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Submitted By Pawan Singh Shekhawat B.Tech (Final Year)

I am happy and want to give regard to those person with whom I have learned and accomplished my present task I am very grateful for those person who have given essential contribution for completing my project as well as which is need for beginning to my carrier With the great pleasure as well as great regard .I want to express hardly to Mr.S.K.DAS (Manager Training &development center) Mr Ajay Jauhari (DGM) who has given the chance for doing summer training in sales department of “HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED”, RENUKOOT. I express my sincere thanks to Mr O P Jakhar (HOD) , ,Mr S S Rathore(LME), Mr R S Rathore(LME) Mr A K Purohit(LME) and also department for their support and encouragement. I thank my professors, seniors and friends at ENGINEERING COLLEGE BIKANER for their support and encouragement throughout the Practical training and also for my report. I would also like to give regard to Mr.Manvir Ajad who has given me timely instruction and provided suitable path with suggestion which was useful for completing my project. I will always remember their contribution for leading me all possible co-operation.

This report has been written in response to comprehensive study conducted on the “DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL” OF “HINDALCO INDISTRIES LIMITED”. EXTRUSIONS.PREFACE I have covered my industrial visit report under the “DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL” which is of HINDALCO. which is first truly “MNC” of INDIA. I am confident that anyone who goes through the report will learn how much be I learn & benefited during this summer training period. This report mentions and evaluated the various aspect. Pawan Singh Shekhawat B. pertaining to the distribution channel of the company.Tech (Final Year) ECB-BIKANER .

TABLE OF CONTENT        Introduction Company Profile Aims & Objectives Objectives Of The Study Problems & Limitations Conclusion Bibliography .

Gordon copper mines in Australia. Hindalco is the world's largest aluminium rolling company and one of the biggest producers of primary aluminium in Asia. as an integrated producer with low cost alumina and aluminium facilities combined with high-end rolling capabilities and a global footprint in 12 countries outside India INDUSTRY OVERVIEW PROFILE OF ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY. the metals flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. The capacity and production figure for these producers are given below. With Novelis under its fold. a world leader in aluminium rolling and can recycling marked a significant milestone in the history of the aluminium industry in India. with vertical integration through access to captive copper concentrates. Established in 1958. aluminium and copper products. A metals powerhouse with a consolidated turnover in excess of US$ 14 billion.P.INTRODUCTION OF HINDALCO Hindalco Industries Limited.000 tones per annum. is an industry leader in aluminium and copper. The aluminium industries are highly concentrated. 02. Birla Copper and the Nifty and Mt. Hindalco ranks among the global top five aluminium majors. Its copper smelter is the world's largest custom smelter at a single location. . Hindalco commissioned its aluminium facility at Renukoot in Eastern U. strengthened the company's position in valueadded alumina. the acquisition of Novelis Inc. in 1962. In 2007. Acquisitions and mergers with Indal. with just five plants accounting for the entire production capacity of 7.

13 97. one of the major producers of Primary Aluminium Metal and Semis in the country. 19kg in JAPAN and 10kg in EUROPE. Electricity.       Highly concentrated industry in the country.89 103 INDAL 1.96 96 HINDALCO 2.5kg. is the biggest industrial enterprise of Uttar Pradesh.03 85.17 0. It is a .92 TOTAL (Figures pertaining to the year (1999-2000) The per capita consumption of aluminium in India is only 0. One reason of low consumption in the country could be that consumption pattern of aluminium in India is vastly different from that of developed countries.06 NALCO 2. Company Profile THE SAGA OF RENUKOOT HINDALCO Industries Ltd.48 3. and Furnace oil are primary energy inputs.44 37. Even the world’s average per capital consumption about 10 times of that in India. The demand of aluminium is expected to grow about 9% per annum from present consumption levels.02 0.18 2.18 MALCO 0. Bayer-half-herald. All plants have their own captive power units for cheaper and uninterrupted power supply.02 6.Company capacity (lakh tones) production (lakh tones) capacity utilization (%) Company Capacity Production Capacity utilization (lakh tones) (lakh tones) (%) BALCO 1.56 7. Coal. This sector is going through a consolidation phase and existing producers are in process of enhancing their production capacity so that demand supply gap expected in future is bridged. in India is a net exporter of alumina and aluminium metal at present. Technology used by all producers.00 0. SAILENT FEATURES OF ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY. Controlled by two private groups and one public sector against 25kg in USA.25 0.  Energy cost is 40% of manufacturing cost for metal and 30% for rolled products.. However.

