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Suzuki Mehran VX


Suzuki Bolan VX

ECIB/Courier/other bank charges (flat)

Rs. 450/-

Rs. 550/-

Mr. / Mrs. / Miss: Father’s / Husband’s Name: C NIC No. Date of Birth: Educational Qualification: First Name Muhammad Yousaf Last Name


Karamat Ali


2 0










Expiry Date:


Month Sep




Passing year of last education certificate:

What did you do after completion of education: Do you know how to drive: Yes

Job Less
No If yes: Driving License #: Place of Issue: Date of Issue: Expiry Date:


Present Residential Address:

House # 10, Street # 1, Muhammad Pura, Rawan Road, Ichhra,
Near Masjid Haji Chirag Din, Lahore
Tel: 042-37574227 Mobile: 0300-4266773 E-mail:

Living at Present Address:

Since Birth

(31Years) Years

Permanent Residential Address: House # 10, Street # 1, Muhammad Pura, Rawan Road, Ichhra,

Near Masjid Haji Chirag Din, Lahore
Tel: 042-37574227 Domicile Marital Status: District: Lahore Married * Un-Married Mobile: 0300-4266773 Tehsil : Other: Total No. of dependents Class


2 No. of Adult dependents 3 No. of Children: Children/dependent’s Education Institution: (For studying children/dependents) Name and address of Educational Institution Child/Dependent Name


Monthly Fee Amount (Rs.)

JOB / BUSINESS EXPERIENCE (if you have any experience in last 05 years) (In case of Yes please provide the below mentioned required information) Yes No


Name of Employer/ Business: Detail of Job/Business: Reason of Leaving: Date of Leaving Business/Job:

Bank Information
Are you maintaining any Bank A/C? Bank Name: Do you have a credit card?
Issuing Bank’s Name Card Number

Yes *

If yes, Your Account No. 166554-001 Branch 0301 No Summit Bank (Formerly Arif Habib Bank) DHA (2) Branch Lahore


Card Type

If yes, please provide the following information

Credit Limit Rs.

Member Since Year

Outstanding Balance Rs.

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ICHHRA. 042-37574227 Fax: muhammadyousaf_ali@yahoo. 3000 Rs. Commercial Regular Services Amount Over. 9000 (P) (Q) (R) Other Daily Expenses (Relating to Business) Rs. I certify and undertake that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. MUHAMMAD PURA. Direct Expense per day(AxCxF)= 05 Rs. 1.FOR INDIVIDUALS PRESCRIBED UNDER PRUDENTIAL REGULATION R-8 (TO BE COMPLETED IN CAPITAL LETTERS OR TYPEWRITTEN) Date of Request.due (if any) Any other Amount Rescheduled/ Restructured (if any) EXISTING LIMITS AND STATUS: Expiry Date Fund Based Non Fund Based 5. BORROWER’S PROFILE: Name Address: Phone#: E-mail Address: CNIC #: Father Name: MUHAMMAD YOUSAF ALI HOUSE# 10. Per Km Daily Available Cash: (H-I) Average daily maintenance expense: 500 1000 (K) (L) (M) (N) (O) School Fee & Other Monthly Expenses (e. 15000 Rs. Rent) Net Available Cash for Installment (N-O-P) Monthly Installment Net saving/loss (Q-R) Rs. RAWAN ROAD. 1000 (A) (B) Km. EXISTING LIMITS AND STATUS: Fund Based Non Fund Based 6. Latest Income Tax/Wealth Tax Form to be submitted by the borrower. Details of payment schedule if term loan sought. STREET# 1. APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE Page 2/4 COUNTER SIGN BY BANK’s OFFICIAL .APPLICATION FORM FOR LEASE FINANCE UNDER SELF EMPLOYMENT SCHEME FOR EDUCATED UNEMPLOYED YOUTH FINANCIAL INFORMATION Details of properties/Assets (Yours and Parents/Spouse and children) Details House/Plot/Flat/Agriland Motorcar/Bike Gold/Jewllery Cash/Prize Bonds/Investments Property add: Reg # Tola: Estimated Value Owner’s Name Others Total: How will I pay monthly installments/Future cash flows Assumptions: Ichhra Lahore I will operate the CAB at ________________________________ (Area/Route) where i expect the followings : Daily Average No of Trips: Average Fare per Trip: Average Distance per Trip: No. Nil Rs. 4 7 REFERENCES (AT LEAST TWO): The details of references are same as of guarantors on next 3 5 2 0 0 1 4 4 3 5 7 6 3 National Tax #: KARAMAT ALI 5 2 0 0 1 4 4 3 5 7 Father’s CNIC #: 3 2. 7. of working days per month: Expected Cash Flow Expected Income per day(AxB)= Avg. 3. LAHORE Office: Res. 5000 Rs. 1500 /Day Rs. cost of petrol per Km (D/E) Rs. Per Litre Km per Litre (D) (E) (F) 100 26 Rs. 30000 BORROWER’S BASIC FACT SHEET . Rs. 2000 Rs. NATURE OF BUSINESS/ PROFESSION: Industrial 4. Days (C) (G) (H) (I) (J) Petrol Price: Milage per Litre: Avg. Available Cash per day (J-K-I) Monthly Available Cash (MxG) Monthly House Expense (Food/Others): Rs. 45000 Rs. 6000 Rs.g.

