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Ohio Bath salts, K2 law in effect today, p2A

Coats for Children begins collection today


Johns fills Harmans boots at veteran office

By ED GEBERT Staff writer VAN WERT How do you fill the shoes of a predecessor who spent more than 20 years helping Van Wert County veterans? Barry Johns is not as worried about filling shoes as he is finding veterans to help. I would like to meet every veteran in Van Wert County and shake their hand. I would like to know them, he stated. I would like to be able to see the veterans come through this office and be able to meet them and help them any way I can. Johns took over as Van Wert County veterans services officer after long-time officer Keith Harman retired at the end of September. However, Johns has been training for the post for weeks. Ive been learning a lot. I have to give it to Keith for what hes done and for the knowledge hes given Lori (Comer), the secretary. Shes a godsend. With me being new and Keith already being retired, hes trained Lori so well on things that she can help me, he said. Johns grew up at Marsh Foundation, attended the first year of classes at Vantage Career Center and graduated from Lincolnview High School. He spent 19 1/2 in the U.S. Navy, working his way up to chief petty officer. Working mostly in supply, he pulled duty in amphibious transport and on a rescue salvage diving ship in Japan. He was also on board the USS Stark in the Persian Gulf when it was hit by a pair of his new career. Johns spent 16 years at the jail but he knew there was another job that could pull him away. This job is something I searched out before Keiths retirement was there. I had been investigating this, explained Johns. I have a friend who does this job in another county. It was the one job, if I ever switched jobs, that I would want to do is work with veterans. Theres something about helping them out and working with them. When you talk to a veteran, you automatically connect. He applied through the Department of Job and Family Services, along with around 300 others, to find a position in one of the counties. However, budgets had been cut and positions were

Monday, october 17, 2011

Telling The Tri-Countys Story Since 1869

Delphos, Ohio scarce. Then one day, Johns heard that Harman was planning to retire, so he began to get the paperwork ready to apply. I was shocked that I got it but Im really happy to be here! he exclaimed. His first few weeks were spent getting acquainted with the system and with veterans in the county. However, there is a bit of frustration for Johns because the majority of veterans in the county do not use the office. Many do not even know its located in the basement of the Van Wert County Courthouse. There are things that they have earned. One of the biggest things a lot of them tell me is that they dont need it right now or that someone See JOHNS, page 2

Wildcats, Jays win sectional soccer openers, p6A

Childrens clean, gentlyused or new winter coats and snowsuits size newborn to youth size 12 will be collected for Putnam County families in need. Collection will take place today through Oct. 28 at the following locations: Putnam County Public and Parochial elementary schools; Putnam County preschools/daycares; Wal-Mart, Ottawa; and Kohls Market of Ottawa. The Putnam County Early Childhood Collaborative sponsors the Coats for Children project with support from Ottawa Kiwanis and Ottawa Home Cleaners. Distribution of coats to families in need will begin Nov. 1. Call 419-523-6059 or 1-877-738-1866 to receive a voucher for a free coat.

Festival dinners: Its all about the gravy


Johns Iraqi missiles in 1987. After retiring in May 1996, Johns went to work as a recruiter in Canton before moving back to Van Wert to work at Van Wert County Correctional Facility. He was promoted to supervisor after four years and settled in to

Welsh Society plans annual breakfast

DELPHOS For 45-plus years, the Burgei family has whipped up smooth, creamy gravy to top mashed potatoes and dressing at St. Johns Fall Festival. The Welsh Society of Avonelle Burgei joined Northwest Ohio will host its Mary Buettner and others for annual breakfast from 8:30what would become her fam10:30 a.m. Saturday at Gomer ily tradition at the event. United Church of Christ. It used to be very hard to Also on that day, flu keep up making the gravy, shots will be provided by Burgei remembered. We the Delphos Visiting Nurses only had 3 pans and they were and a bake sale will be held. constantly being emptied and Anyone interested in then wed start over making donating items for the bake the gravy. If you didnt consale may drop them off at stantly stir it, it would burn the church from 1-3 p.m. on the bottom and you had to Friday or call 419-642-5911. start over. With the addition of more stovetop space and a revolutionary invention by her sonin-law, Chuck Wannemacher, Todays Slate the process is now as smooth Boys Soccer Sectionals as, well, their gravy. Division III At Kalida: My husband fabricated a Ottoville vs. Lincolnview, 6 spigot he fitted to the largest p.m.; At Lima Senior: Fort pan so we dont have to lift it Jennings vs. LTC, 5 p.m.; to pour the gravy out, Tina LCC vs. Spencerville, 7 p.m. Wannemacher said proudly. Tuesdays Slate That has made our job so Girls Soccer Sectionals much better. Division III at Ottoville: The family arrives at 8:30 Ottoville vs. Crestview, a.m. on Saturday and Sunday 5:15 p.m.; Fort Jennings mornings to start warming vs. Miller City, 7:15 p.m. the broth and make the batter Division II at Bath: flour and water. When the Elida vs. Kenton, 7 p.m. broth and batter are combined Volleyball Sectionals with a dash of this seasoning Division IV at Ottoville: Nancy Spencer photos and pinch of that seasoning, the St. Johns vs. Cory-Rawson, Chuck Wannemacher shows off his revolutionary invention: a spigot he fabricated for item the Burgeis feel makes the 6 p.m.; Kalida vs. Columbus meal complete is ready. the gravy pot so it no longer has to be lifted to be emptied. Grove, 7:30 p.m.; At Elida: Like most, the Burgeis Ottoville vs. Waynesfieldmake the festival a famGoshen, 7:30 p.m. ily affair. Tina started in the Division II at Lima Senior: kitchen when she was a sophElida vs. Van Wert, 7:30 p.m. omore in high school. Brother Wednesdays Slate Joe helps when Mother Nature Boys Soccer Sectionals doesnt cooperate and he Division II at Shawnee: cant be in his fields. The Elida vs. Wapakoneta, 5 p.m. Wannemachers children, At Defiance: Van Wert Jonathon and Karissa, also join vs. Defiance, 6 p.m. Volleyball Sectionals Division IV at Ottoville: Jefferson vs. Continental, 7 p.m.; At Elida: Perry vs. Lincolnview, 7 p.m.; At Coldwater: Spencerville vs. Fort Recovery, 7 p.m.


in manning the paddles used to stir the gravy. Karissas fiance, Mitch Hoersten, was added this year. No one was sure if his family, who does the beef, knew the station he would be manning. Im not sure how they feel about me joining the Gravy Crew, Hoersten said. The crew also started what has become a T-shirt tradition with different groups wearing their crew attire to work in the kitchen. The Burgeis finish up each evening of the festival around 8:30 p.m. after making a lot of gravy. We probably send 150 gallons of gravy out of here during the two-day festival, Tina Wannemacher said. Thats a lot of gravy. What would mashed potatoes be without the gravy? After speaking with the potato crew, the answer became somewhat clearer. No one asks a server to hold the potatoes, Ben Neumeier said. But you do hear them say no gravy. Im not trying to start anything. Its just the way it is. One feels this issue is not over. Tina and Chuck love everything about the festival and have fond memories of when they were students and participated in the Childrens Festival. They also remembered when they were older and got out of school to help set up for the Childrens Festival and with the dressing and chicken prep. The harder you worked, the more you were able to do, they said. It was just fun. Eating the leftovers on Tuesday was the best. Next years festival stories will feature the Chicken Crew and the 100th anniversary.


Cooler Tuesday with high around 50 and 70 percent chance of showers. See page 2A.


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Four-year-old Kairi Seger of Sidney proudly models her pink cap won in the ball toss at the festival. See the Faculty/ Tina (Burgei) Wannemacher, left, and her mother, Avonelle Burgei, keep the paddles Staff Raffle and Big Ticket winners and more photos moving in the gravy pots. Tuesday at and in Wednesdays paper.

2A The Herald

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ohio ban on K2, bath salts begins

By LISA CORNWELL Associated Press CINCINNATI Ohio retailers will no longer be able to sell synthetic recreational drugs marketed as bath salts and K2 or spice, and use and possession of the substances also will be banned when a new state law goes into effect today. The legislation signed by Gov. John Kasich in July adds synthetic marijuana known as K2 or spice and six synthetic derivatives of cathinone that have been found in bath salts to the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances. The products have been sold legally at convenience stores, tobacco shops and other businesses. The K2 or spice contains organic leaves coated with chemicals that provide a marijuana-like high when smoked, and bath salts drugs are crystalized chemicals typically snorted or injected that provide a cocaine-like high, state Sen. Dave Burke, a joint sponsor of the legislation, said. The Marysville Republican, who is also a pharmacist, said the substances have been known to cause reactions including hallucinations, paranoia, severe agitation and seizures, and that bath salts reportedly have been linked to deaths in Ohio and elsewhere. Making the products illegal is the only way to stop the shadowy underworld of these designer drugs, Burke said. As more people around the country have experimented with the synthetic drugs, more medical problems have been reported and more efforts have begun to ban the substances. The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported last month that the number of calls to the countrys poison centers rose dramatically from 303 in 2010 to more than 4,700 in the first seven months of this year. The American Medical Association has come out in support of national legislation to ban bath salts, and several states have implemented their own bans on bath salts and K2 or both. Under Ohios new law, penalties for possession or trafficking of K2 or spice will be the same as those for marijuana a minor misdemeanor for possession and a felony for trafficking in the vicinity of a school or juvenile. Possession and trafficking of bath salts would fall under the normal felony penalties for Schedule 1 controlled substances such as cocaine and amphetamines, Burke said. Republican state Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhl, of Mount Vernon, said most regions of the state have reported trouble with either K2 or bath salts or both. The problem was brought to her attention by school officials in her central Ohio community. They said they were seeing a problem, but that kids were saying the products were legal and didnt see any harm in them, said Ruhl, the bills joint sponsor. Theres a perception that these products are somehow safer than street drugs because they come in eye-catching packaging and are sold in gas stations, convenience stores and novelty shops, said Eric Wandersleben, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services. The reality is, these substances are dangerous and can have life-threatening consequences. The department has been tracking K2 and bath salts through the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network that helps identify new drug trends, but it remains difficult to determine just how big the problem is in Ohio, Wandersleben said. Local authorities, including those in Hamilton County in southwest Ohio, have said the drugs also have been linked to crimes. Prosecuting attorney Sherry Bevan Walsh of northeast Ohios Summit County warned in a statement Friday that while some stores may still have the synthetic drugs on their shelves, the products would be illegal beginning today. Possessing, selling, purchasing and even gifting these products may result in criminal charges, she said. Some businesses didnt wait for the new law. Wendy Meggitt, owner of Smokeys Butts and Brew in Bucyrus said she still receives calls asking for the products but has refused to carry K2 or bath salts for over a year, the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum reported. They seemed dangerous to me and I knew eventually they would be banned, Meggitt said.

For The Record

Delphos woman Police serve arrested for arrest warrant At 9:59 a.m. on Saturday, shoplifting Delphos police went to a resiAt 6:53 p.m. on Friday, Delphos police were called to the 1100 block of Elida Avenue in reference to a subject that had taken items from two businesses in that area. Upon officers Savage arrival, they located Laura Savage, 47, of Delphos, at which time officers located the items taken from the businesses. Savage was arrested on two counts of theft and was transported to the Allen County Jail. She will appear in Lima Municipal on the charges.


Robert Lee Haller

Jan. 9, 1925Oct. 15, 2011


The Delphos Herald

Nancy Spencer, editor Ray Geary, general manager, Delphos Herald Inc. Don Hemple, advertising manager Tiffany Brantley, circulation manager The Daily Herald (USPS 1525 8000) is published daily except Sundays, Tuesdays and Holidays. By carrier in Delphos and area towns, or by rural motor route where available $1.48 per week. By mail in Allen, Van Wert, or Putnam County, $97 per year. Outside these counties $110 per year. Entered in the post office in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as Periodicals, postage paid at Delphos, Ohio. No mail subscriptions will be accepted in towns or villages where The Daily Herald paper carriers or motor routes provide daily home delivery for $1.48 per week. 405 North Main St. TELEPHONE 695-0015 Office Hours 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to THE DAILY HERALD, 405 N. Main St. Delphos, Ohio 45833
Vol. 142 No. 101

Findlay woman cited for driving Backing driver impaired strikes truck, At 3:14 a.m. on Sunday, fence while on routine patrol,
Delphos police stopped a vehicle being driven by Tonya Hamilton, 29, of Findlay, at which time, it was found Hamilton was operating the vehicle impaired. Hamilton Hamilton was cited into Lima Municipal Court on the charge.

dence in the 12000 block of South Clay Street, at which time, they served an arrest warrant on Thomas Stocklin Jr., 54, of Delphos. The warrant was Stocklin issued as a result of a grand jury indictment out of Van Wert County Common Pleas Court for burglary, a third-degree felony; and theft from the elderly, a fifth-degree felony. The charges stem from a Delphos Police Department case from September. Stocklin was transported to the Van Wert County Jail and will appear in Van Wert County Common Pleas Court on the charges.

Teen cited for failure to yield

September 25, 2011 MESSAGE TO THE WORLD of the Blessed Virgin Mary
(Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Dear children! I call you, for this time to be for all of you, a time of witnessing. You, who live in the love of God and have experienced His gifts, witness them with your words and life that they may be for the joy and encouragement to others in faith. I am with you and incessantly intercede before God for all of you that your faith may always be alive and joyful, and in the love of God. Thank you for having responded to my call.

Vehicle damaged

A Delphos teen was cited for failure to yield when entering a roadway following a two-vehicle crash reported at 3:09 p.m. Thursday. Delphos police reports indicate Courtney Roeder, 19, was attempting to leave the parking lot at Circle K gas station when her vehicle pulled into the path of a pick up truck driven by Matthew Williams, 23, of Delphos, traveling westbound in the inside lane of East Fifth Street. No one was injured. The Roeder vehicle sustained disabling damage. The Williams truck sustained nonfunctional damage. At 12:33 p.m. on Sunday, Delphos Police were called to the 500 block of North Main Street in reference to a criminal damaging complaint at a residence in that area. Upon officers arrival, the victim stated that in the over night hours, someone had thrown an item at a vehicle parked at the residence causing damage to the vehicle.

No injuries in backing accident

Car window broken

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A boy, Jaxon Eugene, was born Oct. 10 at Lima Memorial Hospital to Stacy and Butch Prine Jr. He was welcomed by a sister, Noelle. He is a surgical patient at Nationwide Childrens Hospital, 700 Childrens Hospital Columbus, OH 43205


2nd Annual

Your Third Birthday in Heaven


75 Bud Light draught Special Halloween Drinks

Robert Lee Haller, 86, of the Wyngate Retirement Community in Lima and formerly of Otterbein-St. Marys, died at 2:48 p.m. Saturday at Lima Memorial Health System following an extended illness. He was born Jan. 9, 1925, in Kossuth, Auglaize County, to Albert Theodore and Hazel Chesta Gross Haller, who preceded him in death. On June 1, 1946, he married Grace Irene Boyer, who survives. Services will begin at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Thomas E. Bayliff Funeral Home, the Rev. William Cronk officiating. Burial will be in Kossuth Cemetery with military rites performed by Spencerville Veterans. Friends may call from 3-8 p.m. Tuesday and one hour prior to services Wednesday at the funeral home, where Masonic services will be held at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Delphos police investi- Heart Association or American gated an accident on private Lung Association. property reported at 5:25 p.m. Friday in the McDonalds parking lot. Kenneth Armstrong, 67, of Delphos weather Spencerville, was attempting The high temperature to back from a parking space Sunday in Delphos was 68 and in the lot when his vehicle the low was 48. A year ago struck a pick up truck stopped today, the high was 67 and the in the drive-through lane driv- low was 43. The record high en by Stanley Mansfield II, 38, for today is 86, set in 1938 of Cloverdale and then struck and the record low of 22 was a fence near the west entrance set in 1977. doors of the restaurant. WEATHER FORECAST No one was injured. Both Tri-county vehicles sustained minimal Associated Press damage and the fence sustained moderate damage. TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy in the evening then becoming cloudy. A 40 percent chance of showers. Lows in the lower 40s. West winds 5 to 10 mph. TUESDAY: Rain likely. A Sidney woman failed to see a car driven by Tiffany Cooler. Highs around 50. Westerfield, 20, of Delphos, North winds 5 to 10 mph. as she backed from a park- Chance of rain 70 percent. TUESDAY NIGHT: ing space at Deer Creek Apartments at 12:21 p.m. Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers. Lows Sunday. Sara Luebkes vehicle around 40. North winds 5 to struck the front drivers bum- 15 mph. WEDNESDAY: Cloudy per of the Westerfield vehicle. No one was injured and with a 50 percent chance of both vehicles sustained light showers. Highs around 50. Northwest winds 10 to 20 damage. mph. WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy with a 50 perAt 7:08 p.m. on Saturday, cent chance of showers. Lows Delphos police were called to in the upper 30s. the 700 block of West First THURSDAY: Mostly Street in reference to a crimi- cloudy with a 30 percent nal damaging complaint to a chance of showers. Highs vehicle parked in that area. around 50. Upon officers arrival, the victim stated that someone had broken the window on the TODAY IN HISTORY vehicle. By The Associated Press Today is Monday, Oct. 17, the 290th day of 2011. There are 75 days left in the year. CLEVELAND (AP) Todays Highlight in These Ohio lotteries were History: drawn Sunday: On Oct. 17, 1711, Jupiter Mega Millions Hammon, the first black poet Estimated jackpot: $39 to have his work published in million America, was born on Long Pick 3 Evening Island, N.Y., into a lifetime 5-3-9 of slavery. (The date of his Pick 4 Evening death is unknown, although he 8-7-7-3 apparently lived at least into his Powerball 80s.) Estimated jackpot: $124 On this date: million In 1777, British forces Rolling Cash 5 under Gen. John Burgoyne 03-18-20-29-36 surrendered to American troops Estimated jackpot: in Saratoga, N.Y., in a turning $188,000 point of the Revolutionary War. Ten OH Evening In 1807, Britain declared 07-09-12-13-16-18-19-23- it would continue to reclaim 25-29-30-37-39-44-47-51-54- British-born sailors from 61-66-77 American ships and ports regardless of whether they held U.S. citizenship. In 1931, mobster Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion. (Sentenced to 11 years in prison, Capone was released in 1939.)

