April 2008 Online Class - Colour Blocking

Taught by: Emily (Badgirl81)
This is a basic technique for colour blocking. Here I will provide you with instructions on how to complete a colour blocked layout. You will need: One sheet of cardstock (for base) 3-5 different, but co-coordinating papers or cardstocks (patterned or plain) Various embellishments/letters (to embellish as you wish/add your own touch) One photo cropped to 4x4 inches /more if you wish (optional) Extra cardstock of the same colour for matting (optional) Tools: Ruler Adhesive paper trimmer/scissors

Step 1. You will need to trim your papers. You need 4 strips of paper that measure, 9x2.5 inches. They can each be different, or as I have done, you can cut 2 each from 2 different papers.

Step 2. Cut one piece of paper that measures 6x6 inches for the centre. Ideally this should be different to the other papers. Step 3. If you want to do any of the additional steps (optional) as listed below, NOW is the time to do these Just for something different: * Use a corner rounder to round the corners or your paper to create a softer look. * Cut your paper with decorative scissors for an interesting effect. * Matt each of your blocks before sticking them down for a more defined look. * Ink/paint/sand/distress the edges of your blocks before adhering. * Don't limit yourself to paper and cardstock, vellum and fabric work great too. Step 4. Its time to adhere your paper to your base cardstock. Adhere your first strip vertically in the top left hand corner. Adhere your second strip in the top right hand corner, horizontally. Adhere your third strip vertically in the bottom right corner. Adhere the last strip horizontally to the bottom right corner.

Adhere your square to the centre of the page.

Step 5. {If only adding the one 4x4 photo} Time to matt your photo. This step is optional, you can stick it straight down if you wish. Adhere your photo to the centre of your middle square. {If adding more than one photo, or larger photo} I suggest if you are adding more than one photo, or a larger photo, that you matt it in the same cardstock as your base sheet. This will tie it in with the rest of the layout. After matting your photo(s) adhere to your layout in the desired locations.

Step 6. This step is where you make it your own. Add your title, journaling and embellishments, and any other touches you think it needs. ***** Tada! You are finished. You're ready to share your masterpiece with us Don't forget to upload to the General Challenge / Online Class gallery and send us the link when you're done, so we can check it out!

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