September 17, Saturday, is the day for our bar tour seminar at Chili's restauran t and Gloria Jeans Coffee

shop. We first went to Tomas Morato, Quezon Avenue whe re Chili's restaurant is located. It's location is well visible and the look fro m its outside is very appealing. There is a homey ambiance inside and the waitst aff there are very nice and hospitable to welcome us in their establishment . Th ey have what they call, a Margarita Bar besides with the dining area inside. Thi s is where the customers could order some alcoholic drinks. The seminar started with how the restaurant was founded and developed by Larry Lavine in March 1975 on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas. It was first created as a hamburger resta urant / chili house with a uniquely Southwestern flair. The menu was simple but they made sure that the food they offer is outstanding. Today, Chili's restauran t has more than 1,400 locations in 28 different countries around the world. Four of these branches are found here in the Philippines. The first store they opene d is located in Makati which is in 2nd level Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati C ity opened in December 4, 1996. Another is in Greenhills 26, Missouri St. cor. N evada St., Northeast Greenhills San Juan which was opened in October 5, 1998. T he restaurant can also be found in Rockwell P1 Unit 36 Power Plant Mall Rockwell Center and was opened in November 23, 2000. And the latest addition to their br anch opened in August 11, 2010 is in 199 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Fernandez, Quezon City. The speaker discussed the brief history of bar and alcoholic drink s including the different types of bar and it's examples. Another speaker introd uced us the basic flair bartending techniques which is quite easy to do. After t hat, the three bartenders employed at the restaurant, did a flaring exhibition. It was really entertaining cause we felt their presence and they have a good sho wmanship while doing the tricks. The food they offer was very delicious and appe tizing. Our next destination is at Robinsons Galeria, Ortigas where Gloria Jeans Coffee shop can be found. The speaker discussed about the history of the coffee industr y. He also mentioned the top country that produces coffee beverage is Finland be cause of the cold weather. Next is Norway, Iceland, Denmark then followed by the Philippines. We also learned that the first coffee house was established in Qav eh. Another thing that we learned are the different kinds of coffee. Arabica, be ing the finest coffee in the world. Robusta is the cheapest and Kopi Luak is the most expensive kind. The speaker also shared us the top 5 types of coffee which is Kopi Luak which is found in Indonesia, Hacienda La Ismeralda which is found in Panama, El Injerto which is found in Guatamela, Fazenda Santa Ines which is f ound in Brazil and the Jamaican Blue Mountain which is the delicious type. I als o learned the different advantages and disadvantages of caffeine in the body. Th ey also presented a video presentation where different baristas showed us the ar t of decorating coffee beverages with chocolate syrup or milk. We also experienc ed how to make our own cup of coffee. The whole trip to Chili's restaurant and indeed, it was very enjoying and things that is important for our . I for a day would guide us when we're re. and Gloria Jeans Coffee shop was a success informative. We learned different kinds of know that all these experiences we had just already at our training grounds in the futu