We appreciate that your Graduation Day is one of the most important moments of your life. To make this special occasion even more memorable and enjoyable, we have a recipe for success for you at Kowloon Shangri-La – Professional one-stop-shop service, unparalleled attentiveness, a convenient location and luxurious environment.



HK$420.00 per person (Monday-Thursday) HK$450.00 per person (Friday-Sunday, and public holiday eve)
*All prices quoted above are subject to 10% service charge

Choice of Western Set or Buffet Dinner menus tailor-made by our Executive Chef 1 glass of soft drink or chilled orange juice per person Floral arrangement for reception Floral centerpiece for each dining table Complimentary use of our PA system and microphones Complimentary invitation cards for teachers

*Special beverage package at HK$60.00 per person to include soft drinks and chilled orange juice for 3 hours

For reservations or enquiries, please call our Events Management Team Tel: 2733 8794 Fax: (852) 2311 2579 Events.ksl@shangri-la.com www.shangri-la.com

For a minimum of 50 persons,
you will enjoy the following additional privileges:

Complimentary valet parking 50% discount on additional non-alcoholic beverage For every 50 paying guests in attendance, we will waive 1 teacher’s dinner charge

For a minimum of 120 persons,
you will enjoy the above privileges PLUS:

Complimentary English banner with your School Name Complimentary 5lbs graduation cake Tea buffet coupon for 2 guests at Lobby Lounge as raffle prize Complimentary white or black chocolate fountain station

For reservations or enquiries, please call our Events Management Team Tel: 2733 8794 Fax: (852) 2311 2579 Events.ksl@shangri-la.com www.shangri-la.com

2012 Graduation Dinner Buffet Package

Appetizers and Salads
Selection of assorted sushi 精選壽司 California rolls 加洲卷 Asian prawns and pineapple salad 鮮蝦菠蘿沙律 Roasted pumpkin salad (vegetarian) 燒南瓜沙律 (素菜) Smoke salmon with horseradish cream and condiments 煙三文魚配忌廉辣根 Roasted sweet potatoes salad with basil and balsamic tomato (vegetarian) 燒甜薯沙律伴蕃茄 (素菜) Pork escalope with fennel and green beans salad 薄豬肉片沙律伴茴香菜 Spicy sardine with chickpeas and avocado salad 沙甸魚伴鷹嘴豆及牛油果沙律 Fresh fruit salad (Hong Kong style) 新鮮水果沙律 Seasonal green with condiments and dressing 精選青菜沙律 Ranch chicken salad 雞肉沙律

(Choose two for 100 people or above)

Mushroom Soup with Parmesan toast 雜菌忌廉湯配芝飽粒 Vegetable and chorizo soup 香辣豬肉腸雜菜湯 Roasted pumpkin and thyme soup with Gruyere (vegetarian) 燒南瓜忌廉湯伴芝士 (素菜) Mediterranean fish soup with garlic croutons 地中海式魚肉湯伴香蒜飽粒 Irish seafood chowder 海鮮週打湯 Sweet corn and minced chicken broth (Chinese style) 雞茸粟米羹

(Choose two for 100 people or above)

Glazed ham with apricot jam and pistachios 黃莓醬開心果仁焗火腿 Honey and whole grain mustard glazed Virginia ham with mango salsa 蜜糖芥末焗維珍尼亞火腿伴香芒醬 Roasted U.S turkey 燒火雞 Roasted sirloin of beef with loaded potatoes skin 燒西冷牛肉配焗馬鈴薯皮 Roasted leg of lamb with garlic thyme jus and mint jelly 燒羊腿配蒜蓉百里香汁及薄荷醬

2012 Graduation Dinner Buffet Package (Cont’d)

Entrees Poultry
(Choose one)

Crisp Parmesan chicken with soft basil tomato 煎芝士雞肉伴焗蕃茄 Glazed chicken (Teppayaki style) 日式燒雞 Piri Piri chicken with rosti 比利, 比利燒雞伴香辣馬鈴薯餅 Crispy chicken wings (Malay style) 馬來西亞香辣脆雞 Roasted duck breast with Croatian mlinci and cucumber in sour cream 燒鴨胸伴薄餅及青瓜酸忌廉醬

(Choose one)

Creamy sole poached with white wine and milk 白酒煮魚柳 White miso glazed salmon fillet 日式味噌焗三文魚 Steamed flounder fillet with black bean and soy sauce (Chinese style) 豉椒汁蒸龍脷柳 Deep fry fish cake with sweet chilli sauce (Thai style) 炸泰式魚餅 Sweet band sour fish 咕咾魚柳

(Choose one)

Pan-fried beef medallion with mushroom fricassee 香煎牛柳伴燴磨菇 Spicy beef burger with deep fried onion rings 辣迷你漢堡伴炸洋葱圈 Braised beef shank gratin with mashed potatoes 燴牛膝配焗薯茸 Stir-fry slice beef with black beans and chilli (Chinese style) 豉椒炒牛肉 Pan-fry beef fillet steak-Chinese style 中式煎牛柳

Pork and Lamb
(Choose one)

Slow cook pork fillet with mashed potatoes 低温燒豬柳伴薯茸 Cumberland sausage with red wine sauce 豬肉腸紅酒汁 Spare ribs with orange sauce 香橙花骨 Roasted leg of lamb with garlic mushroom 燒羊脾配香蒜蘑菇 White Irish stew 忌廉汁雜菜燴羊肉

2012 Graduation Dinner Buffet Package (Cont’d)

(Choose one)

