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“Think Globally, Act Locally”
Tugas #4

Manajemen Pemasaran
(Prof. DR. Amrin Fauzi)


Mhd. Yasir Q. Parapat, ST
Eksekutif XVII Magister Manajemen Universitas Sumatera Utara

Amrin Fauzi) Oleh: Mhd. Parapat. DR.MTV “Think Globally. Act Locally” Tugas #4 Marketing Management (Prof. ST Eksekutif XVII Magister Manajemen Universitas Sumatera Utara . Yasir Q.

and launched localized versions of its channels in regional languages. Act Locally” Background MTV was the first major international television network to broadcast its channels in regional languages around the world. Act Locally". MTV was first launched in Europe in 1987. In the 1990s the network realized the importance of a 'region-centric' approach. but also acquired several local channels in the countries in which it operated. and later expanded to many countries. MTV adopted the policy of "Think Globally. Headquartered in London. MTV has become a massive entity owned by the even more massive Viacom. The network not only launched localized versions of its channels. counts 80 percent of its audience from outside the USA through its 6 affiliates and numerous .MTV “Think Globally.

introduce and maintain the existence of their name and product to all over the world since they also want to expand their business globally with local approach as MTV did. and Apple Computer want to advertise globally on MTV? MTV Networks has become a symbol of globalization. it is greatly saved lot of time and effort. Why would companies such as Levi Strauss. where multinational corporations are encouraged to build local roots. Based on that exciting phenomenon above. . 1. and majority of them were outside the USA. MTV is seen in over 250 million homes at 64 countries. Coca-Cola and Apple Computer use MTV as bridge to bring. Levi Straus.broadcasting arrangements. Coca-Cola. more than 2 million people are watching MTV around the world with 321 million household viewership in 140 countries at year 2004 with its six affiliate broadcasting arrangements across the world that represents the youth-students and young professionals who are relatively cognizant of the trends and lifestyle patterns.

MTV merged with a lot of local broadcasting companies to create innovation and invention by getting an easy access to broadcasting rights and tastes of people. music awards. Price. and also always creates invention and innovation that promise value adding services through local broadcasting companies globally. Promotion. all over the world. It features music videos. Also high Viewers Rating will bring them into line with the market’s perception of MTV’s increasing value and indirectly increase their “price” for global advertisement business. MTV expands through local content which allows them to divide and reach individual markets who will want a music channel. Place. news broadcasting. - - . Product. MTV did it well in the sense that they make their service and name available to target consumers through obviously cable channels. etc. Why? MTV used this Marketing Mix for some considerations as follows. campus tours.2. MTV always has many activities and promotion programs that persuade target customers to patron them such as regular celebrity VJ’s that visit their hubs and singers/bands as well that converge directly with the youth through local campus tours and sponsoring concert tours in local universities all over the world. concert tours. fashion trends. who knows. information and promotion. concert tours. MTV has begun to integrate their marketing program designed to achieve the marketing objectives by delivering value to customers such as incorporating social issues in their program. not only their music interests but also their local products. MTV offers a service to the youth and young professionals a whole package of lifestyle and information all rolled into one. What kind of marketing mix does MTV use around the globe? MTV run its business globally with Marketing Mix as follows. They make themselves accessible to their target market by selecting only coverage area that their market would embrace. basically the amount of money customers have to “pay” is actually continual patronage of the program.

for everyone and for all types of people. Coca cola has advertisements everywhere. It used themes that are presently relevant to their target market at Latin America. billboards. this price is enabled due to the company’s approach to low cost production giving the retailers value for money. Place is just as important as the previous as it is vitally important that Coca Cola has its product available at the “right time.V. A key factor in Coca Cola’s success is its Marketing Mix power in the industry. Although Coca Cola is the most famous and the most popular soft drinks supplier it is still one of the cheapest to for distributors to buy. Pricing. magazines and T. KODAK marketing strategy gave emphasis on the social awareness on its marketing mix. since coke is after all. What kind of marketing mix is Coca-Cola likely to use around the globe? Coca cola on the other hand. The product itself and the image surrounding it play a vital role in its success.- MTV must constantly reinvent itself and start something new in order to ride along the changes and the thirst towards innovations. is most likely to emphasize individualism on their marketing mix. . the right place and in the right condition. These individual characteristics give coca cola a strong brand image with brand loyalty a key result of this. being the biggest source of advertising. What kind of marketing mix is Kodak using in Latin America? Kodak in Latin America with Marketing Mix as follows.” Promotion is a key stage in a businesses operation as it is a company’s link between product and consumer all over the world. newspapers. How the product is promoted and advertised ultimately determines the success of the product. Internet.

What effect do you believe “thinking globally” and “acting locally” have on homogenizing the world’s youth? 4. Is “Como Tu Quieras con Kodak” a good and theme for the Latin market? The marketers .3.