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Unless a Ki feat is preceded with this symbol it will cost an ADDITIONAL Ki token if used while in BtB contact with

an enemy mod RUNNING is 1.5x the movement stat and CHARGING is twice the movement stat

RANGE Defense dice


another X Wounds are inflicted, ignoring Armour, during the End phase for Y turns. Reach (X): This model’s ZoC is


extended an additional X. Reload (X): After a model carrying this weapon uses it to make a Ranged attack, place X Reload counters on this model’s Profile Card. The model cannot make another Missile Attack action as long as it has Reload counters on its card.

Ammo (X): When this model performs a Ranged attack, mark an Ammo box. If a model has no unmarked Ammo boxes left it can no longer perform Ranged attack actions, with that weapon. Armour Piercing: Wounds from Melee/Missile attacks caused by a weapon with this Trait are not affected by the Armour trait. Charge Reception (X): Models with this weapon trait trigger an effect when charged. This is detailed on the models profile card. Charging Strength (X): This model

Aggressive Stance (X): This model may force an opponent to put X dice in Defense. Animal (X): Models with this trait are considered to have a Ki statistic equal to X when making Ki Tests. Armour (X): The model reduces any Wounds suffered by X. Ashigaru: This model is considered as an Ashigaru for the purposes of game effects. Assault Fire: This model may make a Ranged attack at the beginning of their move before a Melee or Charge action. The model loses a die from its RCP (because it is moving) and CP for this and any following actions in the same activation. The target of the Ranged attack must be the same as the target of the Melee/Charge action. Assassin: If this model successfully hits an opponent who is surprised, it may roll two dice and choose the highest when rolling on the Wound Chart. Attack into Defense: After all CP dice have been rolled in an exchange, this model may elect to make its highest Attack die a Defense die instead. The model must be the Active model in order to use this ability. Attack Multiple Opponents: This model may split their CP and initiate a Melee combat with any number of opponents in BtB contact, splitting the CP between opponents however the player decides.

adds X to its Strength bonus for its first attack immediately following a Charge action taken by this model. Cumbersome: The model carrying a weapon with this Trait loses a die from its CP if it does not have the initiative in the melee. It may not walk in the same activation in which it makes a Ranged attack with this weapon First Strike: The model carrying a weapon with this trait always has the initiative in the first Melee combat with a new opponent, if unengaged. If two models have this ability then both cancel each other out. Light Weight: When using this weapon the model does not receive -1 RCP for moving. Poison (X/Y): If a successful attack with this weapon causes Wounds, then


UPDATED 10/17/2011

Automatic Disengage: This model may freely disengage without making a test. Aware: This model’s ZoC is 360 degrees rather than the normal 180. This also applies when determining LoS. Bakemono: This model is considered a Bakemono for the purposes of game effects. Believer (X/Y/Z): If any model of the category X is within Y" of this model, then the other model may reduce the cost of its Ki Feats by Z. The cost of a Ki Feat cannot be reduced below 1. Berserk: This model gains the following Traits: Fearless, Impetuous, Insignificant, Last Stand and STR +1 (cumulative with other bonuses). Any Melee Combat in which a Berserk model is involved the controlling player must place all dice in Attack. Bodyguard (X/Y): This model may switch positions with another model of the category X, if within Y", and if this model is not in BtB with an enemy model, has actions remaining, and X is the target of an opponent’s action (i.e. this Trait takes effect while the model possessing it is non-active). Bravery: This model may re-roll a failed Fear test. The second roll must be used. Brutal Blow: This model may add +1 to its highest attack dice if it is the active model Brutal: In Melee, if this model’s highest Attack dice is equal to the Defender’s highest Defense die, then the Melee attack is successful. Camouflage (X/Y): This model cannot be targeted by opponents models when in Terrain type X, unless the model starts its activation within Y" of the model targeting it. Can't be knocked down: The model can never be knocked prone by any game effect. Channel (X/Y): This model may give Ki markers from its Profile Card to X models within Y". This trait may only be used the model is active. This model may distribute its Ki markers entirely freely; it is not required to keep any Ki markers on its own Profile Card. Channel may be used at any point during a models activation but only once per activation. Combined activation (X): The active player may simultaneously declare Actions for models with combined activation (X) when they are the Active player. The controlling player chooses in which order the actions are resolved. No more than four models may be activated. Command (X/Y): The model spends a simple action, and may activate up to X number of

