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CSC’s CAMS II® Card & Merchant System gives you a high-performance. electronic payments and merchant accounts. TAKE BACK CONTROL Looking for true differentiation? Join the growing number of issuers and acquirers that are processing cards in-house. agility. Rather than revise software code or wait for IT. • Gain Speed. Conquering the cards market begins with CSC. You must seize market share wherever you can. languages and company hierarchies. They can simply modify existing products or CAMS II templates and use the system’s parameter-based architecture and rules engine to power product development and extend card portfolios. core processing engine for managing all forms of cards. And you need overdrive just to keep up with the rate of change in the global environment.TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED Trying to get ahead in today’s overcommoditized cards market is an uphill battle. countries. Many of the world’s leading financial services companies drive their cards programs with CAMS II’s global solution that supports accounts in multiple currencies. Improving CAMS II puts the business side of your organization back in control of product development and overall cards management. CONQUER THE CARDS MARKET product innovation. only to lose ground later. Flexibility and Control • Drive Product Innovation and Growth • Manage Costs and Boost Profitability • Improve Customer Service . What if you had a vehicle to take you to new heights of innovation and profitability? What if you could accelerate your cards programs on your own terms and blaze your own trails to new markets? You need robust software that drives all aspects of cards management. scalability and time to market begins with in-house processing. product managers and other business users are in the driver’s seat. cost control. but it takes speed and power to outmaneuver your competition. You achieve short-term advantages.

CAMS II manages charge-offs and write-offs. and provides a central facility for correspondence. It eliminates manual processes and provides real-time transaction processing capabilities. fraudulent transactions.CAMS II FOR CARD ISSUERS FLEXIBLE PRODUCT FRAMEWORK FOR MULTIPLE CARD TYPES: • Credit. chargebacks and other customer service functions are processed electronically. Limits can be segregated by standard credit. Disputes. cash advance. lost/stolen cards. installment credit and plastic spending. MasterCard and American Express • Revolving Credit and Private Label • EMV/Contactless • Virtual Cards • Gas/Petrol • Business Cards • Loyalty and Gift Cards AUTOMATE AND STREAMLINE CARD PROCESSES • Electronic Benefits Transfer • Installment Loans • And Many Others CAMS II gives card issuers control over all card management activities — from account setup to billing and customer service. CAMS II also offers out-of-thebox integration with leading authorization and settlement software including ACI BASE24-eps™ and ACI Payments™ Manager. It automates card activation and PIN management as well as a full range of billing and payment processing activities. CAMS II supports flexible authorization criteria and transaction decisioning based on previous events. enabling companies to deliver world-class product features and services. . Debit and Prepaid/ Stored Value • Co-Branded Visa.

Other unique features include prepaid authorization decisioning. The system generates investigative and fraud management reports. . associated fees. but the bank realized the one-size-fits-all relationship had limitations. card load/ reload from multiple payment channels. Designed to minimize the impact of compliance updates. Authorization requests are automatically referred to the appropriate resource for further action. personalized or anonymous prepaid products. deposits and lending — and to control its own strategic cards program.LAUNCH INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND PROMOTIONS CAMS II allows the business team to rapidly create and manage innovative card products. and rolling out training for both business and technical staff. including pending charge-off statistics and fraud case aging details. loyalty programs and new pricing strategies. converting data from the processor to the bank’s new in-house systems. MasterCard and American Express. bank had outsourced its cards to a third-party processor for more than a decade.S. The bank needed to launch new. including automatic issuance of replacement cards and reversals of fraudulent transactions. User-defined business rules manage lost and stolen card processes. CSC assisted in planning and implementing the system. innovative card products quickly to better direct and achieve its business strategies. STREAMLINE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE CAMS II includes mandatory regulatory compliance updates for the major associations including Visa. DEBIT CARD ISSUER MOVES PROCESSING IN-HOUSE A major national U. CAMS II lets financial institutions avoid outsourced management of prepaid products that can deliver low margins for the time and effort required to launch and customize products. which the bank already used for deposit processing. as well as its out-of-the-box integration with CSC’s Hogan® Deposits System. The bank was impressed with the system’s depth of functionality. finance charges and prior adjustments or offsets to original transactions. CAMS II continually flags and monitors suspicious activity and issues daily activity reports for fraud investigation. The bank evaluated several options and chose CSC’s CAMS II to move debit card processing in-house. including transaction-level pricing and other options. reloadable. card-to-card transfers and inventory management. CAMS II includes unique features for processing debit and prepaid cards. MANAGE LOST/STOLEN CARDS AND RELATED RISK TOP U. Whether disposable. CAMS II isolates those updates from other aspects of the system using its advanced change-control features.S. CAMS II positioned the bank to break down its silos and integrate cards.

