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Paper 1

Time : 1 hour

This question paper consists of five sections: Section A, Section B, Section C, Section D and Section E with 40 questions.Answer all questions.Questions in all sections have either three or four answer options.You are advised to spend about 10 minutes on Section A, 10 minutes on Section B, 10 minutes on Section C, 10 minutes on Section D, 20 minutes on Section E. SECTION A Questions 1 – 2 Read the advertisement below carefully and answer the questions that follow.
SECRETARY Requirements: • SPM or Diploma & above • Bilingual in English & Malay language (both spoken & written) • Fresh graduates are welcome • 4-5 working days per week • Age 21-35 years old • Only females need to apply • Bring along resume Interested applicants may walk-in for an interview at the following: Date : 17 July 2010 (Saturday) Venue : Metro Hotel, Kajang Time : 9.30 am - 11.30 am


Rahimah just received her SPM results two days ago. Can she apply for this position? A No, because she is not fluent in English B Yes, because she has a SPM qualification C Yes, because she is a very attractive person D No, because she is underage for this position


Which of the following is not true? A The applicant should be able to speak and write in English and Malay language B The applicant should bring along her resume and photocopies of the certificates during the interview C The venue of the interview is in Metro Hotel, Kajang D Only females should apply for this position

Question 3 Read the notice below carefully and answer the question that follows. PLEASE KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING 3 Where can we see this notice? A At the office B At the canteen C At the playground D At the restaurant Questions 4 – 5 Study the cartoon strip below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Adapted from Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson 4 The word ‘hot water’ means A happy B comfortable C desire D trouble 5 Why did the little boy get a D-minus? A Because he was late in handing in his insect collection B Because he asked Susie to help him to finish his project C Because he did not pay attention in the class D Because Susie made him fail in his project 3 .

Professions of the Residence of Taman Rapat Setia 6 Most of the residents in Taman Rapat Setia are A doctors B businessmen C managers D supervisors 7 From the pie chart. we know that A doctors form the largest profession in this community B most of the people here work with the government C the least preferred profession is a manager D most of the residents here are involved in business 4 .Questions 6 – 7 Study the pie chart below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

the vacation is in A Japan B Hong Kong C Taiwan D Korea 9 Which of the following is false? A The tour company is located in Ipoh B Interested tourists can e-mail to obtain further information C No passport is needed when entering Everland D The tourist will experience the process of making kimchi Question 10 Study the newspaper headline below carefully and answer the question that follows. 8 According to this brochure. Student burnt to death as van bursts into flames 5 .Questions 8 – 9 Study the brochure below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

choose the best answer from the options A. Top spinning is one of the famous sports and pastimes of the people in Terengganu. C and D to fit the numbered blanks. 11 A a B is C the D are 13 A is B are C been D was 12 A of B with C off D from 14 A community B citizen C neighbours D villagers 6 .10 The newspaper headline tells us that the student died A because he was trapped in the van B because he was burnt in a van C because he burnt himself in a van D because he committed suicide in the van SECTION B Questions 11 – 18 Each question in the text below refers to a numbered blank. Usually all the______(14) attend this celebration. For each question. These tops are made______(12) hard wood and designed beautifully. A_____(15) spin and whip of the string can make_______(16) top spin for more than an hour. B. This kind_____(17) top spinning is only played____(18) the elderly men because it needs great skills. Top spinning competition_______(13) celebrated on a big scale in Terengganu. It is played during ______(11) harvest season.

my dog has passed away (19). Rashidah : Calm down (21). Rashidah : Don’t cry. Leslie. Situation A :Jenny is crying in the playground near her house. You must accept God’s will. What happened? Jenny : He was crossing a road. Rashidah : Are you okay. A huge lorry came and ran him down (20). Jenny? Are you crying? Jenny : Oh. 19 passed away A escaped B died C busy D disappeared 7 .D are 17 A like 15 A good B better C worse D bad 18 A by 16 A a B is C the B while C with D during B of C with D into SECTION C Questions 19 – 21 Read the conversation in Situation A and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined.

Hamzah : You have to throw money (23) to enjoy something delicious. Liyana : Are you pulling my leg? (24) Hamzah : Of course not. Don’t worry. Liyana : Why did you choose this hotel? I heard the price is rather steep (22) here.20 ran him down A slaughtered him B pushed him C hugged him D knocked him 21 calm down A Try to smile B Try to angry C Try to relax D Try to laugh Questions 22 – 24 Read the conversation in Situation B and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined. Situation B :Hamzah and Liyana are having lunch. 22 the price is rather steep A the food is not clean B the food is different C the food is expensive D the food is delicious 8 . let’s enjoy our meal.

Forensic scientists are usually involved in the search for and examinations of physical traces that might be useful in identifying the scene of crime or victim. examine items of human and animal biological materials to be compared with victims and suspects using DNA profilling.htm 9 (ii) http://www. Forensic science also includes identifying firearms and To identify whether a document is fake or scientists and pathologists across a broad range of disciplines. They can identify illicit drugs.forensic-science-society. Forensic science draws on and brings together many scientific disciplines. analyse drugs and poison in human tissue and blood fluids. Forensic science is defined as the application of science to the law.html . Adapted from (i) http://www.23 to throw money A to spend money B to send money C to withdraw some money D to give money away 24 pulling my leg A dreaming B playing prank C teasing D telling a joke SECTION D Questions 25 – 28 Read the passage below carefully. A case of a house breakin can be solved using forensic science. if the intruder break in without using gloves. traces will be everywhere. microscopy and spectroscopic analyses are used to conduct chemical tests to identify hair. special techniques are used. For example. blood. These finger prints will be sent to the laboratory for analysis. door and so on using powder and a special duster. DNA testing. Then. answer the questions that follow.policensw. examining fire and explosion scenes to establish the origin and cause of explosion. produce reports as well as appear in court and present a scientific opinion on the accident accurately to commit the suspect as guilty and to provide advice to police investigators. Their findings and conclusions are used as evidence in courts of law to solve the crime forensic1. A forensic scientist can also examine drug plants such as cannabis. A forensic scientist may perform many tasks. In this situation. dirt and cloth fibres. a forensic scientist will take samples of finger prints whether at the window.

