawin.  Romans 12 emphasizes the importance of a renewed mind due to it saturated by the Word of God.  Importance of ―incubation‖! – before ―Evangelism‖ (lahat dapat maiinit) (like manok ―incubation‖) kailangan limliman ang 12  The vision = ―crucified‖ > ―resurrected‖ > 12 (Isaiah 60:22) = The key is the 12. Reward performance. Where your treasure is..  What makes followers love to serve? The strong examples of leaders. To fulfill the vision. What you place value on is going to have your heart.  Love people. The Cell is the DOOR!  Pass the character and skills!  Evangelism is a ―WAR ZONE!‖  What to Look for/Develop in a Leader:  Competence  Attitude  Skills  Habits 3 Things A Leader Must Have 1.  Your calling will always be challenged.  VPR means.  A Leader must always a positive attitude. but without wholehearted commitment your dreams are only empty wishes os passing fantasies. In the Bible the word heart means the center of your affections. Holiness Compassion Knowledge of the Word Church Maintenance Set-Up!   New Christians – Low Maintenance Old Christians – ―High Maintenance‖ . and praise positive acheivements.

as Christians. (v. what would you do? BOTTOM-LINE LESSONS.‖ Prayers of extreme intensity due to an all sufficient and power God.  Ano kaya ang magiging destiny ng batang tangan nina Maria at Jose (vv. John Wesley. When we pray all our search for God stops because if our hearts are pure we will just see God. 25-28)  Ano-anu ngayon ang kapahayagan ng Banal na Espiritu sa yong buhay? (life corrections/directions) Ano ang mga action steps na kailangan mo nang isagawa?  Ano ang ibig sabihin ng kanyang panalangin? (vv... what kind of lives should we live ? (5:14-15)  In living the new life.prayer is the greatest expression of your dependence on God. we are to express our humility before our great and big God. like our Lord Jesus being the lamb of God. (5:18-19)  What is an ambassador? What kind of work does he perform? Please create a mind picture of what an ambassador of Christ should be.  Prayer is all about patience and continuity . 20)  As ministers of reconciliation we must remember that. what should we always keep in mind? (5:17)  What are your life evidences which points to the fact that you are already a ―new creation‖?  What must we call the ministry God has given to us? Please describe it.  Prayer puts a period to you longing and weary soul .. 38)  If you were at her place. Always PUSH it. MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2 SHARE Think of a kind of ―ulam‖ that would describe the status of your quite time and prayer life? READ 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2  What compels us to live excellent Christians? As a result. PRAY Write down your ―five‖ major prayer request this Christmas. with the same situation. 37)  Ano ang kanyang ginawa nung nasumpungan niya ang bata? (v.‖  A leader is a man/woman of prayer ..prayer quenches your thirst for God. ―Pray Until Something No wonder why great Christians of history like Martin Luther. prayed 3-hours basic because they really experience the presence of God. 34-35)  Sino naman ang babaeng nakapaloob sa kuwento? Ano ang kanyang kinatatayuan at kalagayan? (vv. We roar when we do ―intensified lambs. being a “roaring lamb” is much more realized . 29-32) What kind of prayer did he prayed?  Was there a moment in time you have prayed almost the same prayer? Similar?  FACT: Where there’s prophecy there is a sure destiny. et.. . God wants us to pray because he wants to see and experience our need of him.ASK Kung maibibigay ng Diyos ang lahat ng iyong ninanais anu-ano kaya ang mga hihingiin mo? Basahin: Luke 2:25-38  Ano ang pangalan ng lalaking na sa kuwento? Ano ang kanyang mga kakaibang katangian? Ano ang kanyang misyon sa buhay sa pagkahayag ng Banal na Espiritu? (vv..patience to really wait for God‘s answer while living your daily life. 3637)  Ano ang kayang patuloy (walang patid) na ginagawa? (v.  In prayer. and continue doing it until something happens.

