1:42 pm, Saturday, 2011-10-15 1st, Mayan day 13 Manik/Deer

Come Home to Your Divinity - Value of Muck - Pain vs Suffering
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What would come through in this odd 'morning' time for me? When rising and sleeping occurs on a whim, so to speak, one's hours can get quite turned around. It can be fun, being so free - but, moving on... I have been working through some of my 'stuff,' this 'morning.' It naturally comes up for us, when we are in heart. Also, I've found it best to consecrate my days and nights to Spirit, to Source or Higher Self - not some external God that one must worship and please. The religions can only take us so far, then, to truly come Home into Light, we must set off on our own. I have done that. So, just for an example of how this can be done, I have two prayers that I offer, both first and last thing in the day: 1) I dedicate, consecrate, and offer this (day/night), this life, this all unto Thee, Almighty God, Higher Self; my every thought, word, deed, feeling, emotion; body, mind, soul, and Spirit - all that I am across all time, space, dimensions, densities, and incarnations. Take it, and me, and make us thine, and Thee, in full, conscious, integrated awareness.

2) I call upon the Family of Light, asking to be surrounded in an impenetrable blanket of pure white light. As a sovereign being, I intend that this brilliance hold as a barrier against any energies that are not of the Highest Order, and I invoke you, Angel Warriors of Light, to guard that process. Let all other vibrations return to their point of emergence, carrying back to source the heightened energies of Universal Love. (Taken from No More Secrets, No More Lies, p. 103, Patricia Cori.)

Believe it or not - actually, don't go there. Rather, prove it out for yourself, if you like. What I find is that the days/nights consecrated like this are different - in both subtle and sometimes no so subtle ways. I have found that it truly makes a difference. Now, it is not just in the saying of the words - though words, of themselves, carry power. We are so much more powerful than that, however. In order to really bring your power to bear over these things, engage your heart. There is real intent, intensity, and feeling involved. Sometimes it is underlying, i.e., I don't get deeply into emotion each time these prayers are offered. The heart is engaged, nonetheless, and that is the power source or place of contact with it. I find myself a bit torn over integrating that next bit of understanding around the dark and the light side of manifestation, here in 3D. Remember, my path is to find and create balance, so that's my perspective on these things. In unity and wholeness there is a perfect balance. I seek that out.

There is no unity nor wholeness absent the dark side that is clearly present, clearly manifesting with us, here. If the Isness, Prime Creator, or God is omnipresent throughout the Creation - which I accept - then that One is present is all of the darkness, as well. There is no hell where God is not. Omnipresence is not limited. You can't keep God out though some people have done that in the doctrine and dogma they propagate. Well, if it doesn't align with Truth, I'm not interested. It's just boring to me, so religion is not a topic I spend any time on. I'm happy for others on other paths to be there and doing what they are called to do - just as I am being true to my heart and my calling. I have nothing against religions - they just don't interest me. Moving on. God, now, is another thing. The Supreme One is not trapped within religion, though many would have you believe theirs is the only way to our Source. Source has a lively and full existence outside of such fairy tales as that particular teaching. I must admit to a bit of laughter at those who try to put God in a box, telling Her what She can and cannot think, do, or say, such as create no other lifeforms like ours, anywhere. "No, God wouldn't create such things as ETs," you'll hear some of them say. It's amazing, how we manage to project ourselves upon God. That's what this is - we're taking our own, internal self-created restrictions, and placing them on the Source - upon God, if you will. I think that, in order to get around so much of the baggage that's built up around the word "God," with the capital "G" I shall start calling That One the Is-ness. That works for me simply, with the capital "I," that which Is. Beingness. It's a little like Buddha's "undifferentiated suchness." Just pure

being. Okay, so where are we, now? How do I feel? I know I feel a bit different. As I said, I've spent some time this morning doing some reading, and some deep exploration, within. I don't like my prejudice that rises up every time the word "Pleiadian" comes up. I've chosen to drop that particular belief. But, since the feelings it comes with are so deep, so far unreachable in their origins, it's not quite so easy as that - just setting my intent. It requires more of me. So, I've been going there. I've finally begun to open up to communication with the other planes and dimensions - with the Light Beings, there. For a long while I had shut myself off. Now, this wasn't a bad thing. It was just a part of my path. It was an important part, for it was during this time of breaking away from both all other beings AND from my old concepts around "God," that I came much more fully into my Self. As we remove all loyalties to anything outside of the self, this can happen. It's hard to find Self, however, when we've got these various loyalties and allegiances to various beings, whether divine or not. We give parts of the self away like that. So, though this was a time laced with much pain and confusion, still, heart will lead you through ANYthing. You need never fear. Just rest in center, be earnest, and trust. So, I guess what I'm sharing, here, is how I came to find "God" in the Self - or at least one with that. Truly, my friends, keep going to center, and I challenge you to say it's anything else. Okay, maybe it's not "God," directly - maybe it's only a portal to that. I don't know. But I don't care too much, since, in effect, they're the same. Now, you'll find people playing word games with these things. If you really want to get to the central core of your