Then.25 What is forensic science? A Application of science and technology B Application of science to the environment C Application of law to the science D Application of science to the law 26 Which of these techniques can be used to identify hair? A DNA profilling B DNA testing C DNA analysis 27 The word illicit means all the following. but 10 . Pottery began as ancient people struggled to find ways to cook. store and carry water. answer the questions that follow. Pottery is one the oldest art forms. except A legal B forbidden C illegal D not allowed 28 Which of the following is false? A Drug plants can also be examined by forensic scientist B A report will be produced by a forensic scientist after the analyses C Forensic science can identify the victims by using their saliva D Forensic scientists help the police during the investigation of crimes Questions 29 – 34 Read the passage below carefully. This art has been practised in all parts of the world.

went on to a form of art as people began creating vases and dishes for decorative uses.e easy and hard. except A ceramics B earthware C porcelain D stoneware 31 Which of the following is not suitable for cooking? A Porcelain B Stoneware C Vases 11 . Adapted from http://42explore. It is the purest and the most delicate type of pottery. Stoneware pottery is made of a heavier clay mixture that gives it greater strength because it has been fired at a higher temperature. It includes valuable works of art. Each of them have their own characteristics on clay mixture and temperature when baking and stoneware and porcelain. it is made of baked clay. Pottery making involves four steps. inexpensive dinnerware.htm 29 Pottery existed when . The easy pottery is when the object is shaped with wet clay first and then hardened by baking. For the harder types. They are preparing the mixture. Earthenware is a pottery clay mixture that is fired at a lower temperature which allows the use of colourful glazes but it can crack and chip off more easily than any other type. There are three major types of pottery which are earthenware. vases and other simple household items which are made by professional potters. decorating and glazing the item and firing. a fine white clay that is mixed with controlled amounts of feldspar and then fired at a low temperature. Porcelain is made from koalin. Different temperatures give the pottery different strength and appearance. dishes and lamps. Pottery making is classified into two categories i. It includes both decorative and practical items such as bowls. vases. shaping the clay. A people struggled to find food B ancient people discovered clay C ancient people struggled to do their daily chores D people began creating vases and dishes 30 All of the following are major types of pottery.

we know that A professional potters can make easy and harder pottery B porcelain and stoneware are baked at low temperatures C earthenware pottery is more durable compared to stoneware D porcelain is the purest form of pottery SECTION E 12 .D Earthenware 32 Which of the following item cannot be classified as easy pottery? A Lamps B Valuable art C Vases D Dishes 33 What is the last step when making pottery? A Firing B Shaping C Glazing the item D Preparing the mixture 34 From the passage.

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage. an actor. And all our yesterdays have lighted fools. a man C A shadow. Then. a day D A candle. it is a tale Told by an idiot. an hour. and to-morrow. a syllable. Life’s Brief Candle To-morrow. The way to dusty death. William Shakespeare 35 Which of the following words describe a player? A A stage. Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time. And then is heard no more. a poor player. a sound B A fool. and to-morrow. answer the questions that follow. Signifying nothing. an idiot. a fury 36 The persona is very A frustrated B sorrowful C excited D angry 37 The phrase ‘Signifying nothing’ shows that life is A temporary B unimportant C meaningful D meaningless 13 .Questions 35 – 37 Read the poem below carefully. full of sound and fury. out brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow. Out.

there might be little Jamals very soon and he didn’t think they too. He cannot imagine his beautiful wife eating cucumbers every day. Jamal said goodbye to the Bank Bumiputera officer but took his RM70. we can conclude that A Jamal did not take a personal loan 14 . He gave it to his mother.00 RM5000. That’s it! All his problems are solved.Questions 38 – 40 Read the extract from the short story Of Bunga Telur and Bally Shoes below carefully.00 every month henceforth. Jamal’s heart sank.00 RM500. With his miniscule salary he couldn’t even buy cucumbers with the money left over after the repayments. it’s RM500. But. Five thousand ringgit! Jamal’s heart leapt sky-high. The loan officer was most helpful and he said Jamal could borrow RM5000. could thrive on cucumbers.00.00 40 From the extract.00 out from the savings account. 38 What did Jamal’s friend suggest to him when Jamal was running short of money? A Borrow from his mother B Obtain a personal loan C Obtain an illegal loan D Sell his shoes 39 How much did Jamal have to pay every month according to the loan repayment scheme? A B C D RM70.00 for the first month and RM400. Again Jamal saw fresh hope. Jamal met a friend who suggested obtaining a personal loan.00 RM400. Look at the loan repayment scheme. wait Jamal! There’s a catch. Besides. Jamal went to the bank.

……………… Zarina Afandi VP Academic 15 .B Jamal’s wife likes to eat cucumbers C Jamal’s salary is high D Jamal did not like his wife END OF QUESTION Prepared by: ………………… Rosliza Tokiman Subject Teacher Checked by: …………………… Fadhilah Jaafar Subject Coordinator Verified by: ….