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July 2010

Workforce Demographics And Statistics for Workforce and Strategic Planning

State Personnel Administration
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. ∙ Atlanta, GA 30334

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Contained within are charts. It is estimated that approximately 15% of today’s workforce will be considered at-risk of retirement within the next 5 years. tables and graphs depicting the current demographic profile of the workforce as well as % rate of employees voluntary leaving State The State Personnel Administration publishes this information on an annual basis in order to provide to state agencies.88%. Total turnover for Georgia State Government increased only slightly from the level experienced in FY 2009 (up 2 tenths to 13.80). primarily due to a resumption of hiring into correctional occupations.35% last down from 16. diversity. characteristics and employment trends pertaining to state employees. readers may visit our website at http://www. Eighteen agencies no longer have any classified employees. Average age is currently (44. The percentage of employees remaining in a Classified status is now 14. turnover rates and other workforce trends. voluntary turnover during Fiscal Year 2010.87) and the average tenure based on Service Date is currently (9. with a 10. as well as input into staffing. information that describes the makeup. This information is being provided for use in workforce plans. is current as of July 1. To inquire further regarding this and other workforce related information. Hiring activity in other occupational areas was mixed. .Maile@spa. *Counts and totals may be inconsistent between tables due to missing data items and/or rounding.asp or contact the Workforce Analytics Unit at the State Personnel Administration (Jeff. Highlights of pertinent information: Georgia’s full-time equivalent (FTE) state employee workforce is currently at the lowest level since record-keeping in PeopleSoft began (prior to FY 2000). 2010.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The following Workforce Analytics Report contains descriptions of current Georgia state government employee characteristics and transactional activity that occurred during the 2010 fiscal year. as well as the public at-large. Hiring activity was slightly higher during the 2010 fiscal year. and succession planning strategies and activities. All employee and job related data* have been extracted from the PeopleSoft HCM System. The State continues to employ a considerably higher percentage of females and African-Americans than the overall labor force in Georgia and a smaller percentage of the Hispanic workforce. and represents employee information and transactions with agencies that utilize the PeopleSoft HCMS. strategic plans. Retirements accounted for 26% (up from 24% last FY) of all external.

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WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 2010 Contents WORKFORCE DISTRIBUTIONS ∙Overview ∙ Branch ∙ Department ∙ Region 5 WORKFORCE DEMOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTIONS ∙ Gender ∙ Ethnic Group ∙ Age ∙ Years of Service 9 WORKFORCE DISTRIBUTIONS BY OCCUPATION ∙ Job Family ∙ State Institutions ∙ Job Level 13 EMPLOYEE HIRING & COMPENSATION ACTIVITY ∙ Service and Support ∙ Technical and Professional ∙ Managerial and Executive ∙ Most Active ∙ Salary Distributions 15 EMPLOYEE TURNOVER ∙ Statewide Turnover Trends ∙Categories of Turnover 23 RETIREMENT OUTLOOK ∙ Impending Retirements ∙ Retirement Trends 27 State Personnel Administration .

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WORKFORCE DISTRIBUTIONS .86% 1. medical.940 65.75% Ethnic/racial composition of workforce: Caucasian African American Hispanic Asian Multiracial Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander American Indian = = = = = = = 50. teachers. agency specific.22% 0.e.121 11.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 5 WORKFORCE DISTRIBUTIONS – OVERVIEW Total employees*.87% 0.462 Gender composition of workforce: Males Females = = 37.029 Total number of employees on Statewide Salary Plan (SWD) Total number of employees on Senior Executive Plan (SRE) Total number of employees on other salary plans (I.181 63.01% 0.25% 62. 2010. judicial and legislative branches) 630 9. regular/benefit-eligible: Employees by classification status Classified: Unclassified: 75.21% * Employee count includes all non-temporary employees working in State agencies currently utilizing the PeopleSoft HRMS system as of July 1st.42% 45.41% 1.


WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 7 WORKFORCE DISTRIBUTIONS – BRANCH AND DEPARTMENT (cont’d) * All employee distribution counts include all active State agencies currently using the PeopleSoft HRMS system. These counts include all regular. benefit-eligible employees on active non-hourly and nontemporary salary plans. WORKFORCE DISTRIBUTIONS .


pdf WORKFORCE DEMOGRAPHICS .ga. Census Bureau as published on the Georgia Department of Labor’s website: http://explorer.S.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 9 WORKFORCE DEMOGRAPHICS – GENDER AND ETHNIC GROUP Comparisons between Georgia’s State Workforce and Georgia’s Total Civilian Labor Force * Private sector information is derived from last available data from the


Veterans Service. GA State Fin and Investment. and Audits have an average employee age at hire of less than 30. of Audits. and Education have an average employee age at hire of 40 or higher. Superior Courts. DHR-DFCS. the Dept. Supreme Court and GBA. GBI. The agencies with the youngest average age are Dept. Superior Courts. Juvenile Justice.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 11 WORKFORCE DEMOGRAPHICS – AGE DISTRIBUTIONS Age of Workforce Number of Employees Distributed by Current Age 7-09-2010 2500 This year.54% of employees are over the age of 55. Four agencies. 2000 1500 1000 500 0 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 63 66 69 72 75 78 81 84 88 Age When Hired Number of Employees Distributed by Age When Hired 7-09-2010 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 15 19 22 25 28 31 34 37 40 43 46 49 52 55 58 61 64 67 70 73 76 The average age of employees when they are hired is 35. Two agencies. Veterans Service.87 18. WORKFORCE DEMOGRAPHICS . Subsequent Injury Trust Fund. Insurance and Worker’s Compensation are added to last year’s list of GSFC.07 years. the State’s average employee age is 44. There are now nine agencies (up from 7 last FY) where the average employee age is 50 or more. and Public Safety (average age under 43). Corrections. Correctional Industries. of Public Safety.

WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 12 WORKFORCE DEMOGRAPHICS – YEARS OF SERVICE DISTRIBUTIONS Years of Service Number of Employees Distributed by Years of Service 7-09-2010 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 43 47 50 The average tenure of State employees based on reported service date is 9. only Public Defender Standards. GSFIC. & the State Fin. Comm.80 years (up from 9. DJJ. GRTA & World Congress Center have average tenure of less than 8 years. WORKFORCE DEMOGRAPHICS . have average employee tenure of less than 7 years.55 last FY). & Invest. Currently.. The GA Student Finance Commission has an average employee tenure in excess of 17 years. Education. Road & Tollway Authority.



Job-related employee data contained in this report represents the new system and do not reflect the jobs established in the previous system.6 years Average age is 45. HIRING AND COMPENSATION . 2008 the State of Georgia transitioned to a new job classification system.9% of employees Average annual salary is $23.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 15 EMPLOYEE HIRING & COMPENSATION ACTIVITY .14 * Note: On July 1.237 Average tenure is 8.SUPPORT Employees in Jobs with the Largest Number of Incumbents* Grades 5-10 General Support and Service-related Jobs 26.

Entry Professional Jobs 52.2% of employees Average annual salary is $32.57 years Average age is 43.1 years HIRING AND COMPENSATION .TECHNICAL Employees in Jobs with the Largest Number of Incumbents (cont’d) Grades 11-14 Paraprofessional.653 Average tenure is 9.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 16 EMPLOYEE HIRING & COMPENSATION ACTIVITY .

677 Average tenure is 12.84 years HIRING AND COMPENSATION .54 years Average age is 46.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 17 EMPLOYEE HIRING & COMPENSATION ACTIVITY – PROFESSIONAL AND MANAGERIAL Jobs with the Largest Number of Incumbents (cont’d) Grades 15-26 Professional/Executive Jobs 21% of employees Average annual salary is $56.

During FY 2010. benefit eligible jobs. 6.218 employees new to State government were hired into regular. Registered Nurses and some Food Service Workers. HIRING AND COMPENSATION . There were 11.064 of these new hires in FY 2008.HIRING Employee Hiring Activity in the State of Georgia Overall hiring activity during the fiscal year recovered slightly from last fiscal year. primarily due to a resumption of hiring into correctional jobs.717 the previous year. up from 5.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 18 EMPLOYEE HIRING & COMPENSATION ACTIVITY . Other jobs experiencing increased hiring activity were Protection and Placement Specialists.

