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Laura Aguilar English 2403 Mr.

High Final Paper

Odysseus and Prospero

The theme connection between the Odyssey and The tempest are they both deal with order. Odysseus whom spends most of life stuck at sea trying return to his wife Penelope and their son manages to return home because his trait that he is cunning and not his strength. While Prospero, could get vengeance on Antonio whom sized his dukedom. They both rely more on their mind to carry out the problems they face. Such as Prospero, returning back to Milan to be duke again and Odysseus to restore his kingship place and take back Ithaca. In both stories there is social order that deals with power and the rank where you socially belong. Id the reader see men dominating lesser beings on the basis of race, financial status, and gender in both stories. While women, are less in social in both the Odyssey and the Tempest. The order of rank of men is more powerful than women and distinctions of what male and women are in the order favorable to men. Prospero is very controlling to his daughter Miranda and easily exercises his power over her. While Odysseus is sleeping with other women it is okay because he is man. In the other hand if it was Penelope she would be dead if Odysseus found out about it. In both stories it shows the order of submissive power of gender. However, in the opening of the Tempest the order in act one is no longer useful because they are in storm.

The order of class isnt important to the captain even if you are king. For example the boatswain does not care about the order and rank of the king. What cases these roarers for the king?(15-16). The boatswain justified that the king cannot protect them from the storm and basically useless. In the beginning of the story The Tempest there is no order by the king during the storm: the symbol of authority is no longer shown thus, the order is no longer there even if you have wealth and class. This also too happens in the Odyssey, when Odysseus order his men not to eat the flock and they dont listen although he is the king of Ithaca. The symbol of authorities figure of royalty and is not there anymore; which in both stories the order represents the rank in society

Each day my mothers bullying suitors come to slaughter flocks of mine and my black cattle; enemies crowd our home. (IV: 336). The order of how Telemakhos is suppose to pe respected by the suitors and how ignorant they treat Odysseus son .This demonstrates that the order is imbalanced. The order in the Tempest is also, imbalance because Miranda is suppose to be a princess instead she is an island with her father due to fact that they were exile. The way Miranda and Telemakhos connection is they dont meet up to order of prince and princess for following reasons need guidance.

Not to mention, both are put in a position where they need direction and support and help . In my opinion, they dont meet up to the order because how they arent as prince pr princess are to suppose to act: leading to the fact they have relay on others for help. Prospero replies: "Does thou think so spirit?" to which Ariel responds: "Mine would, sir, were I human." At this point Prospero delivers one of the most important speeches of the play. In both The Odyssey and The Tempest they get help from godlike beings help them complete their goal.

The order shows both kings Odysseus from Ithaca and Duke Prospero from Milan suffered but used their brain more than muscle to conquer all. In addition, they both constantly test people around them in order to see who is loyal hence like in the presence of Penelope when he finally returns home Odysseus disguises himself as a homeless person. This proves he is the king of Ithaca but he doesnt really trust anyone but as seen in the last part of the story order is returned once Odysseus unveil himself. Before, in the the story the Odyssey order was chaos and everyone was doing what every they wanted to do disregarding Penelope. Prospero also test the most person closest to him his own daughter Miranda by this I mean setting her up with the prince but also testing both of them if they are suited for each other, Prospero test the prince whom is going marry his daughter by not breaking her virginity till they are married. .

In both stories at first everything is undone but soon to be wrap up although one tale is written by two distinct authors both tales both characters get order and are doubles and share an epic journey to get there home without using more their minds then physical strength they outwit and test even closest to them . Furthermore, both stories deal with order because they are higher beings in the story that are not human. The order in both Prospero and Odysseus other that theyre both clever and smart is they come from wealth and is relates to order because they are in top with the exception to higher beings like the gods. In conclusion order plays important role in both stories The Odyssey and The tempest in the Tempest and The Odyssey both have a happy ending because all the chaos was resolved or fix in some type of way. In the Odyssey ,Odysseus came home and in The Tempest :Prospero finally went out of the island with his daughter and is duke.