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Drug Generic: Ketorolac Tromethamine Brand: Toradol Classification: NSAID Route: P.O.

Dosage: 10mg Onset: 30-60min Peak: 30-60min Duration :6-8hr

Actions May inhibit prostaglandin synthesis to produce anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects

Indications Short tern management of moderately severe acute pain for single dose treatment


Side Effects

Nursing Responsibilities Before: -check doctors order -teach patient of the drug During -stay with the patient till he/she ingested the drug After: -encouraged patient to report unusual signs and symptoms. -tell patient no to take drug for more than 5 days

Contraindicated in CNS: headache, patient hypersensitive dizziness, sedation to drug CV: arrhythmias, edema, hypertension Use cautiously in patient who are elderly and have hepatic or renal impairment or cardiac decompensation GI: dyspepsia, nausea, diarrhea Hematalogic: decreased platelet adhesion Skin: pruritus. Rash Others: pain(if injected)

Source: Nursing Drug Handbook 2008:Lippincott

seizures. sinusitis Nursing Responsibilities Before: -check doctors order -educate patient of the medicine to be given During: -advise patient to take drug with meals Direct acting Bacterial infections trichomonacide and caused by an aerobic ambecide that works microorganisms inside and outside the intestines. Forming unstable compounds that bind to DNA and inhibit synthesis causing cell death Use cautiously in patient with history of GI: nausea. polyuria. Its thought to enter the lens of microorganisms that contain nitroreductase. blood dyscrasia CNS diarrhea. cystitis Hematologic: neutropenia After: -document data -observe patient for edema -encourage patient to report unusual signs and symptoms Musculoskeletal: Transient joint pains Respiratory: Upper respiratory tract infections Source: Nursing Drug Handbook 2008:Lippincott Skin: rash . constipation disorder or retinal or visual field changes GU: darkened urine.Drug Generic: Metronidazole Brand: Apo-Metronidazole Classification: Ambecides and antiprotozoals Route: P. dizziness CV: edema. Dosage: 375mg Onset: unknwon Peak: 2hr Duration unknown Action Indications Contradications Contraindicated in patient hypersensitive to drug or other nitromidazole derivatives in 1st trimester of pregnancy Side effects CNS: headache. fever. flushing EENT: rhinitis.O. vomiting.

bone or joint infection. induration Other: anaphylaxis Nursing Responsibilities Before: -assess patients chart for allergies -check doctors order -educate patient on the medicine being administered -prepare medicine if IM During -cleanse site with alcohol and cotton balls -inform patient before administration After -document data -encourage patient to report unusual signs signs and symptoms Dosage: 1g. usually bacteriacidal Indications -perioperative prevention -serious infection of the respiratory and GU tracts skin. IV Actions 2nd generation cephalosporin that inhibits cell-wall synthesis promoting osmotic instability. soft tissue. 2g Onset: IM unknown IV immediate Peak: IM 20-30min IV immediate Duration IM unknown IV unknown Source: Nursing Drug Handbook 2008:Lippincott . anemia Respiratory: Dyspnea Skin: pain. hypotension GI: diarrhea. nausea. vomiting GU: acute renal failure Hematologic: thrombocytopenia. blood stream or intraabdominal infection Contraindications -contraindicated in patient hypersensitive to dtug or other cephalosporins -use cautiously in patient hypersensitive to penicillin Side Effects CNS: fever CV: phlebitis.Drug Generic: Cefoxitin Sodium Brand: Mefoxin Classification: Cephalsporin Route: IM.

Dosage: 75.Drug Generic: Ranitidine Hydrochloride Brand: Zantac Classification: Anti-ulcer drug Route: P. vertigo -assess patient for abdominal pain EENT: blurred vision -check doctors order -educate patient Hepatic: jaundice During Other: -instruct patient to Anaphylaxis. 150. 300mg Onset: 1hr Peak: 1-3hr Duration 13hr Actions Competitively inhibits action of histamine on the H2 at receptor sites of parietal cells. Before malaise. take without regard angioedema to meals because absorption isnt effective by food After -urge patient to avoid cigarrette smoking -advise patient to report abdominal pain and blood in stool .O. decreasing gastric acid secretions Indications Active duodenal and gastric ulcer Maintenance therapy for duodenal or gastric ulcer Contraindications Contraindicated in patient hypersensitive to drug Use cautiously in patient with hepatic dysfunction adjust dosage in patient with impaired renal function Side Effect Nursing Responsibilities CNS: headache.

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