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4. 7 3. TOPIC 1. Executive Summary Page No. 2. 5. Company Analysis 8  About Matrix cellular 9  Vision & Promise 10  Services Offered 11-16  Organizational Structure 17-23  Strategies 31  Strength 32-34 Literature Survey 35-37 Context 38-42  Introduction to finance management 43  Objectives of finance management 44  Principles of finance 45-48  Activities sales do 49-54 Research Objective 55  Research Methodology 56  Sample Size 57  Procedure 58-59 .No.CONTENTS Sr.

specially strategic advertising decisions relating to the type of media. And also help in the identification of projected requirement in 6 months. Market research studies help in this matter a lot. a scale to creating a customer. An organization should have well set and well-equipped strategy for this purpose. . this thinking is the paradigm. The effect of various marketing strategies can be reviewed. The intense competition makes the companies to take necessary steps. The companies have to introduce newer marketing strategies to attract the new corporate customers. This will help in designing suitable marketing strategy to reach more & more card services. Its understanding is helpful in making marketing decisions and formulating the strategies. length of the messages knowledge of level of consumer involvement in the product categories has been reported to be the utility to marketing professionals. degree of reputation. quantity of information’s. communication planning.ORGANIZATION : MATRIX CELLULAR LIMITED There is high degree of competition in the SIM & 3G . Growth & Profit are the objective of any business organization. In decisions relating to segmentation and positioning. Growth is only possible when the product is successful in market. Marketers get involved in the marketing research. Customer involvement in a product is an important variable influencing the pre purchase of consumer behavior. A business function is concerned with the formation of long-term objectives and the development of plans to achieve them. as well as retain the old customers. This survey will help to know the market share of Matrix cellular Broadband & Telephone services in the SMB (Small Medium Business) corporate sector in Delhi and other part of india as well.

3G data cards and wireless communication for use in India and abroad. by offering countryspecific international SIM cards. cost-effective mobile and data service have enabled us to become the undisputed market leader.with a convenient.COMPANY ANALYSIS About Matrix cellular Started in 1995. students and corporate . since the cellular phone/data connections are local to the country you are travelling to. Our services include international SIM cards. Moreover. We ensure that you stay in touch without paying huge mobile bills. you enjoy better coverage . Matrix introduced the concept of local connectivity in India. Matrix Cellular Services is a Delhi-based company providing complete telecommunication solutions for Indian travellers going abroad. Our vision and effort to connect the Indian outbound traveller – individuals.