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Hypertension drug with diabetes drug of choice? ACEI Hypertension WITH RENAL disease DOC is? ACE I Isolated systolic hypertension which drug shouldnt use? Patient over 65years drug of choice for uncomplicated Bp? Diuretic Patient under 65years drug of choice for uncomplicated Bp? Beta blocker Diuretic: hydrochlorothiazide, chlorothalidone, indapamide,metolozone and combinations Thiazide diuretic MOA : direct arterio dilation, inhibition in the distal tubule. Thiazide SE? Hyper GLUC Loop SE ? OH DANG Loop loose calcium (cause hypocalcemia). What loop diuretic have NO sulfa energy ? ethacrinic acid BBs Non selective BBs ? nadolol, propanolol, and timolol Cardio selective BBs are? Esmalol, metaprolol,atenolol, and acebutalol (EMAA selective) Cardioselective BB with ISA? Atenolol,pindolol(non selective).