Formwork is when concrete or a similar material is poured into a temporary or permanent mould (according to wikipedia).

It is mainly used in building and construction. Traditionally concrete, wood, and steel are the more common materials used in formwork. However, a new and revolutionary material has taken over - plastic. There are numerous advantages to using plastic in formworks; the most important being its cost effectiveness and environmentally friendly benefits. In addition, you save on time-consuming labor and man power. Most jobs can be completed with two to three personnel. Planning and material requirements are simplified concreted. Plus, the formwork is continually adjustable. Benefits of Plastics in Formworks: 1. Due to the fact that concrete does not stick to plastic, formworks systems are recyclable. Each component can be re-used for about 100 times as long as properly cleaned and maintained, adding up to dollars saved and waste eliminated! 2. Formworks systems are easy to clean and maintain. There is no need for detergents and stripping agents. All that is required is water. 3. Formworks systems are modular and light-weight. This allows for faster and more efficient set-up, disassembly, operation and storage. 4. The unique design of Formwork systems provide the option of results to remain in sight therefore eliminating the need for rework.


Reusable plastic formworks for concrete columns come in all shapes such as round, rectangular and square. There are many advantages to using formworks systems specifically for columns as opposed to disposable formworks made of cardboard or other materials.

1. The biggest advantage is that they are recyclable and may be used time and again for an average of one hundred pours. This makes them environmentally friendly and cost efficient. 2. Cleaning and maintenance of the formworks are also eco-friendly and cost efficient. Since concrete does not stick to plastic, there is no need to use detergents and stripping agents. Rinsing with water does the job. 3. Ease of set up and handling and assembly on construction site make for a faster, smoother and more efficient job. This is due to the way that the formworks systems are made. They

are small modular elements with special handles that lock perpendicularly. 4. . Column surfaces can be left in sight without the need for further rework. Storage becomes hassle free with formworks systems since they can be completely disassembled and do not need to be stored in a dry environment.

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