Scholars of the Day

Monday and Tuesday


St. Johns Scholars of the Day are Trent Closson and Rachel Michael. Congratulations Trent and Rachel! Jeffersons Scholars of the Day are Devon Hall and Jenna Gilden. Congratulations Devon and Jenna!


Students can pick up their awards in their school offices.

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else can use it more than me. Getting veterans to understand theyve earned these they arent handouts or welfare, you have to earn them and you have to qualify for them. If you qualify for that benefit, then you really did earn it. Much of Johns work involves providing general assistance for veterans. Recent years have seen the number of Vietnam veterans having to deal with issues from exposure to Agent Orange and Johns said that is waking people up a bit to the fact that they have benefits to help in these types of medical situations. Another part of the job is to identify all the veterans in the county by working with local nursing homes. He is also searching for other ways to serve them, whether it is general or medical benefits or helping vets deal with other problems. Emphasis has also been placed on adding to the computer system in order to help get assistance to veterans faster. For Johns, the enjoyable part of the work is the opportunity to serve his fellow veterans. When I got this job, some of the other veteran services officers in other counties told me that this is the best job that you can have. Theyre right. If you really stop and think about it, I work with the greatest group of people in the world -- veterans, he smiled. You cant go wrong in this kind of work.

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Mom, Dad, Deb, Family & Friends

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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Herald 3A

Court ruling makes 2012 elections murky


Van Wert Fair Board scrambling for options

BY KIRK DOUGAL Time Bulletin editor VAN WERT The Van Wert County Fair Board held a public meeting Saturday to discuss the fair operation and ask for input about items members would like to see changed. The board was anxious to hear from people who had either used local media outlets or phone calls to complain but those persons did not show up to voice their opinions. Most of the first half of the meeting was spent with discussing the Jr. Fair side of the operation, in particular the livestock portion. In general, the crowd agreed the move to a five-day fair was handled well. One parent noted that 4-H and FFA students with multiple animal projects were busier than normal because of the tightened schedule, leaving kids with little time to actually enjoy the fair. However, they also immediately pointed out they understood why the board shortened the schedule. A suggestion was made to have the 4-H Council and the fair board work more closely together so events could be coordinated. This led to a general discussion on the maintenance and repair of the livestock buildings. Fair board members brought up the Adopt-A-Barn program. This allows an outside group to take over repair and upkeep on the structures. The beef barn is already in the program but none of the other facilities have been adopted yet. Once the discussions about the Jr. Fair were complete, the meeting turned to the major point: How to increase the participation and attendance at the fair by non-4-H and FFA families. In that regard, virtually all of the approximately 25 attendees have ties to the Jr. Fair. One audience member noted the volume of participation in Jr. Fair has not changed much over the years and has been holding steady. Board president Dave Evans told the crowd when the board members attend quarterly or annual meetings with other fair administrations from around the state, they are all trying to address the same concern of how to increase the outside attendance. Prices have been mentioned in many of the local complaints but the board pointed out the fair is cheaper than any of the surrounding fairs. One board member pointed out they have tried to lower costs in the past and it has not helped. Three years ago the board worked out a deal with the ride company to lower ticket prices. However, attendance did not increase, so the result was a loss of roughly $30,000 for the year. Some of the crowd sug-


Girls use Ohio law to seek protection from other girls

MANSFIELD (AP) Designed to protect teens from dating violence, a year-old Ohio law has been found to be more used by girls trying to stop bullying from other girls. Enacted in 2010, a law named for Shynerra Grant allows people to file protection orders against individuals younger than 18. Grant was a 17-year-old Toledo girl who was shot to death in 2005 by her ex-boyfriend, who police say later killed himself. A year before her death, she tried unsuccessfully tried to obtain a civil stalking protection order after her ex-boyfriend broke her jaw. Before the law was enacted, only adults could seek protective orders. Despite the intent of the law, central Ohio has seen more civil orders of protection from girls seeking respite from other girls, the Mansfield News Journal reported. In Richland County, only one of nine requests for protective orders involved a girl against a boy, with the rest coming from girls against other girls. Protection orders impose penalties if two people ordered not to come into contact do. A person must feel threatened physically or emotionally to petition for an order, Licking County Juvenile Court Magistrate Chris Strefelt told the newspaper a criminal offense isnt required. Licking County Juvenile Court received 16 requests since the law took effect June 17, 2010. None of them related to dating violence, which was the intent of the law. Court records show that nearly half of those requests came from girls in disputes with other girls. In Franklin County which houses Columbus, Ohios most populous city 25 of 71 protective orders granted since January involved disputes between girls. The use of the law to resolve personal disputes instead of dating violence concerns Richland County Juvenile Court Judge Ron Spon. Theres debates among judges as to necessary this law is, he told the newspaper. Weve been able to work out other solutions to this law, including mediation. If kids are having difficulties that are more or less teenage behavior, sometimes its better to get the parents and kids together and to mediate that through our court resources. Crawford County Juvenile Court Administrator Rhonda Neil said the law can create problems for school officials when the two kids are from the same school and ordered to have no contact with each other. However, juvenile civil protection orders are still a resource for those who actually need protection, Strefelt said. Its good that its there, he said.

CINCINNATI (AP) The Ohio Supreme Courts Friday decision to let Democrats proceed with an effort to repeal the states new Republicandrawn congressional map leaves the 2012 elections in legal limbo. Candidates for Congress must file petitions to run by Dec. 7 90 days before the currently-planned March 6 primary. However, the districts they may hope to run for may no longer exist, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported. In a 7-0 decision, the court ordered Secretary of State Jon Husted to accept signatures submitted by Democrats seeking to get a repeal issue on the 2012 ballot. Senate Republicans had appropriated funds to boards of elections in the bill in an effort to make the law effective immediately, which would disallow any referendum effort. The court ruled that the appropriations in the redistricting bill didnt meet the required criteria to shield it from voter repeal. If supporters of a repeal effort gather enough valid signatures to put it on the ballot, the new lines would be put on hold. Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern told the newspaper that he could guarantee that his group could gather the required signatures. Candidates could be forced to run in a statewide primary where the top 16 Democrats would compete with the top 16 Republicans for Ohios 16 U.S. House seats if the state General Assembly cant work out a map both parties agree on. Rep. Marcy Kaptur the U.S. Houses longest-serving Democratic congresswoman told The Associated Press that she has already started campaigning and plans on running regardless of what the eventual districts look like, but she couldnt afford to run in a statewide race. (In a statewide race), people of limited means would be facing an onslaught of candidates funded by groups that (U.S. Supreme Court decision) Citizens United allows to fund anonymously in unlimited amounts, she said. The GOP-drawn map had squeezed Kaptur and fellow Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich together in a district that stretched across the shore of Lake Erie from Toledo to Cleveland.

Cleveland man producing film on Norway massacre of 69 children

YOUNGSTOWN (AP) An upcoming movie filmed in Ohio that depicts the massacre of 69 children by a right-wing extremist at a youth camp in Norway has unbridled the ire of Norwegians. The film Utoya Island was directed and produced by Russian-born filmmaker Vitaliy Versace, who lives in Cleveland and frequently shoots in northeast Ohio. The movie recreates the mass murder of children at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoya Island in Norway by a gunman dressed as a police officer. The Vindicator newspaper reports that a trailer for the movie posted on YouTube has elicited threats by letter and email to Versaces agent in Los Angeles from people in Norway and other countries. Versace told the newspaper that Norwegian police have sent him a letter asking him to remove the teaser, but also noting he was breaking no laws. Norwegian officials are normally the first to defend the rights to freedom of expression, but in this case, theyre reacting on behalf of Norwegians directly involved in the terrorist attacks of July 22, wrote Nina Berglund, editor of the online Views and News from Norway, explaining the calls to remove the trailer. Critics claim Versace is insensitive for dramatizing the killings and say its too soon to be making a movie. Its important to find a way to retell what happened. But seeing it (done in) this way is simply disgusting, Utoya Island survivor Adrian Pracon told Versace told the newspaper that its never too soon for a producer to make a film, and he refuses to take down the trailer. He said citizens in Norway have launched an online campaign against him and he has not told foreign journalists who have contacted him exactly where the film was made because of its notoriety. Versace got the idea for the film while watching BBC news reports of the massacre. I envisioned the chaos in my mind, he said. Versace is known for making very-low budget films. The movie was shot in a few days, and he improvised the entire film to save time. There is no script, he said. The actors move based on my direction. We created it on the set, with the story in my head, just a story line, no script. Polish actor Michael Bole plays Anders Behring Breivik, the confessed killer. He tells the newspaLocated in per that he hasnt received

gestions included holding the Veterans Day and Senior Day on the same date and holding a Kids Day. The board told the group it has also considered eradicating the season pass and making tickets $3 per entry. One audience member asked if the board had considered having a beer tent with music like they have at Auglaize and Putnam County. Board members pointed out it would take a change in the fairs constitution, by a threefourths vote to allow alcohol to be sold on the grounds during the fair. In answer to a question about what the board had tried to do in order to increase fundraising and local participation, board member Ann Marshall said she sent letters to many Van Wert businesses. She asked for sponsors for particular events at this years fair. She said only the Eaton Corporation responded by giving funds for an event. Marshall also said she recently spoke with a board member from another county who said they had been able to add funds through grants. However, they had needed to hire someone to write the grants, incurring an expense with no guarantee of receiving any funds. Board members said they are still looking into this option.

downtown Delphos

any complaints, but he expressed regret over the controversy the film has stirred up. They are understandably upset, and my heart goes out to all those people in Norway affected by the tragedy, he said. Versace said he believes the controversy over the movie will only increase its chances of commercial success. The film is in its editing stage, and he plans on screening it somewhere in northeast Ohio in early December. After that Versace said he plans on shopping it to distributors.


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Monday, October 17, 2011

Those who nobly set out to be their brothers keeper sometimes end up by becoming his jailer. Every emancipation has in it the seeds of a new slavery, and every truth easily becomes a lie. I.F. Stone, American journalist (1907-1989).

US warned by Iran over assassination claims

By ALI AKBAR DAREINI Associated Press TEHRAN, Iran Irans supreme leader warned the United States on Sunday that any measures taken against Tehran over an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington would elicit a resolute response. Two men, including a member of the Iranian special foreign actions unit known as the Quds Force, have been charged in New York federal court with conspiring to kill the Saudi diplomat, Adel Al-Jubeir. U.S. officials have said no one was ever in any immediate danger from the plot. If U.S. officials have some delusions, (they must) know that any unsuitable act, whether political or security, will meet a resolute response from the Iranian nation, state TV quoted Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as saying. Iran also demanded that a diplomat be allowed to visit one of the men in prison. Khameneis comments may reflect Iranian concerns that Washington would use the Al-Jubeir case to ratchet up sanctions and recruit international allies to try to further isolate Tehran. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been blunt in saying the United States would use the allegations as leverage with other countries that have been reluctant to apply harsh sanctions or penalties against Iran. Khamenei, who has the final say on all state matters in Iran, said that the U.S. accused Iran of terror in order to divert attention from its economic woes and from the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. By attributing an absurd and meaningless accusation to a few Iranians, they tried ... to show that Iran is a supporter of terrorism. ... This conspiracy didnt work and wont work, he said. Irans President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for his part, dismissed the U.S. accusations as a fabricated scenario. Iran is a civilized nation and doesnt need to resort to assassination, Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying Sunday by the official IRNA news agency. The culture of terror belongs to you, he said, addressing the United States. Iranian officials have consistently denied the allegations since they first emerged last week. An earlier statement by Khamenei on Saturday, and Ahmadinejads remarks on Sunday, were the first comments made by the countrys two highest leaders. In a formal statement released Saturday, the Iranian government said it has no connection to Manssor Arbabsiar, the man arrested in the alleged plot. On Sunday Irans Foreign Ministry summoned the Swiss Charge dAffairs to Tehran


One Year Ago Jefferson High School celebrated its homecoming Friday night at Stadium Park. Queen Kristin Klausing WASHINGTON (AP) was crowned and escorted by King Logan Bonifas. The Its open season on China in Jeff Cats were downed by Sidney Lehman Catholic 36-15 the Republican race for the during the football contest. presidential nomination, and Mitt Romney is leading the 25 Years Ago 1986 charge. Newt Gingrich and Ohio State University has issued its honor roll for some other candidates are on the Summer Quarter, listing the names of undergraduate his heels, painting China as students who achieved high academic averages for their the bogeyman responsible for quarters work. Named to the honor roll from Delphos Americas economic ills. were Julane Rene Gossman, Karen Kay Grothouse, Former Ambassador to Scott Kunz and Joseph Suever. Also named was Robert China Jon Huntsman is the Brinkman of Fort Jennings. lone holdout, warning against For the third week in a row, the No. 1 teams in actions that might prompt a the United Press International Ohio High School Board trade war. of Coaches football ratings remained unchanged. No. In a race focused primarily 1 in Class A for the third week in a row was Delphos on jobs, taxes and debt, China Jefferson, a 46-0 winner over Cridersville Perry Saturday is emerging as an increasnight. ingly prominent foreign pol Dale K. Stump, state coordinator for the National icy topic largely because Child Safety Council, showed the official safety manual it is by extension an issue of and Safetypup. a puppet available through the police economics. The debate cendepartment for safety presentations. Stump is working ters on legitimate gripes over with the police department on its 23rd annual Child the Asian powers currency Safety, Drug and Crime Prevention program for the chil- value, huge U.S. debt holddren of Delphos. ings and pirating of American technology. But those issues 50 Years Ago 1961 are often being melded into What will happen to the Marsh Hotel in Van Wert an all-encompassing populist is still uncertain. The hotel, one of the oldest in the argument that China is stealing area, has been closed since Paul Arthur filed a voluntary jobs from the United States. petition in bankruptcy last week for the Van Wert Hotel Day one, I will issue an Company. The hotel building is the property of the Marsh executive order identifying Foundation, and foundation trustees say they would like China as a currency manipulathe opportunity to lease the building to continue as a tor, Romney said during in hotel but have no prospects at present. a debate this week, outlining St. Johns Blue Jays out-rushed, out-passed, out- his presidential vision. People smarted and shut out the Bath Wildcats Saturday night at whove looked at this in the the local stadium by a score of 30-0. This was the Jays past have been played like a fifth win of the season against one loss, and their fifth fiddle by the Chinese. And shutout. With their win over Bath the Jays celebrated a the Chinese are smiling all the double victory, that of winning their homecoming game. way to the bank, taking our Mrs. Arthur Williams and Mrs. Donald Cunningham currency and taking our jobs will be hostesses to the members of the Modern Mothers and taking a lot of our future. Club Tuesday evening in the home of their mother at 414 And Im not willing to let that Scott St. The guest speaker for the evening will be Mrs. happen. Donald Kruse, who will talk on Party Decorations and The economics arent as Favors. simple as good and evil in a relationship between the 75 Years Ago 1936 worlds largest exporter and About 200 students from St. Johns and Jefferson importer who between them will go to Lima on Oct. 26 to hear the United States traded goods worth more Navy Band of Washington, D. C. Sister M. Bernice of than $450 billion last year. St. Johns School, and K. W. Findley, at Jefferson, have Yet the sharp tone has been reserve seat tickets for the Delphos students. an effective campaign tool The fourth annual Riverside grange community fair with Americans increasingly will be staged at the grange hall, east of Delphos, on perturbed by Chinas rapidly Thursday and Friday of next week. As has been the cus- expanding manufacturing protom, elaborate exhibits are to be made. The exhibits will duction and pursuit of the U.S. include canned goods, fruit, grain and fancy work, etc. position as the worlds biggest Each school of Marion Township will have an exhibit. economy. The Four Ls held a regular meeting Thursday afterU.S.-China relations are noon at the home of Katherine Buettner, east of Delphos. imbalanced, even if exports in Anna Humphreys was the assistant hostess. In the con- both directions are rising. The tests the honors were awarded Mrs. David Robinson and Asian power sells four times as Mrs. William Arthur. The next session will be conducted many goods to the U.S. as the in November at the home of Mrs. Russell Jones, northeast United States sends in return to of Delphos. China. But currency policy is only part of the explanation. Chinese workers earn far less money than Americans, allowing local and American companies that moved manufacturing operations to the country to sell goods on the global market at lower prices. Chinese citizens are less likely to buy as many U.S.-made goods because on average they are far poorer than Americans. Those nuances have at times been brushed aside, with talk on China focused more on fingerpointing than serious discussion over ending Washingtons overreliance on Beijing for purchasing American debt or supplying the economy with cheap consumer goods. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Liu Weimin, speaking to reporters in Beijing on today, said the two countries trade and economic cooperation benefited both sides. The attitude of seeking scapegoats and putting the blame on other countries, to mislead the general public, is irresponsible, Liu said in a regular briefing when asked to comment on Romneys attacks on Chinas currency policies.

