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October 2011

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Dubuque County Conservation Society “Organized in 1933 for Protection of Soil, Forests, Waters and Wildlife” P.O. Box 645 Dubuque, IA 52004-0645

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Minutes of Monthly Meeting - 09/08/2011
Submitted by Connie Kintzle

The meeting which was held at the Premier Business Center in the Roshek building, was called to order at 6:08P.M. Thursday September 8, 2011 by Dave Leifker. Others in attendance included Joe Kapler, Paul Kaufman, Connie Kintzle, Tom Klinge, John Pfohl., and Ray Paul motioned to approve the minutes of the May meeting . Tom seconded the motion and it passed. Treasurers report included the Financial statements for the past several months. John motioned that the treasurers report be approved. Paul seconded the motion and it passed. OLD BUSINESS: None NEW BUSINESS: There was discussion regarding another meeting location and discussion regarding possible lifetime memberships. Paul mentioned that English Sparrows were seen eating Japanese Beetles. Connie motioned that the meeting be adjourned. John seconded it and the motion passed.

Western Wolves Removed from Endangered List
Greater Yellowstone Impact
Submitted by Paul Kaufman

A two sentence rider to the 2011 government budget bill ended years of debate over the recovery of wolves in Montana and Idaho. The bill removed protection of the Endangered species Act for about 1,700 wolves and turned wolf management over to the two states. The Bill also stated that the bill is not subject to judicial review. Four wolf advocacy groups have filed suit arguing that congress cannot tell the Courts what laws a court can or cannot consider. Some advocacy groups support wolf introduction in all forty-eight states regardless of habitat considerations. The bill sponsors argue that the bill neither changes the Endangered Species Act nor endangers wolves but rather gives the states power to manage the herd based on scientific principles.

According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Kintzinger Law Firm 12th & Iowa Klauer Optical 1705 Delhi St. human harvest and winter-kill accounted for 30% and 8% respectively of the known deaths. The Fish and Wildlife Service set a goal of 30 breeding pairs. Wyoming Fish and Game report that the decline of cow harvest in the northern elk herd is 89%. the Northern Yellowstone elk herd is about 40% of the size before wolves were introduced. elk are the primary prey for wolves and predation effects were not noticed in the early stages of wolf recovery (1995-2000). a goal reached by 2002. This experimental population quickly expanded its core range and began mingling with wolves that were dispersing from Canada into northern Montana and Idaho. Wyoming Fish and Wildlife advocates that wolves can be ecologically compatible in the Greater Yellowstone area if they (wolves) are maintained at the level predicted . Flynn Ready Mix Concrete 801 Kerper Ct. Wolves (66) were first introduced in Yellowstone Park and central Idaho in the winters of 1995 and 1996. According to Yellowstone Park authorities. increased human harvest and winterkill and draught as other factors contributing to the substantial reduction of elk in addition to wolf predation. Yellowstone biologist concede that wolves are altering the abundance. Box 759 Hendricks Feed Co.O.October 2011 DuPaco Comm Credit Union P. Friedman Insurance P.O. However. Sport hunters have replied that predation by bears.335 in the winter of 2004 as the numbers of wolf increased five-fold. more than 3 times that predicted by the environmental statements. the 50% of the northern Yellowstone elk taken by wolves is 6 times greater than that predicted in the original environmental statements and that bull harvest in the Yellowstone elk herd is 75% whereas original impact statements predicted that bull harvest would be unaffected. Wyoming Game and Fish Departments are particularly concerned that cow-calf rations are below what is necessary to maintain a stable elk herd and that the environmental statements ignored the impact on calf recruitment. O. 880 Central Herbst Upholstery & Auto 76 Main St IAWISIL Nursing 24333 N. However Yellowstone biologists point to bear predation. The governors of Idaho and Montana had ordered their game wardens not to investigate wolf kills. of any kind.791 in the winter of 1995 to 8. The Fish and Wildlife Service replied that black bear and grizzly predation on calves is greater than that of wolves . wolves have caused 45 percent of known deaths and 75% of predation deaths (not including human Harvests) of radio-collared female elk on the northern range. Cascade Rd. Kill rates by wolves are 22 ungulates per wolf per year nearly double than that predicted in the environmental statements when wolves were first introduced. Page 2 Western Wolves Removed from Endangered List (cont’d) Prior to passage of this bill. By comparison. Hunters and ranchers have argued that wolves have severely depleted elk herds. the effects of the wolvesʼ introduction especially on elk herds and cattle had been hotly debated. There are some indications that this interactions maybe causing new growth in willows as elk are kept on the move by wolves and do not browse in any area very long. devastating sport hunting and depriving ranchers of their livelihood. Box 179 DuTrac Community Credit Union 3465 Asbury East Dubuque Savings Bank P. IIW Engineers & Surveyors 4155 Pennsylvania Key West True Value 2100 Stonehill Dr. wolves and cougars will eventually eliminate elk in greater Yellowstone. distribution movements and vigilance of elk. counts of elk decreased significantly from 16. Box 259 Edwards Concrete Contractors 13247 Terrell Ridge Environmental Management Services 5170 Wolff Rd Floorshow Corporation 1475 Associates Dr. According to one Yellowstone biologist. Since 2000.