15)  Fact: Obedience first before sacrifice (or offerings)  Ano ang pangunahin nilang natuklasan? (v.‖ According to Bob Briner."  Be a “roaring lamb” . 16) If you were there at the scene. experienced through Jesus Christ. what will be you initial reaction?  TAKE NOTE: Even at Jesus’ birth. special emphases. the first group of people he met were those who are from the common masses. We live out of our understanding of who we are in relationship to God. The Christian faith is grounded in the love and grace of God.when sometimes you feel you are falling in the ―ordinary trap‖ always ask yourself ―what can I do to advance (even a centimeter) the kingdom of God?‖ By moving the kingdom of God you are actually changing this world!  Always remember that you are a leader . The Christian life is our response to God‘s love and grace. Basahin: Luke 2:8-20 Ano ang pangkaraniwang ginagawa ng mga pastol nung panahon na iyon? (v. "A leader's greatest obligation is to make possible an environment where people can aspire to change the world. (―masa‖)  Ano ang ginawa ng mga pastol pagkatapos ng pangyayaring iyon? (vv. special people.according to Carly Fiorina. ―Being a roaring lamb is not about special days.after encountering Jesus the shepherds became ―roaring lambs. You will seek that obedience is key to a breakthrough! Theology of Discipleship Theology is not just about God. 19) and match it with the shepherds action (v.. and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Our churches should exist for this. change. anu-ano ang gagawin mo upang alayan ng pagsamba ang ating Diyos especially ngayong pasko?  BOTTOM-LINE LESSONS. We are new creation  We are Christ‘s ambassadors  We are God‘s fellow workers  We are receivers of God‘s favor and salvation  What have you realized upon learning this lesson? What are you planning to be. 8) Ano ang mga ―regular‖ na ginagawa mo sa araw-araw? (daily routine)  Ano ang di-pangkaraniwang naranasan ng mga pastol nung panahong iyon? Please describe (vv. and to the world. 15). 20) Kung ikaw ay isa sa mga pastol. and do especially this coming Christmas? “PAG-ALAY” (Lukas 2:8-20) INTRO Kadalasan. and special professions.‖  Practice “Obedience first then Sacrifice” .  Daily live an “extra-ordinary” life . .  REMEMBER: God comforts the afflicted but he also afflicts the “too” comfortable. 9-14)  FACT: We need “extraordinary” experiences to happen just to wake us up from the “ordinariness” of our common lives.  Ano ang naging tugon ng mga pastol sa pangyayaring iyon? (v. pinaparanas ng Diyos ang panahon ng kahirapan at pagdarahop upang masubukan niya kung iaalay pa rin natin sa kanya ang pinakamainam (―the best‖).. 17-18)  Ano ang kahuli-hulihang ginawa ng mga pastol? (v. it is about everyday people doing everyday jobs with a very special goal---that of effectively representing Christ in all areas of society. Check Mary‘s reaction to everything that‘s happening at that time (v. to one another. It is also about us.It‘s so hard to offer the best for God if we are not submissive. Rather.

