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NAME DATE OF BIRTH Highest Qualification Academic Performance : : : : Dr. Reeta Wattal 30-5-1961 Ph.D. B.E (Mech.); M.Tech. (Prod.Engg.); Ph.D. (Welding)

(High School of Highest Qual.) : Date of Joining Status as on date of Joining Salary as on date of Joining Present Status Salary as on date : : : : : 20-3-1991 Lecturer Rs.8000-13500/Associate Professor Rs.53820/- (PB-4)

Number of promotions since date of joining: 03 Achievements since date of joining : Having attained Ph.D. Qualification



NO. OF Teaching Publication Award 06 NIL

Guided various U.G. and P.G. Projects Having published various research papers.

Books/ Conf./Seminars Extra Monograph Curricular activities NIL 02 Conduct of interviews for Common Wealth Games-2010 Volunteers Program, Member Disciplinary Committee during Engifest2008, Contributed as one of the judges


Member department research committee, Member M.E admission committee, Member Anti Ragging committee, Member Convocation committee

for Technical paper presentation during Innova-2009

Performance Appraisal during past three (3) years Self Appraisal: 3 Major Strengths: 3 Major Weaknesses: Sincerity, Punctuality, and Leadership qualities Straightforward, Strict and Disciplined


17.0 EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES OF THE STUDENTS: (a) In Inter-Departmental Competitions: Nature of Activity Number of students enrolled Recognition/ Awards received, if any

(b) In Inter-Institutional Competitions: Nature of Activity Number of students enrolled Recognition/ Awards received, if any

18.0 ALUMNI H) List the names of top TEN most renowned Alumni of the Department along with their designation; i) Are the alumni contributing to the development of the Department? If yes, provide details. 19.0 Faculty Profile: (Full Time-regular)



Date of Birth


Highest Qualification

Date of Joining the present post

Date of Joining the institutes

Total emoluments drawn

Number of papers Published in last 3 year

Research Projects handled in last 3 years

Journals (Refereed)

Confer ences


Dr. Reeta Wattal


Associate Professor




Rs.53820/ (PB-4)



20.0 INNOVATIVE PRACTICES, IF ANY: Any other innovative practice introduced to improve the quality of technical education in the department. 1. Use of OHP/Power Point Presentation for teaching Postgraduate students. 2. Preparation of Lab Manual in the Metal Cutting Lab. 3. Improvisation/Addition of new experiments.

9.0 DEPARTMENTAL LABORATORY DETAILS: (a) Laboratories: S.No. Name of the Available Maximum lab. floor area Batch Size (sq.m) Weekly No. of hours experiments required as per curriculam Prescribed Conducted Recurring Expenditure (allotted per year)

(d) Major Equipment in the laboratories (Costing>= Rs. 50,000/-) S.NO Equipment Name Make Purchase Date Cost Installation Present Condition Date Working NonWorking