Mayank Chauhan


To get associated with an organization, sharpening my management as well as technical skills and excel my field of expertise, which help me for my professional growth and making myself a better person fitting into an organization. I would be more interested in learning new skills that the work will offers and ability to work in a team.

I completed my B.E - Electronics & Communication Engineering from L.D.R.P ITR, Gandhinagar with 69 % aggregate percentage. And I got I-DIST class.

Course B.E.(8th SEM) B.E.(7th SEM) B.E.(6th SEM) B.E.(5th SEM) B.E.(4th SEM) B.E.(3rd SEM) BE 1st YEAR H.S.C S.S.C

School / College L.D.R.P - ITR L.D.R.P - ITR L.D.R.P - ITR L.D.R.P - ITR L.D.R.P - ITR L.D.R.P - ITR L.D.R.P - ITR Narmada Vidyalaya Narayan Vidya Vihar

Board / Unive rsity Gujarat Gujarat Gujarat Gujarat Gujarat Gujarat Gujarat G.S.H.E.B G.S.E.B

Year Of Passing June-2011 Dec-2010 June-2010 Dec.-Jan2010 Nov-2009 Dec-2008 June-2008 March-2007 March-2005

Percentage 67.66 69.12 69.78 72.63 64.38 58.11 64.71 73.60 80.86



Programming Languages Design Tools Software Tools

C & VHDL Circuit Maker, Mathlab Quartus –II , Keil Microvision

 Four Lane Traffic Controller: Designed a traffic controller which controls the four lane traffic. SEMINARS GIVEN:  Bluetooth  Blue Ray Disc  Viterbi Decoder algorithm INDUSTRIAL TRAINING:  Pursuing Final Semester Training In one of the very known Organization SAHJANAND LASER TECHNOLOGY Ltd.P Institute of Technology and Research.R. We develop a logical programme and load it on AT89C2051 microcontroller. KEY PROJECTS:  Ultrasonic Distance Sensor:- Designed an ultrasonic sensor that detects solid objects up to 10m distance. .  Participated in National Level Technical Synopsis Convergence-2009 held at Ganpat University.  Astable Multivibrator :Designed an astable multivibrator using 555 timer.CO-CURRICULAR ACHIEVEMENTS:  Won 1st prize in robotics event at XENESIS-2010 held at L. It transmits the ultrasonic ray and detects the objects up to 10m and received ray at receiver.D. In future we develop this project for automatic sensing traffic controller. and proves the principle that astable multivibrator is not have any stable point.  Multiple Door Access System: Designed a Multiple Door Access system using digital code lock which is useful to access the multiple doors of any organization.

Hindi Contact Number Date of Birth Gender E-mail Known Languages DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge.D.INDUSTRIAL VISITS:  Visited HI REL (Electronics Company) in the 3rd semester which stated at Gandhinagar GIDC.Zadeshwar Road.Narmada Nagar.P Institute of Technology.” PERSONAL PROFILE: Address A-12.  Visited VIDECON NARMADA GLASS Ltd at Mayank Chauhan .”  Appointed as an Organizer of Tech fest “XENESIS-2011” in the year 2010-11 by the faculty of “L.D. Bholav.P Institute of Technology.Mayankchauhan10312@gmail.R.R. English.Prabhat Bunglows. Gujarati. Bharuch(392015) Gujarat-India (M)+91 9904910312 11th MAR 90’ Male Mayankchauhan49@yahoo. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE:  Appointed as an Event coordinator of X-Quiz in Tech fest “XENESIS-2010” in the year 2010-11 by the faculty of “L.