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Curriculum Vitae of Sanjoy Kumar Nandi Address

House-8, Mount Stromlo Observatory, Weston-2611, ACT Mobile: 0410164925 E-mail:

 M.Phil. in Physics Institute : Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) Result : 3.25(Out of 4.0) Year : 2010  M.S. in Physics Institute : University of Chittagong. Result : 3.80 on the scale of 4.00 Year : 2004 (Held in February-July 2008).  Four-year B.Sc. ( Honours) in Physics Institute : University of Chittagong. Result : 3.64 on the scale of 4.00 Year : 2003 (Held in April 2006)  Higher Secondary Certificate(H.S.C.) Institute : Narsingdi Govt. College Board : Dhaka Result : First Division Year : 1998  Secondary School Certificate(S.S.C.) Institute : Narsingdi Pilot High School Board : Dhaka Result : First Division Year : 1996

1. Received University Merit Scholarship awarded by University of Chittagong. 2. Received National Science Information Communication and Technology (NSICT) fellowship for the FY-2008-09 3. Received National Science Information Communication and Technology (NSICT) fellowship for the FY-2009-10

PUBLICATIONS 1. Sanjoy Kumar Nandi and Himangshu Ranjan Ghosh. A wind–PV-battery hybrid power system at Sitakunda in Bangladesh. Energy Policy 37 (2009) 3659–3664. 2. Sanjoy Kumar Nandi and Himangshu Ranjan Ghosh. Prospect of wind- PV-battery hybrid power system as an alternative to grid extension in Bangladesh. Energy 35(2010) 3040-3047. 3. Sanjoy Kumar Nandi and Himangshu Ranjan Ghosh. Techno-economical analysis of offgrid hybrid systems at Kutubdia Island, Bangladesh. Energy Policy 38 (2010) 976–980.

Mathematical Physics-1 and Classical Mechanics-1. Solid State Physics-2. Electronics-1. Magnetism-II. COMPUTE LITERACY Programming in C. COURSES ATTENDED DURING 4 YEAR BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONOURS) Quantum Mechanics-2. Mathematical Physics-2 and Classical Mechanics-2. Combustion techniques) Characterization (structureral. Atomic and Molecular Physics. Nuclear Physics-2. and Experimental Techniques in Solid State Physics THESIS WORK:  Investigation of Magnetic Properties of Ba4Ni 2-xZnx Fe36O60 Ferrites. AREA OF INTEREST  Magnetism  Superconductivity  Renewable Energy PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP  Life Member of Bangladesh Physical Society (BPS). Windows xp 2000/98. Statistics. Chemistry-1 (Physical-I. Mathematics-1 (Algebra. MS Excel. Radiation and Statistical Mechanics. COURSES ATTENDED DURING 1 YEAR MASTER OF SCIENCE Nuclear Physics. Simulation Software (HOMER.MS Word. Trigonometry and Geometry-I). 4. Radiation and Health Physics. Integral Calculus. Preparation of ceramic materials (Solid State Reaction Method. Inorganic-II. COURSES ATTENDED DURING 2 YEARS MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY Physics of Semiconductors and Superconductors. Chemistry-2 (Physical-II. Solid State Physics-1. Fundamentals of Computer. General Properties of Matter. Nuclear Physics-1. Material Physics. Superconductivity. Mathematics-2 (Differential Calculus. X-rays.0 and Quick Basic. Internet and Browsing. Inorganic-I. Relativity. Electronics-2. Organic-II). Renewable Energy. Organic-I).  Life Member of Bangladesh Solar Energy Society. MS PowerPoint. Characterization of Solar Cells and PV system. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY 1. electrical and magnetic properties) of materials Wind and Solar Energy Resource Assessment and Feasibility Study of Hybrid Systems. Atmospheric Physics. VB 6. Magnetism-I. Reactor. Quantum Mechanics-1. Electricity and Magnetism. Optics. Bengali: Mother tongue 2. Electrodynamics. 2. Heat and Thermodynamics. 3. Computational Physics. THESIS WORK:  Pre-Feasibility Study of a Wind-PV Hybrid System Application for Sitakunda. Solid State Physics.RESEARCH EXPERIENCES 1. English: (Reading/Writing/Speaking/Understanding). Astrophysics and Cosmology. RETSCREEN) . Geometry-II).

Banani. PERSONAL INFORMATION NAME FATHER’S NAME MOTHER’S NAME PERMANENT ADDRESS E-MAIL DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH RELIGION GENDER MARITAL STATUS NATIONALITY : : : : : : : : : : Sanjoy Kumar Nandi Sunil Kumar Nandi Rekha Rani Nandi 33 South Kanda Para. 6th December. Chittagong.physics@yahoo. Bangladesh : Lecturer : 18 February 2009 to 30 September 2009. Arun Kumar Deb Professor Department of Physics University of Chittagong Phone:+88 01819629799 E-mail: akdeb. skumarnandi@yahoo. Bangladesh : Lecturer : 21 January 2010 to till date : Primeasia University : Department of Natural . Chittagong-4331. Bangladesh : Lecturer : 1 October 2009 to 19 January 2010 : University of Science and Technology Chittagong : Faculty of Science and Engineering. 1979 Narsingdi Hindu Male Married Bangladeshi (By birth) REFERENCES  Dr. Photography and Travelling WORK EXPERIENCES  Institute Address Position Duration  Institute Address Position Duration  Institute Address Position Duration : University of Chittagong : Department of physics. Narsingdi-1600.PERSONAL INTEREST Watching Movies.

 Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Nandi Signature . Himangshu Ranjan Ghosh Research Associate Institute of Renewable Energy Research Centre University of Dhaka Mobile: +8801711977248 E-mail: DECLARATION I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.