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College Name: Oregon State University Location: Corvallis, Oregon Division: NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division

1 Conference: PAC-12 Current ranking: NSCAA (National Soccer Association of America) - 19th Team Name: OSU Beavers Head Coach: Linus Rhodes Phone Number: (contact - 1-541-207-2636) E-Mail: Head Coach Profile: Assistant Coaches and staff: Michelle Voiland - Assistant Coach (phone/e-mail: 1-541-207-4280 / Eric Pohl - Assistant Coach (phone/e-mail: 1-541-207-6524 / Rachael Axon - Volunteer Coach Kristen Carmichael - Student Assistant Coach Brittney Sheffield - Student Assistant Coach Ashley Theeler - Director of Soccer Operations Upcoming games in the area: (Oregon State Nike Invitational) 09-30-11 vs USC - At USC in Los Angeles Ca. - 3:00 pm PT 10/02/11 vs UCLA - at UCLA in Los Angeles Ca. - 12:00pm PT Soccer Camp Date: Summer - to be announced Soccer Camp Location: On Campus Web Sites used: 1. 2. %20soccer (type your college name and womens soccer, and get some up to date info on how their team is doing right now. Stay up to date on this info, so you can speak intelligently about the program with the coaches or recruiters if and when you should see them or write to them. You don't want to come off as a know-it-all, but it does not hurt to mention something you like about the team to help give the impression that you are serious about their program.) 3. (University's directory web page)

Katie 26 19 10 18 Miller. these are often positions that the coach will be looking to fill. Wash./Canyon HS Huntington Beach. is the depth of players they have in any particular position. Other players may leave the squad as well for other reasons. For example this team does not appear to have any freshmen defenders./Horizon HS Corvallis./Terry Fox Secondary Carpinteria./Mullen HS/UNC-Greensboro Tacoma. Chelsea 9 Ingalls./Todd Beamer HS Denver. Rachael Bernier-Larose. Ore. Megan Meiggs. Brandi Drobney. Brittany Kovac. B. This is all speculation.. Ore. Ore. Colo. Jenna 5-6 D 5-8 5-8 5-7 5-5 5-7 510 D D D F F F SO 1L SO TR RS 1L SO JR 2L RS JR 2L SR 3L RS FR HS SO 1L SO 1L Federal Way.C. B. They are only possible indicators. Lindsay Seal. Calif. you can see how many seniors will be leaving the program. Canada/Louis-Riel HS/Saint Leo University Wenatchee. Ariz. Some School web sites have a roster. Marissa Richardson. Calif. Also other players may move into new positions. Ore./Santa Barbara HS Vancouver./Mater Dei HS Phoenix. System of play. Quebec. Wash./Hidden Valley HS Medford. Morgan 5-9 D 11 Wang. ie. Ore. I think one of the best indicators of who they will be looking for. Julia Shaw. Haley 5-9 F 5-6 F 5-6 F 6-1 GK 5-9 GK 5-9 GK 6-0 511 5-2 5-5 5-6 5-7 5-8 GK MF MF MF MF MF MF RS 1L SO RS JR 2L SR 2L RS FR HS SO TR RS JR TR SR FR 3L HS 25 Gleffe. Calif./Wenatchee HS/Spokane Falls CC La Cañada. Ore. change of coaches./Grants Pass HS Federal Way. There are many other factors that could play a part in recruiting./La Cañada HS Happy Valley. Ore./Todd Beamer HS Happy Valley. Jessica 5-6 D 2 Kennedy. Name Ht./Sands Secondary School Wilsonville. and what position they play. Melinda 33 Rempe./Fife HS Grants Pass. Ashley Folsom./Camas HS Gaston./Silver Creek HS Portland. Natalie 20 1 13 17 29 Oljar. Milan Freud. Jacy Sattler. Year Exp. and in no way guarantees what they will be looking for. but not always with this much information./North Medford HS 4 Uchacz. opening spots you may be interested in./Clackamas HS Camas. Claire 5 Boyd. Sierra 14 15 22 21 3 Cabrera. B./Forest Grove HS Longmont../Elgin Park Secondary Port Coquitlam. Calif. 23 Audrey 31 Pflueger./Stadium HS Canyon Country.Roster: No. Justyne Galindo. Ashley 5-3 MF 5-6 5-8 5-4 5-8 MF MF MF MF RS FR HS SO 1L SO 1L SO 1L SO 1L RS 1L SO JR 2L JR 2L SR 3L SR 3L (With the roster.) ./Crescent Valley HS Surrey. Brittney Dawson.C. next year. Wash. success of season. Hometown/High School/Last College 8 Niewoehner.. Wash. Alberta/Western Canada HS Gatineau. Sarah 12 Buckland./Wilsonville HS/Western Oregon Calgary. They will need to start training and bringing defenders up in the ranks next year. so it is not the only indicator of what they will be looking for.C. Erin 6 Leads. Colleen 16 Meiggs. or risk not having seasoned first stringers when these Sophomores graduate. Ore./Jesuit HS Auburn. Wash./Clackamas HS Williams. Wash. etc. Colo.. Ore. Pos.