it is behavior. communities. However. a significant factor in loving God. Loving God When Jesus was asked what the most important commandment was. (See Deut.‘ This is the greatest and first commandment‖ (Matt. It is total devotion. Mark 12:28-34.) Discipleship is about loving God…. They are means for developing our relationship with God and for experiencing God‘s presence in our lives. head-over-heals-in-love-with adoration. Again and again. Loving Neighbor Jesus responded to questions about the most important commandment by quoting the Hebrew Scripture‘s admonition to love God with our whole being. loneliness. our neighbors are our brothers and sisters in Christ. the Bible teaches us that loving God and loving neighbor are two sides of the same coin. called these practices means of grace. ‗You shall love your neighbor as yourself‘‖ (Mark 2:31). Within the context of the Christian community. founder of the Methodist movement. workplaces. There are a variety of ways that we can develop our knowledge of and love of God. See Matt. 22:37-38.It is more than an acknowledgement of God‘s existence or a statement of belief regarding God. from a biblical perspective. illness. Discipleship focuses on actively following in the footsteps of Jesus. loving our neighbors means responding to specific needs—hunger. and with all your mind. First of all. Love is more than a feeling. These practices help us spend time with God.) Then immediately he broadened the meaning of this admonition: ―The second is this. Neighbors may also refer to the contemporary understanding of those who live near us. and the world. we are not passive spectators but energetic participants in God‘s activity in the world. we offer our lives back to God. imprisonment. Because of what God has done for us. These verses about loving God and loving neighbor as ourselves are known as the Great Commandment. We order our lives in ways that embody Christ‘s ministry in our families. As Christian disciples.The church calls our response to God Christian discipleship. neighbors often include people whom we might not normally consider: . and Luke 10:25-28. These include • Prayer • Bible study • Worship • Fasting • Conversation with other Christians John Wesley. his response was: ―You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart. and with all your soul. It is the deep desire to know God. Check out some of these passages for a glimpse at how prevalent this understanding of Christian discipleship is: • Matthew 5:43-48 • Matthew 25:31-46 • Luke 10:25-37 • John 15:12-17 • Romans 12:9-18 • 1 Corinthians 13 • 1 John 4:19-21 From these passages and others we can draw several conclusions about what it means to love our neighbors. our neighbors include many people. 6:4-9 as well as gospel passages listed in the above section. 22:34-40. and so forth. It is practical and concrete. We cannot do one without the other. to be one with God. and to worship God. Secondly.

Don't allow the past to control us 5.. Loving neighbor is more than random acts of kindness. energy. In this actual session he shared that: "It is hard to put a big head to a small heart but you can put a small heart to a big head. Committed on servanthood not on lordship 4.. these passages emphasize that loving our neighbors is not optional. Build the team 2." Meaning. Therefore. Maintain transparency In developing your leadership self-esteem you are claiming your prince-identity and fighting against your slave-mindset. Gather the best members from your cell group 3. it is mandatory. It will really show you who you are! .. If something doesn't work prayerfully change it! TAKE NOTE: FAITHFULNESS & FRUITFULNESS to the PROCESS! ETHICS IN LEADING YOUR G12. Maintain solid trust 5. Pay the price in developing them 4. • people who irritate us and push the boundaries of our patience. the goal of every G12 mentoring is "heart-mentoring. Maintain Godly leaders 2. It will humble you to be a shepherd rather than a ruler.. It is a lifestyle carefully cultivated in response to God. Focus on the vision but be proactive with the current situation 2. Control the church/ministry atmosphere 3. Always move forward 4.• strangers. 1. HOW TO INVEST IN YOUR G12. Empower them with ministry. responsibility and authority DEVELOPING G12 EXCELLENCE. We have to pay attention to what is happening around us in order to see our neighbors and to recognize their needs.. It has been our storehouse of ministry wisdom which always results to effective action. • people from different religious traditions. loving our neighbors requires attention and sacrifice. • people from other cultural and ethnic backgrounds. • people who mistreat us (who are our enemies). We must also consider their needs to be as important as our own in order to live faithfully.. 1. 1. Building Up Your PJJ-G12 by Pastor TOTO Gustilo Our "Monthly G12 Mentoring" with Pastor Pie Nola has been a great blessing to all the his national 12 disciples." Here are some points shared which will help every mentor develop their G12 disciples. It takes time. Maintain flexibility 7. • prisoners. Don't be afraid to fail because we are never failures 6. It is what Christians do and what Christians are. Manage your discouragement 3. Our lives are a testimony to our love—our love for God and our love for neighbor. and commitment. Finally.

.. Faces difficulty in establishing a healthy relationship 4. Destroys your dream 3. 1. SUCCESS = EXCELLENT VIEW OF YOURSELF! HEALING LOW SELF-ESTEEM.. and Treasure to all your G12 . Causes you to have a more incorrect image with God 5. The vision will take time to grow. Limits your potential 2...  Always revisit the vision  Impart the vision to your G12  Invest your Time. 1. Have a correct mind through the Holy Spirit VISION NOTE.  Be patient. Talent.. Have a correct concept of God 2.CONSEQUENCES OF LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Have a correct concept of yourself 3.

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