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1. Name of the Student : Ashok reddy .Tiyyagura 2. Roll Number : 10102426 3. Title of the Management Thesis : A Study on investors behaviour towards icici mutual funds at Vijayawada. 4. Topic of the Thesis : Behavior of investors towards mutual funds. 5. Introduction to the Topic : Any investment portfolio should comprise the right mix of

safe, moderate and risky investments. While mutual funds and stocks are the favorite contenders for moderate and risky investments, mutual funds have been particularly popular among a large section of investors in India as saving and investment option for a long period . mutual funds as they are popularly known, a person can invest an amount for a duration Here are the benefits, drawbacks of mutual funds and precautions one should take while making such investments. Main benefits are saving in the form of investment,regular income and saves tax.and drawbacks are high risk involvement, rate of return is not able to expect. There are several parameters that an investor will think before investing in mutual funds like return, flexibility and etc but the markets will face a question mark in knowing the pulse of an investor. So a study must be made on the demographics and psychographics of the results of such a survey that was made on the investor. Investor behavior analysis deals with analyzing the behavior of an investor based on his demographic and psychographic factors like age, gender and income groups. This states what would be a preferred portfolio of an investor at an different age. This will be helpful to the portfolio managers so that they can offer better portfolios to their investors. This analysis will show the mentality of an investor and his preferences clearly and concisely.

6.Importance of the Topic

: mutual funds are emerging as the favorite investment vehicle it is

because of the many advantages. They have over other forms and avenues of investing parties for

the investors who has limited resources available in terms of capital and ability to carry out detailed reserves and market monitoring. These are the major advantages offered by mutual fund to all investors: 7.problem Definition : Finding the investors intrest ,whether they are really interested or not ,here problem is to find the response towards investing in mutual funds and their behavior. 8.Objectives of the Study : Identifying the behavior of individual or investor towards mutual funds. 9.Scope of the Study : This study gives knowledge about mutual funds and where to invest and how it helps to individuals and it gives large scope to individuals in terms of benefits ,mainly these mutual funds are giving some benefit able percentage ,and helpful in development of economy. 10.Methodology of the Study: a. Data Collection :`primary data b. Tools used in Data collection: Questionnaire c. Target Population :200 d. Sample Size :100

e. Method of Sampling: Random sampling 1. Time Frame : S.No 1 2 3 Time line Submission of Write up and Title Literature Review Submission of Research Proposal Begin Date 1/10/2011 08/10/2011 Ending Date 08/10/2011 30/10/2011 1/12/2011