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Gus Machado

Data Technology Customers

Products Overview Business Intelligence Associative Search In-Memory Platform Mobile BI Data Visualisation Real Time Data Streaming Data Integration Data Quality Data Migration Master Data Management Complex Event Processing Social Social Business Software Only true enterprisescale solution Engage employees and customers Extend your business across social capabilities

A New Kind of Software Company

U.S.-based company, founded in 1993 in Sweden Highest customer success rate 15,000 customers in 100 countries 1,100 global partners 650 employees across 22 offices in 24 countries NASDAQ: QLIK
Broad Base of 15,000 Customers

The Typical Business Reporting Experience

Hard To Get the Right Data
Users Certain Getting Right Data

Data in Multiple Formats

Users Unsure Getting Right Data

36% 64%

BARC BI Survey 8

Long Time to Get Results

Services Cost

Extremely Costly
$500K $400K $300K $200K $100K $0 SAP BW
InfoWorld & IDC BI Survey

Industry Average Deployment: 17 Months

Industry Average App Creation: 5 Months


Business Objects

What Do These Remaking Markets Common? Innovations are Companies Have in





PageRank Search Search

iPhone SmartPhone


BI Associative BI

QlikView Delivers A Consumer Approach for Business Software

People Love Consumer App Experiences People Love Using QlikView
Instant results Easy to use Intuitive interface Simplifies complex analysis Self service with minimal training

Revenue and Customer Growth Highlights Our Market Momentum

Customer Growth Revenue Growth ($MM)
$118.3 $80.6 $44.3 1,500 2,239 $24.5

15,000 13,024 10,585


7,306 5,436

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

QlikTech Year-overYear Growth









IDC Worldwide Business Intelligence Tools 2009 Vendor Shares, June 2010

QlikView Expands Addressable Market

Traditional BI: $8.6Bn Market in 2010

Large Enterprises Midsize and Small Enterprises Third Parties, Partners, Customers

Small Businesses Power Users

All Business Users

Disruptive Technology, Power and Simplicity

Analytic Capability



IT Dependent

Business User Driven

User Type

Making the Complex Simple

Consolidate information rapidly from any data source Search data with Google-like ease Visualize data with state-of-the art graphics

Associative Search Puts Users in Control





Sales Person

Sales Person IT Driven Linear, pre-defined thinking Insights missed in hidden data Months to change Data-centric

User Driven Follows the user All data, always visible Minutes to change Insight driven

Empowering Business Users

Pull model gives users what they need when they need it Easily analyze and drill down into key elements of the business Forecast, trend and create What-If? Scenarios Create self-service custom apps and dashboards

QlikView Mobile Goes Where You Go

Anytime access on iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry Total freedom from the desktop Delivers:
Dynamic, interactive data analysis Visual dashboards Associative search GPS-sensitive filtering

Collaborative BI: Think It, Build It, Share It

Any business user can create a QlikView app Mash them up into complementary apps like Google Maps or SharePoint Use QlikView Extensions to integrate third-party visualizations into QlikView

Maximum Scalability
Scales to meet the requirements of the largest global enterprises, including:

Supports tens of thousands of connected users and billions of records Perfect linear scalability Virtualization and cloud deployments

Deep Manageability
Powerful, flexible and easy consoles for measuring, monitoring and deploying QlikView applications and data Gives IT a single view into deployment status for single or multiple servers Centralized management capabilities including load balancing, administration, and refresh scheduling

Complementary To Existing BI and CRM Systems

Purpose-built connectors for popular applications, including SAP and Eases access and analysis of business data Better leverage investments in existing business and warehousing assets Enables business users to take advantage of complex systems Higher ROI on entire enterprise stack investment

The Traditional BI Data Approach

The Traditional BI Data Approach

1. Data sources pre-determined by IT

The Traditional BI Data Approach

1. 2. Data sources pre-determined by IT Data goes through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process

The Traditional BI Data Approach

1. 2. 3. Data sources pre-determined by IT Data goes through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process Data loaded into data warehouse and modeled into cubes

The Traditional BI Data Approach

1. 2. 3. 4. Data sources pre-determined by IT Data goes through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process Data loaded into data warehouse and modeled into cubes Data loaded into BI app

The Traditional BI Data Approach

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Data sources pre-determined by IT Data goes through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process Data loaded into data warehouse and modeled into cubes Data loaded into BI app Every time data changes, it goes back and forth through this process

QlikViews Unique, In-Memory, Associative Technology

QlikViews Unique, In-Memory, Associative Technology

1. Easily consolidates multiple data sources

QlikViews Unique, In-Memory, Associative Technology

1. Easily consolidates multiple data sources 2. Loads all data into memory

QlikViews Unique, In-Memory, Associative Technology

1. Easily consolidates multiple data sources 2. Loads all data into memory 3. Enables real-time associative search and analysis

