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Intelligent Design

By Zach Church 91% of Americans believe in a god. 78% of Americans believe that a god created us in our present form or guided evolution that has led to our present form. 13% says a god had no part and 9% say other or unsure. But yet almost every school in America teaches Darwinism? The definition of prejudice, an unfavorable opinion. The definition of one-sided, considering but one side of a matter or question. The definition of biased, a particular tendency, esp. one that prevents unprejudiced consideration of a question. To me Darwinism sounds a little like these definitions. I believe that if we can be taught Darwinism, why not Intelligent Design? One of the main arguments that most scientist, many teachers/educators and parents say that Intelligent Design is not real science. They believe that it is creationism in disguise. They say it’s a way to bring religion into the classroom. The difference between Intelligent Design and creationism is that creation believes that God created us in our present form. And Intelligent Design believes that we are here as a result of a purposeful design by an Intelligence being rather than chance or undirected natural processes. Obviously Intelligent Design has nothing to do with religion. There is no real reason it can’t be taught in schools. Evolution is a theory. And so is Intelligent Design. So why does evolution get all the rights to be taught in the classroom and Intelligent Design gets the big shoe to the curb? College professors are getting fired just because they are mentioning something about

What this country is all about. Freedom of assembly. Were the only ones who have it.Intelligent Design! Dr. Guillermo Gonzalaz was denied tenure just because he didn’t believe in Darwinism. question. Nobody knows where we came from. After all… isn’t that what science is all about? 69% of Americans want evidence for AND against Darwin’s theory taught in school. search. Richard Sternberg was demoted from the Smithsonian institute just because he approved an article that supported Intelligent Design. Freedom. When in reality they know just as much as we know in how we got here. Freedom of association. Freedom of bear arms. Everyone wants it. Freedom of religion. So why can we only be taught one thing? Hitler thought he was doing the right thing by killing the disabled. Freedom of movement. the sick. Hitler believed that by killing off the people who weren’t “perfect” it would create more perfect offspring. It sounds a lot like what Darwinist are doing today. He didn’t even write it! Dr. Freedom of speech. 10% says neither or not sure and 21% says to teach Darwinism and the scientific evidence that supports it. . Freedom of thought. find. He also believed in Darwinism. Freedom of education. and what he thought was wasteful consumers. Pushing every other theory out of the way to make way for Darwinism #1. Freedom of press. and be taught both sides of the story. But do we really have freedom of education? Can any question really be asked? Do we really have the freedom of speech? Do we have the freedom to have more than one theory? We as the free Americans we should have the right to believe. All people want is for the freedom to fallow the evidence where it leads.

I want to learn more about what is around the corner. It’s not fair to be pushed around and punished for wondering if there is something other than Darwinism! Take an adventure and step on the wild side. Stand up for what is right. scientist and all the free people of the United States need to take a stand. What will you do to help out? . teachers.I strongly agree that it is wrong to be taught one side. We as students.

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