000 M. from Renukoot. which is one humming with activities. G. a record for a major job of this kind. The construction work was completed within 18 months. Hindalco Power Division is situated at Renu sagar about 35 Kms. The Late Prime Minister Pt. The dream of the great visionary Syt. a fast growing and thriving industrial township. Hindalco has now become an industrial giant with a capacity to produce 2. and providing all the basics amenities of modern life to the inhabitants.000 tones of aluminium per annum. Panditji saw his dream of a brighter future of India take shape before his eyes. With an initial installed capacity of 20.public limited company in the private sector having about 39000 share holders. In September 1959.T. an Industrial License was granted by the Government for setting up an integrated aluminium plant at Renukoot. From being one of the most . 42. alumina. Birla to locate an aluminium plant near Rihand Power House came true.P. aluminium and fabrication located at Renukoot near Rihand Dam in Sonbhadra (U.D. It is the largest integrated aluminium plant in India with all its production facilities viz. was once a wild and desolate jungle infested by animals. Renukoot. Going round the extensive works. Jawaharlal Nehru formally inaugurated the plant in January 1963. From the modest beginning in 1962.).

and Extrusions 13. The Roding Room facilities have also been modernized. Lying in the foothills of the Vindhya Range. Facing the giant man-made biggest artificial lake Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar.P. a Cut to Length Line. Hindalco's semi fabrication facilities comprise of Rolled products 80. This apart Renukoot is also connected with Calcutta by train. directly.000 MTPA. from Mirzapur. it has carved a place for itself on the industrial map of India and the world. a Rewind Line and Tension Leveler in Rolling Mills. EXPANSION AND MODERNISATION Hindalco is India's largest Aluminium producer with a Primary Aluminium Smelting capacity of 242.000 MTPA. The company has opted for induction of the most modern technology and has undertaken comprehensive modernization over the past years. Redraw Rods 40. three high efficiency PF/Fluidized Bed Boilers with co-generation facility and Micro Processors based Pot Control System.700 MTPA. Renukoot is about 160 Kms. There is a direct train between Amritsar to Tatanagar and Ranchi via Renukoot.000 MTPA.backward areas of U. . from Varanasi and 154 Kms. It includes commissioning of two Gas Suspension Claciners. Hindalco has also installed a Roll Former. Renukoot is a picturesque township unscarred by the ravages of industrialization. A new Rolling Mill has been commissioned and the existing Mills have undergone a comprehensive modernization.000 MTPA Alumina Refinery. The company's integrated operations include Power Generation Capacity of 612 MW and a 450. In the semi-fabrication. a state-of-the-art Vertical Billet Casting and Slab Casting facility have been installed.

MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION In 1962 when production started.Hindalco's products are well accepted in the domestic as well as international markets. Delhi. The Company's export efforts have led to recognition as a 'Star Trading House'. and Calcutta. ACQUISITION OF INDAL Hindalco has also acquired aluminium major . Hindalco is an ISO 9002 Company and has also received ISO 14001 Certification for its entire operations including Power Plant and Mines.000 w. As a part of its diversification programmed.p.62%. The company's metal is accepted for delivery under the High Grade Primary Aluminium Contract on the London Metal Exchange. The Principal Office and Works is located at Renukoot and there are Zonal Sales Offices at Bangalore.a. . Hindalco's holding in INDAL now stands at 74.INDAL. Mumbai. capacity has been set up at Silvassa. The Company is managed by a Board of Directors and other senior executives.000 MTPA Aluminium Foil Plant and an Aluminium Alloy Wheel Plant of 300. the Company had on its roll about 900 staff and workmen and the present strength of employees is about 14000. India strength in Aluminium and downstream aluminium products admirably dovetails Hindalco's unmatched presence in metal and collectively commands the highest meal capacity in the entire South East region. a 5.

To relentlessly pursue creation of superior shareholder value by exceeding customer expectation profitably. as promised  Passion-Missionary zeal arising out of an emotional engagement with work  Seamlessness-Thinking &Working together across functional silos hierarchy levels. SUSTAINING DOMESTIC LEADERSHIP AND GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS THROUGH INNOVATION. The Aditya Birla Group is the 11th largest cement producer in the world. One of the biggest producers of primary aluminium in Asia. with passion for excellence. .Honesty in every action  Commitment-Doing whatever it takes to deliver. Fastest growing copper company in Asia. World leader in viscose staple fiber. Fourth largest producer of carbon black in the world.  Integrity.Aims & Objectives Company’s Vision "TO STRENGTHEN OUR POSITION AS A PREMIUM ALUMINUM COMPANY. unleashing employee potential and being a responsible corporate citizen adhering to our value. QUALITY AND VALUE ADDED GROWTH" Company’s Mission To be a premium metals major. global in size and rich. business and geographies  Speed-Responding to stakeholders with a sense of urgency SPECIFIC INFORMATION OF THE ORGANISATION       The world largest company aluminium rolling company.