The QlikView Customer Experience

Findings from IDC/QlikTech Joint Survey
BI Initiative Success and Satisfaction

96% of customers are satisfied with QlikView ROI (Return On Investment)

186% Return On Investment 6.5 month payback period Time to Value
44% deployed QlikView in 1 Month 77% deployed QlikView in 3 Months 50% reduction in information access and analysis time



QlikView: Number One in Ease of Use

is #1
Ease of use Scorekeeping to KPIs Dashboard Satisfaction and Usage


*Gartner: BI Platforms User Survey, 2010

QlikView: Number One in BI Customer Loyalty

is #1
Customer loyalty Intention to buy more licenses Query performance


*BARC: BI Survey 9, September 2010

Aberdeen: QlikView Dashboards Outperform Best-in-Class

QlikView rates above Best-in-Class in dashboard accuracy
Yearly Dashboard Cost Per User % Driven by Line of Business User










$20.00 $40.00



20% 40% 60% 80%

*Aberdeen: QlikView Customers Outperform the Best-in-Class with Dashboards, August 2010

Global Enterprise Deployments

QlikViews Unique Land and Expand Approach

QlikViews Unique Land and Expand Approach

QlikViews Unique Land and Expand Approach

QlikViews Unique Land and Expand Approach

QlikCommunity: Strength In Numbers

Vibrant, thriving online global forum at Most-visited and active user community in the BI Tens of thousands of users Free apps and best practices Significant QlikView employee participation
QlikCommunity Membership Through July 2010

Worlds Fastest-Growing BI Company Over 15,000 customers in 100 countries Provides a consumer app experience using sophisticated business data High customer satisfaction: 96% 30-day money back guarantee Seeing Is Believing In 2-3 days, we will build any company a working QlikView application using its own data


Appendix 1: Whats New in QlikView 10

Easier to Use More Open and Extensible Faster Performance Enterprise Manageability

Easier to Use
Groundbreaking advances in search New UI objects Usability for end-user and developers



More Open and Extensible

Add your own visualizations Open format for integrating data APIs, including web services API, for outside control of management tasks and data New simpler Workbench to integrate into websites

Faster Performance
AJAX with C-client interactivity Reloads 2-10x faster on multi-core machines Core calculation enhancements


Performance Index


(Nocona = 100)

3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 100


Enterprise Manageability
Metadata tags and comments Separation of load/database thread from QlikView Centralized user management and section access management Audit logging

QlikView 10: Availability

Available to all customers as a download through and QlikTech partner network QlikView Personal Edition also available as a download at

Appendix 3: In-Memory Technology vs. Traditional BI

Appendix 2: Customer Case Studies/Template

U.S. health insurer covering 131,000 members in 14 states

Challenges Required performance trends and KPI analysis on 140 million subscriber and provider records Needed to integrate Oracle, SQL Server, Access, and Paradox data Solution Deployed QlikView for: Claims processing and provider reimbursement analysis Claims representative customer satisfaction tracking Results Deployed in under two weeks Improved profitability through dramatic data accuracy improvements Increased customer satisfaction

Subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc. and manufacturer of industry-leading sports drink Gatorade.

Challenges Sought real-time sales data to proactively respond to market changes Wanted to improve reporting time Needed to handle tens of millions of data records Solution Deployed QlikView to analyze: Sales and profitability by account Sales expenses Billing Results Reduced reporting time from 1-4 hours to 3 minutes, saving $237 per employee, per report Gained real-time visibility of company-wide sales performance Realized full return on investment in four months

Leading manufacturer of sheet fed offset printing machines for commercial and industrial customers.
Challenges Couldnt handle new reporting demands and ad hoc analysis Needed complementary analysis capabilities for SAP BW data Solution Deployed more than 200 QlikView applications, including: Sales analysis Financial analysis IT analysis Results Business users make better, more informed decisions through flexible, ad hoc analysis on SAP BW data Complete integration of SAP BW, Access, Excel, Navision, and Sage data

The publicly-funded healthcare system of England, providing the majority of healthcare in the country.
Challenges Needed to consolidate, visualize and analyze financial data across all regional NHS hubs Wanted to reduce contract spend throughout NHS supply chain Solution Deployed QlikView to regional hubs and financial personnel nationwide for: Benefits reporting Spend vs. cost analysis Supplier and purchaser analysis Organizational benchmarking analysis Results $66 million in procurement cost savings over two years Improved regional hub performance through better data insight Significant reduction in management time spent on reporting and analysis

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Solution Deployed QlikView for: Bullet copy Bullet copy Results Bullet copy Bullet copy


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