Towing and Recovery Association of America Presents Annual Awards On Saturday, October 1, 2011, at its Fall Board Meeting

in Portland, OR, The Tow ing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) presented several awards. Washington, DC, October 18, 2011 -- On Saturday, October 1, 2011, at its Fall Bo ard Meeting in Portland, OR, The Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRA A) presented several awards. The Presidential Award was given to Clarissa Powell and Bill Giorgis Clarissa an d Bill used the L&L Conference as a springboard for their campaign to energize a ll towing associations to take a look to see how they can work closely with towe rs in their states and build interest in the needs of the members. Following the L&L Conference, they took the data received and did an analysis of what the various associations felt they needed in order to increase membership and activ ity within the individual associations and thereby have a positive response from the industry as a whole. They had a second presentation at the PWOF show to sha re the results of that analysis with the state association leaders. TRAA would l ike to thank Clarissa and Bill for their enthusiasm and time investment. The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Joanne Blyton While Joanne is i n the Montana Legislature, and therefore unable to attend TRAAâ s March conference, s he has been an extremely loyal Board Member and hard worker over the past few ye ars. In fact, last year she was functioning as 4th Vice President and Chair of t he Bylaws Committee and the Finance Committee. Joanne keeps in touch regularly, still serves on the Finance Committee and takes time to review the P&Lâ s and bud get reviews. TRAA is grateful for Joanneâ s constant support. Two Citizenship Awards went to Tim Jackson and Bill Candler Tim is the editor of Tow Times magazine and Bill is the editor of Towing and Recovery Footnotes. The se two gentlemen are constantly looking for ways to help our industry by writing informative and positive articles about what all the associations are accomplis hing. They are in constant contact with TRAA headquarters to find out anything t hat they can write about that will be supportive of the national association and the towing industry. TRAA is truly grateful for their upbeat articles and atten tion. The Certification Award was received by Betty Cornwell Betty Cornwell is Executi ve Director of the Towing and Recovery Professionals of Maryland which has a Lic ense Agreement with TRAA for certification testing. Betty faithfully pulls toget her groups of towers, administers the tests, and sends them to TRAA for processi ng. She works tirelessly to assure drivers are educated and trained for their sa fety on the job. TRAA would like to recognize Betty for all of her efforts. WTRAA Names Tow Woman of the Year WTRAA also made their presentation of the Tow Woman of the Year award. This awar d was presented to Ruth Landau. Ruth Landau has made a difference in the entire towing industry through her involvement and many years of services with the Prof essional Wrecker Operators of Florida, The International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum, and The Towing & Recovery Association of America. If you hav e ever attended the Florida Tow Show, you will see Ruth everywhere, answering qu estions, helping participants, directing duties, and just all around being helpf ul and hospitable to everyone. She's always ready with a smile and laugh. She ha s chaired the tow ladies luncheon for the past two years - bringing tow ladies t ogether for a little fun and fellowship. It is strong women like Ruth who give t heir support, time and talents to the betterment of not only the women in towing , but for the entire towing industry. The Towing and Recovery Association of America endeavors to pass along positive news about the towing industry and places press releases in conjunction with the

se efforts. This release is a part of that effort. News submissions can be sent to Contact: Jeffrey Godwin TowPartners P. O. Box 2349 Keller, TX 76244 817-337-8111

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