GOP candidates target China on foreign policy

Obama wants action on jobs bill

By JULIE PACE Associated Press WASHINGTON President Barack Obama will urge Congress to get to work this week on passing pieces of his larger, now-defunct jobs bill during a three-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia, two southern states that could be critical to his re-election campaign. The two-state swing, which kicks off today in Asheville, N.C., is Obamas latest attempt to combine campaigning for his jobs bill with campaigning for his re-election. While he has pledged to travel the country pitching his plans to get Americans back to work, his stops have focused heavily on political swing states, underscoring the degree to which what happens with the economy is tied to Obamas re-election prospects. The bus tour comes as the fight over Obamas jobs proposals enters a new phase. The presidents efforts to get his entire $447 billion bill passed were blocked by Senate Republicans, leaving Obama and his Democratic allies to push for the proposals contained in the bill to be passed piece by piece. That means the presidents rallying cry this week could go from Pass this bill to Pass these bills. Although Congress is adopting a piece-by-piece approach, the president believes that every single piece should pass, and that at the end of the day we should have all of the components of the American Jobs Act passed through the Congress so the president can sign them, even if that means that he has to sign multiple pieces of legislation, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. Despite Obamas calls for urgency, it appears the lawmakers may not take up individual components of the presidents bill until November, at the earliest. The Senate is set to debate appropriations bills this week, and lawmakers have a scheduled vacation at the end of the month. Earnest said Obama wants Congress to first act on a provision calling for $35 billion in assistance to states and local governments to hire or prevent laying off teachers and first responders. He also wants lawmakers to pass $50 billion in new spending on infrastructure. Obamas stops on the bus trip are designed to highlight

to demand consular access to Arbabsiar. Offering personal information about the accused and providing consular access to him is an obligation of the U.S. government. Any delay is contrary to international law, a report on Iranian state TVs website said. The Swiss Embassy handles American interests because the U.S. and Iran do not have diplomatic relations, Arbabsiar is a 56-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen who also had an Iranian passport. In May 2011, the criminal complaint says, he approached someone he believed to be a member of the vicious Mexican narco-terror group Los Zetas for help with an attack on a Saudi embassy. The man he approached turned out to be an informant for U.S. drug agents, it says. The U.S. charges that Arbabsiar had been told by his cousin Abdul Reza Shahlai, a high-ranking member of the Quds Force, to recruit a drug trafficker because drug gangs have a reputation for assassinations. Iranian lawmakers and analysts have said Iran would not benefit from killing the Saudi ambassador in Washington, even if it might have sought to punish its Saudi rivals for intervening in Bahrain to crush a Shiite-led uprising there. Majority Shiite Iran regarded with deep suspicion on the Arab side of the Gulf, which is largely Sunni.

Koch brothers key to Cains campaign

By RYAN J. FOLEY Associated Press IOWA CITY, Iowa Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain has cast himself as the outsider, the pizza magnate with real-world experience who will bring fresh ideas to the nations capital. But Cains economic ideas, support and organization have close ties to two billionaire brothers who bankroll right-leaning causes through their group Americans for Prosperity. Cains campaign manager and a number of aides have worked for Americans for Prosperity, or AFP, the advocacy group founded with support from billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, which lobbies for lower taxes and less government regulation and spending. Cain credits a businessman who served on an AFP advisory board with helping devise his 9-99 plan to rewrite the nations tax code. And his years of speaking at AFP events have given the businessman and radio host a network of loyal grassroots fans. The once little-known businessmans political activities are getting fresh scrutiny these days since he soared to the top of some national polls. His links to the Koch brothers could undercut his outsider, non-political image among people who detest politics as usual and candidates connected with the party machine. AFP tapped Cain as the public face of its Prosperity Expansion Project, and he traveled the country in 2005 and 2006 speaking to activists who were starting state-based AFP chapters from Wisconsin to Virginia. Through his AFP work he met Mark Block, a longtime Wisconsin Republican operative hired to lead that states AFP chapter in 2005 as he rebounded from an earlier campaign scandal that derailed his career. Block and Cain sometimes traveled together as they built up AFP: Cain was the charismatic speaker preaching the ills of big government; Block was the operative helping with nuts and bolts. When President Barack Obamas election helped spawn the tea party, Cain was positioned to take advantage. He became a draw at growing AFP-backed rallies, impressing activists with a mix of humor and hard-hitting rhetoric against Obamas stimulus, health care and budget policies. Block is now Cains cam-

those aspects of his plan, including his first stop at the Ashville Regional Airport, where the White House says government funds could be used to renovate a runway and create construction jobs. The president will also speak at community colleges, high schools and a firehouse as he travels through North Carolina and Virginia this week. Both states are traditionally Republican leaning, but changing demographics and a boost in voter turnout among young people and AfricanAmericans helped Obama carry them in 2008. But nearly three years after his historic election, the presidents approval ratings in both states are sagging, in line with the national trend. A Quinnipiac University poll out earlier this month put Obamas approval rating in Virginia at 45 percent, with 52 percent disapproving. The same poll showed 83 percent of Virginians were dissatisfied with the direction of the country. In North Carolina, Obama has a 42 percent approval rating, according to an Elon University poll conducted this month. Most national polls put Obamas approval rating in the mid- to low-40s.

Moderately confused

paign manager. Other aides who had done AFP work were also brought on board. Cains spokeswoman Ellen Carmichael, who recently left the campaign, was an AFP coordinator in Louisiana. His campaigns outside law firm is representing AFP in a case challenging Wisconsin campaign finance regulations. At least six other current and former paid employees and consultants for Cains campaign have worked for AFP in various capacities. And Cain has credited Rich Lowrie, a Cleveland businessman who served on AFPs board of advisors from 2005 to 2008, with being a key economic adviser and with helping to develop his plan to cut the corporate tax rate to 9 percent, impose a national sales tax of 9 percent and set a flat income tax rate of 9 percent Hes got a national network now that perhaps he wouldnt have had 15 or 20 years ago because of his work with AFP, said Republican Party of Wisconsin Vice Chair Brian Schimming, who has introduced Cain at events in Wisconsin. For a presidential candidate, thats obviously helpful to have. He said Cain was smart to hire Block.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Herald 5A



K of C announces scholarship opportunity

Knights of Columbus and Ohio Charity Foundation, Inc. are pleased to announce that, for the 201112 school year, numerous $1,000 scholarships will once again be made available for Catholic students in grades nine through twelve attending Catholic High Schools in Ohio. This is the sixteenth consecutive year that the Knights of Columbus Scholarships have been awarded to our outstanding Catholic High School students. The requirements that will be considered for this scholarship are financial need, Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher, academic awards, community and/or parish involvement, offices held and/ or holding and extracurricular activities. Preference may be given to students who are sons, daughters, or grandchildren of a Knight of Columbus member in good standing; or a son, daughter, or grandchild of a deceased member. We have a particular desire to help students, who may be considering a religious vocation stay in a Catholic High School to foster and encourage that calling. No more than one scholarship per Catholic High School

Franklin Elementary

TODAY 7 p.m. Washington Township Trustees meet at the township house. Delphos City Council meets at the Delphos Municipal Building, 608 N. Canal St. 7:30 p.m. Jefferson Athletic Boosters meet at the Eagles Lodge, 1600 E. Fifth St. Spencerville village council meets at the mayors office. Delphos Eagles Auxiliary meets at the Eagles Lodge, 1600 E. Fifth St. TUESDAY 11:30 a.m. Mealsite at Delphos Senior Citizen Center, 301 Suthoff Street. 1-3 p.m. Delphos Area Visiting Nurses offer free blood pressure checks at Delphos Discount Drugs. 6 p.m. Weight Watchers meets at Trinity United Methodist Church, 211 E. Third St. 6:30 p.m. Delphos Lions Club, Eagles Lodge, 1600 E. Fifth St. 7 p.m. Delphos Area Art Guild (DAAG) will meet at their new location in the second floor gallery of the Delphos Postal Museum of History at 339 N. Main St. 7:30 p.m. Elida School Board meets at the high school office. Alcoholics Anonymous, First Presbyterian Church, 310 W. Second St. Fort Jennings Village Council meets at Fort Jennings Library. Please notify the Delphos Herald at 419-695-0015 if there are any corrections or additions to the Coming Events column.
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Kiwanis elects new officers

The Delphos Kiwanis Club help a meeting Oct. 5 at the Delphos Eagles to install new officers for the upcoming year. After the Pledge of Allegiance and an inspiring rendition of God Bless America, the Kiwanis and their guest enjoyed dinner and fellowship. Dennis Elwer presented officers pins to incoming President Howard Violet, Vice President Jamey Wisher, Treasurer Cindy Metzger and Secretary Janet Metzger. The Kiwanis have always responded to the needs of children and the city of Delphos. Some fundraisers include chicken barbecues, the Fourth of July Celebration, the

Kiwanian Dennis Elwer, left, presents officer pins to incoming President Howard Violet, Vice President Jamey Wisher, Treasurer Cindy Metzger and Secretary Janet Metzger.

money wheel during Canal Days, the Blood Screening at Jefferson High School and the upcoming Pancake and Sausage Day Nov. 5 at Jefferson High School. For more information or if anyone has interest in becoming a member or would just like to volunteer, check out the website at

Legion auxiliary planning District Round Table

The Ladies Auxiliary to Delphos American Legion Commemorative Unit 268 met Oct. 10 and made plans for the District Round Table which will be held at the post Nov. 13. A continental breakfast will be served during registration, 9-10 a.m., with a luncheon available after the meeting. Members are asked to pre-

will be awarded. An independent selection committee representing the Ohio Charity Foundation, Inc. and the Ohio Knights of Columbus will make the final selection of the scholarship winners. This scholarship program is one of many programs partially funded by the Knights of Columbus annual Charities Tickets fund raising program. Recent St. Johns High School scholarship recipients include Aaron Ledyard (200910), Adam Kaverman (200809), Logan Haines (2006-07), Adam Bockey (2004-05), Jeff Unterbrink (2003-04), Drew Hohman (2002-03), and Jason Hageman (2001-02). St. John High School students currently in grades 9-12 can obtain their Knights of Columbus Scholarship applications from St. Johns Guidance Counselor Al Unterbrink, The application must be completed and submitted by the student and submitted with a copy of their current transcript of grades by Nov. 15 to the person at the address on the application. Anyone with questions may contact Jerry Backus at 419-695-1768.
Keep up to date on the worlds of foreign affairs, local events, fashion, sports, finance, and many other subjects with your newspaper. Youll also find entertaining features, like cartoons, columns, puzzles, reviews, and lots more.

Happy Birthday
OCT. 18 Steven Metcalfe Emily Burgei Wally Miner Lorrie Metzger Kelly Lindeman Kristine Miller OCT. 19 Ashley Wolke Olivia Miller Devin Wolke Emily Buettner Kylee Schweller

pare a dessert for the luncheon or contribute coffee, juice, and rolls for the breakfast. Discussion was held concerning national will be raising membership dues by $4 next year, and what amount to set for the local auxiliarys dues. The matter was tabled until the next meeting for a possible vote. The next meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 14.

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Ball State names graduates

Ball State University has announced the names of students who graduated during the summer 2011 semester. Area graduates include:


Delphos Jay Hoersten, master of arts Van Wert Holly Warnement, bachelor of science

Friday, October 21st
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Monday, October 17, 2011

OT wins send Wildcats, Jays onward in girls soccer

left side and the wind took care of the rest, curling it to the far side of the net for a 1-0 lead. ELIDA The wind Lincolnview tied it at 1-1 was as much a factor in the at the 15:35 mark when junior two girls soccer matches at Haley McAbee got free for Saturday afternoon/evenings a shot from the left post and Elida Division III Sectional fired in a 14-yarder. as anything. The Wildcats, who conAs well, the intensity was trolled the ball-possession upped a notch from the reguthe first half, went up 2-1 at lar campaign. the 12:53 mark when senior So much so that both went Megan Gilden passed inside extra sessions. from the right side to Haehn In the opener, Jefferson on the left post; her 6-yarder senior Elizabeth Schosker found its mark. scored with 5:40 remaining It became a 3-1 margin in the second 15-minute sudat the 51-second mark when den-victory overtime to oust Haehns 16-yarder from the Lincolnview 4-3. left wing hit the crossbar and In the nightcap, begun in bounced down, with senior sunshine but ending under Amanda Vorst putting in the the lights at Elida Soccer ricochet from point-blank Complex, St. Johns senior range. Courtney Grothouse put one in the net with 13:40 showing Schosker suffered an in the first overtime to elimiapparent ankle injury at 3:53 nate Allen East 2-1. and was helped off the field In the opener, the teams but she returned at the 35:31 were tied 3-3 in regulation, mark of the second half. forcing the first overtime sesThe Lancers then took sion. The Lady Lancers (3-11) advantage of the wind in the won the coin toss and took the second half, though it took 30-mph wind from the west. them a while. However, they could not take At 24:10, McAbee led a advantage. pass to junior Sarah Harris for a nice run down the left side; Not that they didnt have when Bevington fell down, chances but three times, senior the shot by Harris trickled into Wildcat goalkpeeer Cassidy the right side of the twine. Bevington (9 saves versus The Lancers tied it shortly 14 shots on-goal) came up after: at 23:25, when freshwith the stop: at 10:51, when man Hannah McCleery assisted inside with a pass to K. Thatcher, whose 14-yarder went right to left into the net. Bevington and her defenders then managed to prevent the Lancers from going in front, especially at 27:05 when she made a diving deflection of an effort by Harris from the top of the circle. The Wildcats nearly went up 4-3 during a sequence in front of their offensive net at the 13-minute mark. With the ball bouncing back and forth between the offense and defense, Haehn finally got a great look from in-close but the ball hit the bar; though it stayed in the field of play the Lancer defense finally cleared it out of danger. In the nightcap, it only needed one overtime and only 1:20 of it. On a free kick inside Lady Blue Jay space, St. Johns senior Courtney Grothouse reacts after her match-winning goal that got senior Myriah Jackson fed a past Allen East keeper Kyra Plaugher Saturday evening and kept the Blue Jays alive in through ball to Grothouse, sectional soccer. who got behind the defense. she denied sophomore Jordan Ludwig; at 1:15, stopping a curling corner kick from the left side by junior Kaylee Thatcher; and with five ticks left as she put the clamps on a 17-yarder by Thatcher. Lincolnview seemed to have the momentum in the second overtime despite now going against the wind. However, they only had one solid scoring chance: an 18-yarder by Thatcher that she curled wide left from the right post. The Wildcats (5-9-2), who had no real chances in the first overtime, had two in the second 15-minute session: at 8:07, when freshman Kylee Haehn was stopped by freshman keeper Julia Ludwig (18 saves versus 25 shots ongoal); and at 5:40. This time, Schosker got enough control of a bouncing ball from the top of the circle inside the right post to put it into the left side of the net to send the Lady Wildcats onto a Thursday matchup with topseeded Lima Central Catholic (5 p.m.) back at Elida. The wind had an enormous effect on this match; Id say that 99.9 percent of the play was on the east half of the field. These girls are whipped; going against that wind for 55 minutes took so much out of them, Jefferson By JIM METCALFE coach Lindsey Drerup noted. Cassidy had one of the best matches shes ever had. We gave up 12 corner kicks, so our defense was really challenged. Our defenders, when you consider the circumstances, played a strong match. This was such a hard-fought match. Lancer coach Katrina Smith was equally proud of her team. We could have folded at 3-1 but we showed a lot of heart coming back. I only had one sub, too, so these girls had nothing left, Smith explained. We couldnt take advantage of our corner kicks and they got the one. With only one senior (Brooke Teman) and at least five eighth-graders coming in, plus it will be our second varsity season next year, Im already looking forward. The wind and perhaps the sun most definitely helped the Wildcats to a 3-1 edge in the first 40 minutes. They peppered the goal with a ton of shots 20 on-goal against J. Thatcher. Three of them got through. The first came at 32:15 on a corner kick (one of five for the Red and White versus 12 for the blue-clad Lancers) from the left side. Haehn got the orb up in the air from the