HIRING AND COMPENSATION . Hiring in Facilities and Equipment. these are still far below levels seen during FY 2008. Although increased hiring was seen in the Food Service and Parks/Recreation occupations.HIRING Employee Hiring Activity in the State of Georgia (Cont’d) Hiring activity has recovered in some occupational areas. Personnel Admin. these occupational categories as a whole have continued to decline in activity. and IT/Telecomm has continued to decline and hiring activity into transportation and Engineering jobs has practically ceased. Increased hiring of Correctional officers has led the increase seen in Public Safety. This fiscal year has also seen increased hiring of Instructors and in the Physical Sciences. Although certain specific jobs in Health Care (Nurses) and Social Services (Child Protection & Placement Spec) did experience additional hires. but continues to decrease in others.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 19 EMPLOYEE HIRING & COMPENSATION ACTIVITY.

including part-time and temporary appointments.475 transactions during the 2009 fiscal year). HIRING AND COMPENSATION . Nearly 90% of the increase in hiring transactions was comprised of timelimited or part-time hires. was 18.HIRING Employee Hiring Activity in the State of Georgia (Cont’d) Overall hiring in the State for FY 2010.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 20 EMPLOYEE HIRING & COMPENSATION ACTIVITY.124 transactions (compared to 13.

COMPENSATION Employees by Salary Grade (State-wide salary plan only) 87% of the regular workforce is assigned to the Statewide Salary Plan (SWD). teachers at state institutions. The jobs are assigned to pay grades and the employee’s pay range is determined by the grade assignment of the job. and the judicial and legislative branches. HIRING AND COMPENSATION . The Statewide plan covers employees at all occupational levels from service. Smaller. clerical. technical school employees. and maintenance workers to division directors. specialized salary plans cover physicians.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 21 EMPLOYEE HIRING & COMPENSATION ACTIVITY. authorities. Statewide plan employees are assigned to jobs written in a standard format.

COMPENSATION Employees within Salary Grade Range 77.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 22 EMPLOYEE HIRING & COMPENSATION ACTIVITY. HIRING AND COMPENSATION .8% are at the minimum salary of their pay grade.57% of employees are currently below the midpoints for their pay grades 8342 employees or 12.

The number of terminations reported for fiscal year 2010 is slightly lower than last FY.5% 15% 14% 13% 12% 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 14. These include dismissals.9% Turnover Rate 17% 16% Fiscal Year Note: For purposes of this chart.8% 16.8% 18% 17.5% of all terminations. this includes resignations and employees departing for professional and personal reasons. 93% is comprised of employees exiting State government (external). releases. terminations on the firstday of the fiscal year are considered part of previous year's turnover rate.2% 16. Of the total amount of turnover. and reductions in force. but consistent as a percentage of the workforce. Death 1% Involuntary 23% Retirement 18% Transfer 6% Voluntary 52% TURNOVER .316 Turnovers Voluntary turnover (5. Involuntary turnover increased again slightly from 22% to 23.0% 13. 6% is comprised of interagency transfers (internal).6% 13.3% 15.902 Term actions) decreased from 54% last FY to 52%.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 23 EMPLOYEE TURNOVER – TURNOVER TRENDS Statewide Turnover (Fiscal year 2010 data) Turnover Trend By Fiscal Year (Employees Leaving State Government) 20% 19% 17.1% 14. Major Categories of Turnover (Including interagency transfers) % of 11.