Cauliflower with serrano ham and tomato 炒椰菜花配西班牙火腿及番茄 Assorted grilled vegetable with aged balsamic 烤雜菜配黑醋汁 Aubergine and tomato gratin 芝士焗蕃茄及元茄 Pine nut butter with beans 炒邊豆配松子牛油 Stir-fry Chinese seasonal green 中式炒時蔬 (中) Braised seasonal Chinese green with mushroom 燴時蔬配雜菌

(Choose two)

Horseradish potato cake 辣根馬鈴薯餅 Parmesan roasted potatoes 巴麻臣芝士燒馬鈴薯 Roasted potatoes with paprika and macadamia pesto 紅粉燒薯仔配夏威夷果仁醬 Roasted garlic mozzarella mashed potatoes 意大利芝士焗薯茸 Pumpkin lasagna 焗南瓜千層麵 Gnocchi with spicy tomato sauce and mozzarella 薯仔團配芝士及香辣茄醬 Bolognese pasta baked 芝士肉醬焗意大利粉 Pasta with smoke salmon and dill cream 煙三文魚意粉配刁草忌廉汁 Stir-fried Singaporean noodle 星州炒米 Stir-fried yellow noodle with superior soy sauce and bean sprout 豉油皇炒麵 Stir- fried rice with taro and chicken 香芋雞粒炒飯 Stir-fried rice with prawns crab roe and vegetable 蟹籽蝦仁雜菜炒飯 Braised E fu noodle with mushroom 三菇炆伊麵 Stir-fried rice with barbecue duck and kale 芥蘭粒燒鴨炒飯 Stir-fried rice preserved olive vegetable 潮式欖菜及菜粒炒飯

(Choose eight)

Bitter chocolate cake 極濃朱古力餅 Poppy seed cake 罌粟子蛋糕 Homemade apple strudel 香草蘋果卷 Vanilla panna cotta with berries 什莓香草奶凍 Mixed fruit jelly 雜果果凍

2012 Graduation Dinner Buffet Package (Cont’d)

(Cont’ Sweet (Cont’d)
(Choose eight)

Mango panna cotta 芒果奶凍 New York cheese cake 美國芝士蛋糕 Egg custard tart 吉士蛋撻 Raspberry crème brulee 紅莓焗蛋 Mocca mousse in glass 咖啡慕絲 Coconut egg white pudding 椰子蛋白布甸 Black forest cake 黑森林蛋糕 Chestnut mousse cake 粟子慕絲蛋糕 Double chocolate brownies 香濃朱古力合桃餅 Chinese mango pudding 香芒布甸 (中) Mini French pastries 迷你法式什餅 Strawberry shortcake 草莓酥餅 Marble cheesecake 雲石芝士餅 Seasonal fresh fruit 合時鮮果片 Coffee or tea 咖啡或茶
HK$420.00 plus 10% service charge per person (Monday to Thursday) At HK$450.00 plus 10% service charge (Friday to Sunday and public holiday eve) (Inclusive of one glass of soft drink or chilled orange juice) (Minimum 50 guests)

Action Stations
Additional food to complement your buffet dinner (Each additional food item for HK$30.00 per person)

Italian Pasta station 即席烹調 意大利麵條 即席烹調-意大利麵條 Done a la minute Bolognese, pesto, and marinara, with parmesan cheese, capers, chopped parsley, garlic bread
肉醬 / 香草松子仁醬 / 新鮮蕃茄醬 / 香蒜麵包及配料

Noodle soup station 香港式車仔麵 Chinese noodle soup, with 3 choice of stock, Chicken, spicy, pork bone
清雞湯 / 香辣湯 / 豬骨湯

Dim Sum station 精選點心 Hakaw, siumei, char siew pao
蝦餃 / 豬肉燒賣 / 叉燒包

Chinese BBQ station 精選燒味 Roasted duck, char siew, siew yok Oisin sauce, plum sauce
燒鴨 / 叉燒 / 燒肉

Shawarma chicken or lamb Flat bread and condiments, sour cream

Ice cream station ( Haagen-Dazs) 精選雪糕 精選雪糕 Vanilla, mango, chocolate, strawberry
香草 / 香芒 / 朱古力 / 士多啤梨 (Subject to 10% service charge) * Valid until 31 August 2012

2012 Graduation Set Dinner Menu

Seared spice tuna with zucchini 金槍魚沙律伴意大利青瓜

Mozzarella and tomato salad with balsamic reduction (V) 水牛芝士蕃茄沙律伴黑醋汁 ***

Seafood chowder with herbs croutons 海鮮周打湯配香草飽粒 Or Hearty mushroom soup with cheese twist 香濃白菌湯配芝士條 ***

Main course
Roasted sirloin beef with potatoes gratin and tomato confit 燒牛肉配焗忌廉薯及蕃茄 Or Pan-fried chicken breast with roast capsicum and mascarpone mashed potatoes 煎嫩雞胸配燒甜椒及馬鈴薯蓉 ***

Desserts Desserts
Raspberry with mascarpone cream mousse and chocolate ribbon 草莓意大利芝士慕絲伴朱古力 Or Black coffee cake slice with mango sorbet 黑咖啡蛋糕配香芒雪芭 *** Coffee or tea 咖啡或茶

HK$420.00 plus 10% service charge per person (Monday to Thursday) At HK$450.00 plus 10% service charge (Friday to Sunday and public holiday eve) (Inclusive of one glass of soft drink or chilled orange juice) * Valid until 31 August 2012

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