Saturday roundup
the Heartland Conference with a 3-2 record. Anderson fell to 1-5 overall and 1-3 in the HCAC. The offenses got off to a slow start as both teams were forced to punt on their first drives. The Bluffton defense quickly put an end to the next Raven drive when junior defenstive end Preston Huddleston (Benton Harbor, Mich./Eau Claire) forced an Anderson fumble to give the Beavers the ball on the Anderson 29-yard line. The Bluffton offense was unable to convert on the field position as it was stopped on a fourth down attempt. The Beaver defense held strong once again, only allowing two yards on three plays. The Beavers pounded the ball down the field and capped the possession off with a Tyler Wright (Troy) 39-yard run to paydirt. The Beavers took a 7-0 lead with 6:21 left in the first. Bluffton once again forced another three-and-out to give the offense the ball at the 3:10 mark. The Bluffton offense started the second with the ball on Andersons 33-yard line. Bluffton picked up two first downs before Austin Sweeney (Adrian, Mich./Whitmer) drilled a 33-yard field goal to give Bluffton a 10-0 lead with 11 minutes left in the half. Following an 8-play, 22-yard drive by the visitors that resulted in a punt, the Beavers put together a nice drive that culminated with a reverse to Todd Trotter (Cincinnati/ Aiken University) who found the end zone on a 39-yard scamper. The Ravens responded quickly when J.T. Bouwman slipped through the Bluffton special teams for an impressive 89-yard kick return for the touchdown. Andersons bad snap on the extra point led to a failed PAT as the Ravens made the score 17-6 at the break. The Bluffton offense started the second half on a roll as it meticulously moved the ball down the field. The drive stalled out when Akeem Hill intercepted a Bluffton pass on fourth down. The Ravens quickly flipped the field when Nick Sharp connected with Torrance McCollum for an 80-yard pass play. The Beaver defense was up to the task, forcing AU back to the 20-yard line where the Ravens came up short on a 37-yard field goal attempt. Anderson was whistled for two penalties to start the fourth, pushing them out of field goal range. Jason Brown (Napoleon) knifed through the Anderson defense for a 33-yard run to the Anderson nine-yard line. A holding penalty followed by a sack and a fumble forced the Beavers to punt. The Ravens put together an impressive possession following the punt. Nick Sharp led the 80-yard drive, going 10-of-11 from the pocket, including a touchdown. The Ravens botched the two-point conversion and they trailed 17-12 with five minutes left in the game. The Raven defense held the Beavers in check and finished the drive off with a Nate Moser interception on the home 33-yard line with 3:22 left to play. Anderson connected four times through the air to put the ball on the Bluffton 15-yard line, setting up a fourth and two. The Bluffton defensive line held strong, stuffing the run to give the Beavers the ball with just over a minute to play. Blufftons Airic Steagall (Hillsboro) picked up one first down before going into the victory formation as the clock wound down with the scoreboard showing 17-12 in favor of the home team. The Beavers finished with a slim 313-289 advantage in total yards. The Beavers dominated on the ground, piling up 256 yards. The Ravens connected for 241 yards through the air. The Beavers proved more disciplined as they were whistled for just four penalties, totaling 40 yards. The Ravens had seven penalties for 72 yards on the game. The Beaver offense was led by Wright who went for 86 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries. The sophomore signal-caller hit on 3-of-10 passes on a blustery day for 43 yards. Following Wright on the ground was Brown with 68 yards for the Beavers. Leading the Bluffton receivers was Jason A. Johnson (Lansing, Mich./ Lansing Eastern) who hauled in two catches for 37 yards. The Bluffton defense was paced by sophomore Birchel Ralph (Cape Coral, Fla./Island Coast) with 10 stops and one forced fumble. Jake Luthy (Ida, Mich./Ida) added eight tackles, while Justin Hahn (Rocky River) and Justin Crosier (Columbus/ Hamilton Township) each added seven stops. The Beavers continue HCAC action when they host the Engineers of Rose-Hulman at Salzman Stadium Saturday. The Senior Day contest is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m.

Jefferson senior Elizabeth Schosker has all her concentration on this shot versus Lincolnview as Haley McAbee defends. Schosker notched the match-winner in the second overtime as the Lady Wildcats eliminated their foe 4-3 in sectional soccer Saturday at Elida. She dribbled down the left 6-yarder got past sophomore wing and forced Allen East keeper Madison Kreeger (9 sophomore netminder Kyra saves versus 10 shots on-goal) Plaugher (8 saves versus 10 for a 1-1 score. shots on-goal) to choose; she Both teams had chances picked to defend the left post just not many in the first and Grothouse scooted her half, with the best being at 15-yarder to the right side. 15:11 when Rettigs 25-yardThe first half, we were er free kick was kicked away going to just try and play good by Kreeger. defense and limit their chancThe Blue Jays had the wind es; we scored first but then the second half but struggled they scored and it was back to to get many chances as their the original game plan, Jays lead passes were too strong coach John Munoz said. The and Plaugher was active in second half, we just seemed to the box to take them away. be too excited; we got the ball That, or their shots were fof too deep and our crosses were the mark. blown out of bounds or our The Jays had a good chance passes were too long. It is hard at 35:14 when senior Kait playing with this kind of wind, Wrasmans 16-yard looper both with it and against it. almost handcuffed Plaugher The Mustangs had the wind but she got the stop. and the advantage the first At 13:44, Plaugher dove 40 minutes but the Blue and to stymie a 16-yarder by Gold (4-13)drew first blood. Wrasman. At the 37:16 mark, Grothouse Allen East nearly went up got a good look from the left by a goal at 2:19 when Rettig wing and her 16-yarder went got a look but a diving deflechigh to the near side for a 1-0 tion by Kreeger kept it tied edge. at 1-1. The Mustangs tied it at The Jays then won the coin 34:23 on a corner kick con- toss to start overtime and the nection. Junior Claudia Rettig breakaway goal by Grothouse launched one from the left sent them on to battle secondside and found junior Abby seeded Coldwater at 7 p.m. Joyner on a perfect pass; her Thursday.

Tom Morris photos

Musketeers end regular season on high note SHAWNEE The Fort Jennings boys soccer squad heads into the second season on a high note on the heels of a 2-0 shutout of host Shawnee Saturday. Brian Wurst and Chad Recker scored the goals for the Musketeers. The Musketeers begin Division III sectional action tonight versus Lima Temple Christian at Lima Stadium (6 p.m.). ---Kalida boys edge Titans 1-0 on pitch KALIDA Kalida and OttawaGlandorf have come to be end-ofthe-season rivals on the boys soccer pitch. Saturday night at Kalida Soccer Stadium was no exception as the Titans edged the host Wildcats 1-0. Kalida senior keeper Drew Stechschulte, who had given up five goals all season, gave the only one up this night as Korey Niese and Eric Beckman teamed up to do so, with Beckman putting an 8-yarder just past Stechschulte with 9:41 left in the match. Stechschulte stopped seven of eight shots on-goal by the Titans, while Nate Schmiedebusch nabbed all eight of Kalidas attempts. Kalida (13-2) await todays Ottoville/Lincolnview winner at the Kalida Sectional for a 7 p.m. Thursday tussle. The Titans (13-1-2) got a bye at Defiance. -----Black Knights handle LadyCats KALIDA Van Burens girls soccer unit handed host Kalida a 2-1 loss Saturday in a matchup of Northwest Ohio powers at Kalida Soccer Stadium. The Lady Black Knights (14-11) outshot the previously-unbeaten LadyCats (12-1-3) 7-6. Nicole Miller and Madi Endicott scored for the visitors, while Jackie Gardner had Kalidas lone tally. Ashley Arbaugh had six saves for the Knights, while Kalidas Erika Brinkman had four. Kalida is off until Saturday when they take on Tuesdays Ottoville/ Crestview winner at Ottovilles Division III Sectional. ---Titans topple Bulldogs OTTAWA Host Ottawa-

Glandorf ended the regular volleyball season on a winning note Saturday, downing Columbus Grove 22-25, 25-19, 25-21, 25-13. Leading the way for the visiting Bulldogs were Nicole Langhals (20 digs; 23 assists), Anna Ricker (9 kills), Julia Wynn (4 blocks) and Rachel Schumacher (3 aces). For the Lady Titans (15-7), Kelley Selhorst had 35 assists and 11 digs, along with Kayla Eastman (8 kills; 11 digs), Constance Letso (8 kills; 4 blocks), Jill Recker (9 kills; 5 blocks) and Kelsey Baldwin (32 digs). O-G won the junior varsity match 25-10, 25-17; and the freshmen match 27-25, 23-25, 25-19. Columbus Grove takes on Kalida at 7:30 p.m. (approximately) Tuesday at the Ottoville Division IV Sectional. -----Pirates shut out Hornets Continental got a regular-seasonending 4-0 shutout of Cory-Rawson Saturday. The Pirates scored all four goals the second half: Taylor Williamson feeding Vanessa Koppenhofer at 38:50; Koppenhofer assisting Mady Recker at 30:07; Sara Deken scoring unassisted at 24:20; and Koppenhofer doing the same at 20:46. The Pirates outshot the Lady Hornets 25-3, with Leva Weller nabbing three saves for the winners and Lauren Korpics 14 for Rawson. Continental win the corner kicks 7-1. Continental awaits Tuesdays Fort Jennings/Miller City sectionalopening winner at Ottoville for a 5 p.m. Saturday. ----Bluffton defense gets the job done in 17-12 win over Anderson By: Josh Bruner Sports information assistant BLUFFTON, Ohio - The Bluffton University football team hosted the Ravens of Anderson on Saturday, October 15, looking to continue their winning ways. The Beavers entered the half with a 17-6 lead and defense proved to be the dominant factor in the third as neither team added to their total. The Ravens found the end zone late in the fourth, but it was not enough as Bluffton held on for its third straight win, 17-12. It marks the first time since 2000 that Bluffton has won three consecutive games. The Beavers jumped to 3-4 overall, while going above .500 in

---Bluffton falls to 4-2 in HCAC with 3-1 setback at Hanover By Meghan Mohr Sports information assistant HANOVER, Ind. - The Beavers traveled from Lexington, Ky., to Hanover College on Saturday, Oct. 15, for a matchup with the Panthers. Set one was a positive for the Beavers as they won 25-22. The next three sets, however, were a struggle as the Beavers were unable to re-kindle their fire from a Friday night win at HCAC-favorite Transylvania, losing 25-21, 25-19, and 25-19. Jenna Eshleman (Landisville, Penn./Hempfield) led the Beaver attack with 15 kills, followed by fellow seniors Nicole Wood (Tiffin/HopewellLoudon) with 13 and Courtney Zimmerman (Leesburg/Fairfield) with seven. Sophomore Kyleigh Whitsel (Sheffield Lake/Brookside) set up the visitors with 32 assists. Defensively, the Beavers had four players with double-digit digs. Junior libero Heather Schierer (Crescent Springs, Ky./St. Henry) had 16 digs, Eshleman picked up 14 digs, Whitsel tallied 12 digs and sophomore Hailey Phillips (Malinta/Patrick Henry) finished with 11 digs. Falling just short of the double-digit mark was sophomore Lindsay Krohn (Marysville, Ind/ New Washington) with nine digs in the match. The Beavers are now 16-9 on the season (4-2 HCAC). Bluffton now has a week to re-charge before tackling Rose-Hulman and DePauw on Saturday. ----Bluffton continues to roll with double OT win at Franklin FRANKLIN, Ind. - The Bluffton University womens soccer team had to go to extra time but the end result was the same as the Beavers posted their fourth straight shutout while establishing a school record with seven shutouts on the season. Bluffton improved to 8-3-1 overall and 3-2 in the Heartland Conference, while the home team slipped to 9-4 and 3-2 in the HCAC. The Griz defense held Bluffton in check until senior Lyndsay Nelson (St. Marys) connected with freshman goal-scoring machine Taylor Fultz (Camden/Preble Shawnee) for the game-winning header with less than four minutes on the clock in overtime period number two. The Beavers clinched their

first-ever .500 season when Fultz found the back of the net for her Heartland Conference-best ninth goal of the year. Bluffton is also within two matches of the consecutive scoreless minutes streak of 558:49 set a season ago. Kathleen Reid (Midlothian, Va./ Manchester), Jessica Ramirez (Archbold) and Maddie Moore (Linn Grove, Ind./South Adams) all fired three shots in the Bluffton victory while sophomore keeper Maggie Armstrong (Vevay, Ind./Switzerland Cty.) picked up six saves for the visitors. Bluffton nearly doubled up on the Grizzlies with 15 shots to eight for Franklin. The visitors forced four more corner kicks (6-2) and were whistled for one more foul (6-5). The Beavers will look to guarantee their first-ever winning season when Bluffton travels to Manchester College on Wednesday, Oct. 19. The matchup with the Spartans is slated for 4 p.m. ----Franklin snaps Bluffton win streak at two matches FRANKLIN, Indiana - The Bluffton University mens soccer team saw its two-game win streak snapped at Franklin College on Saturday, Oct. 15, under the lights. Bluffton fell to 2-12 overall and 1-4 in the Heartland Conference, while the Grizzlies improved to 7-7-1 overall and 2-3 in the HCAC. Franklins Andreas Kapsalis and Chad Parrett netted goals for the Grizzlies eight minutes apart late in the first half as the home team took a 2-0 lead at the break. Neither team was able to find the back of the net in period two as Franklin held on for the shutout victory. The Grizzlies out-shot Bluffton by a commanding 28-3 count, including a 9-2 advantage on frame. Bluffton was whistled for three more fouls (1310), but the home forced eight more corner kicks (9-1). Senior keeper Dan Saville (Toledo/Central Catholic) racked up seven saves while Nate Byrum (London) tallied two shots with one being on goal. Bluffton returns to action with a trip to Manchester College on Tuesday. The contest with the Spartans is slated for 4 p.m. ----