being, at some point you'll have to step off, and disregard what everyone says. You won't find one single person, one teacher, anywhere, who holds a monopoly on the truth. We all hold certain parts or perspectives on That, but not one being holds it All. Together we do. Well, it's time for each of us to find out what part is ours to hold - for we must also share, as we enter back into our original Oneness. We're all but aspects of the One, the Whole. As you step away from your loyalty to this one or that one, it doesn't mean you're repudiating or turning against that one. That one is just as wonderful as they ever were. It's just an indication you've pulled back from your hero worship, your placing of trust in anything external to your Higher Self or to the Is-ness. There may be some pain around that, for up until then you'd trusted that other one to do some of your thinking, some of your deciding for you. Did you see that? Were you aware of that? Do you now see how that works? As we are loyal to absolutely anyone or anything, this is what happens. We give over our ability to tell what is what to that one, to a certain extent. It varies with how deep the trust is - in some it has morphed into worship, which will bring the greatest depth of pain on the discovery, and the pull-back. It's just the internal soulphysics at work - nothing strange. Yet, we've got to be willing to go through the pain. That's important. We can't let ourself be in the mundane world of mind with this - we've chosen the path of heart and of going within, being sincere and earnest - going Home (in consciousness) to the Light. Pain is natural - did you know that? It's a product of exercise of free will in this dimension - maybe even in others, but certainly here. The mind gets jaded, gets exhausted with

too much pain, and the being may retreat deep within itself. Well, even that is okay - anything is - because the center, the heart in its fullness is sill and always there - ready and willing to be engaged. I find my spiritual life to be a natural flow of going within and going without - back into 3D. It has a natural-seeming flow of pain and bliss. My guess is that this is less natural - or maybe less extreme - on the higher densities or planes. Still, we're here in 3D and it's important to stay and work through things here. That means there will be pain in your life. Are you willing to let that be the case? Or did you perhaps think that, once you found the "true path" or the "true Light" or some such, that pain would be a thing of the past? Have a good look, within - the good, old 'watch and observe.' Just look, remember - don't touch - don't tamper - just observe. Let things just be as they are, and you'll have the steepest learning curve, i.e., you'll move fast. Now, I'd like to bring two things up. First of all, please consider that the pain, the natural pain of our growth, can be seen as the "dark side" of our path. Some view pain as negative, right? Well, in a distant sort of way it is. So, do see how it is mandatory, for growth to occur, to be willing to embrace this very natural pain. Make room for that perspective, if you will. You can toss it out, later, if it doesn't work for you. Just consider the possibility, for now. Next, I'll also say that, once you cross over a certain point different for each one - the huge part of the sting of pain just disappears. It doesn't "hurt" so much, anymore. This is a bit difficult to explain. It's like I say that I don't suffer, anymore - and I don't. I do experience pain, but there is no suffering involved.

Now, to the mind this may seem like splitting hairs. Believe me, it is not. It is very real, how things shift, when viewed from a heart or inner perspective. Please don't think you're going to take your mind along into understanding of what this all really means. It must be experienced, first - then you'll just know. Yes, what I'm really saying is that pain doesn't hurt so much. I know it sounds crazy - just get out of mind. It isn't crazy. It's very real. Now, I'll blow the mind even further, to say that your capacity for deep pain is also increased. You feel things even deeper - sometimes much deeper - once you've let suffering go from your life. It may be that suffering - which is a choice, not a requirement - acts as a barrier to further growth. As long as you choose to suffer, that means you're signaling to Life that you've had enough - you can't take anymore. Well, that's fine - but that also limits your growth. And please, you must see that YOU are the one doing the limiting. I know it doesn't seem that way, now. Right now it just looks like you are suffering, terribly. The pain is very real, I know. We've all pretty much been there and done that, so we can empathize. Still, at some point, when you are ready, you will suddenly see how you're playing the victim role in the play. This is hard to hear. I know. It shatters the current mind paradigm around your reality, there. No one likes to be told they're playing the victim - by their choice, no less. That makes it all the harder to accept. But, if you're empty, enough - if you're open, the empty cup - then you're ready to hear anything that vibrates with Truth. You're at least willing to give it a good, honest look. I trust many of you see the mandatory levels and layers of

surrendering that are necessary to get to this point. It's not easy. There's that built-in pain to trek through, yet. The mind is tempted to break off in fear. It's been programmed to believe itself miniscule, inconsequential - a biological accident, for heaven's sake! How can it be equal to any such task, it asks. How, indeed :) Well, it isn't. That's right, mind is not equal to the task. Only heart or center is able to take this trek. It's time to shift out of being mind-driven. Time to let that way go. It's taken you as far as it can. Maybe look at it like that - it will help. I don't know. Remember, this trek is primarily your own. You're doing it your way. That's most important. Time to stop relying on other gurus or teachers or guides or whatever. Time to set firm reliance on the god that's within your own Higher Self. Okay, there's been a lot here - a heck of a lot. Some will come along only a little way with some of this, and be able to fully accept other parts. Anything is fine. Just stick to what feel right for the self. Be loyal to you. Start respecting the self like that, and you'll go all the way with It. You'll one day find youself what I call "Home," capital "H." It means home in consciousness - in full possession, full awareness of the fullness of Self. We don't have to go anywhere or do anything, my friends. Some particular date coming or going has no real regard, within. We can commune with all of Life - all dimensions and densities - right here, right now. We're not limited - any more than we choose to be. That's right, we choose our own limitations - by what we believe. Well, that turns out to be fine, since we're in charge, ultimately, of our own beliefs. We can change them, any way we like. We are practically gods with them. Once we

get to that, OMG, the possibilities are truly infinite. Nothing and no one can hold you back, my friend - if you just remember that your true work in all the Cosmos is just you. That is all. Save the self, and you'll find the Cosmos reflects that right back to you.

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