models of the category Y to perform a simple action. For example, a model with the trait Command (2/Ashigaru) may use a simple action to immediately activate up to 2 different Ashigaru models. Co-ordinated Attack (X): The model gains an additional combat pool dice if fighting in the same Melee combat as the named model. The model can only ever gain one additional dice from this Trait. Co-ordinated Ranged Attack (X): When this model makes a Ranged attack against a model that has already been the target of a Ranged attack this turn from an allied model of the type X, this model adds a die to its RCP. Counter Attack: If this model places all its CP dice in Defense and then successfully defends, it may convert its second highest Defense die to an Attack die. Cowardly (X): A model with this ability must make a Ki Target Test with a target of X when declaring a Melee or Charge action. If the test fails, the model is not allowed to make a Melee attack or Charge, but the action is considered wasted. If the test is successful the model may act normally. When this model is the target of any Melee attack it needs to pass a Ki Target Test with a target of X. If this test fails then this model acquires the Retreat trait until the end of the turn. Deflect Missile (X): The models gains an additional X dice for its missile defense pool. Defense into Attack: This model may convert its highest Defense die into an Attack die with the same result after all dice have been rolled. Devastating Charge: The model gains an additional die to its CP for the duration of its activation if it takes a successful Charge action. Disengage (X): This model may add X dice to its Defense dice when declaring a Disengage action. Disturb Flow (X/Y/Z): If a model of category X is within Y" of this model, then all Ki Feat costs of that model is increased by Z. Elusive: This model may ignore ZoCs of all enemy models. Fear (X): When this model targets another model with an action that would bring it into BtB contact with that other model, the targeted model must make a Fear test against the Target number of X. The model uses its Ki stat for this test. If the targeted model is successful, it suffers no negative effects, if it fails then it is frightened. If a model targets a model with Fear then it must

pass a Target test against a target of X in order to be able to carry out the action, unless the model started its activation in base to base contact. If it fails then the action does not take place but is still considered spent. A model with the Fear trait never itself has to make Fear tests against models with a Fear value lower than X. The effects of Fear are detailed on page 15. Fearful: This model must re-roll successful Fear tests. Fearless: This model is unaffected by Fear. Feeble Mind: This model has to roll one die less when taking opposed Ki tests. Heal (X): The model may spend a simple action and recovers X Wounds, or to heal X Wounds of a friendly model in BtB contact. Hatred (X): This model must attempt to target models of type X if they are within LoS, with a charge or Melee action. Horde (X): This model may become a member of a Horde together with other models with the trait Horde (X). Impenetrable Defense: Any model in Melee combat with this model must always ignore the highest of its Attack dice. Impetuous: This model must always activate first in the turn and move towards the nearest visible enemy. All Impetuous models must have performed at least a Simple action before any non-Impetuous models in the same force are allowed to take any actions. Improved Disengage: If this model was the Active model, it may choose to Disengage after the resolution of a Melee combat in which it successfully defends (i.e. it does not have to declare that it is disengaging until after the Combat Pool Rolls have been made). Insignificant: This model does not have a ZoC and cannot contest or manipulate Scenario Objectives. It may however carry objects, but even if it does it does not count as controlling the carried object. Intangible: This model ignores ZoCs, other models and terrain when moving, but it may not end its move occupying the same space as a terrain feature or other model. Jump Up: The model may stand up (from Prone position) as a free action when activated. Large: Large models suffer a -1 to their missile defense pool Last Stand: If this model is reduced to 0 Wounds, it may still continue to take actions until the end of the turn. At the end of the turn, the model is removed from the game as normal.


UPDATED 10/17/2011

Leap: This model may ignore terrain obstacles of a height up to equal its Move statistic. The model can move over such obstacles with no penalty. Leadership: Allied models within X may use this models Ki value for fear tests Leech (X): When active this model may remove Ki makers from allied models within X and place them in his Ki pool. Leech may be used at any point during the models activation but only once per activation. Mark Target: The model may perform a simple action and designate an enemy model within its LoS. Allied models targeting that model with a Ranged Attack in the same turn add an additional die to their Ranged Combat Pool for that Attack. Mindless: This model may only be activated by the use of the Command Trait of another allied model. Monk: This model is considered a monk for the purposes of game effects. Ninja: This model is considered a ninja for the purposes of game effects. Not Outnumbered (X): This model cannot be outnumbered by less than or equal to X models (i.e. a model with Not Outnumbered (3) only counts as Outnumbered if it is in BtB with 4 enemy models, and only one of these models inflicts an Outnumbered penalty. Oni: This model is considered an Oni for the purposes of game effects. Whenever making an Opposed or Target Ki test all Oni are assumed to have a Ki of 2. Order (X/Y/Z): The model spends a complex action and may then immediately change the states of X models of the category Y that are within Z inches of the model from Tired to Rested status or from Exhausted to Tired. For example, a model with the trait (Order 2 Bakemono/6) may spend a complex action to change the states of up to two Bakemono within 6 inches from Exhausted to Tired or from Tired to Rested. Parry: If this model is in Melee combat and the opponent’s highest Attack die is equal to this model’s highest Defense die, the attack fails. If the Attacking model has the Brutal trait, both Traits are ignored. Precision Shot: Any target of Ranged Combat attacks by this model loses a die from their Missile Defense Pool. Recruit (X): This model may only be in a force if model X is also. Regenerate (X): This Model recovers X hit points in the End phase of every turn. Regenerate cannot return a model that has been removed from the game.