See ROUNDUP, page 7A

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Herald 7A

2011 Northwest Conference Varsity Cross Country Championships Saturdays Results at Paulding Reservoir BOYS Team Standings: Columbus Grove 38, Lincolnview 63, Crestview 71, Lima Central Catholic 113, Bluffton 153, Spencerville 155, Allen East 170, Paulding 204. Top 20 Individuals: 1. Jake Graham (CG) 17:50; 2. Alex Shafer (CG) 17:55; 3. Joel Genter (CV) 18:00; 4. Mycah Granstaff (CV) 18:01; 5. Shelby Ripley (CV) 18:09; 6. Rigg (LC) 18:13; 7. Nisly (BL) 18:14; 8. Bailey Towe (LV) 18:24; 9. Grant Schroeder (CG) 18:26; 10. Jeff Jacomet (LV) 18:26; 11. Colten Grothouse (CG) 18:29; 12. Aaron Hefner (SV) 18:34; 13. Austin Treesh (LV) 18:39; 14. Ben Bilimek (LV) 18:50; 15. Nick Schmiesing (CG) 18:55; 16. Joe Wisher (SV) 18:56; 17. Jerry Kessehmyer (CG) 18:58; 18. Lucas Myers (LV) 19:14; 19. Doug Hicks (LV) 19:16; 20. Brandon Jacomet (LV) 19:21. Other Local Finishers (85 Runners): 21. Josh Stephens (CG) 19:23; 22. Alex Rodriguez (LV) 19:24; 23. Will Vorhees (CG) 19:25; ... 26. Troy Meyer (CG) 19:33; ... 31. Eli Jones (CV) 19:42; ... 34. Tanner Skelton (CV) 19:44; ... 36. Angelo Catalenas (LV) 19:53; ... 38. Nick Bowen (CV) 20:00; 39. Adrian Camp (CV) 20:02; ... 41. Branden Clayton (CV) 20:04; ... 45. Kaleb Vogt (SV) 20:11; ... 49. Drew Schroeder (CG) 20:16; 50. Alex Tabler (CG) 20:19; 51. Cody Reynolds (CG) 20:26; 52. Elisha Jones (CG) 20:43; 53. Copsey Bogle (CV) 20:46; ... 55. Travis Lippi (LV) 20:48; 56. Matt Hurles (SV) 20:57; ... 58. Grant Darrion (CG) 21:10; 59. Troy Thompson (LV) 21:20; 60. Tregg Keysor (CG) 21:31; ... 62. Tyler Brant (LV) 21:37; 63. Isaac Simerman (CV) 21:45; ... 66. Corey Schroeder (CG) 22:00; ... 69. Andrew Burnett (CV) 22:34; 70. Austin Sealscott (LV) 22:35; ... 73. Jacob Germann (CV) 23:10; ... 75. Cody Klinker (CV) 23:21; 76. Kyle Sawmille (SV) 23:43; ... 78. Corey Paul (SV) 24:11; ... 80. Daniel (CV) 25:41; ... 82. Jon Germann (CV) 26:07; 83. Zach Keith (LV) 28:08; 84. Brett Ripley (CV) 27:44; 85. Micah German (LV) 31:51. GIRLS Team Scores: Spencerville 31, Crestview 76, Bluffton 88, Lima Central Catholic 112, Lincolnview 124, Columbus Grove 150, Paulding 178. Top 20 Individuals: 1. Chappel-Dick (BL) 20:54; 2. Amber Herron (CG) 21:41; 3. Kerri Purdy (SV) 21:47; 4. Perkins (AE) 22:15; 5. Courtney Parrott (CV) 22:28; 6. Tori Hardesty (SV) 22:34; 7. Kacie Mulholland (SV) 22:40; 8. Alexa Brown (SV) 22:48; 9. Elizabeth Saylor (CV) 22:57; 10. Kerri Grothouse (LV) 23:01; 11. Jen Barrett (SV) 23:03; 12. Karissa Burns (LV) 23:20; 13. Heider (LC) 23:21; 14. Janelle May (CV) 23:29; 15. Alexis Ricker (CG) 23:34; 16. Johanns (PA) 23:36; 17. Cortney Miller (SV) 23:39; 18. Hali Finfrock (CV) 23:41; 19. Kaitlin Wurst (SV) 23:46; 20. Schylar Miller (SV) 23:50. Other Local Finishers (64 Runners): 27. Megan Langhals (CG) 24:39; ... 31. Sabrina Barhart (LV) 25:06; ... 33. Kayla Parlette (CG) 25:14; 34. Ashley Keiber (SV) 25:24; ... 38. Cora Finfrock (CV) 25:51; ... 41. Mackenzie Miller (SV) 26:07; 42. Taylor Miller (LV) 26:19; 43. Jenna Kahle (SV) 26:20; ... 45. Haley McAbee (LV) 26:26; ... 48. Micah Stechshulte (CG) 27:21; ... 52. Lindsay Langhals (CG) 28:41; 53. Bella Chorvas (CV) 28:43; 54. Alexa Halker (CG) 28:45; ... 57. Quincy Miller (CG) 29:15; ... 59. Brooke Schnipke (CG) 30:29; 60. Amanda Lobsiger (CV) 30:52; ... 62. Christine Erett (CG) 31:47; 63. Heidi Stechshulte (CG) 34:10; 64. Madelyn Jones (LV) 36:14. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS

Cross Country

Team Standings: Columbus Grove 21, Lincolnview 34. Top 19 Individuals: 1. Keara Williams (CG) 14:22; 2. Anna Gorman (LV) 14:31; 3. Kennedy Sharp (SV) 15:36; 4. Braun (LC) 15:55; 5. Leah Myerholtz (CG) 16:00; 6. Morgan Messer (CG) 16:02; 7. Lindsey Malsam (CG) 16:43; 8. Davis (PA) 17:23; 9. Cox (LC) 17:39; 10. Brooke Thatcher (LV) 17:41; 11. Abbie Enyart (LV) 17:44; 12. Julia Bogart (CG) 17:53; 13. Ryanne Ducheney (LV) 17:56; 14. Claira Rhoades (LV) 18:24; 15. Prater (AE) 18:46; 16. Allen (AE) 18:56; 17. Harpel (PA) 19:25; 18. Emma Saylor (CV) 21:24; 19. Plaugher (AE) 22:49. BOYS Team Standings: Spencerville 42, Crestview 50, Lincolnview 64, Columbus Grove 83, Lima Central Catholic 112. Top 20 Individuals: 1. Jacob Cook (SV) 12:34; 2. Thad Ringwald (SV) 12:44; 3. Skylar Whitaker (LV) 12:49; 4. Boone Brubaker (CG) 12:51; 5. Eisele (LC) 13:10; 6. Trevor Neate (LV) 13:11; 7. Cody Mefferd (CV) 13:13; 8. Connor Lautzeinheiser (CV) 13:14; 9. Caleb Bagley (CV) 13:15; 10. David Wisher (SV) 13:21; 11. Dominic Brown (SV) 13:26; 12. Adam Saylor (CV) 13:26; 13. Caiden Grothaus (CG) 13:30; 14. Drew Boley (CV) 13:33; 15. Lucas Schumm (CV) 13:35; 16. Austin Leeth (LV) 13:37; 17. Corbin Schumm (CV) 13:47; 18. Chandler Kahle (SV) 13:48; 19. Phillip Vance (CG) 13:50; 20. Brayden Farmer (LV) 13:50. Other Local Finishers (51 Runners); 22. Colin Burns (LV) 14:13; 23. Bailey Croft (SV) 14:15; 24. Tracy West (LV) 14:22; 25. Noah Ebling (CG) 14:23; ... 28. Jacob Painter (CV) 14:33; ... 30. Bailey Clement (CG) 14:35; 31. Noah Daugherty (CV) 14:39; 32. Preston Brubaker (CV) 14:44; 33. Eddie Smith (SV) 14:45; 34. Eric West (LV) 14:46; 35. Ryan Price (CG) 14:46; ... 37. Griffin Waltmire (CV) 15:09; 38. Ryan Jacomet (LV) 15:14; 39. Carter Gorman (LV) 15:20; ... 41. Caleb Moore (LV) 15:29; 42. Austin Elick (LV) 15:49; ... 44. Landon Goins (CV) 16:13; 45. Noah McMaster (LV) 16:21; ... 49. Tanner Crowle (CV) 17:37; ... 51. Jacob Bradford (LV) 20:26. ----Western Buckeye League Championships Saturday at Kenton Boys Team Scores: Van Wert 36, Defiance 44, Shawnee 107, St. Marys Memorial 115, Ottawa-Glandorf 119, Celina 137, Wapakoneta 179, Elida 244, Kenton 271, Bath 321. Top 20: 1. Flores (DE) 16:34; 2. Jared Fleming (VW) 16:52; 3. Connor Holliday (VW) 17:03; 4. Barrientos (DE) 17:22; 5. Sevitz (SH) 17:30; 6. Durkee (SM) 17:35; 7. Kase Schalois (VW) 17:36; 8. Pease (CE) 17:41; 9. Mertz (CE) 17:56; 10. Rosebrook (DE) 18:00; 11. Connor Shaffer (VW) 18:00; 12. Trampe-Kindt (OG) 18:02; 13. Nathan Stevens (VW) 18:02; 14. Rath (DE) 18:04; 15. Schrag (DE) 18:05; 16. Meier (SM) 18:06; 17. Hennon (WA) 18:07; 18. Luke Brubaker (VW) 18:07; 19. Plaugher (SH) 18:07; 20. Harpest (DE) 18:08. Girls Team Scores: Shawnee 42, Defiance 53, Celina 59, Van Wert 71, Ottawa-Glandorf 133, St. Marys Memorial 183, Wapakoneta 189, Kenton 252, Bath 275, Elida 278. Top 20: 1. Fleck (CE) 19:15; 2. Andi Foster (VW) 20:06; 3. K. Fett (DE) 20:08; 4. Coon (CE) 20:40; 5. Cohorn (SH) 20:40; 6. Wolery (SH) 20:41; 7. O. Fett (DE) 20:46; 8. Bell (CE) 21:10; 9. Pohl (SH) 21:15; 10. Kuhlman (SH) 21:15; 11. Schelissa Williams (VW) 21:19; 12. Scott (SH) 21:26; 13. Lawson (DE) 21:29; 14. Holmes (DE) 21:33; 15. Robinson (CE) 21:33; 16. Jones (DE) 21:33; 17. Erin Dingle (VW) 21:55; 18. Snider (KE) 22:02; 19. Haselman (OG) 22:06; 20. Sydney Riethman (VW) 22:10.

NFL roundup
By BARRY WILNER The Associated Press It seems fitting that the NFLs last unbeaten team is its reigning champion. Playing catch with his receivers while almost unchallenged by the St. Louis defense, Aaron Rodgers threw for 310 yards and three touchdowns as Green Bay romped 24-3. The Packers coasted, with all the scoring coming in the opening half. The defending Super Bowl winners are the only 6-0 team after Detroit lost to San Francisco 25-19 in a game marred by a bumping incident between the coaches. After the 49ers improved to 5-1 and dropped the Lions to the same record, San Franciscos first-year coach, Jim Harbaugh, charged across the field, lifting his shirt to expose his belly to attempt a chest bump. He extended his right hand to Lions coach Jim Schwartz for a shake and slapped him on the back with his left hand. Schwartz didnt like what was done or said claiming he heard an expletive and went charging after Harbaugh. Players from both teams got in the middle of the tiff and Harbaugh admitted, Thats totally on me. I shook his hand too hard. There were no such issues at Lambeau Field, where Rodgers threw a career-long 93-yard scoring pass to Jordy Nelson among his three TD passes. James Jones and Donald Driver also caught touchdowns from Rodgers but the Packers werent particularly satisfied with their performance against the Rams (0-5). Its a feeling of minor disappointment, I think, in that locker room, Rodgers said. We just, in the second half, offensively just struggled. The second quarter was great, we put up a lot of points. I think its encouraging at the same time. Its tough to win in this league, were 6-0, and have a lot of room for improvement. Let that serve as a warning to the rest of the league. Elsewhere, it was Oakland 24, Cleveland 17; Philadelphia 20, Washington 13; New England 20, Dallas 16; Tampa Bay 26, New Orleans 20; Baltimore 29, Houston 14; the New York Giants 27, Buffalo 24; Pittsburgh 17, Jacksonville 13; Atlanta 31, Carolina 17; Cincinnati 27, Indianapolis 17; and Chicago 39, Minnesota 10. Tonight, Miami (0-4) is at the New York Jets (2-3). Off this week were Arizona, Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle and Tennessee. 49ers 25, Lions 19 At Detroit, Harbaugh, a firstyear NFL coach who played at Michigan, and Schwartz had to be separated more than once after Schwartz came running and lunging toward Harbaugh as both teams were going to the tunnel. I went to congratulate coach Harbaugh and got shoved out of the way, Schwartz said. I didnt expect an obscenity at that point. Obviously, when you win a game like that, you are excited, but there is a protocol that goes with this league. The league announced it would review the incident. Alex Smiths fourth-down, 6-yard pass to Delanie Walker gave San Francisco the goahead touchdown with 1:51 left, then David Akers kicked a 37-yard field goal. He also had a 55-yarder to end the first half and the surging 49ers had five sacks of Matthew Stafford. Raiders 24, Browns 17 At Oakland, Calif., as the Raiders (4-2) honored their late owner, Al Davis, Jacoby Ford returned a kickoff 101 yards and Kevin Boss caught a 35-yard touchdown pass on a fake field goal against Cleveland (2-3). It was an emotional day with many old-time Raiders coming back to honor Davis, the man who had been the face of the franchise for nearly a halfcentury before dying Oct. 8 of an undisclosed illness at age 82. During a halftime ceremony, dozens of former players stood in a circle around the Raiders emblem at midfield. Super Bowlwinning coach John Madden lit a caldron on the plaza level in the corner of the stadium. Eagles 20, Redskins 13 At Landover, Md., Philadelphia snapped a 4-game losing streak as the defense finally came up with some big plays, mainly Kurt Colemans three interceptions of Rex Grossman. Michael Vick threw for 237 yards and a touchdown. The Eagles (2-4) beat the Redskins (3-2) for the 10th time in 12 tries at Washington as LeSean McCoy rushed for 126 yards and a score. Grossman was benched after throwing his fourth interception late in the third quarter and John Beck made his first appearance since 2007. Patriots 20, Cowboys 16 At Foxborough, Mass., Dallas fell victim to its own conservatism on offense and defense late in the game. Tom Brady threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to Aaron Hernandez with 22 seconds left to cap an 80-yard drive for New England (5-1). Dan Baileys 26-yard field goal had broken a 13-all tie with 5:13 left. Each team ran one series, with the Cowboys (2-3) backing off on their possession while trying to protect their lead. Then Brady completed 8-of-9 passes for 78 yards. Buccaneers 26, Saints 20 At Tampa, Fla., Josh Freeman threw for 303 yards and two touchdowns and Earnest Graham rushed for 109 yards in place of injured starter LeGarrette Blount. The win pulled the Bucs (4-2) into a first-place tie with the Saints in the NFC South and snapped New Orleans 4-game winning streak. The Saints had a chance to take the lead late but Drew Brees was intercepted in the end zone. Brees became the first passer with four consecutive 350-yard games but also threw three interceptions. Ravens 29, Texans 14 At Baltimore, Billy Cundiff kicked five field goals and the Ravens (4-1) held Houston scoreless over the final 21 minutes. They limited Arian Foster, the 2010 rushing king, to 49 yards on 15 attempts. Cundiff hit from 43, 48, 25, 33 and 40 yards to tie a Ravens record for field goals in a game. Anquan Boldin had eight catches for 132 yards against the Texans (3-3), who were without wide receiver Andre Johnson and linebacker Mario Williams. Giants 27, Bills 24 At East Rutherford, N.J., Ahmad Bradshaw ran for a career-best three touchdowns and 104 yards, Lawrence Tynes kicked a 23-yard field goal with 1:32 remaining and the Giants (4-2) rebounded from a bad home loss to Seattle with a win over Buffalo (4-2). Ryan Fitzpatrick threw TD passes of 60 yards to Naaman Roosevelt and 9 yards to Stevie Johnson but his final attempt was batted down by Jason Pierre-Paul. Fitzpatrick also was intercepted twice by Corey Webster, the last starting the series that led to the winning kick. Steelers 17, Jaguars 13 At Pittsburgh, Rashard Mendenhall ran for 146 yards and a touchdown and Ben Roethlisberger passed for a score for the Steelers (4-2). Maurice Jones-Drew rushed for 96 yards for the Jaguars (1-5), who have dropped five straight to match the franchises longest losing streak in a decade. Falcons 31, Panthers 17 At Atlanta, Michael Turner ran for 139 yards and two touchdowns for the Falcons. Cam Newton threw for 237 yards and ran for a 14-yard touchdown that put the Panthers (1-5) ahead 17-14 heading to the final quarter. But the Falcons (3-3) responded with Matt Bryants field goal and Matt Ryans 1-yard sneak. Then Newtons screen pass was picked off by Corey Peters, a 305-pound defensive tackle. Bengals 27, Colts 17 At Cincinnati, Nate Clements blocked a late field goal try that would have tied the game and Carlos Dunlap returned a fumble 35 yards for the clinching score. The Bengals (4-2) matched their victory total from last season and ended a 7-game losing streak against the Colts, who had never lost to Cincinnati with Peyton Manning at quarterback. Manning was on the sideline again Sunday, watching helplessly as the Colts fell to 0-6 for the fifth time in franchise history. Bears 39, Vikings 10 At Chicago, Devin Hester set the tone with a 48-yard touchdown catch and scored on a career-best 98-yard kickoff return before leaving with a chest injury. Jay Cutler threw for 267 yards and two touchdowns without an interception. Julius Peppers had two sacks and the Bears (3-3) held Vikings star Adrian Peterson to 39 yards rushing. That 48-yard TD pass from Cutler on Chicagos first possession got the Bears started quickly as they grabbed a 26-3 halftime lead. Hesters kickoff return early in the third quarter erased any chance the Vikings (1-5) had at a comeback.