000 tpa (Silvassa) 6.  ISO 9001:2000 and 14001 certified. ISO-14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) OHSAS-18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) accreditations Production capacities Division Alumina Capacity and location 700.000 tpa (Kalwa) 4. The facilities comprise copper smelters.000 tpa (Renukoot) 350.000 tpa (Mouda) Redraw rods Foil and packing 75.000 tpa (Renukoot) 30.000 tpa (Renukoot) 57.000 tpa (Belgaum) 180. The unit has the unique distinction of being the largest copper smelter in the world at a single location with 500. utilities and a captive jetty. Copper Birla Copper. precious metals.000 tpa (Hirakud) 33.000 tpa (Belur) 50.000 tpa (Taloja) 30.000 tpa (Muri) Aluminium Extrusions Flat rolled products 375.000 tpa (Kollur) Wheels Captive power 300. a unit of Hindalco is located at Dahej in Gujarat. captive power plants. Hindalco's Birla Copper is a renowned producer of copper cathodes and continuous cast copper rods since its inception.000tpa (Renukoot) 13. sulfuric acid.000 tpa capacity with multiple world class technologies. with ISO-9001:2000 (Quality Management systems).000 tpa (Renukoot) 143.000 tpa (Alupuram) 100. One of the lowest cost producers of aluminium in the world. fertilizers.000 pcs (Silvassa) 742 mw (Renusagar) 78 mw (Renukoot) .

the largest single location smelter in the world Captive jetty (Dahej Harbour & Infrastructure Limited. a wholly owned subsidiary) ISO 9001.000 tpa (Dahej) 400.470. Gujarat.000 tpa (Dahej) 120. with two copper mines in Australia Smelting and refining capacity 500.000 tpa (Dahej) 1.14001 and OSHAS 18001 certified Registered on London Metal Exchange as Grade A Copper Brand .000 tpa (Dahej) 26 mt (Dahej) 200 mt (Dahej) 135 mw (Dahej) Copper India's leading copper producer India's largest copper smelting and refining plant at Dahej.368 mw (Hirakud) Copper cathodes Continuous cast copper rods Sulphuric acid Phosphoric acid DAP and complexes Gold Silver Power 500.000 tpa.000 tpa (Dahej) 180.

Marketing information flows both ways. 2) Physical movement from the point of production to the point of consumption. Cash flows upwards from consumer to producer. 3) Storage function. Most of these utilities are. Thus. other elements are closely interrelated with and interdependent on the channel of distribution. created by performing the function of physical distribution promptly and efficiently. These areas. 2) The cost involved in the use of distribution channels enter the price of the products that the ultimate consumer has to pay. The channel decision determines . 3) A product or service is really useful to consumers only when it is available at the right time and place. channel. 4) Communication of information concerning the availability characteristics and price of the goods in transit. in fact. 1) Transfer of title to the goods involved. 1) Distribution channel is an important element of the marketing mix of a firm. certain essential functions need to performed. On the other hand. A mistake in the choice of channel may affect adversely the whole marketing mix of the firms. distribution cost may be very high and sales might be very limited. promotion and physical distribution. Choice of distribution channel is very important decision due to the following reasons.   Product flow downwards from product to consumers. inventory and on purchase. sound channel decisions enable the firm to cut down costs and maximize sales revenue. Due a wrong decision regarding. The primary purpose of distributive channel is to bridge this gap by resolving spatial (geographical distance) and temporal (relating to time) discrepancies. Therefore choice influences other marketing decision like pricing. 5) Marketing creates various utilities to the products. A distribution channel represents three types of flows.DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL IMPORTANCE OF DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL In any developing company there is an increasing emphasis on specialization and the division of labour as a result of this “GAP” gets developed between producer and users. channel influences sales volume and profits.

4) Choice of marketing channel involves long term commitment of the firm. Save the distribution time. Generally two methods of distribution are in the practices.  Making smooth availability of product to the target market.where and when the product will be available to ultimate consumers or users.  Ensuring that the consumer incurs the minimum extenuation in procuring the product. confident that the channel will take care of the distribution job.  Safe in quality and accuracy in quantity. CONTRIBUTION OF CHANNEL       Make available on time. Flow of feedback from customer. VARIOUS TYPE OF CHANNEL LEVELS. Helpful in product design & development. Reduce the cost of distribution. Flow of money consumers to manufacturer. The relation between the manufacturer and the middleman depend largly upon the choice of appropriate channels of distribution.  Ensuring that the firm is able to carry on with its manufacturing activities.  Achievement of the best possible coverage of the target market.  Ensuring that the distribution is cost effective. .  Quick services. 1-DIRECT MARKETING CHANNEL 2-INDIRECT MARKETING CHANNEL OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The primary objective of channel of distribution to bridge the gap by resolving spatial (geographical distance) and temporal (relating to time) discrepancies as to supply and demand. change in the channels of very difficult and costly.

