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Ministry of Higher Education

‫وزارة التعليم العالي‬

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Faculty & Personnel Affairs

‫جامعة الملك فهد للبترول‬ ‫والمعادن‬
‫شــؤون الساتذة والموظفين‬

sa .edu. S A U D I A R A B I A . KPK Badshah_khan@upesh. GENERAL Position Applied for: Field of Specialization: Assistant Professor Remote Sensing and Signal Processing Any time Date of Availability for KFUPM Employment: Name of Applicant: Date of Birth: Citizen of: Present Address: E-mail: Badshah Khan 22-2-1952 Pakistani Place of Birth: Swat (Pakisatn) (city) Pakistani (country) (At Present) (At Birth) House No. University of Peshawar Peshawar. Swat. E-mail: Nearest Airport: Peshawar Business: 91-9216728 Telephone: Residence: Permanent Address: E-mail: 91-5853501 Ghalegay. KPK Badshah_khan@upesh. when? I am interested in staying in Saudi Arabia in some teaching capacity P .pk Nearest Airport: Telephone: Residence: Point of Origin: (Place of residence according to Passport): Father's Name Muhammad Ishaq Peshawae Business: Have you applied for a job at KFUPM before? If yes.O . P-2. B o x 5 0 0 5 D H A H R A N 3 1 2 6 1 . University Campus. Fax: (03) 860-2400. when? If when? Were you interviewed? Have you ever worked at KFUPM? Indicate briefly why you are interested in KFUPM Employment? Names of relatives employed by this University: If yes.APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT PLEASE TYPE YOUR DETAILS 1. Telephone: (03) 860-2400.

UWIST (Cardiff University) UK 1987 1988 Title of Thesis with degree (attach abstract) Fast Geometric Correction of Satellite Imagery 3.2. maths Department of Physics University of Peshawar 1974 1976 Postgradu Degree ate Postgrad DIP Physics Department Electronic UWIST UK Electronics En gg Engineering. UK Urdu Earned Name and address of institution: Languages spoken (Other than English) NAME OF High School INS Attended Type of TIT UTI instituti ON Mont on Year & LOCATION h City/Country Government High School Ghalegay. EDUCATION Last degree completed: PhD Is degree honorary or earned? University of Dundee. Subject(s Gradua Degree. RESEARCH. Swat to Mont h Year Certificat e. ) of ted or (Major/Mi Other nor) earned Matriculat ed Certificate Science 1969 College and Uniersity Government College Jehan Zeb Swat 1970 1974 Graduated Degree Phy. PUBLICATIONS & PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES (Provide following information in figures and attach lists with full details) Papers published in refereed journals ( 10 ) Papers published in other Periodicals ( ) .

/Dept.) Research Projects completed Books Published ( 1 Research Projects in Progress ( ) ( ) Books in Progress ( ) Participation in Univ./Thesis Committees (50 ) See the CV for all the details of above information. Seminars Attended ( 15 ) Membership in or Affiliation with Professional Societies: .

honoraria. Free family and parents hospitalization free education. Details of any past or present mental or Physical disability or serious illness: 2.4. show total monetary value of all employer-paid benefits and allowances. Your interest in extracurricular activities: 3. to whom we may write about you) . including your present employer. REFERENCES (List four persons. Weigh t: Not at all I have a house with a lot of land. I do one hour hard job (gardening. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE List present or last position first and continue in reverse chronological order. 80 kg 6. political or other activities? If yes. HEALTH & PERSONAL INTERESTS Heigh 5-9 t: 1. Have you ever been convinced for involving yourself in any criminal. I do not know 5. etc. explain.000/- Reason for change Retirement Feb 2012 in University of Peshawar 14-3-98 30-01-2002 University of Peshawar University of Peshawar Education Department Government of KPK 25-6-94 16-05-82 1-09-77 13-03-98 24-6-84 15-5-1982 University job In addition to present salary in your current employment. free accommodation on a very beautiful campus Show total financial compensation earned per year for consulting fees. but this is more than that) No. Name & Address of Employer University of Peshawar Positio n Or Rank Professo r Associat e Professo r Assistan t Professo r Lecturer Lecturer From Month Year 31-01-2002 To Month Year To date Last Annual Salary Rs:120.

4. College of Computer & Information Sciences KS U. Pkistan Vice Chancellor. 3. Nasir Jamal Dr.Full Name 1. Abdul Wali Khan University. 2. Kohat. Malakand University Department of Information Systems. Dr. Pakistan Vice Chancellor of Kohat University. Rasul Jan Dr. Riyadh. Hamidullah Afridi Address Vice Chancellor. KSA . Ihsan Ali Dr. Mradan.

APPLICANT Badshah Khan Se Male x: (A religious certificate/affidavit will be required by the Saudi Consulate for visa Purposes) Family Status: (Check / appropriate box) Single Engage d Name of Husband/Wife (Maiden): Religion: Islam Date of Birth: 1966 List special skills of spouse: Name of spouse’s father: Marrie d M Separate d Divorced 2. SPOUSE Aliya Citizen of: Pakistani At present: ni Pakista At birth: Muhammad Nawab 3. CHILDREN (First) Last) Name (Middle) ( Se x F F M F M Date of Birth M 01 03 D 21 10 Y 1998 1996 1988 1985 1983 A1 A A1 A1 A1 Grade in School Citizen of Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Marwa Khan Atiya Khan Muhammad Sohial Khan (MBBS 4th year) Farzana Khan (Lecturer) Dr. 4. Signature of Applicant: Date: 8-07-2011 ( yes ) Yes .INFORMATION FOR VISA APPLICATION AND RESIDENCE PLEASE PRINT OR WRITE ALL INFORMATION IN CAPITAL LETTERS Name of Applicant: Religio n: Islam 1. RESIDENCE NEEDS IN SAUDI ARABIA Check who will accompany you to Saudi Arabia: Spouse ( ) No Children: (First Names only) Atiya and Marwa THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS TRUE AND COMPLETE. Muhammad Idris Khan (MBBS on Job Please indicate clearly if any step and/or adopted children are listed above.