Bluffton harriers show improvement at Oberlin College By Jordan Hill Sports information assistant OBERLIN - The mens and womens cross country teams competed in the Inter-Regional Rumble hosted by Oberlin College, on Saturday, Oct. 15. Though it was a blustery day coupled with a slow course, the meet served as an opportunity for teams to race the course they will compete on in four weeks for the NCAA Great Lakes Regional Championships. The mens and womens teams accepted the challenge of building a foundation this season, first-year Head Coach Karen Brandt reflected. That is what they did today. In miserable conditions and on a slow, soft course they ran tough and even set a few personal records. Both teams set a goal at the beginning of the year and today was a true milestone for accomplishing a mens team score and a womens team score for five consecutive meets. These athletes are setting the tone for future Bluffton teams. They realize they are ultimately working towards something bigger than themselves and their own individual goals. Bluffton University has a mens and a womens team to be proud of. Leading the Bluffton womens top five in the 6,000-meter race was sophomore Brandi Dominique (Wauseon) with lifetime personal record of 25:04.9. Completing the womens team score was senior Heather Smith (Elkhart, Ind./Concord) with a lifetime personal record of 25:20.3, sophomore Lyndsey Darrow (Pioneer/North Central) with a lifetime personal record of 26:18.8, junior Alison Janzen (Whitewater, Kan./ Remington) with a time of 27:04.8, and junior Katy Heffner (Troy) with a lifetime personal record of 27:30.5. Sophomore Ashley Hiller (New Philadelphia/Tuscarawas Valley) also

(Continued from page 6A)

competed and finished with a time of 35:23.9. Leading the Bluffton mens top five in the 8,000-meter race was senior Andy Chaffee (Clarkston, Mich./Clarkston) with a season-best time of 28:41.0. The mens team score was completed by freshman Ryan Schadewald (Lima/Bath) with a time of 29:58.6, junior Chris Arnold (Fort Wayne, Ind./Canterbury) with a lifetime personal record of 32:42.0, freshman Mike Gray (Ulysses, Penn./ Northern Potter) with a lifetime personal record of 34:37.6 and junior Jeremy Kidder (New Carlisle) with a season-best time of 36:47.5. The Beavers enter a crucial cycle in their training the next 13 days as they prepare for the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Championships at Anderson University Oct. 29. -----Jackets run past Earlham for second straight win DEFIANCE Defiance College rolled up a season high of 281 yards on the ground and held Earlham College to just 105 total yards of offense on Saturday afternoon, en route to a dominating, 26-10, victory inside of Justin F. Coressel Stadium. The Jackets controlled the line of scrimmage on their way to a secondstraight victory, averaging 6.5 yards per carry and racking up 341 more yards of offense than the winless Quakers. Rick Powell did much of the damage by accounting for 301 of DCs 446 total yards of offense and adding two scores. The senior rumbled for 136 yards and a touchdown on the ground, while passing for 165 yards and a score through the air.

Defiance provided Powell with plenty of help, as Joey Chester broke loose for a 61-yard touchdown run down the visitors sideline for a 7-0 lead on the third play from scrimmage. Wiedenhoft hauled in five of Powells 12 completions for 77 yards and a touchdown to highlight DCs aerial assault. The trio of offensive scores was more than enough for a stingy Yellow Jacket defense that limited Earlham to 1.6 yards per snap and only 33 yards of rushing on 22 attempts. Pat McDonald led the way with 10 stops and one hit for lost yardage, while Joemese Scott wreaked havoc with 1.5 sacks, 3.5 hits for lost yardage and six total tackles. Tony Sierra and Brad Sealey each intercepted a pass, while Josh Williams and Gregg Pickett notched sacks and Marquise Lee teamed with Pickett for a safety to cap the scoring. Defiance never trailed following Chesters 61-yard sprint and opened up a 21-3 spread with a 26-yard touchdown run by Powell and a

47-yard touchdown completion from Powell to Wiedenhoft early into the second quarter. The Quakers managed to slow the DC attack from that point on however, keeping the Jackets out of the end zone over the final 41:55 of play and using a third-quarter strike to draw within 21-10 with 7:42 left in the game. That would be as close as it would get, as Spencer Saunders booted a 33-yard field goal at the 8:57 mark of the fourth quarter and Lees safety at the 4:41 mark sealed the 26-10 Defiance victory. Defiance (2-4, 2-2 HCAC) will look to move to 2-0 under interim head coach Nate Jensen and notch its third-straight win when it heads to Anderson (1-5, 1-3 HCAC) on Saturday, October 22. The game will begin at 1:30 p.m .and will be aired free of charge on the Yellow Jacket Sports Network. Jim Funderburg and Jim Bellamy will call the action, with a pregame show starting at 12:45 pm at www.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Pujols, Cardinals take wild ride to World Series

By COLIN FLY The Associated Press MILWAUKEE Left behind in the postseason race, the St. Louis Cardinals decided that theyd focus on small goals in September. Now, the ultimate one is within reach. The Cardinals wild ride is headed to the World Series. Its kind of surreal that were here, said third baseman David Freese, who took MVP honors in the series. But this team deserves what weve been rewarded. Freese hit a 3-run homer in the first inning and manager Tony La Russa again turned to his brilliant bullpen for seven sturdy innings as St. Louis captured its 18th pennant with a 12-6 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday night. For two weeks in August we started mugging games left and right and we had to say, hey, look, unless we go about this better, were going to ruin everything we accomplished as far as respect, La Russa said. And we started winning a little bit. And literally played every game like it was the last game of our life. Trailing by 10 1/2 games in the wild-card race on Aug. 25, the Cardinals surged down the stretch and took advantage of a monumental collapse by Atlanta to win a playoff spot on the final night of the regular season. In a twist of fate, it was Philadelphia that helped them get in by completing a 3-game sweep of the Braves. Once in the postseason, Albert Pujols and the Cardinals took out the heavily-favored Phillies in the first round, then dispatched the division-rival Brewers on their own turf in Game 6 of the NL championship series. Freese, often overlooked in a lineup anchored by AllStars, batted .545 with three homers and nine RBIs in the series. Looking for its second title in six seasons, St. Louis opens the World Series at home Wednesday night with ace Chris Carpenter on the mound against the AL champion Texas Rangers. Its been such a frenetic run, it seems fitting that a squirrel has become the teams unofficial mascot. The rally squirrel started in the division series against Philadelphia when the furry rodent scampered across home plate during Game 4. Another squirrel was on the field before Game 5 when Carpenter shut out the Phillies. Reliever Octavio Dotel carries a small, stuffed squirrel with him after a Philadelphia fan tossed it to him in jest, a tangible sign of where the Cardinals have come from. Bolstered by a group of no-name relievers who keep answering La Russas call, the Cardinals are back in the World Series for the first time since beating Detroit in 2006. We had a lot of adversity but we found a way, Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday said. It was a disappointing end to a scintillating season for Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and the NL Central champion Brewers, who finished with a franchise-record 96 wins, six games ahead of St. Louis in the division. Baseballs best home team collapsed in the NLCS, though, losing twice at Miller Park in an error-filled flop. It was likely Fielders final game with the Brewers, too. He can become a free agent after the season. I had to clear the throat once but it was all right. I love these guys, said Fielder, a first-round draft pick in 2002. Ive been playing with most of them since I was 18. So this organization has been great to me. Rafael Furcal and Pujols hit solo homers off Chris Narveson and St. Louis built a 9-4 lead by the time the bullpen took over for Edwin Jackson in the third inning. The group of Fernando Salas, Marc Rzepczynski, Dotel, Lance Lynn and Jason Motte allowed two runs the rest of the way. For the series, St. Louis relievers finished 3-0 with a 1.88 ERA over 28 2/3 innings. The most lasting image of this NLCS has been La Russa on the bullpen phone. St. Louis built an 11-5 lead before the biggest scare came when Pujols was shaken up after tagging out Braun in the fifth inning. The 3-time MVP fell hard on his right forearm on a close play at first base. The Cardinals took control of this series beginning in Game 2 by jumping out to early leads and letting the bullpen lead the way. La Russa called on his relievers 28 times in the NLCS and Jacksons start was the shortest of the postseason for the rotation, which finished the NLCS with a 7.66 ERA. St. Louis became the first team to win a postseason series without a starter reaching the sixth inning, according to STATS LLC. Corey Hart, Rickie Weeks and Jonathan Lucroy all homered for the Brewers, who won a major league-best 57 home games at Miller Park this season and four straight in the postseason before losing Game 2 to the Cardinals. The Brewers biggest hitters Braun, Fielder and

Weeks finished 1-for-12 in Game 6. Fielder, the All-Star game MVP and the reason St. Louis will start at home on Wednesday, received a standing ovation in his final at-bat in the eighth. He grounded out and slowly walked back to the dugout with his head down. Obviously I envisioned us winning the World Series but that didnt happen, Fielder said. We had a great year as a team. Unfortunately, we didnt get to where we wanted to go. But still some great moments and great memories in there. Like I said, this year has been awesome. It was the two ugly defensive performances that will likely linger for Milwaukee, which committed four errors in a 7-1 loss in Game 5 and added three more in Game 6. You cant get away with mistakes to them and we made way too many mistakes, manager Ron Roenicke said. Struggling starter Shaun Marcum never really gave Milwaukee a chance and was hurt by defensive plays that werent ruled errors. In the first, Jon Jay singled with one out and stole second when Weeks couldnt hold onto Lucroys low throw. Marcum believed he had strike three on Pujols, who ended up walking. Lance Berkman singled for the second hit in 18 career atbats against Marcum to drive in the first run and center fielder Nyjer Morgan made an ill-advised throw to third that let Berkman reach second. Marcum saved a run by grabbing Hollidays dribbler and flipping it out of his glove to Lucroy to get Pujols at the plate but Freese homered on the next pitch to make it 4-0 and extend his postseason hitting streak to 10 games.

BCS standings
1. LSU 2. Alabama 3. Oklahoma 4. Oklahoma St. 5. Boise St. 6. Wisconsin 7. Clemson 8. Stanford 9. Arkansas 10. Oregon 11. Kansas St. 12. Virginia Tech 13. Nebraska 14. S. Carolina 15. West Virginia 16. Michigan St. 17. Texas A&M 18. Michigan 19. Houston 20. Auburn 21. Penn St. 22. Georgia Tech 23. Illinois 24. Texas 25. Washington Harris Rk Pts 1 2819 2 2744 3 2684 6 2315 5 2339 4 2463 8 2063 7 2291 10 1805 9 1955 12 1457 16 1259 11 1484 13 1396 14 1359 15 1290 19 779 17 914 22 562 21 565 24 293 18 839 20 571 28 77 25 240 BCS Standings List Oct. 16, 2011 USA Today Pct Rk Pts 0.9805 2 1410 0.9544 3 1403 0.9336 1 1426 0.8052 6 1173 0.8136 7 1172 0.8567 4 1262 0.7176 t8 1028 0.7969 5 1222 0.6278 10 931 0.6800 t8 1028 0.5068 16 678 0.4379 t14 688 0.5162 11 775 0.4856 12 765 0.4727 t14 688 0.4487 13 690 0.2710 18 415 0.3179 17 458 0.1955 20 359 0.1965 23 202 0.1019 22 253 0.2918 19 396 0.1986 21 260 0.0268 30 26 0.0835 24 174 Computer Pct Rk 0.9559 3 0.9512 2 0.9668 4 0.7953 1 0.7946 6 0.8556 11 0.6969 5 0.8285 t8 0.6312 t8 0.6969 12 0.4597 7 0.4664 10 0.5254 15 0.5186 13 0.4664 21 0.4678 24 0.2814 18 0.3105 20 0.2434 t16 0.1369 14 0.1715 t16 0.2685 27 0.1763 t22 0.0176 19 0.1180 25 BCS Pct .920 .950 .890 .970 .800 .600 .860 .620 .620 .480 .740 .610 .450 .470 .180 .070 .370 .270 .420 .460 .420 .030 .080 .360 .060 Avg Pv 0.9522 0.9519 0.9301 0.8568 0.8027 0.7708 0.7582 0.7484 0.6263 0.6190 0.5688 0.5048 0.4972 0.4914 0.3730 0.3288 0.3074 0.2995 0.2863 0.2645 0.2311 0.1968 0.1516 0.1348 0.0871

AH RB CM KM JS PW 1. LSU 3 1 4 5 2 3 2. Alabama 2 3 3 2 1 2 3. Oklahoma 4 2 2 4 5 5 4. Oklahoma St. 1 4 1 1 4 1 5. Boise St. 6 5 5 7 8 6 6. Wisconsin 10 8 14 17 6 12 7. Clemson 5 6 6 3 3 4 8. Stanford 8 9 8 20 15 10 9. Arkansas 15 11 17 8 7 8 10. Oregon 16 7 16 13 11 18 11. Kansas St. 7 10 7 6 9 7 12. Virginia Tech 12 13 9 9 14 9 13. Nebraska 17 12 15 16 12 16 14. South Carolina 9 15 13 12 20 17 15. West Virginia 23 25 20 18 19 24 16. Michigan St. 25 19 23 0 0 23 17. Texas A&M 18 18 22 10 16 15 18. Michigan 14 20 10 23 0 20 19. Houston 11 0 12 19 18 13 20. Auburn 19 14 25 14 10 11 21. Penn St. 20 0 11 15 13 14 22. Georgia Tech 24 0 24 25 0 0 23. Illinois 22 22 18 0 0 0 24. Texas 13 0 19 11 17 19 25. Washington 0 16 0 0 21 25 Explanation Key The BCS Average is calculated by averaging the percent totals of the Harris Interactive, USA Today Coaches and Computer polls. Team percentages are derived by dividing a teams actual voting points by a maximum 2,875 possible points in the Harris Interactive Poll and 1,475 possible points in the USA Today Coaches Poll. Six computer rankings are used to determine the overall computer component. The highest and lowest ranking for each team is dropped and the remaining four are added and divided to produce a Computer Rankings Percentage. The six computer ranking providers are Anderson & Hester, Richard Billingsley, Colley Matrix, Kenneth Massey, Jeff Sagarin and Peter Wolfe. Each computer ranking accounts for schedule strength in its formula.