general ledger and product configurations for a virtually unlimited number of thirdparty companies. Pricing options can be based on a variety of transaction attributes including transaction type. “Not only can products be modified quickly to support a wide range of processing options.g. and how information on acquired transactions is provided to the merchant. CAMS II supports multicurrency conversion and dynamic currency conversion. Acquirers can also realize greater pricing flexibility by coupling multiple card acceptance with transactionand account-level pricing at the individual merchant account level. For cross-border payments. plastic type (credit.” CAMS II enables acquiring banks to establish multilevel organizational structures to define processing. on-us or not-on-us. Acquirers can control where transactions are accepted. Merchants also can accept multiple currencies at the point of sale while settling transactions in the merchant’s preferred currency. pricing. CAMS II allows a single merchant account to submit transactions in any currency. and now executes more than 1 billion transactions annually. According to the company’s CEO. correspondence and reporting features. characteristics of the transaction (e.CAMS II FOR ACQUIRERS AND THIRD-PARTY PROCESSORS ACHIEVE NEW LEVELS OF MERCHANT PRICING AND SETTLEMENT FLEXIBILITY THIRD-PARTY PROCESSOR EXPANDS IN EUROPE Within 3 years of choosing CAMS II. . To streamline the setup of new companies. and entry mode (keyed. and clients include 10 of Europe’s leading banks. Cardholders can convert a purchase to local currency when making a payment in foreign currency. business processing rules. when and where payments are made and funds collected. The system provides automated transaction-level billing features for third-party services. swiped or paper).. CAMS II is the best system on the market for high-volume processors. Visa or MasterCard). acquirers can automatically apply base processing rules and customize other details as needed to meet unique requirements. but the platform’s multicountry. a leading European third-party card processor grew its business from 15 million to 29 million cards. The processor has expanded into nine countries. debit or business card). ENHANCE THIRD-PARTY PROCESSING CAPABILITIES CAMS II fully supports third-party card processing services for both issuing and acquiring. Separate firewalls isolate customer and account data. multilanguage characteristics can be adapted to each situation.

IBM benchmarked CAMS II to process 100 million active credit card accounts at up to 1. In addition.550 transactions per second. The proven performance and scalability of CAMS II make it the fail-safe choice for cards companies looking to support a range of growth opportunities. It also supports a service-oriented architecture approach. Given a typical card portfolio of 30 percent active accounts and 70 percent inactive. . EVEN AT HIGH VOLUMES CAMS II is designed to meet the needs of issuers. CAMS II can deliver real-time. In fact. The system furnishes a full range of interfaces. actionable data to your business intelligence engine to improve reporting and increase performance agility.CAMS II TECHNOLOGY DELIVERS A SOLID FOUNDATION LEVERAGE AN ADVANCED. from regional financial services companies to global banks and large processors. acquirers and processors worldwide. including Web services designed to easily integrate with various user channels and Web portals. CAMS II is a production-proven system built for IBM’s highly reliable and scalable DB2® Universal Database™ Server for z/OS™. OPEN ARCHITECTURE INCREASE SPEED AND PERFORMANCE.

7672 or +1. Automated real-time financial calculations are accessed only when needed. COUNT ON THE SUPPORT OF AN INDUSTRY LEADER With more than 30 years of experience in financial services. CAMS II has all the features you need to support all card types and loyalty programs.CAMS II can support up to 300 million accounts on a single platform. a major technological advancement that increases system scalability and availability while reducing the cost of computing. which helps to eliminate massive daily portfolio calculations and reduce overhead. or e-mail inforequests@csc. . For more information about CSC’s CAMS II Card & Merchant System. logical computing facility.469.9981.499. CSC is committed to innovation in cards and electronic payments. call 800. This technology enables CAMS II to harness the power of up to 32 separate z/OS systems while making them behave as a single. CAMS II also offers a full range of automated features to save time and computing resources.345. flexibility and control to seize growth opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. CSC takes full advantage of IBM’s Parallel Sysplex. It gives you the power to launch new products when and how you want without waiting on IT. CAMS II positions card processing organizations for the future of digital payments. It is the ideal solution for large organizations struggling to meet the expanding availability and CPU resource requirements of online transaction systems. This scalability makes CAMS II a solid growth platform. including real-time processing of interchange transactions throughout the business day and auto-scheduling of account activities for CAMS II delivers speed.

consulting and outsourcing services to leading financial services firms around the world. CSC is vendor-independent.534000 AUSTRALIA 26 Talavera Road Macquarie Park. tools and processes to address specific business needs. With the broadest range of capabilities. collaborate with partners and clients. Printed in USA 94409500 CSC’s CAMS II Card & Merchant System is protected by U. For more than 45 years. CSC makes a special point of understanding its clients and provides experts with real-world experience to work with them. Patent: 6.” ABOUT CSC IN FINANCIAL SERVICES CSC provides mission-critical business solutions. and investment management and securities firms rely on the experience. systems integration and consulting needs. and improve operations. focus on core businesses. More than 1. www. CSC offers clients the solutions they need to manage complexity. MIDDLE EAST. ingenuity and leadership of more than 10. and we continually enhance those solutions by collaborating with an extensive network of client communities and technology partners.876. Virginia 22042 United States +1. NSW 2113 Australia +61(0)29034.000 CSC employees focused on financial services. delivering solutions that best meet each client’s unique requirements.086 . We help clients plan for business and technology change.200 major Copyright © 2009 Computer Sciences All rights reserved.3000 ASIA 139 Cecil Street #06-00 Cecil House Singapore 069539 Republic of Singapore +65.1000 EUROPE. Our global outsourcing operations give us real-world insight into business and IT processes that deliver the best results for our clients. clients in industries and governments worldwide have trusted CSC with their business process and information systems outsourcing. We bring more choices to the industry.6221. Hampshire GU11 1PZ United Kingdom +44(0)1252.9095 ABOUT CSC The mission of CSC is to be a global leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services.BUSINESS SOLUTIONS TECHNOLOGY OUTSOURCING WORLDWIDE CSC HEADQUARTERS THE AMERICAS 3170 Fairview Park Drive Falls Church.446. insurers. We create software. AFRICA Royal Pavilion Wellesley Road Aldershot.S. The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “CSC.