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Fall 2011 - Calendar of Events

Non-Muslim Communities in Fatimid Egypt: The Dhimmi Experience, Islamization, and Negotiating Power
A two-day international colloquium
Sunday, October 2 – Monday, October 3 314 Royce Hall Friday, October 14 - Sunday, October 15 306 & 314 Royce Hall

Fashion - Queer Studies Conference 2011

Sponsored by the UCLA LGBT Studies Program

Sponsored by UCLA’s Dept. of Comparative Literature / Co- sponsored by UCLA Center for Jewish Studies, Center for Study of Religion, Center for Medieval and Renaissance History, Andrew Mellon Fund, Humanities Division, Dept. of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Graduate Division, Dept. of History, Maurice Amado Program in Sephardic Studies

Gregory Orfalea, Westmont College and California Lutheran University

War Stories of Arab Americans
Wednesday, October 19, 3pm 10383 Bunche Hall October 21 – 23

A joint talk by Aslı Bâli and James Gelvin,UCLA

On Libya

Arab Film Festival 2011

Monday, October 3, 3pm 10383 Bunche Hall

Men Who Tiptoe Into Their Marital Bedrooms: A Meditation on the Reality of the Novelist in a Time of Revolution
Hisham Matar, Barnard College
Thursday, October 6, 4:30pm 10383 Bunche Hall

Writer Guild Theater 135 So. Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills

New Approaches to Algerian Jewish Studies
(by invitation only)
Sunday, October 23 and Monday, October 24, 12pm 10383 Bunche Hall

Co-sponsored by the Center for Jewish Studies and the Maurice Amado Program in Sephardic Studies

Controversies Concerning the Arabic and Berber Languages in Spain
Mohamed Madkouri, Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, Spain
Thursday, October 13, Time TBA Location: TBA
Sponsored by UCLA's Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese

The Arabs and the Holocaust: The ArabIsraeli War of Narratives
Gilbert Achcar, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Tuesday, October 25, 3pm 10383 Bunche Hall

The Future of Christianity in the Middle East
H.H. Aram I, Catholicos of Cilicia
Friday, October 14, 1pm Broad Hall 2160E

Gender, Art, and Social Movements in the Middle East and Global South
A conference and reception in honor of Professor Sondra Hale, UCLA
Friday, October 28 California Room, Faculty Center 9am - 6pm: Conference 6 - 8pm: Reception

Co-sponsored by the UCLA’s Center for the Study of Religion, Dept. of History, Armenian Students’ Association, International Institute

Co-sponsored by Alessandro Duranti - UCLA Dean of Social Sciences, UCLA’s Dept. of Anthropology, Center for the Study of Women, Dept. of Women’s Studies, African Studies Center, UC Riverside’s Dept. of Women’s Studies

Hoviyat-ha-ye sayyal: Paziresh Eslam va a'in-e Baha'i dar miyan-e Yahoudian-e Iran [Negotiating Identities: Iranian Jews Conversion to Islam and the Baha’i faith]
Mehrdad Amanat, Independent Scholar and Writer
*Lecture in Persian Sunday, October 30, 5pm 118 Haines Hall *Lecture in English

After a Decade of the "War on Terror": The Middle East, Human Rights and American Muslims
A roundtable with Aslı Bâli, UCLA; Lisa Hajjar, UCSB; and Ahilan Arulanantham, ACLU Southern California
Monday, November 14, 5pm 1357 School of Law

Negotiating Identities: Iranian Jews Conversion to Islam and the Baha’i faith
Wednesday, November 2, 12pm 10383 Bunche Hall
Bilingual Lecture Series

Andrew Rippin, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Making Biblical Prophets Islamic
Thursday, November 17, 3pm 10383 Bunche Hall

Co-sponsored by UCLA’s Center for Study of Religion and Program for the Study of Religion

Qur'an and Elocutionary Union in the Alhambra
Richard Serrano, Rutgers University
Thursday, November 3, 3pm 10383 Bunche Hall Tuesday, November 8, 3pm 10383 Bunche Hall

Great Games? Afghan History through Afghan Eyes
Thursday, November 17, time TBA Young Research Library Presentation Room

International conference of the UCLA Program on Central Asia
Sponsored by UCLA Asia Institute and the American Institute for Afghanistan Studies

Whose War? Whose Holy War? The Middle East and the First World War
Mustafa Aksakal, Georgetown University
Historiography of the Middle East Lecture Series

Derakht-e Sokhangoo [The Talking Tree: On Iranian Mythology]
Bahram Beyzai, Film/Theatre Director, Screen/Play writer, Researcher
*Lecture in Persian Sunday, November 20, 5pm Dodd 147

Taking Stock: The Arab Uprisings on the Eve of Their First Anniversary
Thursday, November 10, 5pm 6275 Bunche Hall

A joint talk by James Gelvin, UCLA and Juan Cole, University of Michigan
Co-sponsored by UCLA Dept. of History

Short film screening and discussion with Bahram Beyzai, Film/Theatre Director, Screen/Play writer, Researcher

A Night with Bahram Beyzai
*Lecture in Persian

Monday, November 21, 7pm 2160E Broad Hall

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