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Civil Action Movement

October 16, 2011, 5:30-7:30pm

Attendees: Jon Hoffmann, Stephen Legault, Trevor Smith, Tommy Pearce (recorder), Leah Marmo I. II. Approved minutes from 10/20/2011 meeting Should we put meeting minutes and other documents on facebook to promote transparency? A. Vote: yes (unanimous) III. Constitution/Working Document A. Discussion: potential work group B. Action: find template i. Trevor will take lead IV. Directed Study A. Approve syllabus/contract created by Jon and Tommy? i. Vote: yes (unanimous, though it is to be a flexible document) B. Action: setup meeting with Professor Shook i. Stephen will take lead (time and date will be announced) C. Discussion: is there a philosophical conflict with having a university-based directed study and wanting to remain autonomous from university? i. We should clarify boundaries beforehand (like a “prenuptial”?) ii. This is to be discussed further with Professor Shook V. Banking A. Dollar Bank will not work B. Action: look into other banks i. Tommy will take lead C. Online banking? i. Vote: yes (online banking with checks) VI. Grants A. Three Rivers Community Fund i. Tommy will take lead B. Sunlight Foundation i. Stephen will take lead (investigation, ramp up) VII. Increased Online Presence A. Action: begin weekly facebook forum/discussion on relevant topic i. Example: discuss Occupy Pittsburgh’s working statement B. Action: increase actions on CAM page (posts, comments, “likes,” etc.) to increase occurrences on mini-feeds


Work Groups A. Should we replace individual roles by enacting work groups? i. Vote: yes B. Groups: i. Administration (working document/constitution, processes): Trevor ii. Action (identification, organization, following through): Jon, Trevor, Stephen, Leah, Tommy iii. Fiscal (banking, grants): Tommy, Leah iv. Marketing/Information Dissemination (online, print): Stephen, Jon v. Directed Study: Stephen, Trevor, Leah, Jon, Tommy vi. Membership (recruiting, social events): Stephen, Trevor, Leah C. Discussion: groups can work semi-autonomously and more flexibly (via email, etc.) outside of larger group meeting to more effectively get things done while not relying solely on single individuals. Additionally, we can focus on our personal interests.


On-going and New Actions (see facebook page for more information) A. Occupy Pittsburgh i. Discuss statement ii. Link CAM to google group ( B. COSA student conference (with Hunter and UConn) i. Topic: mass/organizational movements ii. Planning on-going; contact Stephen or Aerion for information iii. Potential CAM and/or CO class involvement C. Town Hall Meeting—cuts to DPW (Friday, 10/21 @ 10:00-11:30am) D. Jobs Rally—sponsored by USW (Thursday, 10/20 @ 3:00-4:00pm) E. CityLive—Raja and Fitzgerald discuss immigration (Tuesday, 10/18 @ 6:30pm) F. Library Referendum—door-to-door Get Out the Vote (late October-early November) G.—potential resource/mode of action H.—potential speaker/event I. Action: identify potential speakers and event (hosting) opportunities


Discussion: Civil Action Movement needs to continuously remain accessible for as many members as possible, especially those who want to be active. All input needs to be acknowledged and respected; feedback should be attempted.


Next meeting for Tuesday, October 18, 2011 A. Vote: yes, if members not present at this meeting can be present at the 10/18 meeting