 Sheet  Chequered Sheet  Roofing Sheet  Coil  Hot Rolling Plates  Circles EXTRUDED PRODUCTS  General solid Section  Tubings  Structure Of  Architecture Of  Mouldings FOIL     Cable Wrap Stock Light Gauge Foil Bare And Coated Fine Stock Collapsible Insulation Duets ALLOY WHEELS [“AURA”]  12” To 18 Diameters [B]. PRIMARY PRODUCTS’  Ingots  Wire Rods  Billets R0LLED PRODUCTS.[A]. On the basis of product group. PRIMARY PRODUCTS. . [CONSUMERS]  Value added aluminium.MARKET SEGMENTATION BASED ON THE PRODUCT GROUP. Hindalco’s market may be segmented in the following user.MARKET SEGMENTATION ON THE BASIS OF PRODUCT WISE KEE CONSUMER.

      Sheet producer industries. Smelter pot lining ROLLED PRODUCTS. [CONSUMERS]  Automobile industries  Building and construction sector  Mines and defence sector  Transportation sector  Electrical sector  Architectural sectors  Furniture sector  Households consumer durable FOIL. Foil producer industries. fan blade ect).  Buildings & Construction sector-roofing flooring etc.  Consumers durable flooring and roofing  General Engineering pilper-proof bottle cops.  Electrical industries (bulbs.  Transportation industries. nonstick cookers. Electrical equipments. cop & sustainer). pressure cookers. [CONSUMERS]  Foil and packing industries (box.  Transportation sectors. [CONSUMERS] . EXTRUDED PRODUCTS. Automobile industries. Ferro alloy. [CONSUMERS]  Packing sector (Printed multi laminated)  Pharmaceuticals  Dairy products  Processed food  Personal care products  Cigarettes  Con-Factionary  Box roping  Air conditioner  Automobile radiator  Collapsible insulation duets ALLOY WHEELS. tube lights.

makes its an ideal material for reflectors in. formed and machined much like these metals and it conducts electric current. brass.7g/cm. lead or titanium. about a third that of steel. For example. Different types of surface treatment such as anodizing. Physically. Aluminium is an excellent heat and electricity conductor and in relation to its weight is almost twice as good as conductor as copper. This has made aluminium most commonly used material in major power transmission lines. zinc. . light fittings or resources blankets. painting. Its strength can be adopted to the application required by modifying the composition of its alloys. In fact often the same equipment and fabrication method are used as for steel. copper. the use of aluminium in vehicles reduces dead-weight and energy consumption while increasing load capacity. Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide coating and is highly corrosion resistance. CORROSION RESISTANCE. DUCTILITY. LIGHT WEIGHT. Aluminium is good reflector of visible light as well as heat that together with its low weight. If it can be metal cost. It is particularly useful for application where protection and conservation are required. chemically and mechanically aluminium is a metal like steel. ELECTRICAL & THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY.         Automobile sectors Maruti Suzuki Tata motors FLAT India Hindustan motors Telco Ford India Hyundai India GM India etc ADVANTAGE OF THE PRODUCT ADVANTAGE. Aluminium is a very light metal with a specific weight of 2. REFLECTIVITY. or lacquering can further improve this property. For example.