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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Herald 9A




Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Tobe Mr. and Mrs. Travis Wilson
Jamie Lynn Garber and Travis Joshua Wilson were united in marriage on July 23, 2011, at Romers Catering and Entertainment Center, William Zink officiating. The brides parents are Robert and Mary Ann Garber of Delphos. The grooms parents are Karen Wilson of Arcanum and the late Lauren Wilson. Nuptial music was provided by vocalist Andre Protzman and organist Andrea Protzman. Maid of honor was Elaine Gerdeman of Delphos, friend of the couple. Bridesmaids were Kristi Garber of Delphos, sister-inlaw of the bride; and Melissa Wilson of Arcanum, sisterin-law of the groom. Bell ringer was Zachary Wilson of Arcanum, nephew of the groom; and candle bearers were Jacob and Joshua Good of Liberty Twp., nephews of the bride. Ring bearer was Adam Wilson of Arcanum, nephew of the groom. Best men were Brian Wilson of Arcanum, brother of the groom; and Nathan Garber of Delphos, brother of the bride. Ushers were Justin Riffle of Greenville and Trevor Switzerman of Rossburg, friends of the couple. Grandparents of the couple are Robert and Alma Good, the late Ronald Garber, the late Tony and Carol Topp and the late Edward and Olive Besecker. Following a wedding trip to Yellowstone National Park, the couple resides in Greenville. The bride is a graduate of Jefferson High School and is attending Miami-Jacob Career College. She is employed by United Rehabilitation Services in Dayton. The groom is a graduate of Franklin Monroe High School and Sinclair Community College. He is employed by Whirlpool in Greenville.

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hawk

Sarah Holdgreve and Nathan Hawk were united in marriage at April 30, 2011, at Delphos St. Johns Catholic Church, Rev. Melvin Verhoff officiating. The brides parents are Jim and Kathy Holdgreve of Delphos. The grooms parents are Pam and Tim Hawk of Wilmington. Nuptial music was provided by vocalist Nancy Grothouse and organist Marilyn Gengler. Maids of honor were Jen Baumgarte and Kendra Wiechart of Columbus, cousins of the bride. Bridesmaids were Jodi Long of Cleveland and Reagan Flough of Bryan, friends of the bride. Flower girl was Emma Holdgreve of Findlay, niece of the bride. Ring bearer was Ashton Holdgreve of Findlay, Godchild of the bride. Best men were Aaron Hawk of Columbus and Adam Hawk of Memphis, Tenn., brothers of the groom. Groomsmen were Brad Holdgreve of Findlay, brother of the bride; and Ron Duscheid of Columbus, friend of the couple. Grandparents of the couple are Hilda Kleman and the late Richard Kleman; Helen Holdgreve and the late Raymond Holdgreve. A reception was held at the Delphos K of C hall after the ceremony. Following a wedding trip to Antigua, the couple resides in Columbus. The bride is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in athletic training. She is currently a physical therapy student at The Ohio State University. The groom is a graduate of Carthage College in Wisconsin and is employed as a teacher at London City Schools.

Website Directory

Delphos Heralds

Nicole Irene Spears and Nathan Allen Tobe were united in marriage on June 25, 2011, at Trinity United Methodist Church, the Rev. David Howell officiating. The brides parents are Lindell and Susan Spears of Delphos. The grooms parents are Elmer and Marianne Tobe of Ottawa. Nuptial music was provided by vocalist Terri Christensen. Maid of honor was Deborah Boratko (Grothouse) of Columbus, cousin of the bride. Bridesmaids were Nichole Spears of Toledo, sister of the groom; Rebekah Stemen of Delphos, cousin of the bride; Sheila Vorst, Shannon Hadding and Carissa Tobe of Ottawa and Jamie Duncan of Lima, sisters of the groom; Adrianne Tobe of Leipsic, sister-in-law of the groom; Sarah Drexler of Wapak, friend of the couple; and Edana Hoehn of Delphos, friend of the bride. Flower girls were Alycia Lindeman of Delphos, cousin of the bride; and Kristin Duncan of Lima, Goddaughter of the groom. Ring bearers were Gage Ogle of Delphos, cousin of the bride; and Austin Hadding of Ottawa, nephew of the groom. Best man was Jason Tobe of Ottawa, brother of the groom. Ushers were Brian Spears of Toledo, brother of the bride; Ryan Ellerbrock of Kalida, friend of the groom; Craig Vorst and Josh Hadding of Ottawa, brothers-inlaw of the groom; Nick Recker of Ottawa, friend of the groom; Josh Tobe of Leipsic, brother of the groom; Aaron Drexler of Wapak, friend of the couple; Nick Langhals of Ottawa, cousin of the groom; and Brad Duncan of Lima, brother-in-law of the groom. The brides grandparents are Irene Blockberger of Delphos and the late Rolland Blockberger and Earl and Cora Spears of Delphos. The grooms grandparents are Joan Tobe of Miller City and the late Robert Tobe and Lucille Ellerbrock of Ottawa and the late Carl Ellerbrock. A reception was held at the Ottawa K of C hall after the ceremony. Following a wedding trip to Jamaica, the couple resides in Delphos. The bride is a graduate of Jefferson High School and Wright State University. She is employed by Delphos City Schools as a first-grade teacher. The groom is a graduate of Ottawa-Glandorf High School and Rhodes State College. He is employed by General Dynamics. ANDY NORTH
11260 Elida Rd., Delphos


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Monday, October 15, 2011

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us continue to grow and provide our associates with over 23 years of steady employment. Now, our business is growing again, creating the following new employment opportunities: MACHINE REPAIR TECHNICIANS: To perform installation, troubleshooting, and repair of various machinery and equipment. Qualifications must include: At least three (3) years of multi-trade experience--including industrial electrical, mechanical, hydraulics/pneumatics, robotics, and PLCs Working knowledge of precision measuring instruments, gauges, test equipment, and blueprints/schematics High school diploma or equivalent and related vocational training CNC MACHINING SET-UP/OPERATORS: To perform set-ups, tool changes, and operation of CNC lathes, machining centers, and robots; Enters and edits machine programs. Qualifications must include: At least one (1) year of related experience in the set-up and operation of CNC machines Working knowledge of precision measuring instruments, gauges to verify dimensions of finished parts High school diploma or equivalent and related vocational training PRODUCTION OPERATORS: To perform machine operations, handling, inspection, and testing of products. Qualifications must include: Prior manufacturing, production operator experience Commitment to teamwork and continuous improvement High school diploma or equivalent In return for your expertise, AAP offers a competitive salary plus profit-sharing and excellent fringe benefits--including medical, dental, life, vision, and disability insurance, 401(k) retirement savings plan with Company matching, paid vacation, paid holidays, and more. If youre looking for a career opportunity with a growing company, then we want to hear from you. Please send your qualifications with salary history to:


We Buy - Sell Trade Anything of Value More Value for Your Buying $$$ WE BUY GOLD & SILVER 528 N. Washington 419.692.0044



OTR SEMI DRIVER NEEDED Benefits: Vacation, Holiday pay, 401k. Home weekends & most nights. Call Ulm!s Inc. 419-692-3951

Every Saturday at 6pm
Large Variety of Merchandise
Everyone Welcome

751 Resort Property



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CENTRAL BOILER outdoor wood furnaces starting at $4995.00. Up to $1,000 Rebate, limited time. (419)358-5342

SPEND THE winter in Paradise (Naples, FL). 2 BR, 2 BA condo. For details (419)692-2709.

800 House For Sale

LAND CONTRACT or Short term Rent to own homes. Several available. Addresses and pictures at 419-586-8220

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Porter Auction
19326 CO. Rd. 60 Grover Hill, OH
For info call

(419) 587-3770


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DELPHOS SELF Storage on Gressel Drive: Maximum security achieved inside our fenced facility with access via your personal gate code. Why settle for less? Phone anytime 419-692-6336.

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419 695-0015

The Daily 290 Wanted to Buy Herald NEEDED: FOLDING

wheel chair, good condition. 419-692-3631

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LAMP REPAIR Table or floor. Come to our store. Hohenbrink TV. 419-695-1229


Midwest Ohio Auto Parts Specialist

Windshields Installed, New Lights, Grills, Fenders,Mirrors, Hoods, Radiators 4893 Dixie Hwy, Lima


840 Mobile Homes

RENT OR Rent to Own. 2 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home. 419-692-3951.

080 Help Wanted

PART TIME office help needed. Office duties include, filing, phones, mail, and other misc. tasks. Microsoft Word/Excel experience preferred. Send replies to Box 160 c/o Delphos Herald, 405 N. Main St., Delphos, OH 45833

AAP St. Marys Corporation 1100 McKinley Road St. Marys, Ohio 45885 Attention: Human Resource-DH





7088 2010 LINCOLN MKS Lincoln Certified! (6yr 100K mi) 4 Dr, 3.7L, AWD, black, 18K mi .................... $36,949 7057 2010 LINCOLN MKZ Lincoln Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.) AWD, htd & a/c leather, moonroof, navi, B/U cam, red, 23K mi. ... $31,915 6990 2007 FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT 500 500HP, 6 speed, one owner, white, with red stripes, 20K mi. ...................... $30,900 7063 2010 FORD TAURUS SEL Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.), 4dr sdn, fwd, black, 26K mi ........................... $24,438 7067 2010 FORD TAURUS SE Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.), 4dr sdn, FWD, black, 16K mi ......................... $21,596 7065 2008 LINCOLN MKZ Lincoln Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.), 4 dr. sdn, FWD, black, 37K mi ................. $20,884 7072 2008 FORD TAURUS X LTD Ford Certified! 4 DR, FWD, dark Blue, 34K mi ................................................. $20,754 7080 2009 MERCURY MILAN PREMIER Ford Certified! (6yr. 100K mi), 4 Dr Sdn, FWD, silver mist, 11K mi ................ $19,959 6993 2010 MERCURY MILAN PREMIER Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.), 4 dr. , FWD, smokestone, 13K ....................... $18,900 7056 2009 MERCURY MILAN PREMIER Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.), 4 dr. sdn., FWD, red, 38K mi.......................... $17,900 6970 2008 CADILLAC DTS 4 dr., loaded, bluetooth, full power, white pearl, 51K mi................................. $17,900 7048 2010 FORD FUSION SE Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.), 4 dr. sdn., FWD, red, 24K mi.......................... $16,900 7040 2006 CADILLAC STS 4 DR leather/Onstar/V6, plum, 44K mi. ............................................................. $16,710 7011 2008 FORD MUSTANG Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.),V6, Shaker 1000, hoodscoop, spoiler, pewter, 47K mi . $15,955 7081 2008 FORDFOCUS SES Ford Certified! (6yr. 100k mi), 4dr SDN, silver, 10K mi.................................... $15,936 7050 2008 MERCURY MILAN 4 dr. sdn., FWD, vapor silver, 28mpg, 42K mi. ................................................ $14,947 6983A 2007 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SE 3 dr. coupe SE, metallic orange, 76K mi.......................................................... $13,922 7004A 2005 TOYOTA AVALON XLS 4 DR sdn, leather, moonroof, alloy wheels, AT, seafoam green, 85K mi ....... $13,900 7054 2006 FORD MUSTANG 2 dr. cpe, spoiler,trac.cont., fog lights light green, 50K mi. ............................ $12,900 7086 2008 FORD FOCUS Ford Certified! 4 dr. sdn., vapor silver, 58K mi ............................................... $11,900 7012 2007 MERCURY GR. MARQUIS Ford Certified! (6 yr./100K mi.), 4 dr. sdn, GS, gold, 38K mi. ......................... $11,900 7077 2007 FORD FOCUS SE Ford Certified! (6yr. 100k mi), SDN SE, grey, 25K mi ...................................... $11,940 7029A 2009 CHEVROLET AVEO 4DR LT, black, 34 mpg highway, 21K mi. ............................................................. $9,900 6969A 2005 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA SEDAN GLS, 2.0, 4 dr. Sedan, Silver. ................................................................................ $8,552 7085 2004 FORD TAURUS 4 dr. sdn. SES, gold ash met., 80K mi.................................................................. $6,907

890 Autos for Sale





Dealer-installed retail tire purchases only. Expires 11/30/11. See service advisor for details.




down payment assistance


7078 2000 FORD TAURUS 7069 1996 MERCURY SABLE LS

*Ally financing for 60 months with approved credit.

7082 2010 LINCOLN MKX 7074 2008 FORD F350 LARIAT S.D. 7037 2010 FORD FLEX 6988A 2008 FORD EDGE 7060 2008 FORD EDGE LTD 7039 2005 FORD SUPER DUTY F250 7091 2010 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT 7061 2007 JEEP WRANGLER 7055 2008 FORD ESCAPE 7079A 2004 FORD F-150 6999A 2008 FORD ESCAPE 7042A 2004 LINCOLN AVIATOR 7014 2004 BUICK RENDEZVOUS CXL 7052 2001 FORD EXCURSION 7025A 2001 FORD RANGER


Convertible, clean carfax, all books & service records, car cover, red, 68K.. $6,000 4 dr sdn. SE, tan, 126K mi. ................................................................................... $3,697 4 dr., rose mist, 81K mi. ........................................................................................ $3,500

11260 Elida Rd., Delphos
M 7:30-8 ; T.-F. 7:30-6:00; Sat. 9-2


Lincoln Certified! (6yr. 100K mi), AWD, 4dr, SUV, cinnamon, 27K Mi ............ $35,937 6.4L, Crewcab, DVD, Navi, Leather, Brown/Tan, 122K mi ............................... $31,994 Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.), 4 dr., SEL, FWD, red, 28K mi ......................... $24,847 Ford Certified! 4 dr., FWD, SEL, silver, 47K mi. ............................................... $21,929 Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.), 4 dr., FWD, black ............................................ $21,358 Crew cab, 4x4, leather, moonroof, DVD, white, 107K mi................................. $20,900 Ford Certified! 4 dr., wgn, XLT, red, 31K mi. .................................................... $19,961 4 dr, FWD, unlim. X, tan,electronic stability control, 72K mi. ....................... $17,606 Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.), 4 dr. wagon., grey, 51K mi. ............................ $17,294 Supercab 4x2 ST, red, 35K mi............................................................................ $15,988 Ford Certified! (6 yr/100K mi.) .......................................................................... $13,685 4 dr., AWD, dark blue, 88K mi. ........................................................................... $11,907 AWD, 4 dr., sharp,chrome wheels, leather, black, 62K mi. ............................ $10,996 4 dr. Utility, V10, 4WD, 3rd row seating, blue, 96K mi. ................................... $10,415 Supercab 4x4 2D, black, 114K mi......................................................................... $9,958

Over 85 years serving you!

920 Merchandise

Free & Low Price

26, 15 speed all terrain bike. Very good condition $45. Phone 419-692-3631 CARPET 20 6 X 14 8 multi-colored green and gold. $50 Call 419-695-1154 collectibles Cash in on your FREE 2 yr. old male Golden Retriever mix, needs new home. Housebroken. Very loving dog. Ph. 419-532-2913
with the Classifieds.


Kevin Lindeman Dave Wilgus Edward Ditmyer Craig Coppler

13,750 14,725 13,900

$ $


2010 Buick Lucerne 10L166 ....................... 24,500 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt 11E50................ $13,500 2008 Kia Spectra 5SX 68K mi...................... $9,950 2008 Chevy Impala 29K mi............................ $15,900 2008 Pontiac G6 3 available........................ from$13,900 2008 Pontiac G5 11E55........................................ $11,900 2007 Buick Lucerne CX 43K mi. ........ $15,900 2007 Chevrolet Malibu 11E51 ............... $12,900 2006 Buick Lucerne CXL only 48K mi.$14,995 2005 Pontiac GTO Coupe G64A...... $14,900 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 11F60 ....... $9,950 2004 Mustang Convertible H85A. $10,700 2003 Buick LeSabre Custom H101$8,550 2000 Pontiac Gr. Prix GT 93K ................ $6,995


2008 Buick Enclave CXL 11H89 ....... $30,400 2007 Chevy Suburban LT Red ......... $19,500 2007 Chevy Trailblazer LS Black . $14,795 2007 Chevrolet Suburban 11A14 ... $30,500 2005 Dodge Durango 11D95A ................... $11,900 2002 Jeep Liberty 4x4 #H98A..................... $7,395 2010 Chevy HHR LT 11D36 .......................... $14,875 2010 Chevrolet Colorado 11E48...... $23,900 2007 Chevy Silverado Crew, LTZ Z71..... $21,200 2007 Chevy HHR #G42A...................................... $11,500 2007 Chevrolet Silverado
1/2 T crew cab, 4x4 #11H94 .................................................

950 Miscellaneous

Service/Parts/Bodyshop: M-7:30-8:00, T-F - 7:30-6:00, Sat. - 9:00-2:00 Sat. Service: No Appt. Oil Changes As time allows per service hours Sales - M - 8:00-8:00, T-F - 8:00-6:00, Sat. - 9:00-2:30

Where You Come in a Customer & Leave a Friend.

out with the old.

in with the new.