Schwartz Plumbing 4904 Asbury Sisters of Saint Francis 3390 Windsor Ave. And thanks to all of you for supporting 50% by 2030! With your help. Badger Rd. Hess P. during its annual priority-setting session. Spahn & Rose Lumber Co.O. Pfohl’s Blinds. There would be no success story without your support. the relationship between wolves and elk is complicated and that it will take more time and study. Box 180 Oky Doky Food Mart P. it is time to start looking forward. but we envision a series of intensive meetings with local experts.O. Kennedy Rd. 50% by 2030 From greendubuque. Bank 270 West 7th Weber Paper Co. 1101 Jackson St. but we have some exciting news! On August 15th.S. Council identified developing a community greenhouse gas reduction plan as an important priority for 2011-2013. Drapes Inc. 335 West 1st Street Pregler Electric 216th Ave LaMotte Ia Premier Bank 1975 John F. This planning process will yield a plan that is flexible and adaptable. businesses. The planning process itself could go many ways. What's Next? With our biggest goals for 2011 achieved. Page 3 Western Wolves Removed from Endangered List (cont’d) by the Fish & Wildlife when they were introduced -100 wolves and 10 breeding pairs. State Central Bank 1805 John F. See the April Newsletter for a description of 50% by 2030. We are lucky to have local representatives willing to listen to and consider the voices of the hundreds of Dubuque citizens and businesses who have rallied behind the 50% by 2030 initiative. the Dubuque City Council voted unanimously to adopt the 50% by 2030 goal for Dubuque. Schuster Heating & Pump 100 westside Ct. and stakeholders that culminate in a series of workshops where the plan can be discussed and a shared community vision can be created. As one biologist put it. the Sustainable Dubuque vision is one step closer to reality. Attorney Chamber of Commerce Bldg Leisure Lures/ D. and (b) the reductions we choose are prioritized in terms of effectiveness and immediate benefits to the community. the plan will not be binding or absolute.S. Wyoming is still preparing a plan to manage wolves to the Fish & Wildlife Service and its prior plan was rejected by the U.F. 4300 Chevenelle Dr . Then. Box 3295 Miller Flooring Box 125 New Vienna Myers Cox Company P.October 2011 David Leifker. Phase II of the 50% by 2030 initiative is to establish and complete a planning process to ensure that: (a) we can actually reach the target. so please take a moment to celebrate this historic step in our community. Box 300 O’Meara Custom Products 8915 N. but will guide us in continuing to build a Sustainable Dubuque and a sustainable world. U. Kennedy Rd. Great News! We are a little late in reporting this. We commend and thank Council for their foresight. but also specific and concrete enough to give us real tasks to do and real accountability in achieving those tasks. Fish and Wildlife Service. Like the target itself.O. Steve’s Ace Hardware 3350 JFK 200 South Locust .

) If you’re going for a desert theme. Get creative! Use fish bowls. Make sure the plants aren’t too tall so they will fit in your container. 6. you’ll need sand. Put your terrarium near a light source and don’t forget to water it every few weeks. or small toys. Remember to use your imagination to make it look good. If you do have a lid. The moss works as a boundary above the charcoal and the plants. to do over the winter. 2. Activated charcoal. Spread a layer of gravel on the bottom of your container to create good drainage. you’ll need to buy fresh. Ask the employees of your garden store what the best choices are for your terrarium. remember to water the plants more frequently. You can use old jars or go to the thrift store to find exciting shapes. 5. 7. 5. This is easily found at local garden stores. Place a layer of moss on top of the charcoal. Decorate your terrarium with your objects. The kind of plants you include depends on the look you want. . 4. (Don’t go digging it up from a park. Many different types of moss and gravel are available and you should use the kind that aesthetically fits in with the theme of your terrarium. Ok! Now you’re ready to get to work. I recommend seashells. Look around your home to see what you can include. contact Swiss Valley Nature Center at (563)556-6745. 3. 3. humidity can build-up so open your terrarium every once in a while to let it air out. The charcoal filters the air and keeps your terrarium from smelling. Enjoy your new terrarium! News of Interest Iowa Politics of interest from the Iowa Environmental Council No information at this time Dubuque County Conservation Calendar All programs are subject to weather conditions. It also absorbs 3-inch layer of soil or sand. grandkids. What you need: 1. Arrange and set your plants. 6. 2. Moss and gravel. A glass container. Too cold to go outside? Why not bring the outside in by making a terrarium! Here are some step-by-step directions on how to make a terrarium. be it desert. For preregistration or questions. tropical or woodland. Get plants that require similar amounts of light and water. Plants. Add a 2. rocks. Lids are optional but if you choose not to use one. pitchers. or wine glasses. or more likely. Small objects that will complete the look of your terrarium.October 2011 Page 4 Bring the Outdoors In With a Terrarium Earth Day Network 1/14/11 Submitted by Tom Klinge Here’s a project I found that would be interesting for our kids. Sterilized soil. marbles. Pour a thin layer of your charcoal to cover the gravel. 4. Make sure to separate the roots before sticking them into the soil or sand. 1.