Retreat: This model must always attempt a Disengage action if it starts its activation in contact with an opponent. Rise Again: If this model is reduced to 0 wounds, place it prone were it is, Exhaust it and remove all its Wound markers. Self Sacrifice (X/Y): This model may receive Wounds that would have been inflicted on X if within Y". This model is then removed from the battlefield, even if it has Wounds remaining. Shield (X): The model adds X dice to its Missile Defense Pool. Sixth Sense: This model never considered surprised. This trait ignores the effects of the Camouflage Trait. Slow: This model never has the initiative, unless its opponent in Melee combat also has Slow, is prone, or is surprised. Slow models may not take Run actions. Small: Small models gain +1 to their missile defense pool. Soulless: This model automatically succeeds all opposed Ki rolls, and Fear tests. It cannot affect or contest Ki zones and Scenario Objectives. Steadfast: This model may freely choose how to place CP dice when frightened. Strong Mind: This model gains an additional die when taking Opposed Ki tests. Stubborn: This model may never attempt a Disengage action from combat. Stupid(X): When this model is the active model it must pass a target test with the value of X before it may perform any actions, if this test fails the model forfeits its action. Tactician (X): The presence of a model with Tactician (X) in your force allows you to roll X extra dice for all Tactical rolls, as long as that model is on the board. If you control more than one model with Tactician (X), you may only benefit from the Trait of the model with the highest X score currently on the board. Taunt (X): This model may force an opponent in Melee with this model to put X dice in Attack. Tiny: Tiny models gain +2 to their missile defense pool. Tough[ness] (X): This model reduces any Wounds taken by X. Unblockable Strike: When active this model’s opponents must ignore their highest Defense dice. Uncoordinated Attack (X): Allied models in the same Melee combat as this model loses X dice from their CP.

Unsteady (X): This model suffers a penalty of X to its Move statistic when crossing difficult terrain. Untrained: During Melee combat, the highest result of this model’s Attack/Defense dice (as appropriate) is reduced by 1 for every 1 rolled. Walk on Water: This model ignores linear terrain when moving. Weak (X): If this model is hit by an attack or effect that causes Wounds, it takes an extra X Wounds.


• Background: Three powerful Ki Idols have mysteriously risen from the ground in the battle area. Those versed in the ways of Ki have determined that by turning these idols in a particular way, the forces of Ki will be aligned in the favor of the force doing the turning. Two forces have converged on the area in order to make sure that they gain the favor of Ki rather than their opponents. • Setup: Use any terrain elements you have available and set up a 2' by 2' table by agreement with your opponent. Place three tokens along the centre line of the board, the first in the middle and the other two 8" on either side of the centre token. These tokens should have a facing marked on them, and set so that they are not facing either player’s table edge when play starts. These tokens represent the three Idols. The players make a Tactical roll and the winner selects the table edge he wishes to deploy on. The loser must then deploy his/her entire force in the opposite deployment zone, at least 12" from the centre line. When the loser of the Tactical roll has deployed his/her force then the winner deploys his/her entire force on the other table edge, again at least 12" from the centre line. • Instructions: Players are attempting to turn the idols to face their table edge. In order to turn an Idol a model must be in BtB contact when it is activated and then perform a Simple action. An Idol can only be turned 90 degrees with any action. A model in BtB with an enemy model cannot turn an Idol. The game lasts for 6 Turns. After the last turn, calculate Victory Points to see which player has triumphed. • Victory Points: At the end of the game, each player gains 1 Victory Point for each Idol facing his/her own table edge. The player with the most Victory Points wins.


UPDATED 10/17/2011