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To register for this exercise please complete all sections of the form clearly in ink.
Answer all the questions, do not leave a blank. Put n/a if not applicable. Use BLOCK

2. First Name __________________________________________________
3. Number of Students Booklet ____________
4. Fluent in _________________
5. Date (write month in letters) _________________
6. Group _________________________________
Signature _______________________________

I Put the verbs into appropriate tense, active or passive:

1. The train ______________________________________(modernize) 3 years ago.
2. We ______________________________________ (serve) all meals on the terrace.
3. The hotel _________________________extensively (redecorate) recently.
4. We hope a lot of visitors __________________________ (attract) by the new aqua park,
and the next year profits will be high.
5. All the passengers should ______________________________ (examine) by the doctor
before we continue our journey.

II Put the verbs in brackets into an appropriate tense to express

1. Here is the itinerary. We ______________________________(visit) Ljubostinja on
Friday and Kalenic on Saturday.
2. Your suitcases are quite heavy. I ___________________________(help) you with them.
3. The concert _________________________________________(start) at 9 o`clock.
4. I am sure Zlatar ____________________________(become) an important holiday resort.
5. When you arrive a taxi __________________________________(wait) to take you to
your hotel.

III Make direct questions so that the underlined part of the sentence
is the answer:
1. She is looking for her sunglasses.
2. They want to stay in this hotel for 15 days.
3. We are driving across the desert to get to Abydos.
4. They went to London on Monday.
5. She wants to pay for the accomodation by credit card.

IV Complete the sentences using suitable words connected with air

1. When you arrive at the ______________________ building, you will find plenty of
_________________________________for your luggage.
2. At the check-in desk you will be given a _________________ _____________________.
3. Your luggage will be weighed and put on a ___________________ ________________.
4. In the plane a _______________ _______________________will direct you to your seat.

V Fill in the gaps with suitable words connected with railway. The
first letter is done for you:
A/an c___________________ is a separate section of a train, tram or similar form of
public transportation.
A/an t_________________________is a metal rail that trains, trams, etc. travel along.
A b_________________________is a place on a train or in a station where you can
get drinks and snacks, but not hot meals.
A p_______________________is a high pavement next to the trains where passengers
can get on and off.
A narrow passage between the rows of seats on a train, or between compartments is
called a c__________________________.

VI Supply suitable words concerning types of religious buildings:

1. Moslims pray in a _______________________.
2. Stephansdom, one of the symbols of Vienna, is a magnificent catholic
3. We recommend that you visit at least two of the beautiful ortodox
___________________in Moscow.
4. In India you can visit a lot of Budhist ____________________________.

VII Supply the words that match the definitions:

1.To get on the ship ______________________________
2.Food and drinks _______________________________
3.Reduced price_________________________________
4.A bus that operates between towns____________________________________
5.A wide road built for fast moving traffic travelling long distances____________________
6.A door that is used in case of an accident ________________________________