Further we hereby jointly & severaly. Name: C. 5. Applicant cannot be guarantor of another applicant.I. T he charg es relating to leg al documentation. 23. T he application may be rejected/cancelled or facility may be called back at the sole discretion of BOP. Applicant must possess valid CNIC. · Only one application per person shall be acce pted. 21. of the Punjab. 2010. Applicant must not have any criminal record. 13. 20. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED Prescribed Application Form duly filled & signed by applicant & guarantors · · · · · · · · · · · Attested copy of valid CNIC of applicant Attested copy of valid motor car driving license Two Recent Photographs duly attested Attested copy of Domicile certificate Latest Copy of utility bill (Electricity or Gas or phone or Water) of the applicant’s residence Attested copy of education certificates Affidavit (on Rs. false or forg ed.APPLICATION FORM FOR LEASE FINANCE UNDER SELF EMPLOYMENT SCHEME FOR EDUCATED UNEMPLOYED YOUTH REFERENCES/GUARANTORS DETAILS We hereby verify and confirm the contents of the applicant are correct & true. Name: C. Allowing the facility shall be subject to availability of allocated quota. 2. 9. unconditionally & irrevocably guarantee to BOP the repayment within 02 days of demand of all sums due & payable to you under the scheme against the lessee without any question & query or reference to the applicant/lessee and shall remain liable to BOP until all moneys due from the lessee/applicant have been paid to the satisfaction of BOP. Rules & procedures of the bank shall remain applicable all the times. if any stated infor mation is found incor rect. 4. T he vehicle shall be used for the pur pose it is allowed. whichever comes later. 2. Applicant must be domiciled in the district from where application is being made.stamp paper) regarding unemployment status. T he vehicle shall not be transfer red in the name of successful applicant till maturity of lease facility or 03 years. Father’s Name: Residential Address: Designation/Profession: Business/Off Address: Tel Off: Fax: Tel Res: Relationship Cell: National Tax # Email Address: Electricity / Gas / Water / Phone Bill Reference # Signature: ___________________________________ 2. Successful applicants shall de posit Lease Key Money within stipulated period. Applicant must possess a valid Car Driving license issued on or before Jul y 15. Govt. Applicant must be 21 to 35 years of ag e as on Jul y15. T he applicant must not be defaulter of any bank/Financial Institution. No. T he facility is subject to compliance of all SBP pr udential regulations.00 Million Attested copy of valid CNIC of 1st Guarantor Latest Copy of utility bill (Electricity or Gas or phone or Water) in the name of 1st Guarantor Attested copy of valid CNIC of 2nd Guarantor Latest Copy of utility bill (Electricity or Gas or phone or Water) in the name of 2nd Guarantor Page 3/4 . 7. Applicant must have minimum qualification of FA/FSc/Inter mediate or equivalent.C. 24. 18. 14. 11. T he total assets of applicant and his/her parents/spouse & children must not be valued at more than Rs. 10. 12. Lease facility for only one vehicle per family (applicant and his/her parents/spouse & children) shall be allowed. 20/.2. Incomplete & false infor mation shall lead to disqualification of the applicant and he/she shall not have right to initiate any leg al proceedings ag ainst the BOP. 6. 3.I. compliance of PR.000 million. Successful candidate will have to complete a two weeks mandator y training at the driving school identified by Transpor t De par tment.N. Father’s Name: Residential Address: Designation/Profession: Business/Off Address: Tel Off: Fax: National Tax # Relationship Tel Res: Cell: Email Address: Electricity / Gas / Water / Phone Bill Reference # Signature: ___________________________________ MAIN FEATURES & TERMS I hereby request you for Lease Finance Facility of above mentioned vehicle for five years under the scheme and hereby acknowledge & confir m that I have read all ter ms & conditions of the scheme included but not restricted to stated hereunder which are acce pted to me and under take to abide by the same. 1. Applicant must not be employed in any public or private org anisation. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF THE SCHEME 1. 16. 17. 19. re possession or any other matter related to lease facility will be bor ne by applicant. 25.C. 15. 22. T he ECIB/courier/other bank charg es shall be submitted with application from and will be non-refundable. 8. One person can be guarantor of one applicant only. Selection will be done through live computerized balloting ag ainst quota of his/her Tehsil of residence in front of electronic media. 2011 . having no default/criminal history and total assets not more than Rs. future cash f lows & verification of credentials & veracity of documents. No.N.