2. Resignation 61% Retirement 26% Agencies with the highest voluntary turnover rate in FY 2010 were GA Student Finance Commission (19.22%). TURNOVER . Of all Voluntary External Turnover the percentage of retirements increased from 24% to 26% this FY.16%).7% of the workforce retired during Fiscal Year 2008. Death Failure to Meet Terms 2% Dismissal 11% Failure to Return 4% Personal Reasons 2% Private Sector Employment 3% Reduction in Force 4% Released 6% Retirement 20% Of the total amount of External turnover. Georgia Technology Authority (17. As a percentage of all External Turnover. 74.05%). Unsatisfactory Performance.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 24 EMPLOYEE TURNOVER – TURNOVER BREAKDOWN External Turnover Not Shown 1% or less: Dissatisfied. Resignation 46% Breakdown of External Turnover % of 10. and Secretary of State (17.664 Terminations Voluntary Turnover Breakdown of Voluntary External Turnover % of 7992 Terminations Private Sector Employment 3% Personal Reasons 3% Failure to Return 5% 61% of all voluntary external terminations in State government are recorded in the generic category of Resignation. Helth Reasons. Drug Test.86% with nearly an equal number of Dismissals (1139) and Layoff (1016) termination actions. Dept.94% (down from 75. of Juvenile Justice (18.26% last FY) is comprised of employees voluntarily leaving State government (including retirement).06%). Involuntary turnover held relatively steady at 23.

83% for the 2010 fiscal year.992 total voluntary terminations). The total external voluntary turnover rate (including retirements) in the State of Georgia is currently 10. As a percentage of overall turnover.63% for FY 2010.76%.3% from 3. the percentage of interagency transfers was slightly down to 5. Drug Test.18% last FY (2545 total involuntary terminations). The quit rate (resignations only) was 7.47%.36% (7. Monthly Activity TURNOVER .OVERALL 1% or less not shown: Death. Health Reasons. Retirements slightly increased as a percentage of all turnovers from 17% to 18. Dissatisfied.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 25 EMPLOYEE TURNOVER . Resignations decreased from 45% to 43% of all turnovers. Unsatsifactory Performance Xfer Out To Different Entity 6% Failure to Meet Terms of Employment 2% Failure to Return 4% Personal Reasons 2% Private Sector Employment 3% Retirement 18% Dismissal 10% Resignation 43% Reduction in Force 4% Released 5% Overall Statewide Employee Turnover by Category % of 11316 Turnovers Total external turnover rate in the State including all voluntary and involuntary terminations was nearly 13. Reductions in Force and other Releases remained at 9% of all turnovers. The involuntary turnover rate increased to 3. Dismissals were relatively unchanged.

714 employees terminated within one year of their employment with the State.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 26 EMPLOYEE TURNOVER .DEMOGRAPHIC Turnover by Ethnic Group (FY 2010) Turnover by Age Group (FY 2010) Turnover by Tenure group (FY 2010) 1. TURNOVER .

Survivor deaths and TRS retirements not included. The smaller figure (green bar) represents ERS’s estimated number of actual retirements during the next five years. are or will be eligible to retire with full benefits within the next five years.560 Active State Employees Participating in ERS Pension Plan as of July 1. Retirement Trend Retirement Trend (ERS System Only) 2100 2050 2000 1950 1900 1850 1800 1750 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 FY 08 FY 09 FY 10 FY 11 FY 12 FY 13 FY 14 FY 15 1859 1874 1927 1989 1960 1910 1910 2049 2059 2010 2010 Past Year Retirements ERS Estimate of Future Retirements Number of Actual and Projected Retirements Each Fiscal Year * Retirement projection numbers have been adjusted this year to reflect State employee retirements only. ERS Estimates are based on 6/30/2009 valuation data.WORKFORCE ANALYTICS REPORT 27 RETIREMENT OUTLOOK – PROJECTIONS AND TREND Retirement Projections Impending Retirements (Based on 66.  Each year’s numbers are cumulative with the prior year. 2010) 12000 11956 9697 7808 6142 5880 7890 9800 10000 8000 6000 4541 4000 3870 2000 1910 0 Currently At-Risk At-Risk Fy 2012 At-Risk Fy 2013 At-Risk Fy 2014 At-Risk Fy 2015 Number of Potential Retirements ERS Estimate of Actual Retirements   The larger figure (orange bar) represents the number of current state employees participating in the ERS Pension Plan who. RETIREMENT OUTLOOK . based on current age and tenure with the State.