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TENSES EXERCISE 1 1. You are supposed to be at hospital ten minutes ago. Where were you? I.............

a patients documents at home. A. Am looking B. Looked C. Have looked D. Look E. Was looking Jawaban : B 2. Because the patients temperature.............steadily since the morning, the doctor in the hospital have been advised to prepare for the patients worse conditions. A. Is rising B. Has been rising C. Rose D. Had risen E. Had been rising Jawaban : B 3. What a great medication. He is an excellent doctor. He........since she was a child. A. Studied hard B. Studies hard C. Is studying hard D. Had been studying hard E. Has been studying hard Jawaban : E 4. I started study at Nursing Dept. when I was 20 years old. I.......a Nursing student for 3 years now.

A. Have been B. Am to be C. Am D. Am being E. Was Jawaban: A 5. A: Can you pick me up at hospital at around 2.00 pm. Tomorrow? B: Im sorry I cant. I..............then. A. Am examining patients B. Will be examining patients C. Have been examining patients D. Have examined E. Will examine Jawaban :B 6. The nurse had been examining when the doctor came. It means when the doctor came.......... A. The nurse was still examining B. The nurse didnt examine anymore C. The nurse had finished examining D. The nurse would examine E. The nurse stopped examining Jawaban : A 7. Can we postpone the nurse meeting until Friday? Im afraid not. I........the doctor on Friday. A. Would assist B. Will have been assisting C. Have been assisting D. Always assist

E. Assisted Jawaban :B 8. A: I think were going to be at doctors room for a while. B: But line for almost an hour. A. Are standing B. Have stood C. Stand D. Were standing E. Have been standing Jawaban : E 9. A: What was your nurse doing when you arrived hospital last night? B: the patients room. A. Examines B. Is examining C. Has examined D. Has been examined E. Was examining Jawaban :E 10. By the end of this week, I.....from Nursing Training in Korea. A. Am back B. Have been back C. Would be back D. May be back E. Will have been Back Jawaban :E 11. A: The doctor said that most of the rooms in the hospital are cleaned at the moment. B: Im not surprised. We ............ so much activities for a week now.

A. Had E. Had had

B. Have Had

C. Had

D. Are having

12. A: Im sorry, I cant leave now. We have to practice the last part of the Cardiovasclar subject but we ....... by six oclock. B: Dont worry. Ill wait until youve finished. A. Finish B. Will finish C. Have finished Will have finished D. Are finishing E.

13. I hope that by the time the doctor retires, the nurse......a job. A. get B. Is getting C. Has got D. Will have got E. Got

14. Do you the time I return to this hospital next week? A. She will get fired B. Will they have got fired C. Will they get fired D. they will have got fired E. Will they get fired 15. Carlos has been working at the clinic with his uncle since he..............20 years. A. had been B. Has been C. Was 16. Do you often got to hospital? No, it....quite a long time since I got sick last year. A. Has been B. Would be C. Is being D. Was E. Had been D. Is E. Were

17. I..........this nursing job by the time you come at night tonight. A. will finish B. Will has finished C. Would have finished finishe E. Had finished 18. Alex : Why didnt you answer my call? D. Will have

Nick: Sorry..... A. I was examining my patient B. I had examined my patient C. I have examined my patient D. Ill examine my patient

E. I examined my patient 19. for the past few years last decade, the birthrate of population has been high. Due to the increase in the rate, local government..........first priority to the solution of theis problem. A. gives B. Would give E. Had given C. Will give D. Should give

20. Can I see you tomorrow to talk about the patients surgical? All right, come at 10 oclock, and I.............examining the patient by then. A. Will have finished B. Have finished C. Am finishing D. Will be finishing E. Will have been finishing