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June 2008 Online Class (#1) - Hand Stitching for Layouts

Taught by: Emily (Badgirl81)

This can be time consuming and really test your patience, but the finished product is worth it, so just
hang in there

You will need:

2 sheets of cardstock in 2 different colours.
(it needs to be cardstock as paper is too thin and it will tear)
Embroidery thread in assorted/co coordinating colours.
one 6x4 portrait photo.
Bling/gems/jewels/rhinestones for decoration.
Copies of template
Download and print here:

a pencil
paper trimmer/scissors
An embroidery Needle
A poke tool (something sharp to poke holes with, e.g. a large thick needle)
masking tape, or low tack tape (needs to be removed easily)

Step 1.
Cut your template sheet apart roughly, don’t cut them down too close to the outlines.

Step 2.
Starting with the large star place it in the bottom right hand corner with the points as close to the edge as
Tape the star down with masking tape so it won't move around.

Step 3.
Get your poke tool, and poke holes about 1/2 cm apart all the way along the outlines of the star.
Don't forget to do the swirl in the middle too.
Press firmly and make sure you go all the way through the cardstock.
Once you have done this, you can remove the template.
Step 4.
Now the stitching begins.
Thread your embroidery needle with thread.
(These come in 6 strand lengths, you will need to separate them, as we will only be threading our needles
with 3 strands at a time)

Step 5.
Begin stitching the swirl, matching up the holes as you go, and backstitching so you have one continuous
Once the swirl is finished, change to a different coloured thread, and stitch your star in the same way.
Now you can add "bling" to you stars to make them stand out a little more.

Step 6.
Cut your second sheet of cardstock to measure 5x12 inches.
Adhere it vertically to your base sheet aprox. 1 inch from the left hand side.
(Don’t put any tape or glue near the middle, as we will be sewing there)
Adhere your photo to this sheet of cardstock, 1/2 inch from the top, and 1/2 inch on either side.

Step 7.
Tape your bracket shape directly under your photo; you may need to trim the template a little.
Poke your holes, and stitch using another colour, as you did with the star.
Once this is complete, do the same with your remaining smaller stars.
Once the smaller stars are complete, add some bling.
Step 8.
The title is optional, but if you wish to add the title, this is done in the same manner as the previous
Poke your holes and then stitch away.
You could also make your own title by writing/printing it onto a piece of paper, then following the previous
steps to stitch your own words.
Alpha stickers work well too, or you can mix up the two as I have on my layout.
Lastly, add a bit more bling!
Add your journaling, and you are finished.