This means that aluminium is now the most commonly used material in large power transmission lines including domestic wiring.    WEIGHT CONSIDERATION.007mm thickness. thermal rescue blankets and architectural insulation Aluminium is not only non-toxic but also does not release any odors or taint . LIGHT AND HEAT REFLECTIVITY.  STRENGTH TO WEIGHT RATIO. Aluminium is 100% recyclable with no down grindings of its qualities.   CORROSION RESISTANCE. the metal it self is non-toxic and releases no aroma taste substances which make it ideal for packaging sensitive products such as food or pharmaceuticals. only about 5% of energy required to produce the primary metal initially is related in the recycling process. Some of these properties are outlines in the following sections. This include vehicles where low mass result in greater lode capacity reduction fuel consumption. TOXICITY. Aluminium has a density around one third that of steel and is used advantageously in application where high strength and low weight are required. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of both heat & electricity. RECYCLABILITY. it an ideal material for light fitting. In a molten condition it can be processed a number of ways. This oxide layer is corrosion. a protective oxide coating forms almost instantaneously. Aluminium foil. When the surface of aluminum metal is exposed to air. ELECTRICAL & THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY. IMPERMEABLE AND ODOURLESS. the conductivity of aluminium is around twice that of copper. even when it is rolled to only 0. resistant and can be further enhanced with surface treatment such as anodizing. high voltage power lines now used aluminium rather than copper. The re-melting of aluminium requires little energy. Is steel completely impermeable and let’s neither light aroma nor taste substances out. It means that a large property of overhead. ALLUMINIUM PROPERTIES The major advantages of using aluminium are tide directly to its remarkable properties. Its ductility allows products of aluminium to be basically formed close to the end of this product design. Aluminium is a good reflector of both visible light & heat marketing.Aluminium is ductile and has a low melting point and density. The great advantage of aluminium is that by weight. More over.

2. The recyclability of aluminium is unparalleled.    Solar panels Cladding roofing Window door & general application . This makes aluminium suitable for use in packing for sensitive products such as food or pharmaceutical where aluminium foil is used. Major applications are also in following fields. 3-IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES.  RECYCLABILITY. recycling of aluminium only required around 5% of the input energy required to product virgin aluminium metal. 1. Furthermore.               Cookers Refrigerators Freezers Vacuum cleaners Washing machines Ice tray & grid Paddles Stove tops Water filters Furniture Hangers Letters plates Solar channel Watch case etc.       Electrical components Accessories Motor body Cable core Telephone parts Transmission tower.IN ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY. there is no digression in properties when recycled aluminium is compared to virgin aluminium. APPLICATION OF ALUMINIUM.IN CONSUMER DURABLES. When recycled.Product with which it is in contact.

Major applications are as following. 6. etc e. METRO TRAIN in India.IN RAILWAYS.          Architectural hardware furniture Grills Ventilation blind Foil insulating Capping strip rain water guttering Shower boxes Mosquito nets Casemate window Ceiling system Roller shutter 4-IN PACKING INDUSTRIES.IN TRANSPORT INDUSTRY. . Major applications in the field are as follows.  Wagons  Doors  Windows  Decorative frames.g.                 Pharmaceutical packing Cigarettes foil Tea industries Tagged lids Aluminium cans for milk Dairy product packing Multiply laminates Electrical power application Decorative laminates Collapsible tube Powder and chemicals Colors Aseptic packing Beverage cans Flexible food packing Semi-rigid containers 5.

In the nearby located areas. The company has also been undertaking various community developments programs. working on this project I found the practical knowledge about the industrial organization.  Causes of huge demand the company has to do work 24 hours. Threats” Analysis of Distribution Channel of the Hindalco Industries Limited which will presents a summarized view of the whole study. The study is intended to be concluded with the help “Strength. .  There is no facility of shipping because it is situated at hill.Aluminium alloys are used in the construction of almost all type of transport equipment  Commercial aircraft  Passenger cars  Bus and bus shelter  Railway  Bicycles & bikes  Trucks  Light motor vehicles. PROBLEMS & LIMITATION  The company is situated so for from the Airport.  Transformation can be stooped the working activity of company. I certainly gained a lot of practical knowledge while on training. The company is making a reaped progress in the various spheres of its business activities besides the company adopts a favorable attitude towards safety environments and quality consideration. Opportunity.  The raw materials are available in other states . bauxite CONCLUSION The above study makes it clear that HINDALCO has a well-established market for its products. It has been an enjoyable and fruitful experience to me. Weakness. It has been a learning a exercise to complete this project.coal.

 Impex time  Aluminium times  Aluminium now  Aluminium international today  Annual report (07-08). For that we used the different sources of data collection like magazines employee of the organization . We also found that they a. rolled products. In our research we found that hindalco is one of the major company of manufacturing sector and aluminum industry without spending much amount on advertisement. Hindalco is market leader of aluminum industry. They basically concentrate on primary metal. from the house of Aditya Birla group BIBLIOGRAPHY MAGIZINES.and Inhouse publication etc.  Aditya Birla. In short we can say that Hindalco is one of the biggest aluminum manufacturing company. alloy wheels and aluminum foils They are growing organically as well as take proper care of their customer and provide better facilities to those customer who are loyal to them. HIL  Induction guide INTERNET.In the research on sales and distribution management of . I have a detailed study of marketing mix and the sourcing strategies of hindalco.  Hindalco.

com .co.  Wikipedia.

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