Please join us for this fantasic program and stick around afterwards to tour the nature center.March 28. Yummy chili." Friends Annual Chili Feed Sunday. Cost is free. October 9th 11 am -6 pm Cost is $3 for children and $5 for adults. use lids on pots to reduce heating time. you could be using 30 minutes to dry a load that really only needs 15 minutes. October 13. *** NOTE *** The following potluck announcement might not be accurate. When stove top cooking. unless otherwise noted. For best efficiency. 5:30 pm is the board meeting. The info was on the Audubon Society’s website but not the Mines of Spain’s web site.noon Winter Market Wednesday November 9th . Have your furnace serviced before the cold weather settles in. table service. October 8rd 1:00 pm "What started as a documentary about plastic bags evolved into a wholesale investigation into plastics and their effect on our waterways. 2012 Located at The Colts Center. 2011 @ 5:30 pm at the E. 9am . refrigerator temperature should be set per manufacturer guidelines. hikes. We will be dining on the porch area of the visitor center. 1101 Central Ave. followed by the program at 7:00 pm—Bats and their Conservation in Kansas and Oklahoma Other Events Calendar Farmers Markets Ending: Fountain Park Market Summer Market Dubuque Fairgrounds Market Last Thursday of September (29th) Last Saturday of October (29th) Last Wednesday of October (12th) Starting: Winter Market 1st Saturday of November (5th) .reducing heating costs. activities and fall colors will all be served up at the nature center October 9th! Chris Braig Memorial Program featuring Denny Weiss Sunday. Fully or partially closing drapes can reduce drafts and help to keep the room warmer . and a dish to share. Proceeds will benefit the Friends of DCCB. oceans. B. or the door opened to 'air dry' dishes economically. October 16th 1:00 pm Join us for an educational afternoon with Fisheries Biologist Denny Weiss. and even our bodies. The programs are open to the public and are designed for people of all ages.April 28. Dubuque. Lyons Interpretive Center. Dishwashers can be set on economy mode. Call EB Lyons to verify. Join the Bat It movement and decide for yourself how plastic your life will be. Mines of Spain /Audubon Society Calendar For questions.Bring your own beverage.. Audubon Society Potluck Supper and Fall Meeting . contact EB Lyons Interpretive Center at (563) 556-0620. Installing tempered glass doors on a fireplace can also reduce heat loss and improve efficiency. Check out efficiency features of a Heating product before buying. Dry clothes only as long as required. 2012 Located at the 4-H building at the fairgrounds Conservation—Everyone can Help          Change or clean your furnace filter monthly.October 2011 Page 5 All events are at the Swiss Valley Nature Center Bag It the Movie: Is Your Life too Plastic? Saturday. Denny will bring his high energy river program to the Swiss Valley Nature Center in honor of Chris Braig. .

October 13. Recycle whenever possible. . This month’s insert for Backyard Conservation will be Mulching. Everyone is encouraged to attend.October 2011 Page 6 Dubuque Co. Box 645 Dubuque. Check the event calendars for some exciting things to do. O. Support your local Farmer’s Market. Conservation Society P. 06:00 pm on the second floor of the Oky-Doky at 250 West 1st street. 2011. «State» «Zip» Printed on Recycled Paper Reminders: The next meeting will be held Thursday. IA 52004-0645 NONPROFIT ORG US POSTAGE PAID DUBUQUE IA PERMIT NO 1097 Return Service Requested «First» «Last» «Address 1» «Address 2» «Address 3» «City».