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GKG.NET, INC. Reseller Checklist
GKG provides this checklist as a service to our resellers. It is very important for all resellers to keep very in depth records. Please use this checklist to make sure that your reseller file is complete. I have decided to join the GKG ___________________ Program (which program). My Reseller Application is complete and has been sent to GKG on _______/______/______ via _________________. My Reseller Terms and Conditions are signed and have been sent to GKG on _______/_______/_______ via _________________ My Reseller Application has been approved by GKG on _______/_______/_______.

I will be connecting to the GKG domain registration system using the: Click Through Model (Affiliates must use this option) and the URL to my site is: http://www.gkg.net/______________________________/register SuperSRS API (requires Perl programming) My SuperSRS API License Agreement has been signed and sent to GKG on _______/_______/_______ via _________________. I have received my copy of the GKG SuperSRS on _______/_______/_______ via _________________. Testbed Username: _________________ Testbed Password:__________________ My Reseller ID is ______________________ My negotiated price for domain registration is $______________/domain year. I have visited http://www.gkg.net/domain/resellers to view all online documents available to resellers.