8. 2. complete & accurate and I have not withheld any infor mation per taining to the same. & stamp) Head Office Application Approved Declined If approved. I under take to infor m BOP in writing in case of chang e of any details stipulated in this application for m within 07 days of such chang es. 6. 9.2.received & credited to nominated account The Applicant fulfills the basic criteria for balloting Criteria Age: Education CNIC Motor car Driving License Affidavit Domicile Application Requirement between 21 to 35 years Minimum Intermediate/Equivalent Valid Must be issued on or before July 15. In case of dishonor of cheque(s). I have diverg ed details of various facilities already obtained from BOP or other financial institutions in the relevant section. 5. 7. I hereby authorize BOP & any relevant third par ties to exchang e infor mation for the pur pose of processing my lease application including conduct of my account till such time as the entire amount this facility is paid by me in full to the BOP. I shall acce pt & abide by all g eneral ter ms & conditions of financing enforced from time to time. --------------. No Criminal Record In respective Tehsil of Punjab Completely filled & signed Qualified (yes/no) Yes Branch Manager (Name. Facility disbursement date: Vehicle Delivery Date: dated Model Chassis no. Facility parking branch name & code Monthly Rental: Due Date Registration no Manager Head Page 4/4 . if not provided under any specific ag reement and shall execute the prescribed ag reements relating thereto and all other documents/cheque which may require from me at the time of g ranting the facility or at any time thereafter. I hereby ag ree and confir m that T he BOP shall have the exclusive rights to cancel/ter minate the lease. T he BOP shall have rights to reject my application at its sole discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever and will not incur any liability for the same.APPLICATION FORM FOR LEASE FINANCE UNDER SELF EMPLOYMENT SCHEME FOR EDUCATED UNEMPLOYED YOUTH I hereby confir m & under take that. T he details fur nished in this application for m are cor rect. Signature: ___________________________________ FOR BANK USE ONLY Branch Level: Application reviewed & found in order All attachments/required documents are in order Respective charges of Rs. I hereby authorize my leg al heirs to clear my all outstanding liabilities/outstanding lease inclusive of markup/ ser vice charg es or any other charg es due to BOP incase of my death or any other similar circumstances. Lease agreement Vehicle: Make Engine no. 4. worth Rs.00 Million Un-employed. 2010 & Valid Max. T here is no criminal proceedings that have been instituted ag ainst me or within my knowledg e like / pending to be instituted ag ainst me. T he BOP shall reser ve its exclusive rights to avail all available leg al remedies ag ainst me. I hereby ag ree to indemnify and hold the bank indemnified & har mless ag ainst all claims and liabilities that may arise as a result of your action for us pursuant to the scheme. Sign. 3. to take possession of the vehicle in case of event of default by me as per bank’s r ules & regulations without prior infor mation to me. 1. I will issue post dated cheques as and when required to ensure/guarantee re payment of lease in monthly installments.