11260 Elida Rd., Delphos
419-692-0055 800-589-7876


in print & online

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Call 419-695-0015
950 Tree Service

Across from Arbys


816 E. FIFTH ST. DELPHOS Ph. 419-692-5801 Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-2

*up to 5 quarts oil

OUR TREE SERVICE Trimming Topping Thinning
Deadwooding Stump, Shrub & Tree Removal Since 1973


Mark Pohlman

419-339-9084 cell 419-233-9460

950 Car Care

950 Construction

950 Lawn Care

Bill Teman 419-302-2981 Ernie Teman 419-230-4890

Total Lawncare & Snow Removal
21 Years Experience Insured

30,500 $ 2007 Ford F-150 11E47 ......................................... 16,500 2005 Chev Silverado 3/4 ton pickup, #F66 $13,900 SUVs 1995 Chevrolet K1500 11B16A ................... $3,975 2010 Chevy Equinox 19K mi....................... $22,500 VANS 2008 Pontiac Torrent #I104...................... $17,900 2003 Olds Silhouette 11D43 ........................... $8,750 2008 Chevy Equinox LS ....................... $17,900
Service - Body Shop - Parts Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri. 7:30 to 5:00 Wed. 7:30 to 7:00 Closed on Sat.

Transmission, Inc.
automatic transmission standard transmission differentials transfer case brakes & tune up
2 miles north of Ottoville

Residential & Commercial Agricultural Needs All Concrete Work

Commercial & Residential

Mark Pohlman


419-339-9084 cell 419-233-9460

1725 East Fifth Street, Delphos VISIT US ON THE WEB @

Sales Department Mon. & Wed. 8:30 to 8:00 Tues., Thurs. & Fri. 8:30 to 5:30; Sat. 8:30 to 1:00

IN DELPHOS 419-692-3015 TOLL FREE 1-888-692-3015

The Delphos Herald 419-695-0015

Lindell Spears

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The Delphos Herald

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Herald 11A

Tomorrows Horoscope
By Bernice Bede Osol
TUESDAY, OCT. 18, 2011 Acquiring some new acquaintances can help refurbish your circle of friends and make life more exciting in the year ahead. Traveling in different circles opens the door for many new experiences and gives you greater experience. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- If you let your instincts direct your conversations with friends, youll discover that youll be saying all the right things, making you look warm and caring. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Participate in activities that serve to reinforce your faith and basic philosophical beliefs. The wisdom and strength youll gain will serve you in effective ways down the line. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- Lady Luck might treat you in an exceptionally kind manner by making it possible for you to participate in a successful endeavor that others already have underway. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Even though you rarely depend on others, larger benefits are likely to come your way through partnership arrangements at this time. Get out there and mix it up with colleagues. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Follow your ambitious instincts and let others idle their time away if they wish. In fact, its possible that you could even outdo your toughest competitors by a few strides. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -It pays to treat life philosophically, because it can help reinforce your faith and core philosophy. Treat problems that occur as a game instead of dire issues. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -The secret to getting what you want is to make sure the people youre involved with do as well as you. If they happen to be the winners, youll come out on top. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Because youre a good conversationalist and you display a genuine interest in others, people will find you to be an extremely desirable companion. Enjoy the popularity and good company. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -This is an especially good day to both make and save money, so keep your eyes peeled for situations that afford you the kinds of opportunities to do so. Some might even fall in your lap. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- You naturally possess leadership qualities, and this will extend to your organizational abilities. Look for important ways to display both of these facets in your life. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- A pleasant surprise is in the offing, when you discover that someone whom you thought bore you ill will is in reality quite anxious to become your friend. Dont hesitate to respond in kind. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Engage in warm, in-depth conversations with friends when the occasion arises. Much can be gained, not only in terms of fulfilling relationships, but also from a learning standpoint. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 19, 2011 Instead of taking gambles on persons or things about which you know little, bet only on yourself in the year ahead. Youll have several good potential projects and, even if you fail, youll know why and what to do about it in the future. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -Take care not to let your anger out on an innocent bystander if you are overpowered or outmaneuvered on an important matter. Count to 10 before opening your mouth. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Maintain mental discipline regardless of what happens to throw you off. Underestimating the value of essential elements in your endeavors could cause you to unravel. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) -- Keep both your social and business contacts separate and, above all, avoid all speculative arrangements with friends. If things dont go the way they should, youll be to blame. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Taking on more objectives or projects that you can comfortably manage is self-defeating, so dont gamble on your workload. Dedicate yourself to only one or two targets. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Dont be coerced into putting your signature on something that youre hesitant about, and be wary of even a verbal commitment. What you agree to might be deliberately distorted. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- It behooves you to be self-reliant, because people upon whom you depend might make promises they later find they cant keep. Personal requirements will take precedence over yours. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -If youre a bit slow and your thinking isnt quite as sharp as it usually is, forgo attempting to match wits with an adversary. Back off until a riper time. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Look before you leap when attempting to handle a complex assignment. You could easily misread something and end up making your task twice as hard to accomplish. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -There is a strong chance that some social plans youve been looking forward to will get canceled or postponed. Be prepared with some backup plans so you wont experience a total letdown. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Its never smart to allow someone who can be dead weight into an arrangement where you and several others are aiming for a specific target. He or she is likely to hold you back once again. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- There is one thing that could cause you much disarray, and that is proceeding forward on an idea without laying out a proper game plan. Take a moment to formulate one. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Unless you are prudent in the management of your resources, youre not likely to have the financial wherewithal to make ends meet when you really need to.






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October 17, 2011

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October 18, 2011

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Family Jewels Scream 3 Blue Planet: Seas Blue Planet: Seas Reed Betw Reed Betw Reed Betw Reed Betw Mad Fash. Fashion Rachel Zoe Project Nat'l-Christmas Anderson Cooper 360 Pres. Debate Tosh.0 Work. Daily Colbert American Guns Auction Auction Random Shake It Wizards Vampire E! Special Chelsea E! News World, Poker SportsCenter Depth Chart The 700 Club Chopped Chopped Sons of Anarchy Horror Story House Hunters-Esc. House Property

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Top Shot Sniper: Bulletproof Wife Swap Unsolved Mysteries I Used to Be Fat Chelsea I Used to Be Fat Chelsea My Wife My Wife Friends Friends Friends Friends Saw IV Auction Auction Scream Awards 2011 Big Bang Big Bang Conan Office Office The True Story of Jesse James Wind Across the Everglades Couple Couple Extreme C Extreme C 19 Kids 19 Kids Bones CSI: NY CSI: NY Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Chicken Aqua Teen Off Limits The Dead Files Mysteries-Museum Raymond Raymond Raymond Everybody-Raymond Roseanne Law & Order: SVU Psych Law & Order: SVU Pop Up Pop Up Tough Love: Miami WGN News at Nine 30 Rock Scrubs Scrubs Sunny REAL Sports Gumbel Inception Dexter Bored Homeland Boardwalk Empire Piranha Latino Skin-Max


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Gold-medal school fights obesity

By LINDSEY TANNER The Associated Press DANVILLE, Ill. Fiveyear-olds dance hip-hop to the alphabet. Third-graders learn math by twisting into geometric shapes, fifth-graders by calculating calories. And everyone goes to the gym every day. In the middle of Americas heartland, a small public school, Northeast Elementary Magnet School, has taken on a hefty task reversing obesity. And its won a gold medal for it, becoming the first elementary school in the country to receive that award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The Alliance was founded by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation to reduce childhood obesity. Only two other schools have taken the gold. The cafeteria here serves fresh fruit and veggies, lowfat or no-fat milk, no sodas or fried foods and no gooey desserts. There are no sweets on kids birthdays and food is never used as a reward. Teachers wear pedometers and parents have to sign a contract committing to the schools healthy approach. Northeast Elementary is not in some posh, progressive suburb. Its in Danville, Ill., an economically struggling city of 30,000 in farm country some 150 miles south of Chicago. But teachers, parents and students have embraced the rigorous curriculum and kids even call it fun. From the outside, its a drab 50s-era yellow brick building in a blue-collar neighborhood of modest frame homes, a few blocks from a homeless shelter and a Salvation Army donation center. Inside, its a cheerful oasis for almost 300 kids and has caught the attention of some of the nations biggest obesity-fighting advocates. Former President Bill Clinton says the steps Northeast has taken are an exemplary way to tackle a terrible public health problem. We will never change it by telling people how bad it is. Weve got to show people how good it can be, Clinton said, paraphrasing a colleague at the Alliances June awards ceremony in Little Rock, Ark. Northeasts strict, nogoodies program might sound extreme, but students seem to have bought it. During a recent nutrition lesson, first-graders sat raptly on the hallway floor as a teacher read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a classic kids story about a caterpillar that cant seem to stop eating all kinds of fruit at first. But when the bug moved on to chocolate cake and ice cream, the youngsters gasped and said in hushed tones, junk food, as if it were poison. Were a healthy school, says 10-year-old Naomi Woods, a shy, slim fifthgrader. Were not allowed to eat junk food or stuff like that. Sandy-haired Timothy Mills, a fourth-grader, says the focus just keeps us more fit, plus we have a lot more fun. Like Mills, an earnest, heavy-set 9-year-old, Northeast kids arent all skinny. Even some kindergartners are clearly overweight. But they still jump enthusiastically to the alphabet song, and though chubbier kids struggle to run around the football field during gym class, there doesnt seem to be much grumbling. Physical education teacher Becky Burgoyne said its sometimes tough to get

12A The Herald

Monday, October 17, 2011


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IndyCar driver killed in hellacious wreck

By JOHN MARSHALL The Associated Press LAS VEGAS Every race car driver heads onto the track understanding this race could be the last and hoping it wont be. On Sunday, IndyCar drivers got a harsh reminder when the worst happened to one of their own. Two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon died when his car got caught up in a 15-car pileup, sailed over another vehicle and smashed into a catch fence at IndyCars season-ending race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Things happen in this kind of racing, said Wade Cunningham, also caught up in the wreck. Its so close. Not much room for error. I was near the front of what caused all this, so Im not thrilled about it. At this point, whose fault it was is kind of immaterial. The green flag had barely stopped waving when disaster struck. Wheldon, driving from the back of the field for a chance at $5 million, was moving through the pack when he drove into a tangle of cars careening off each other in every direction. Unable to avoid the massive wreck unfolding before him, Wheldon clipped another car and went hurtling through the air, his car bursting into flames as it flew into a fence. After just 11 laps, the race was over. Two hours later, track officials announced that Wheldon was dead. The Englishman was 33. One minute youre joking around at driver intros and the next, Dans gone, said Dario Franchitti, whose wife, actress Ashley Judd, had to bring him a box of tissues. I lost, we lost, a good friend. Everybody in the IndyCar series considered him a friend. He was such a good guy. He was a charmer. With the speed close to 225 mph during practice and a crowded 34-car field, a big worry was aggressive driving early in the 200-lap race. Chaos started when two cars touched tires coming around turn 2 and almost no one had time to react. Within seconds, several cars burst into flames and debris covered the track nearly halfway up the straightaway. Some points of impact were so devastating workers had to patch holes in the asphalt. Video replays showed

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Wheldons car turning over as it went airborne and sailed into whats called the catch fence, which sits over a barrier designed to give a bit when cars make contact. Rescue workers were at Wheldons car quickly, some furiously waving for more help to get to the scene. Its unfortunate that early on in the race theyve got to be racing so close. ..., Team Penske owner Roger Penske said. You always worry about those at these mileand-a-halves at the speed and with this many cars. Three other drivers, including championship contender Will Power, were hurt in the pileup. Wheldon was airlifted from the track to University Medical Center; news of his death came from IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard: IndyCar is very sad to announce that Dan Wheldon has passed away from unsurvivable injuries, he said. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family today. IndyCar, its drivers and owners, have decided to end the race. In his honor, drivers, many sobbing openly, took part in a five-lap salute around the 1.5-mile oval as thousands of fans stood and cheered from the grandstand.


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Justice called for at MLK memorial

By BRETT ZONGKER Associated Press WASHINGTON For many who helped dedicate the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on Sunday, the towering granite monument is a stark reminder that the civil rights leaders dream of social and economic justice has yet to be realized. In many ways, the ceremony was a passing of the torch to a younger generation with speeches marked by fierce rhetoric over the nations economic disparities. Thousands gathered at the memorial site, some as early as 5 a.m., to hear President Barack Obama, Kings children and other civil rights leaders. Speaker after speaker invoked Kings I Have a Dream speech from 1963 to challenge others to carry on his fight. Yes, my father had a dream. It was a dream, he said, that was deeply embedded in the American dream, said Kings son Martin Luther King III. The problem is the American dream of 50 years ago ... has turned into a nightmare for millions who have lost their jobs and homes. The nation has lost its soul, he said, when it tolerates such vast economic disparities, teen bullying, and having more people of color in prison than in college. His sister, the Rev. Bernice King, reminded the crowd that just before her fathers assassination in 1968, he was mobilizing a poor peoples campaign to occupy the nations capital until the economic system changed. She said the postponement of an earlier dedication because of Hurricane Irene that was planned on Aug. 28, the 48th anniversary of her fathers Dream speech, may have been an act of God. Perhaps the postponement was a divine interruption to remind us of a King that moved us beyond the dream of racial justice to the action and work of economic justice, she said. Perhaps God wanted us to move beyond the dream into action. Other speakers included union leaders, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Andrew Young, the former Atlanta mayor and U.N. ambassador who was an aide to King, who urged the crowd to vote for a president who has their interests at heart. Actress Cicely Tyson said her contemporaries are passing the fight on to a new generation. She passed the microphone to 12-year-old Amandla Stenberg. The girl recalled learning about the civil rights movement in school and named four young girls killed in a 1963 church bombing in Birmingham, Ala. As Dr. King said at their funeral, They didnt live long lives, but they lived meaningful lives, Amandla said. I plan to live a meaningful life, too. Some looked to Obama to carry on Kings legacy. Street vendors nearby sold framed photographs edited to depict King and the nations first black president conversing together in the Oval Office, along with a wide swath of buttons, posters and other souvenirs showing King and Obama. U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia said Obamas election was just a down payment on Kings dream. Were not there yet, he said. About 1.5 million people are estimated to have visited the memorials 30-foot-tall statue of King and its granite walls where 14 of his quotations are carved in stone since it opened in August. The memorial is the first on the National Mall honoring a black leader. The sculpture of King with his arms crossed appears to emerge from a stone extracted from a mountain. It was carved by Chinese artist Lei Yixin. The design was inspired by a line from the Dream speech: Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope. Obama, who was just 6 years old when King was assassinated, saluted the civil rights icon as a man who pushed the nation toward what it ought to be and who changed hearts and minds. He had faith in us, Obama said. And that is why he belongs on this Mall: Because he saw what we might become. As tough as times may be, I know we will overcome, Obama said. I know there are better days ahead. The president, who credits King with paving his way to the White House, left a copy of his inaugural speech in a time capsule at the monument earlier in the day. Many who crowded in to see the president and hear Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder sing chanted four more years when Obama arrived. And they said the talk of economic fairness resonated with their own lives. Joyce Lansdown, 61, a retired federal worker from Chantilly, Va., brought her daughter and granddaughter to the ceremony. She was glad Obama and others mentioned the importance of caring for seniors during the economic downturn.

Monday, October 17, 2011

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My heart goes out to them, she said. My momma is still living on her little Social Security check. Patricia Johnson, 50, drove with her godfathers granddaughter from Twinsburg, Ohio, to see the president and Kings family. It seems that President Obama as a young president is following Kings footsteps, she said. I think we can continue to learn a lot from (Kings) example. Her young family friend, 13-year-old Faron Bouldin, wiped tears from her eyes as a recording of Kings full Dream speech played on large TV screens after Obama spoke. It feels really important for me, Bouldin said of Kings message. Some 10,000 chairs set up in a field near the memorial site were all filled. Many others stood in overflow sections. The August ceremony when the memorial opened had been expected to draw 250,000, though organizers anticipated about 50,000 for Sundays event. Violinist Miri Ben-Ari performed an original composition written for the event and the song Bus Passed with spoken word artists PoemCees. Poet Nikki Giovanni read her poem In the Spirit of Martin. Wonder, Sheryl Crow James Taylor performed in a concert after the dedication. The Rev. Al Sharpton called for people from around the world to walk through the stone of hope on the monument. When you walk through, you see a man standing in a posture of faith, he said. Faith that brought us from the back of the bus to the White House.


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